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Chapter 1076 - Blood Crystal Yao Spirit

The trio instantly felt a surge of dense Heaven Earth Yuan Qi when they entered the G.o.d corpse. It felt extremely nice, and the Sacred Power Whirlpools within their bodies started to spin even faster as it absorbed the nearby Heaven Earth Yuan Qi automatically.

"My cultivation speed would be at least ten times faster than cultivating in the outside world!" Zhao Feng exclaimed in surprise.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the G.o.d corpse was extremely thick. No place in the outside world could be compared to it. Furthermore, there was a powerful and quiet divine aura within the G.o.d corpse that allowed one to sense laws and Intent more clearly. It was a very good spot to cultivate.


The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi seemed to bow to Zhao Yufei as she walked. It formed a stream of energy that quickly merged into her body.

"Without even cultivating, the rate at which I absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi can reach the same state as when I'm in seclusion in the outside world!" Zhao Yufei was stunned and spoke in disbelief.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng's faces both froze as they stared at Zhao Yufei with gaping mouths. Her absorption speed here could reach the same state as when she was in seclusion in the outside world without even cultivating?

One had to know that, even if Zhao Feng used the substandard G.o.d Crystals to cultivate, his cultivation speed wasn't as fast as Zhao Yufei. At this moment, Zhao Yufei was only using her Spiritual Race bloodline to casually absorb the energy nearby, and the speed of her cultivation easily surpa.s.sed Zhao Feng when he used substandard G.o.d Crystals.

Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Feng had to admit that they had underestimated Zhao Yufei's bloodline once more. The top twenty bloodlines of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races were terrifying and definitely not as simple as they thought.

"Yufei, how about you just stay behind and cultivate here?" Zhao Feng suggested. The G.o.d corpse was a perfect place for those with the Spiritual Race bloodline to cultivate. Every inch of the crystalline walls nearby contained the energy of Heaven and Earth, and it easily surpa.s.sed the power contained within substandard G.o.d Crystals. The energy in some places was even comparable to true G.o.d Crystals.

This basically meant that the entire G.o.d corpse was the same as an enormous substandard G.o.d Crystal, but the structure of the G.o.d corpse was complete and extremely tough; it was impossible to be broken. However, those with the Spiritual Race bloodline could just absorb the energy within the G.o.d corpse directly. If Zhao Yufei stayed behind and cultivated here, she would probably be able to touch the level of G.o.ds before long.

"No, I want to stay with Brother Feng and find true fortune within the G.o.d corpse!" Zhao Yufei immediately declined. If she stayed behind by herself, the risk and danger Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng had to face would increase dramatically. Besides, the reason Zhao Yufei entered the G.o.d corpse wasn't to find fortune in the first place.

"Let's go then!" Zhao Feng's heart moved and he immediately spoke.

In comparison to the Heaven and Earth energy contained in the G.o.d corpse, there had to be even more precious treasures contained within it.

A wicked aura radiated from Nan Gongsheng's body and became stronger and stronger. It was obvious that the possibility of treasures existing within the G.o.d corpse increased the growth of the Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat appeared on Zhao Feng's shoulder and threw out several coins into the air before pointing in a certain direction.

"Let's go!"

Zhao Feng knew that the little thieving cat wouldn't be sleeping at this moment in time. He left behind a spatial marking with his armguard before they left.


The trio immediately flew in the direction that the little thieving cat pointed, but they stopped before they travelled very far.

"What is this?" Zhao Feng approached the crystalline wall. There was a blood-colored crystalline gra.s.s in the corner.

"What powerful Heaven Earth essence! It also has an ancient bloodline aura to it!" Zhao Yufei sniffed and said.

"Could it be a precious herb created from a faint wisp of bloodline aura from the G.o.d corpse and its Divine Power?" Zhao Feng slowly a.n.a.lyzed.

This blood-colored spiritual gra.s.s in the shape of a crystal wasn't connected to the G.o.d corpse. It was as if it had grown out later.

The blood-colored crystal gra.s.s was similar to the Sky Water Crystal Lotus that Zhao Feng once obtained; it was a treasure in between minerals and plants. However, this blood-colored crystalline spiritual gra.s.s was without a doubt rarer and contained a powerful ancient bloodline aura, as well as thick Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and the laws of Wood and Water.

Furthermore, the energy contained within this crystalline spiritual gra.s.s was even more plentiful than the precious resources Zhao Feng had in the Ancient Dream Realm. Without saying anything else, Zhao Feng put this resource into the Misty Spatial World.

After taking away the Blood Crystal Spiritual Gra.s.s, Zhao Feng realized that the essence of Heaven and Earth leaking out from the wall was comparable to G.o.d Crystals. Unfortunately, he was unable to take it away.

Greed flashed through Nan Gongsheng's eyes, but he suppressed himself. They had discussed things before they entered the G.o.d corpse; everything they obtained in the G.o.d corpse depended on who got it first.

"There's more there!" Nan Gongsheng's eyes glanced toward a wall not too far away and immediately flew over, plucking away a crystalline herb.

What Nan Gongsheng said made Zhao Feng turn his gaze away from the wall.

"Could this just be normal gra.s.s in the G.o.d corpse?" Zhao Feng's expression froze, and he felt slightly awkward. The Blood Crystal Spiritual Gra.s.s that he placed great importance on was extremely common here.

"What kind of terrifying existence was this G.o.d corpse when they were alive!?" Nan Gongsheng took in a cold breath as he revealed a fearful expression. From the current situation, it seemed as if the fortune in the G.o.d corpse was even more precious than Xie Yang Palace.

"I can't tell either!" The Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body sounded in Nan Gongsheng's body. He was just a thought and didn't have Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang's complete memories.

"Let's leave this and go!" Zhao Feng said.

Although there were many resources that tempted them on the way, they contained themselves and didn't go pick them. How could they waste time on such "normal" items?

"Watch out!" Zhao Yufei immediately said as she felt a disturbance of Yuan Qi.

Weng~~ Boom!

A roar sounded as a powerful aura spread toward the trio.

A blood-colored figure charged out from the crossroads in front. The blood-colored figure seemed to have a human shape, but it didn't have a face. Its body was formed from pure Heaven and Earth energy and laws.

"This is a Yao Spirit formed from the powers in the G.o.d corpse!" Zhao Feng concluded after looking through the figure with his left eye.

If the G.o.d corpse could sp.a.w.n precious resources, it could also form Yao Spirits.

The reason why Zhao Yufei was able to sense this Yao Spirit before Zhao Feng was because it was formed mainly of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and Divine Power.


The Blood Crystal Yao Spirit was extremely agile, and it thrust out its palm.


The laws and energy nearby were attracted and formed a blood-colored palm that slammed toward the trio with terrifying power.

"What power!" Nan Gongsheng's expression became grim as purple-and-blood-colored divine light formed a claw that slashed out.

Peng! Boom! Boom!

Nan Gongsheng retreated several steps, and his blood boiled as after the clash.

"Attacks that exceed normal Sacred Kings!" Zhao Feng's eyes focused.

Danger existed alongside fortune. The G.o.d corpse was full of treasures; any one of them could make Sacred Kings go crazy over them. This also meant that the danger within the G.o.d corpse was something that normal Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords couldn't handle. From the exchange between Nan Gongsheng and the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit just now, Zhao Feng could see how terrifying the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit was.

The trio had to admit that they had underestimated the G.o.d corpse, both the fortune and the danger.

Peng! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei immediately charged forward, and the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi within the G.o.d corpse started to move as it turned into a purple storm that swept toward the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit.

"Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!" Fire brewed in Zhao Feng's left eye and glittered with dark G.o.d Lightning Tribulation symbols.


A ball of transparent purple-and-gold lightning-fire with the Destructive aura of G.o.d Lightning Tribulation exploded onto the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit.


The Blood Crystal Yao Spirit was instantly at a disadvantage against the trio. Amongst them, Zhao Feng's Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame did the most damage to the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit.

The Blood Crystal Yao Spirit was formed from the G.o.d corpse and had powerful physical attacks that contained a wisp of profound Intent. However, its soul and mind were its weaknesses.


The Blood Crystal Yao Spirit instantly started to run after seeing that it wasn't Zhao Feng and company's match.

Zhao Feng and company chased after the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit, but they didn't try to kill it. Instead, they just followed behind it. Zhao Feng thought that the place where the Blood Crystal Yao Spirit was formed would definitely be unique.

The group soon arrived at a cave entrance.

"Everyone, be careful!" Zhao Feng immediately warned.

The walls nearby were faint red, different from the walls before.


The Blood Crystal Yao Spirit leapt straight into the cave.


Several terrifying screeches, powerful ancient bloodline auras, and undulations of Sacred Power spread from the entrance.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Three Blood Crystal Yao Spirit jumped out from the cave. Two of them were human-shaped while the last was a larger one that was in the shape of a beast.

"One each!" Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

"Just what I was thinking!" Nan Gongsheng laughed coldly and revealed a bloodthirsty expression as a glow of purple-and-blood-colored divine light shone from him.

From Nan Gongsheng's point of view, this was a clash between Zhao Feng and him. If he finished off the monster first, that would prove that he had surpa.s.sed Zhao Feng and could enter the cave first.

Zhao Yufei smiled in agreement.


The trio took action at the same time. Nan Gongsheng and Zhao Yufei charged toward the two human-shaped Blood Crystal Yao Spirits, so Zhao Feng obviously had to face the beast-shaped Blood Crystal Yao Spirit.

All of the experts of both lord dynasties started to find treasures in the G.o.d corpse that could make one go insane. Battles of different tiers happened everywhere within the G.o.d corpse. Some of the Sacred Lords that hadn't been planning to enter the G.o.d corpse started to slowly approach it.

"It's a G.o.d corpse! There should be no problem if I just cultivate around it!" An initial-stage Sacred Lord sat next to the G.o.d corpse and started to cultivate while absorbing large amounts of pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Some Quasi-Sacred Lords and initial-stage Sacred Lords started to head underground.

"I came late!" An elder in gray revealed a faint smile as he approached the G.o.d corpse below.

Black lines started to appear in the gray-robed elder's dim eyes as he released a surge of eye-bloodline power that shook one's heart.

"If I find the opportunity to become a G.o.d here, she can live!"

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