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Chapter 1037 - Samsara of Life


Zhao Feng's expression froze. The little thieving cat suddenly appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and threw a few old bronze coins into the air, but it shook its head after looking at the results.

"What about it?" Liu Qinyin could feel that Zhao Feng placed a lot of importance on those words.

"Nothing, I just felt that they suit you perfectly." Zhao Feng smiled and immediately said.

The little thieving cat had just divined but said that there was no conclusion. If the female in front of them was indeed Liu Qinxin, the little thieving cat should have been able to find out.

"Woah! Such a cute cat!" Liu Qinyin looked at the little thieving cat with love.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat immediately swallowed the coins then spun around on Zhao Feng's shoulder before posing after hearing what she said.


The little thieving cat's actions instantly made Liu Qinyin laugh.

Zhao Feng looked at the joyful Liu Qinyin and got rid of the thought that she was Liu Qinxin.

"Young Sir Zhao came to the battlefield to obtain war points?"

Liu Qinyin and Zhao Feng started to talk after entering the wooden room.

Zhao Feng learned that Liu Qinyin followed her master around ever since a young age and didn't know much about the outside world.

Liu Qinyin was also very interested in Zhao Feng and asked him about a few things. Zhao Feng would occasionally tell her some of the weird things that happened in the world as well.

"Young Sir Zhao has a fiancée?"

Liu Qinyin was surprised. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng was only twenty-something years old. One had to know that normal Emperors had a lifespan of close to ten thousand years. Not many people thought about marriage so early.

"You could say so!" Zhao Feng thought, but he didn't know quite how to reply.

There was a marriage agreement between Liu Qinxin and him, but Liu Qinxin had died, and in her "new life," she may have forgotten everything in her previous life. Was she still related to Zhao Feng?

Liu Qinyin revealed a puzzled look. There was such a thing as "you could say so" for a fiancée?

"Actually, I haven't found her yet!" Zhao Feng explained.

"Lady Qinyin should have heard about the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes, right? The Eye of Samsara has abilities that defy life and death. If I can find the owner of the Eyes of Samsara, I might be able to find her…."

Zhao Feng directed the topic away. He believed that Liu Qinyin should be interested in the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes.

"You need the help of the owner of the Eyes of Samsara?" Liu Qinyin asked in a surprised tone.

At this moment, an elder in gray started to slowly walk over from the forest.

Zhao Feng stopped and immediately stood up. He didn't expect someone to get so close to them while they were speaking without him knowing, but then, this also proved the elder in gray's strength.

"Senior, this junior came here by accident. I'm very grateful for you helping us at the array hall that day!" Zhao Feng immediately said.

After all, this elder was extremely strong, and Zhao Feng had come to his territory. It was best to explain everything.

"Master, this Young Sir Zhao said that you can help find his fiancée!" Liu Qinyin immediately walked over and said in a begging tone.

"What!?" Zhao Feng froze. Lightning seemed to strike down on his mind as he looked at this elder.

He was sure that Lady Qinyin wouldn't lie to him. This meant that this elder in gray was indeed the owner of the Eyes of Samsara!

Zhao Feng had already met him once before, but this elder's eyes were normal, and he didn't use any laws of Samsara. It was normal for Zhao Feng not to realize.

However, while he was happy, Zhao Feng's expression also suddenly calmed down.

He hadn't forgotten about the Emperor of Death! If the owner of the Eyes of Samsara was the one who ordered the Emperor of Death to kill him, then the situation in front of him was extremely bad.

But if the Eyes of Samsara owner wanted to kill him, why didn't he do so last time? With his strength, killing Zhao Feng would be extremely easy.

Zhao Feng instantly became silent, and his Intent entered the Misty Spatial World. If the situation was bad, he would immediately use the G.o.d Slaying Arrow!

The expression of the elder in gray didn't change as he slowly walked into the wooden room.

"You know about the abilities of my Eyes of Samsara?" The elder in gray sat on a wooden chair before asking.

"I've seen some at the Ji Family."

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He didn't expect the elder in gray to ask this question first.

In reality, Zhao Feng didn't actually know whether the owner of the Eyes of Samsara would be able to find Liu Qinxin's location just by reading about the Samsara Death Eye in the Ji Family. However, from the looks of it, the Six Warlock Sage was correct about the abilities of the Eyes of Samsara.

"The person you're searching for used a certain method to revive?" the elder in gray continued asking.

"That's right."

Zhao Feng had a normal expression. Although the elder in gray was talking to him emotionlessly and calmly, Zhao Feng was still completely on guard. After all, he wasn't very sure about the abilities of the Eyes of Samsara. If the elder suddenly attacked him, Zhao Feng would need to use the G.o.d Slaying Arrow immediately.

"The Eyes of Samsara are split into the Samsara of Life and the Samsara of Death. My eye that controls the Samsara of Life can calculate the specific location of a person that obtained new life!"

The elder in gray didn't ask any more questions. He simply told Zhao Feng some secrets about his Eye of Samsara, which meant that he was willing to help Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng's eyes concentrated, but he didn't say anything. He had found the owner of the Eyes of Samsara, who proved that he indeed had the ability. However, the owner of the Eyes of Samsara probably wouldn't agree to help Zhao Feng without any price. After all, Zhao Feng still wasn't sure if this elder in gray was friend or foe.

"How long has it been since the death of the person you are trying to find?" the elder in gray asked.

"About 16 years!"

Zhao Feng's eyes dimmed. So much time had pa.s.sed.

The expression of Liu Qinyin paused for a moment, but she didn't say anything.

"Too much time has pa.s.sed. I can only calculate the location of her new life if her body is well-preserved!" The elder in gray had a nonchalant expression the entire time.

"This…" Zhao Feng paused for a moment. Liu Qinxin's body had turned to ashes when he entered the 49th floor of the Fan Lun Ancient Sound Palace.

As expected, there were many limitations to this heaven-defying ability. Even the Eyes of Samsara couldn't locate a specific person without any help.

"Thank you for telling me, Senior!"

Zhao Feng put his hands together and bowed. Even if the Emperor of Death was related to the elder in gray, the elder in gray had told Zhao Feng the secret of the Eyes of Samsara and solved the question in his heart. From now on, Zhao Feng no longer needed to find the owner of the Eyes of Samsara anymore.

"Little Friend, you must be curious about the issue with the Emperor of Death, right?" The elder in gray suddenly smiled, and Zhao Feng became wary once more.

"I saw him a thousand years ago and left a Mark of Samsara on him. After reviving him, the Emperor of Death begged me to give him a chance to fulfill his wishes. Seeing that he was also a descendant of one of the G.o.d Eyes, I gave him a chance!" the elder in gray said slowly.

"I didn't think that Little Friend would be able to defeat the Emperor of Death, who became even stronger after dying. Your eye has potential not weaker than the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes!" the elder in gray looked at Zhao Feng's left eye and said in a certain tone.

"Thank you for praising me, Senior."

Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. He felt no ill intent from what the Eyes of Samsara owner said. Instead, the elder in gray was calmly explaining the issue about the Emperor of Death.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng could also sense that the elder in gray was only interested in his left eye.

"This junior's wishes are fulfilled then. I have important matters to attend to, so I will be leaving now. If Senior needs anything in the future, this junior will do his best to help!"

After learning everything, Zhao Feng said goodbye to the elder in gray. He was perfectly willing to form a good bond with the owner of the Eyes of Samsara if he had no ill intent.

"This old man won't be sending you off," the elder in gray said.

"Lady Qinyin, I hope to hear your qin in the future!"

Zhao Feng looked at Liu Qinyin and said goodbye.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat also waved its paws around.

"Master, is Young Sir Zhao the person who has a grievance with the Emperor of Death?" Liu Qinyin asked after Zhao Feng left, and the elder in gray nodded his head.

Liu Qinyin's eyes suddenly changed as she looked in the direction where Zhao Feng was heading.

"Master, I feel that something bad is about to happen!"

Liu Qinyin immediately came to the elder in gray's side. She had cultivated the Dao of Entertainment and the Dao of Life ever since she was young, and she had a high understanding in both of them. Therefore, she trusted her senses.

"Don't worry, I'm here!" The elder in gray revealed a smile with deep meaning.


Zhao Feng sat on the flying flaming chariot and sped through Heaven and Earth.

Zhao Feng felt an unknown sadness after leaving the residence of Eyes of Samsara owner.

"Don't worry about it. I have more important matters!"

Zhao Feng calmed himself down. After being detained, Zhao Feng realized that the elder with white hair was very far away, and he was heading in the opposite direction from Zhao Feng's destination.

"I'll take your life later then!"

Zhao Feng had a calm expression as he headed toward the Lan Province War Hall. He didn't bother with the white-haired elder. After all, if he really wanted to kill him, he wouldn't be able to escape.

Zhao Feng finally arrived at the Lan Province War Hall several dozen days later.

The Lan Province War Hall was a palace made from white jade that gave off an old aura. It was completely different from the War Hall in Ling Province.

Countless experts and people moved around the borders of the War Hall, but one would need identification doc.u.ments or the inspection of guards to enter. Zhao Feng didn't have any identification doc.u.ments, so he had to enter the War Hall under the surveillance of the guards.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned over the place and saw countless words in gold on a large stone tablet. One of the stone tablets displayed the list of people in the top one thousand with the most war points. The higher one's name, the brighter the gold.

"See that? That name suddenly appeared on the top of the first stone tablet a couple days ago!"

"That Zhao Feng isn't exactly unknown. Apparently, many forces have recognized his display in the Crown Prince trial."

"I know that, but did you know that he was originally around 1900th place, but he suddenly jumped up?"

"I heard that he defeated Sacred Lord Myriad Forms of the non-humans!"

There was a large crowd around the war board. Many people looked at it and encouraged themselves.

Others compared themselves with each another, and there were also information agencies here that paid attention to the rankings on the board.

"Hehe, the Ninth Prince's estimations were indeed correct!" Zhao Feng smiled and was very satisfied with his ranking.

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