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Chapter 1177 - Phoenix Forest

"I'm not that far away from the peak stages of the Metal of Wind Lightning!"

Joy flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes. Zhao Feng would break through to become a DemiG.o.d when his Metal of Wind Lightning reached the peak. At that time, the five elements of the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique would combine into one. After the five elements turned into one, Zhao Feng would touch the divinity of True G.o.ds, and he would be able to create his own Divine Power. Although the Lightning-Fire Obliteration was strong, its potential was limited and couldn't catch up to Divine Power.

In addition, now that Zhao Feng had gained deep understanding in the Five Elemental Wind Lightning technique, it was also beneficial to strengthening his Little World.

"Someone's there!" Zhao Feng suddenly noticed two figures pa.s.s through his territory. The two figures suddenly stopped in the air and started flying toward Zhao Feng's direction.

"They don't have eye-bloodlines. How can they see me from so far away?" Zhao Feng was surprised. It was only because of his eye-bloodline and the fact that he had a hint of control over the Ancient Dream Realm that he could see these two in the distance.


With a wave of his left hand, Zhao Feng put the non-human bones away.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The duo soon arrived in front of Zhao Feng.

"There's no need to hide it. Take out what you just put in the interspatial dimension!"

One of them was a youth in white with a expression, and he snickered when he saw Zhao Feng. His ancestors had given him a tool before he entered the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension that could faintly sense treasures or resources that contained strong power. A moment ago, he sensed a treasure in this direction, so he came over to have a look and found Zhao Feng. He knew that the treasure was in Zhao Feng's hands without even thinking.

The other was a Rank Two True G.o.d elder. He stood next to the youth in white and closely inspected Zhao Feng. If they were in the outside world, this elder wouldn't bother with a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm, but then, it was weird that a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm appeared in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned across the duo. He couldn't guess what race they were from by their appearance, but the youth's eyes were sharp, and he had a steady aura within his body. His strength was probably higher than the elder's.

"It's mine. Why should I take it out?" Zhao Feng had a calm expression and wasn't scared at all. They were acting so despite being in his territory? Once they took action, Zhao Feng would kill them immediately.

"What I want shall be mine!" The youth in white paused for a moment before speaking in a forceful tone. He didn't put a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm in his eyes. He originally thought that Zhao Feng would hand over the treasure and beg to join their party, but instead, Zhao Feng declined? This surprised him. However, what he wanted would become his either way.

"Junior, hand over the treasure and f.u.c.k off!" The elder finally spoke with an impatient expression. No matter how suspicious Zhao Feng was, this elder was a Rank Two True G.o.d, and he had Young Master Hou Qing next to him. Would a peak-stage Mystic Light Realm even be able to fight back?

"The two of you are courting death!" Zhao Feng's expression changed dramatically, and killing intent flashed through his eyes. At the same time, an invisible physical force radiated from him. If these two really didn't know what was good for them, then it wouldn't be his fault for being merciless.

"Hmm?" The elder's eyebrows furrowed. Zhao Feng's state of existence wasn't normal and his aura was very strong, so the elder immediately sent a message, "Young Sir Hou Qing, this person is extremely weird!"

"Hmph, this extremely weird person has precious treasures on him!" Hou Qing completely ignored the elder's warning. Zhao Feng dared to look down on him and say that he was courting death? Hou Qing was going to make Zhao Feng wish he was dead.


Hou Qing raised his palm and slapped down, unleas.h.i.+ng a whirlpool of water.

"You don't know what's good for you!" Zhao Feng's expression was cold as he raised his palm as well.


The azure-robed elder instantly appeared next to Zhao Feng and released the force of a Rank Three True G.o.d. At the same time, several dozen powerful beasts around them released powerful pressures.

"Kill!" Without saying anything else, the azure-robed elder unleashed two lightning monsters that charged forward.

"Rank Three True G.o.d slave!" Hou Qing's expression became grim while the elder started to panic. They didn't expect Zhao Feng to be so shameless that he would hide his slave. Furthermore, all the beasts that Zhao Feng had enslaved were hiding nearby as well.


In order to make sure there were no accidents, Zhao Feng circulated the Sacred Lightning Body and charged toward Hou Qing.

Before Zhao Feng even got close, Hou Qing felt a heavy pressure.

"This person's physical strength is so great…!" Hou Qing revealed a look of panic.

His status in his family was very high, and his ancestors had given him all kinds of offensive and defensive skills before he came to the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension. There would be no problem for him and the elder to deal with a Rank Three True G.o.d, but the strength that Zhao Feng displayed was also very high.

Although Hou Qing was arrogant and, it was because of his strength and hidden cards. It wasn't as if he had no brains.

"Go!" Hou Qing roared as he and the elder retreated at the same time.

"Kill!" Zhao Feng was filled with killing intent as he charged forward with the azure-robed elder.

"Water Screen Ma.s.sacre!" Hou Qing waved his palms, and the laws of Water and Wind in Heaven and Earth were transformed into a giant whirlpool. The whirlpool contained a suction force that pulled Zhao Feng and the azure-robed elder.

"Forbidden Illusion Lost World!" Since he had the intent to kill, Zhao Feng wouldn't hide any of his skills. He immediately used an illusion technique.

Hou Qing and the elder were instantly affected by Zhao Feng's illusion, and they just stood there as their souls entered a misty purple maze. Zhao Feng and the azure-robed elder charged toward the duo after breaking through the whirlpool.

However, right at this moment, Hou Qing broke out from Zhao Feng's illusion. He was drenched in cold sweat, and he looked at Zhao Feng in fright. He had a soul-defending treasure on him but was still affected by Zhao Feng's illusion. From this, he could see how strong Zhao Feng's illusions were.

At this moment, the beasts around them also completely surrounded the duo.

"Run!" Hou Qing didn't bother with the elder next to him. He took out a jade slip and crushed it.


The laws of Water and Wind surrounded his feet.


Hou Qing disappeared into Heaven and Earth with incredible speed.

"Kill him first!" Zhao Feng ordered before chasing after Hou Qing.


A pair of crystalline white lightning wings condensed behind Zhao Feng's back.

"Lightning Radiance Flas.h.!.+"


With a deafening explosion, Zhao Feng turned into a bolt of lightning and instantly flashed forward several dozen thousand miles. The Ancient Dream Realm didn't suppress Zhao Feng much, so his speed was greater than others'.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Hou Qing was still running away when he heard an explosion, and the appearance of a lightning bolt frightened him. Hou Qing's expression changed dramatically when he scanned over with his Divine Sense.

"How is this possible? That brat's caught up! He's still only at the Mystic Light Realm!?" Hou Qing was in shock. One had to know that the escaping method he was using was crafted specifically for him by his ancestors. Even Rank Four True G.o.ds wouldn't be able to catch up if they didn't specialize in speed.

Although he had many other methods, they were prepared for upcoming greater dangers. Using them on Zhao Feng would be a waste.

Zhao Feng was also shocked. He didn't expect that he couldn't even catch up to a Quasi-G.o.d in the Ancient Dream Realm when he used his Lightning Radiance Flash.


A golden bow appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. Zhao Feng merged the power of Lightning-Fire Obliteration into it and released a golden arrow toward Hou Qing with a Whoos.h.!.+

"Dammit!" Hou Qing circulated the laws of Water and Wind and moved his body, but the arrow still shot through his shoulder.

At this moment, three figures flew out from a forest below. The sudden disturbance of power in the sky caught the attention of nearby powerful races.

"Isn't that Hou Qing?" A handsome youth looked toward the distance.

"Someone is actually chasing after Hou Qing?" The surprised voice of a female sounded.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions sounded as a golden-haired male with a cold handsome face closed in on Hou Qing amidst a storm of lightning.

"Die!" Hou Qing was enraged, and a blue crystal pearl appeared in his hand.


The crystal pearl shattered, and a terrifying whirlpool of Water and Wind appeared in Heaven and Earth, killing a Rank Three True G.o.d.

However, Zhao Feng's left eye sensed this power long ago, and he had already retreated by the time Hou Qing took out the blue crystal pearl.

Seeing that Zhao Feng dodged his technique, Hou Qing didn't stay behind. At this point, he obviously wouldn't keep fighting Zhao Feng.

"He ran off!" Zhao Feng had an ugly expression.

The opponent was pretty strong himself, and he had too many hidden cards. If Zhao Feng wanted to kill Hou Qing, he would need to take out some hidden cards of his own. However, there were a bunch of spectators now, so Zhao Feng didn't want to do that.

Zhao Feng didn't bother with the three in the forest and prepared to leave, but the three flew upward.

"This friend is extremely skilled. You even managed to chase after Hou Qing!" a handsome youth said with a friendly expression.

"I wonder what force you're from. Even Hou Qing is scared of you?" A female in a pink dress smiled and spoke in an alluring voice.

"Hou Qing?" Zhao Feng finally knew the name of that youth.

Hou Qing definitely wouldn't be scared of Zhao Feng in a one-on-one fight, but Hou Qing knew that Zhao Feng had the help of a Rank Three True G.o.d and several dozen terrifying beasts, so he didn't dare to stay behind and fight against Zhao Feng.


The azure-robed elder only arrived now and sent Zhao Feng a message after looking at the three next to Zhao Feng; "Master, these three are from the Golden Armed Race. The Golden Armed Race is a powerful existence amongst four-and-half-star forces, and they even have the possibility of becoming a peak four-star power!"

"My name is Yu Hen, and we're from a force that opposes the Sky Water Yao Race. Why not join us?" Yu Hen gave a glance toward the azure-robed elder and sent an invitation.

A silent middle-aged male stood next to Yu Hen.

"I'm sorry, but I have other stuff to do!" Zhao Feng declined right away. While the strength of the male and female might not be as great as Hou Qing, they were pretty strong, and the large middle-aged male next to them was a Rank Three True G.o.d. Why would a team like this invite Zhao Feng? Was it only because Zhao Feng tried to kill Hou Qing?

"Are you planning to go to the Phoenix Forest? I heard that the Phoenix Forest is the Sky Water Yao Race's main target!" the elegant female in pink said gently with a smile.

The Sky Water Yao Race that the Golden Armed Race was speaking of referred to the race that Hou Qing was from, but Zhao Feng was more interested in the Phoenix Forest.

Although Zhao Feng could enter and leave this place whenever he wished, his range of movement was still very small. The various forces from the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds had been scouting the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension for hundreds of millions of years. They all had maps and information regarding the fortune here. The Phoenix Forest was definitely one of the famous places.

"If that's the case, then I'll come with you!" Zhao Feng didn't decline. If he happened to meet Hou Qing in the Phoenix Forest, he would also find a chance to kill him.

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