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Chapter 1021 - Lightning-Quick Strike

Tie Hongling and two other Quasi-Sacred Lords from Jiabao City charged into the clouds.

"Hahaha, you humans are actually sending a female to fight against me?" Sacred Lord Raging Force's voice boomed across the sky.

"However, she fits me perfectly!"

Sacred Lord Raging Force looked at Tie Hongling with a blazing gaze. Even though he wasn't a human, he felt that Tie Hongling was much better looking than most non-human females.

"You? Ugly monster!" Tie Hongling's eyes were cold, and her curved blades started to burn as a wave of heat swept in every direction.

"As expected of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline. So strong!"

"Tie Hongling is a peerless prodigy only below that of Tie Lingyun in the Tie Family!"

The two three-star captains behind Tie Hongling exclaimed in their hearts.


A blast of flames surged out from Tie Hongling's back and merged into Heaven and Earth, forming a blazing Little World. If one looked from afar, it would seem like a blazing sun that burned across Heaven and Earth.

Tie Hongling didn't dare to be arrogant against a non-human Sacred Lord.


Tie Hongling summoned the power of her Little World and used a secret skill that allowed her to appear in front of Sacred Lord Raging Force extremely quickly. Her blood-colored curved blades were able to unleash more power with the help of the Little World's power, and two enormous flaming strikes were unleashed.

At the same time, the two Quasi-Sacred Lords appeared on each side of Sacred Lord Raging Force and unleashed their Little Worlds as they attacked Sacred Lord Raging Force with full power.

"Chaos Yuan Force Body!"

Sacred Lord Raging Force could tell that Tie Hongling was not simple, and he instantly released a surge of physical force that doubled the size of his body. Golden lines appeared on his dark green scales, and the powerful physical pressure radiating from him made the Little Worlds of Tie Hongling and company tremble.


Sacred Lord Raging Force's physical power was astounding after he used his Chaos Yuan Force Body and clashed with the three Quasi-Sacred Lords who had all unleashed their Little Worlds.

Peng! Peng! Boom!

"What power!"

Tie Hongling's defense was still weaker than Sacred Lord Raging Force's even after using the Scarlet Jade Gla.s.s Body of the Tie Family.

Sacred Lord Raging Force had the natural advantage, and he could unleash more power with his body-strengthening technique. While the female in front of him was indeed strong, she was not his match.


Sacred Lord Raging Force twirled his dark green light and smashed onto Tie Hongling's Little World.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Any random shockwave from the Sacred Lord-level battle in the sky could summon a storm in the battlefield below.

There were already fewer captains from Jiabao City in comparison to the non-humans, and after the two three-star captains and Tie Hongling went to stall Sacred Lord Raging Force, the battlefield below was completely one-sided.

The Ninth Prince stood on the city wall and looked into the distance.

"The general of the non-humans, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow, hasn't done anything yet!"

Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was the person in charge of Moon Dragon City. He was a powerful Sacred Lord from the scorpionmen race, and he was a level stronger than Sacred Lord Raging Force. He specialized in speed and critical attacks. His defense and body-strength weren't bad either.

The Ninth Prince wasn't scared of Sacred Lord Dark Shadow though. He wanted to finish off both Sacred Lords at once.

Sacred Lord Cang Qiong's aura was hidden within Jiabao City, and he watched the situation on the battlefield. He was sent here to protect the Ninth Prince and wouldn't fight for him. However, even if he didn't do anything, the Ninth Prince wouldn't lose this battle.

"The Ninth Prince is not bad!" Sacred Lord Cang Qiong faintly smiled.

They made Tie Hongling reduce the suspicions of the non-humans with her extremely strong battle-power. When Zhao Feng took action, they would be able to kill Sacred Lord Raging Force for sure. As for Sacred Lord Dark Shadow though, Sacred Lord Cang Qiong thought that it would be impossible to kill him.

"But the middle and lower echelons are at a very big disadvantage. A lot of troops will be lost." Sacred Lord Cang Qiong looked at the fights between the captains.

"Dammit, this brat…!" The non-human snakemen that Zhao Feng was fighting against was completely suppressed by Zhao Feng, and his scales were covered in injuries.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng walked with confidence, and his aura was steady.

"Our captain is so strong!"

"I didn't expect Captain to be able to suppress a Quasi-Sacred Lord even though he's just an Emperor!"

Many of the soldiers that Zhao Feng was in charge of were stunned by his performance. They originally didn't think much of their new captain, especially since Zhao Feng was too young and not as famous as Tie Hongling. However, after witnessing Zhao Feng's strength, they had nothing else to say.

"Old Jia, come help me, quickly!" The snakemen asked for reinforcements helplessly.

"Useless. A human Emperor managed to beat you like this?" A thick-skinned non-human that had a horn on his nose rushed over.


After the two non-human Sacred Lords teamed up, they immediately turned the tide.

Weng~ Zzzzz!

The scarlet-golden lightning around Zhao Feng suddenly became a little brighter, and he was now using 60% of his Sacred Lightning Body's full power.

"Eh? This brat's strength…!?" The nose-horned non-human revealed a surprised expression as Zhao Feng punched out once more.


The two non-human captains circulated their defenses, but they were still pushed back. Amongst them, the snake-man now had severe injuries.

"How is this possible? Is this brat using his full power only now?" The snake-man Captain was also stunned. He called over a friend but was still suppressed by Zhao Feng. It was hard to describe the frustration he was feeling.

Bam! Bam!

Zhao Feng summoned devastating lightning and power as he clashed against the two Quasi-Sacred Lords. The attacks of the two Quasi-Sacred Lords were pushed aside by a surge of Wind Lightning, leaving Zhao Feng unharmed.

"You two are r.e.t.a.r.ds. He specializes in body-strengthening. Get away from him!" Another non-human captain arrived.

The three non-human captains moved away from Zhao Feng and attacked from afar.

Weng~~ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

A pair of scarlet lightning wings spread behind Zhao Feng's back.


Zhao Feng sped toward the snake-man captain and crushed over with his Sacred Lightning force.

The snake-man captain wasn't able to run away even if he wanted to against Zhao Feng's speed. He could only stand there and take a beating, so the two other captains had to help protect the snake-man captain.


The three non-human captains became more surprised the longer they fought. The snake-man captain that first fought against Zhao Feng was already exhausted.

Zhao Feng was managing to deal with three captains at once, and they were respectively two Quasi-Sacred Lords and one Emperor. This action obviously caught the attention of the nearby soldiers and captains.

"Is this our captain? He's so strong!"

"What profound battle skills! He has no weaknesses in terms of speed, power, or defense!"

Many Kings from Jiabao City were stunned. They had to admit that the Crown Prince brought very strong people with him. No wonder he didn't panic after the non-humans decided to attack.

On the other hand, the non-humans couldn't take it anymore, and another Quasi-Sacred Lord finally entered the fight against Zhao Feng.

Four captains against Zhao Feng alone.


Lightning flashed around Zhao Feng's body as the power of lightning increased a bit more.

At the same time, Zhao Feng thrust out another palm.

Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!

A giant scarlet-golden palm phantom with countless streaks of scarlet lightning crushed forward. Zhao Feng only used his body in this attack and not the power of his Wind Lightning True Yuan.

Boom! Weng~ Weng~

The four captains circulated their True Yuan at the same time to block Zhao Feng's palm, and they each felt their entire body tingle. They felt as if their arms were about to explode.

"What a mystical skill. This brat's probably using his killing card!" a non-human with a pointy nose said.

Sacred Lord Raging Force also sensed this abnormality on the battlefield with his Divine Sense.

"This human brat's strength…" Sacred Lord Raging Force was slightly surprised.

Although the humans had no Sacred Lords, he didn't expect the Quasi-Sacred Lord geniuses to be so strong

Sacred Lord Raging Force suddenly seemed to sense something and turned around.

"Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's headed into battle now!"

The captains from Jiabao City were scared. They were originally at a disadvantage, but because Zhao Feng managed to stall four captains by himself, it was slightly better. However, the strongest Sacred Lord of Moon Dragon City was about to attack now.


Sacred Lord Dark Shadow turned into a dark streak of light and sped onto the battlefield. The sky instantly darkened, and a surge of evil aura spread in every direction.

"Kill all the humans!" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's voice was deep as he glanced at Zhao Feng.

"Kill!" The morale of the non-human soldiers increased dramatically after their two Sacred Lords took action.


Sacred Lord Dark Shadow didn't attack the Ninth Prince. Instead, he went for Zhao Feng. Instinct told him that this youth was more troublesome.

"Captain Zhao Feng!"

"Not good, Sacred Lord Dark Shadow is going to attack our captain!"

The hearts of everyone in Zhao Feng's group trembled. No matter how strong their captain was, he couldn't be Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's match, right?

"Sacred Lord Dark Shadow!"

The four captains that were fighting with Zhao Feng were excited but scared at the same time. They were happy because this youth would definitely die now that Sacred Lord Dark Shadow took action, but they were scared that they would be punished after the battle.

Hu~~ Weng! Weng!

The wings behind Zhao Feng's back fluttered quickly as he evaded Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's attack.

"Antic.i.p.ated it?" Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was stunned. An Emperor managed to dodge his attack!

After dodging Sacred Lord Dark Shadow's attack, Zhao Feng ran in a certain direction as if he was trying to escape, but in reality, he was approaching Sacred Lord Raging Force.

"Don't even think about it!"

The four captains were extremely annoyed and immediately went forward, but the next instant, the scarlet-golden lightning around Zhao Feng suddenly released a dazzling light as an unparalleled force radiated from him.


The four non-human captains felt like a mountain was crus.h.i.+ng them, and they all spat out mouthfuls of fresh blood. The tired and relatively-more injured snake-man captain was directly killed by the 6th level of Zhao Feng's Sacred Lightning Body.

Lightning Wings Spatial Flas.h.!.+

The next instant, Zhao Feng used a spatial technique that allowed him to turn into a bolt of lightning and appear directly behind Sacred Lord Raging Force.

"What!?" Sacred Lord Raging Force, who was currently fighting Tie Hongling and company, suddenly felt a sense of life-and-death danger.

Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!

Zhao Feng circulated all his power and thrust downward as he merged his Fire of Wind Lightning True Yuan in. The Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm this time contained Zhao Feng's full power.

A scarlet-golden palm phantom appeared above Sacred Lord Raging Force's head. Terrifying Fire of Wind Lightning churned within it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sacred Lord Raging Force's Chaos Yuan Force Body was shattered by Zhao Feng's palm, and blood splattered across the sky.

"This… how is this possible!?" Sacred Lord Raging Force spat out fresh blood and was completely stunned. All of this had happened too quickly.

Sacred Lord Raging Force immediately circulated his True Yuan to get rid of the numbing pain in his body and steady himself, but the next instant, Zhao Feng appeared on his right.

A purple-golden crystal of lightning suddenly shot out of Zhao Feng's faint golden left eye and into Sacred Lord Raging Force's soul.

"Arghh!" Sacred Lord Raging Force instantly started to scream as ten thousand bolts of lightning seemed to thunder down.

At the same time, another red palm thrust out toward him!

Peng! Bam!

Sacred Lord Raging Force's body and Yuan Soul shattered.

The entire process happened within the span of three breaths. Sacred Lord Dark Shadow was still dazed, and the hearts of Tie Hongling and the two other captains in the sky were rapidly beating as they looked at Zhao Feng who was covered in scarlet lightning.

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