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Chapter 1094 - Teaming Up

Zhao Feng, Kun Yun, and company sped through a crystal pathway in the G.o.d corpse. The pressure from DemiG.o.d Ferocity slowly crushed over from behind.

"Zhao Feng, he's catching up!" Kun Yun said in a testing tone. Even if he and Nan Gongsheng were able to block DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attacks, they couldn't use much Divine Power, so it wouldn't last very long. Being on the defensive the entire time was pointless; as long as DemiG.o.d Ferocity kept chasing after them, they would eventually be killed.

Zhao Feng had a grim expression. If this continued, he would have to use a real G.o.d Slaying Arrow, but even if he did, it would only injure DemiG.o.d Ferocity at most.

"Hmm? That human group…!" Zhao Feng's gaze pa.s.sed through several dozen crystal walls and noticed a group. Zhao Feng didn't really have any connections with the Sacred Kings of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and normal Sacred King groups wouldn't dare to help Zhao Feng fight a non-human DemiG.o.d anyway. However, the leader of this group was Grand Elder Dark Screen of Black Screen Corner.

Zhao Feng felt like Sacred King Dark Screen would likely help him, and Sacred King Dark Screen was one of the stronger Sacred Kings like Sacred King Feather Spirit.

"Go!" Zhao Feng changed the group's route slightly.

"Grand Elder, the superpowers of both Lord Dynasties have gathered at the head of the G.o.d corpse We probably won't be able to get much of a share!" an elder from Black Screen Corner's group said.

"There's nothing absolute in the world!" Sacred King Dark Screen said. Part of the energy in the G.o.d corpse was heading toward the head, so there was definitely some sort of secret involved. If Black Screen Corner missed the fortune there, it would be Sacred King Dark Screen's fault. Besides, Black Screen Corner was a neutral power; they hadn't offended any forces, so it would be very easy for them to team up with other forces.

Right at this moment, Sacred King Dark Screen suddenly sensed something and turned around.

"Zhao Feng?" Sacred King Dark Screen's Divine Sense pa.s.sed through the crystal walls and saw Zhao Feng's figure.

"Little Friend Zhao is also planning on heading to the head of the G.o.d corpse?" Sacred King Dark Screen asked playfully. He was surprised that Zhao Feng managed to survive till now after entering the G.o.d corpse, but Zhao Feng still wanted to go to the head of the G.o.d corpse? He really didn't know the word "death," did he?

"Kun Yun!" Sacred King Dark Screen's expression changed when he saw the golden figure behind Zhao Feng. Black Screen Corner specialized in and intel, so they obviously knew a lot about Kun Yun's history and background. Black Screen Corner already guessed that Zhao Feng and Kun Yun were deeply related, but he didn't expect them to be together in the G.o.d corpse.

"Senior Dark Screen, please help me!" Zhao Feng said loudly before he arrived.

"As long as it's within my ability, I will obviously help you." Sacred King Dark Screen stroked his beard. No matter what, Zhao Feng had given him the extremely precious Purifying Blood Sacred Spirit Pills. Zhao Feng's group also included an expert like Kun Yun, which meant that the overall strength of Zhao Feng's group was roughly equal to his, so they could work together.

As soon as Sacred King Dark Screen finished saying that, Sacred King Dark Screen's group felt a destructive pressure slowly descend.

"Senior Dark Screen, please help us deal with this non-human DemiG.o.d!" Zhao Feng arrived next to Sacred King Dark Screen and completed his sentence.

A loud explosion then sounded as DemiG.o.d Ferocity appeared before them. His pressure was like a mountain that crushed down on everyone, and they were unable to breathe properly. Some of the weaker Sacred Lords in Sacred King Dark Screen's group couldn't even stand.

"DemiG.o.d Ferocity!" a Sacred Lord from Sacred King Dark Screen's group exclaimed as he fell to the ground.

Even Sacred King Dark Screen was dazed and in utter shock. He was shocked that Zhao Feng and company were still alive after being chased by a DemiG.o.d. Even if Zhao Feng's group included Kun Yun, they shouldn't have been to defend against a DemiG.o.d!

"Hehehe, I thought that you might have found some strong helpers, but they're just a bunch of ants!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity looked at Black Screen Corner's group in disdain. One of the Sacred Lords in the group couldn't even block his Intent. Only Sacred King Dark Screen somewhat entered his eyes.

Sacred King Dark Screen's expression froze when he heard this and spoke in a grim tone, "What plan do you have?"

Zhao Feng and company had been able to escape to here even after being chased by a DemiG.o.d. However, it would be pointless unless Zhao Feng and company had a plan to block this non-human DemiG.o.d.

Kun Yun used to be a DemiG.o.d and had now recovered to the Sacred King rank, so his true power was definitely very great. Sacred King Dark Screen also wanted to try fighting a DemiG.o.d.

"Of course I have a plan!" Zhao Feng smiled faintly and took out some black array flags.

"The Evil Death Yin Spirit Array of Nine Darkness Palace!" Sacred King Dark Screen was extremely knowledgeable and recognized the history of Zhao Feng's array flags.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng threw over three of the flags to Sacred King Dark Screen, Nan Gongsheng, and Zhao Yufei. This Evil Death Yin Spirit Array was the one used by the Sacred Lords of Nine Darkness Palace when they tried to kill Zhao Feng a while back, but those four Sacred Lords that tried to kill Zhao Feng were killed instead. Thus, their array obviously became Zhao Feng's.

"All of you, retreat!" Sacred King Dark Screen immediately ordered the Black Screen Corner group. Normal Sacred Lords were useless in front of a DemiG.o.d.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The other members of Black Screen Corner immediately retreated several miles after hearing what their Grand Elder said.

Zhao Feng and company then circulated their Mystic Light Sacred Power and activated the array flags.


The four black array flags then stood in the air and burned with a black Ghost Dao power. Then, cries from ghosts and monsters that could make one's hair stand on end started to appear. In an instant, black light shot into the sky as if the array flags were four giant poles that reached the heavens.


A black-and-blood-colored light covered everything within several miles as a black flaming barrier formed around Zhao Feng, Sacred King Dark Screen, and company.

"Kun Yun, you're responsible for stopping the DemiG.o.d. We'll support you!" Zhao Feng immediately said. Only Kun Yun and Sacred King Dark Screen were actually able to stop DemiG.o.d Ferocity, and Kun Yun was stronger than Sacred King Dark Screen.

"Okay!" Kun Yun immediately agreed. He didn't think that Zhao Feng would have such a profound array. The array could combine the powers of these four people together; killing normal Sacred Kings would be extremely easy. With such a terrifying array, it wasn't impossible for Kun Yun to face DemiG.o.d Ferocity head-on.

"Senior Dark Screen, you're going to be the primary controller of this Evil Death Yin Spirit Array!" Zhao Feng told Sacred King Dark Screen.

The Evil Death Yin Spirit Array was an evil Demonic Dao array. Sacred King Dark Screen would be able to utilize the most power from it.

"Activate the killing array!" Zhao Feng said. One would immediately know how to use the array as long as they merged their consciousness into it. They all used special techniques and slammed their palms onto the burning black array flags.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Countless monsters with gruesome expressions extended their ghastly white claws from the black-and-blood-colored dimension of h.e.l.l. These monsters slowly merged and formed a large skeletal ghost monster that covered most of the array.

"You want to stop me with this s.h.i.+tty array?" DemiG.o.d Ferocity revealed a disdainful expression as he released a wave of dark red power.

"Sky Sealing Palm!" Kun Yun immediately took action and weakened DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack.

The group of four then circulated their Mystic Light Sacred Power in a frenzy. The aura of ghosts surged within the array as the skeletal ghost monster reached out with its ghastly white claws to block the dark red blast.

Weng~~ Boom!

The entire array shook as all the power within it surged into the sky. The group of four was actually able to block DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack. Although they managed to stop DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack last time as well, it was only because of their substandard G.o.d items.

"The Evil Death Yin Spirit Array is known for its stalling abilities, but it can also turn into a killing array. Meanwhile, the ones holding the array flags will be protected by the entire array!" Sacred King Dark Screen had heard of this Nine Darkness Palace array before.

"Hmph, if you were missing even one person, that array would be useless!" DemiG.o.d Ferocity became angry after seeing his attack stopped.

"Sky Ferocity Slas.h.!.+" This time, DemiG.o.d Ferocity didn't attack the entire array. Instead, he targeted one person.

"Yufei!" Zhao Feng could guess who DemiG.o.d Ferocity was going to attack before he even did it.

Weng~~ Boom! Boom!

A giant blast of dark red power slashed toward Zhao Yufei with a forceful momentum. Even if Zhao Yufei had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race and strong defense, even the body of someone from the Spiritual Race might be completely destroyed by the Divine Power contained in DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack!

"Nan Gongsheng, lend me the Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld!" Zhao Feng said directly.

Nan Gongsheng hesitated for a moment before giving the Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng waved his left arm, and Sacred Lord Myriad Forms appeared in Zhao Feng's position to take over the array flag. Meanwhile, Zhao Feng circulated his wings to the maximum and arrived next to Zhao Yufei while holding the Golden Pond s.h.i.+eld.

A snarling beast head suddenly appeared in the sky. At the same time, the claws of the skeletal ghost monster teamed up with the power of the substandard G.o.d item to block DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack.

"Sky Shaking Punch!" Using this chance, Kun Yun activated his physical strength bloodline and used a wisp of Divine Power as he punched out. A blazing golden ball of light radiated an Intent that could shake Heaven and Earth as it shot toward DemiG.o.d Ferocity.


Zhao Feng managed to block DemiG.o.d Ferocity's attack with the substandard G.o.d item and the power of the Evil Death Yin Spirit Array.


Zhao Feng spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as pain coursed through his body. Zhao Feng had no Divine Power, so he was unable to use the true power of substandard G.o.d weapons.

On the other side, Kun Yun's attack landed on DemiG.o.d Ferocity and managed to push the latter back several dozen steps into the crystal walls behind him.

Although Kun Yun was only a Sacred King, he had high understanding and was able to injure DemiG.o.d Ferocity with his Divine Power.

"Brother Feng!" Zhao Yufei cried out as her eyes became teary.

"I'm fine!" Zhao Feng immediately used the Water and Wood of Wind Lightning to heal himself.

"Great, we managed to injure that old undead!" Kun Yun felt extremely smug. His attacks finally managed to injure DemiG.o.d Ferocity for the first time.

Sacred King Dark Screen had a faint smile. Fighting against a DemiG.o.d and managing to even injure him was his best battle record so far in his life.

The other Sacred Lords from Black Screen Corner hiding in the back took in cold breaths as their eyes bulged out. In their hearts, DemiG.o.ds were legendary existences - undefeatable. But now, their Grand Elder managed to stall a non-human DemiG.o.d and even injure him. This was an incredible feat.

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