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Chapter 1038: Exchanging Resources

Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 1038 – Exchanging Resources

“Hehe, the Ninth Prince’s estimations were indeed correct!”

Zhao Feng smiled and looked at the 3rd rank on the first stone tablet.

Back then, the Ninth Prince estimated that Zhao Feng’s war points would put him in the top ten.

In the first battle, Zhao Feng’s war points had instantly surpa.s.sed almost one million people fighting in Lan Province and entered the top two thousand. This was already enough to create a big discussion.

In the second battle, Zhao Feng’s acc.u.mulated war points entered the top ten. He was ranked 3rd!

Although the difference in war points amongst the top five thousand on the War Board Rankings wasn’t very big, the difference between every person in the top one hundred was very big. Almost everyone in the top ten were Sacred Lords.

One had to know that a Sacred Lord would obtain a large amount of war points every month just by guarding the city. Furthermore, the war hadn’t reached a level where both sides would fight at any time. Therefore, the difference in war points between Sacred Lords and everyone else was huge.

Zhao Feng shocked everyone at once by surpa.s.sing Sacred Lords, which obviously raised the attention of many people.

Zhao Feng gave it a glance before following the guard to the place where they exchanged resources.

There were many people here exchanging resources. Apart from experts that were exchanging resources, the others were here to manage, distribute, and organize the resources.

“What’s your name?”

An elder with white hair asked in front of a table covered with paper.

“Zhao Feng!” Zhao Feng replied.

The elder gave Zhao Feng a glance before starting to flip through a thick book, but the elder’s actions suddenly stopped, and he stared at Zhao Feng with bulging eyes. The people exchanging resources and the workers also instantly stopped and looked at Zhao Feng in shock.

“He’s Zhao Feng whose ranked 3rd on the War Board Rankings?”

“What did he do on the battlefield to obtain so many war points?”

“He looks so young! Is it really him?”

Some of the Kings and Emperors exchanging resources nearby discussed. Although they were curious about Zhao Feng, they were more suspicious about whether the person in front of them was the real Zhao Feng.

“Please prove your ident.i.ty!”

The elder with white hair had a solemn expression. The resources that Zhao Feng could obtain wasn’t a small sum, so this elder didn’t dare to be arrogant. They didn’t know Zhao Feng, so they didn’t exclude the possibility of someone pretending to be Zhao Feng.

“Prove my ident.i.ty?” Zhao Feng paused. How would he prove himself?


A square golden token with a dragon on it appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand.

The elder took the token in Zhao Feng’s hand and felt it.

“It’s the Imperial Sky Token of the Crown Prince!” The elder’s hands shook as he handed the token back to Zhao Feng.

“Please come with me!” the elder got up and said. Zhao Feng then followed this elder and entered the inner hall.

Zhao Feng was slightly puzzled. Wasn’t it just exchanging resources? Weren’t they overdoing it?

“The higher ranked one is, the more precious resources one can obtain.” the elder explained.

“With your current ranking, you can obtain resources that can’t be obtained normally, but it will require more war points,” the elder explained to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng followed the elder and arrived at a hall where the aura within it was sealed. A golden book suddenly appeared in the elder’s hands.


Several golden beams of light shot out from the golden book and intertwined in the air, forming a large screen. Countless items and the number of war points required to buy them appeared on the screen. The items at the very top required the most war points.

Zhao Feng gave it a glance. Those at the top were rare treasures or Heaven-grade weapons. Buying any one of them would use up 70% of Zhao Feng’s total war points.

First place was currently a t.i.tle of Grand Duke. Zhao Feng wouldn’t be able to buy it even if he spent all his war points. Grand Duke was the highest power below the Sacred Emperor, and they were rulers of an entire province.

“As time, one can obtain even more items!” the elder smiled and said as he saw Zhao Feng’s surprised expression.

“So that’s how it is….”

Zhao Feng nodded his head. The period of war between the two lord dynasties wouldn’t be as short as Zhao Feng imagined. It could reach ten years or even a hundred years.

Several hundred years was a very short period of time for Emperors and Sacred Lords, and the war points acc.u.mulated after several hundred years would be very plentiful.

Zhao Feng’s desire to obtain more war points became even stronger after seeing the list.

After a long selection period, Zhao Feng spent all his war points. Most of the resources that he bought were of the Earth element, or they could be used to refine the soul or raise one’s state of existence.

When one used too many of the same resource, its effect would heavily decrease, so he bought a variety of things.

The elder reported everything that Zhao Feng wanted. The next day, the elder handed over an interspatial ring; “Zhao Feng, everything you want is in here!”

Zhao Feng scanned through it with his Divine Sense, then put all of the items into the Misty Spatial World before leaving the Lan Province War Hall.


Zhao Feng sat on the flying flaming chariot and started to head toward his destination. After flying for a while, Zhao Feng stopped, and the map of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty appeared in his mind.

“I should be able to use the ability of the Misty Spatial World at this distance!”

Zhao Feng had left many spatial markings on his way to the battlefield.


Zhao Feng waved the armguard on his arm, and his figure faded away amongst a flash of silver light.

The next instant, outside a Spiritual Palace:

Weng~~ Shua!

A flash of silver appeared, and a golden-haired figure appeared from within a spatial disturbance. Many of the experts and forces cried out as soon as Zhao Feng appeared.

“A lot of energy is required to use that!”

Zhao Feng estimated the energy expenditure in correlation with the distance. At the moment, Zhao Feng could pa.s.s through two cities, but it was still a bit difficult to jump past a province.

However, pa.s.sing through two big cities saved him a couple days’ time.

Just like that, Zhao Feng used the teleportation arrays within the Spiritual Palaces and the spatial abilities of the Misty Spatial World to quickly head toward his destination.

On the way, Zhao Feng would recover the expenditure of his True Yuan.

In the dimension of his left eye, the black-armored Sacred Lord finally bowed to Zhao Feng’s torture and let Zhao Feng plant the Dark Heart Seal in him.

After being enslaved, the black-armored Sacred Lord told Zhao Feng everything about the ambush.

“So many forces…!”

Zhao Feng was surprised. The main culprits focusing on Zhao Feng were the Thirteenth Prince himself and Nine Darkness Palace, but almost all of the forces apart from the Duanmu Family that supported the Thirteenth Princes were partic.i.p.ating.

These forces all thought that Zhao Feng used his last G.o.d Slaying Arrow, so they purposely clashed against the Ocean Smoke Pavilion so Zhao Feng would have to leave the battlefield, and then they could ambush him half-way.

The three Sacred Lords and one Quasi-Sacred Lords all came from different forces.

During this war, each city only had two Sacred Lords at most at any time, so three Sacred Lords ambus.h.i.+ng one person was stunning. These four experts also had the Evil Death Yin Spirit Array created by the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace. Killing early-stage Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would be extremely easy.

“I’ll remember this!”

Zhao Feng’s expression was cold.

His forces required a lot of resources to expand. If there was the possibility, Zhao Feng didn’t mind going to the enemy forces to steal some resources.

“With Master’s speed, you should be able to arrive at Lian Province before Nine Darkness Palace takes action!”

The black-armored Sacred Lord served Zhao Feng with all honesty after being enslaved. He had betrayed Nine Darkness Palace and would be severely punished if Zhao Feng failed. However, after accompanying Zhao Feng on his journey for a while, the black-armored Sacred Lord had witnessed Zhao Feng’s skills and hidden cards, so he was confident.

“That’s true.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head and headed toward Lian Province at even faster speed.

After failing to kill Zhao Feng, the elder with white hair wouldn’t be as fast as Zhao Feng even if he returned at his fastest speed.

Lian Province was the furthest province that the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was expanding into, but they were stopped by the forces that supported the Thirteenth Prince.

In a branch of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that was located in Lian Province, several dozen experts that cultivated the Dao of Ghosts were surrounding the building.

“If this branch of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion doesn’t give me an answer today, then Dark Sky Gate won’t be respectful anymore!” The tone of a skinny middle-aged male was cold.

The upper echelon was gathered within the branch.

“Sacred Lord Dark Ghost, Dark Sky Gate already knows the truth. What else do you want us to say?”

The ruler of this branch was an elder in green who spoke in a helpless tone.

Lian Province was too far away from the ocean. Bi Qingyue and Old Monster Xu would need a couple months to arrive.

However, even if they did arrive, they wouldn’t be very useful. Dark Sky Gate was one of the big forces under Nine Darkness Palace, and they specialized in gathering intel. Putting aside Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s own strength, the main issue was Nine Darkness Palace behind him. If the Ocean Smoke Pavilion acted in a rush, Nine Darkness Palace might interfere directly.

“Hahaha, members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion stealing information from Dark Sky Gate and killing core members of Dark Sky Gate is reality!”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost had a nasty expression.

“Grand Elder, when do we take action?” an elder next to Sacred Lord Dark Ghost asked impatiently.

They were doing this to force Zhao Feng away from the battlefield so they could ambush him half-way. Once Zhao Feng died, his forces would all bow to Nine Darkness Palace.

“News hasn’t arrived from the top!” Sacred Lord Dark Ghost messaged.

The situation would become horrible if they finished off the Ocean Smoke Pavilion without Zhao Feng being dead. From Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s point of view, Zhao Feng was certainly dead, but Nine Darkness Palace would only let them attack once they confirmed that Zhao Feng was dead.

“But we can still play with them!”

Sacred Lord Dark Ghost’s eyes were arrogant as he spread his Sacred Lord Power and eroded the area below. A world of darkness and dark green flames started to fill the sky within several thousand miles.

Countless disciples within the branch were silent, and they felt their bloodlines and True Yuan freeze. None of them could even speak.

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