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Chapter 1091 - A Bigger Danger

"The power that's disappeared has gone underground!" Zhao Feng's eyes saw through everything.

The power that had gone underground was moving through the crystal walls and heading in the direction behind Zhao Feng. That direction seemed to be… the head of the G.o.d corpse!

"This is too weird!" Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed together. After the vines inside the giant crystal recovered, all the energy disappeared, including all the treasures inside the crystals. What was taking away all this power?

Zhao Feng couldn't imagine what would happen after all this power gathered together.

"The aura outside the crystal is also slowing disappearing!" someone said, and everyone's gaze instantly turned away from the crystal and started to inspect their surroundings. The divine aura and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the air around the crystal was indeed fading away. At the same time, the quality of the herbs and treasures sealed within the crystals was also decreasing.

"Could it be that all the power inside the G.o.d corpse is slowly disappearing?" This question surfaced in everyone's mind.

"We need to take action quickly and find some treasures before all the fortune in the G.o.d corpse disappears!" a human Sacred Lord immediately said. This Sacred Lord then led his group and left.

The speed at which the power disappeared was different in different places. For example, the power of everything within the large crystal was fading away very quickly, but the speed at which the energy outside the crystal disappeared was very slow. Some places might not have changed at all yet.

The two DemiG.o.ds in the sky had grim expressions.

"What happened?" DemiG.o.d Withered Breath murmured. He believed that, with the terrifying power fading away, something would soon happen.


DemiG.o.d Arcane Void was the first of the two to leave. After all, he already tried stopping DemiG.o.d Withered Breath inside the crystal dimension. Now that there was no fortune remaining, if DemiG.o.d Withered Breath teamed up with the other human experts present, it would cause a lot of trouble for him. DemiG.o.d Arcane Void led some non-humans and flew in a certain direction; he could obviously sense that this was the way the power was flowing.

With DemiG.o.d Arcane Void's departure, more non-humans decided to leave. Sacred King Roaring Sky stood there and hesitated for a while; he really wanted to kill Zhao Feng, but the human DemiG.o.d was still present, so he didn't dare to do anything and could only leave in anger.

"Zhao Feng, let's go as well!" Nan Gongsheng persuaded. He had obtained a black fruit inside and was considered relatively lucky in comparison to the others.

"Hmph, where do you think you're going?" Sacred King Feather Spirit's cold harrumph sounded from behind Zhao Feng and company.

"Hand over everything that you obtained!" Sacred King Green Light had a grim expression. From their point of view, if it wasn't because of Zhao Feng being present, they wouldn't have charged up to him, and they might have been able to find some treasures. Now that the giant crystal had been destroyed, they obviously wouldn't let Zhao Feng just leave.

Some of the Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings nearby that saw this immediately left.

"What did Zhao Feng do to offend the Grand Imperial Hall?"

"That's three Sacred Kings and four Sacred Lords!"

Some Sacred Lords and Sacred Kings were surprised. With the composition of Sacred King Feather Spirit's group, even the group from Sky Suspension Palace didn't dare to offend them unless DemiG.o.d Withered Breath came with them.

"Brother Feng, what should we do!?" Zhao Yufei was slightly impatient. Although her Mystic Light Sacred Power and Intent had increased, she hadn't fully consolidated it yet and had no chances of winning.

"Zhao Feng, let's settle the feud between us!" Sacred King Earth Ghost also stood forward. He was extremely frustrated at not obtaining the fruit. If it wasn't because Zhao Feng had offended the Grand Imperial Hall members, forcing Sacred King Earth Ghost to stop the process of obtaining the fruit, he might have obtained it.

If the three Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall wanted to kill Zhao Feng, Sacred King Earth Ghost didn't need to be scared of joining in as well. If Zhao Feng used his replica G.o.d Slaying Arrow, it wouldn't be as much of a problem for them. Even if Zhao Feng had a real G.o.d Slaying Arrow, he wouldn't be able to unleash its full power. With the combined force of four Sacred Kings and a bunch of Sacred Lords, they should be able to block it.

Furthermore, Sacred King Earth Ghost also had a group with him that included several Sacred Lords from the Earth Demon Cult.

"Sacred King Earth Ghost?" Sacred King Feather Spirit paused for a moment. Sacred King Earth Ghost was on Zhao Feng's side inside the giant crystal, but now he was switching sides?

"I was just momentarily working with this brat. Now that we've come out, our cooperation has obviously come to an end!" Sacred King Earth Ghost revealed a wicked and evil smile, and the three Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall nodded their heads. From their point of view, Zhao Feng would be unable to escape even if he grew wings, so an extra Sacred King Earth Ghost wouldn't do too much either way.

"Even the Earth Demon Cult is involved!"

"I heard that Zhao Feng had a feud with the Earth Demon Cult when he was chasing after Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss."

Some of the human Sacred Lords discussed as they prepared to watch the show.

Grand Elder DemiG.o.d Withered Breath glanced at Zhao Feng, then led the experts of Sky Suspension Palace and left. They went in the direction where the power within the G.o.d corpse was gathering. Although DemiG.o.d Withered Breath felt that something was off, he had to give it a look.

"No one can save you now!" Sacred King Feather Spirit laughed and said after seeing the Sky Suspension Palace group leave.

At this moment, Zhao Feng and company were facing four Sacred King experts and several Sacred Lords. This combination was enough to destroy a three-star superpower in the continent zone relatively easily.

Nan Gongsheng's expression changed for the first time. Although they would be at a disadvantage against three Sacred Kings, they would still be able to fight back if they took out all their hidden cards. However, they were now facing four Sacred Kings and a bunch of Sacred Lords. Even Nan Gongsheng didn't feel there was much hope, but he still instinctively looked at Zhao Feng, and he saw a calm expression.

Nan Gongsheng's expression shook. How could Zhao Feng act so calmly in such a dire situation as if nothing had happened? What else did he have up his sleeves?

"Hmph, he's just pretending to be calm!" Sacred King Feather Spirit looked at Zhao Feng and mocked.

Weng~~ Hu!

The four Sacred Kings instantly released a strong surge of Intent that merged into the air and locked onto Zhao Feng and company. This stopped Zhao Feng and company from using the Misty Spatial World to escape.

Zhao Feng spoke right as the four Sacred Kings were about to take action.

"My helper is here!" Zhao Feng revealed a faint smile.

"Helper?" Sacred King Feather Spirit's expression froze. Zhao Feng had a helper?

"Hmph, who would be able to save you at this moment?" Sacred King Green Light mocked. There were three Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall and the Grand Elder of the Earth Demon Cult present. Apart from Sky Suspension Palace or a DemiG.o.d expert, no one in the continent zone would be able to save Zhao Feng right now, and according to what they knew, Zhao Feng had no relations.h.i.+p with Sky Suspension Palace or any DemiG.o.ds.


A golden figure flew out from a certain pathway at this instant.

"Kun Yun!" Sacred King Feather Spirit immediately exclaimed, and the expressions of the other three Sacred Kings froze. They had obviously heard of Kun Yun before; apparently, he was the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun revived.

"I didn't expect Zhao Feng to have connections with Kun Yun!"

"Kun Yun isn't simple!"

Some of the spectating Sacred Lords nearby were also stunned. Kun Yun used to be a DemiG.o.d, and even the Grand Imperial Hall wouldn't want to offend a DemiG.o.d for no reason, let alone three Sacred Kings that couldn't represent the entire Grand Imperial Hall.

"It's him!?" Nan Gongsheng also froze. He finally understood why Zhao Feng was so calm. From the looks of it, Zhao Feng had already messaged Kun Yun long ago.

At this point in time, Kun Yun was now a Sacred King, but in terms of true strength ,he was probably the strongest Sacred King in the lord dynasty. If Kun Yun joined their group, they wouldn't need to be scared of the enemies ahead.

Zhao Yufei also let out a breath.

"You're finally here!" Zhao Feng looked at Kun Yun. Zhao Feng had sensed that Kun Yun was nearby as soon as they came out of the crystal dimension after using the token. That was why Zhao Feng wasn't in a rush to leave.

"All of you can f.u.c.k off! I'll see who dares to harm him!" Kun Yun flew over and instantly released a powerful physical force. The Intents of the four Sacred Kings were instantly dispersed.

"Senior Kun Yun, I am an Elder of the Grand Imperial Hall. Zhao Feng blackmailed the Grand Imperial Hall and killed the Thirteenth Prince…" Sacred King Feather Spirit revealed a respectful expression as he started to explain.

"Why are you talking so much nonsense? Did you not hear me tell you to f.u.c.k off!?" Kun Yun roared impatiently, and the expressions of the four Sacred Kings became ugly. Although Kun Yun was a Sacred King like them, the pressure that Kun Yun was currently putting on them was extremely strong.

Zhao Feng paused for a moment. He felt extremely weird as he looked at the impatient Kun Yun. He originally figured that Kun Yun would only help him handle the danger, and yet here he was yelling at a bunch of Sacred Kings from the Grand Imperial Hall and not giving them any face at all for his sake.

Just as Zhao Feng was pondering, another figure flew out of the pathway that Kun Yun came from.


A terrifying Intent caused Heaven and Earth to shake, and the hearts of all the experts present dropped as they felt their bloodlines and Sacred Power become suppressed.

"A non-human DemiG.o.d!" a Sacred Lord nearby exclaimed.

"Kun Yun, where do you think you're running to?" the non-human DemiG.o.d roared, causing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to shake. His expression suddenly froze for a moment after seeing Zhao Feng next to Kun Yun, then he started to roar with laughter.

"You must be Zhao Feng!" This non-human DemiG.o.d looked at Zhao Feng with killing intent.

"DemiG.o.d Ferocity!" Zhao Feng's eyes bulged out as he swallowed his spit.

He finally understood why Kun Yun was acting so impatiently; a DemiG.o.d was chasing after him!

However, what really frustrated Zhao Feng was that the DemiG.o.d chasing after Kun Yun was DemiG.o.d Ferocity. If Zhao Feng had known this was the case, he would have just run away with Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei after exiting the crystal. Now, the danger in front of them was even worse.

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