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Chapter 1227 - Cultivation Ground

As Zhao Feng approached the five-colored crystalline palace, he could sense that the surroundings were bursting with endless Five Elements Intent. However, this Intent was of such a high level that even a cultivator of Five Elements Intent like Zhao Feng found it very hard to influence this Intent.

 If he cultivated in the vicinity of this palace, his Five Elements Intent would be certain to advance at G.o.dly speeds. Cultivating his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique here would also have major advantages.

 "No wonder the Yao Spirits here have such high levels of Intent!" Zhao Feng was flabbergasted.

 Even a complete idiot would eventually command powerful Intent just by staying here.

 "This place is probably the cultivation ground of the Five Elements G.o.d Lord. The entire palace is made from a condensed mixture of Intent energy and Divine Power."

 Zhao Feng found it impossible to imagine just how deep the G.o.d Lord's understanding of Intent was.


 Zhao Feng picked an entrance and entered the five-colored palace.

 The moment he entered the palace, he sensed that the Intent energy in the palace was so thick and vast that it had almost transformed into an Intent sea.

 "Who's there?" The several people in the palace all turned and called out.

 The Yao G.o.ds outside the palace had been pushed back by their three teams and True G.o.d Dark Thief. It was only right that the spoils here be divided between them. Thus, all of them were hostile to anyone who entered afterward.

 "It's you?" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng couldn't help but laugh as he stared at Zhao Feng in disdain.

 Next to him, Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's eyes slightly brightened.

 "This brat…" True G.o.d Dark Thief's expression sank, and his eyes turned dark.

 Zhao Feng had threatened him earlier, and though it had not actually affected him, how could he – a mighty Rank Five True G.o.d – allow himself to be threatened by an ordinary Quasi-G.o.d? For this reason, True G.o.d Dark Thief wanted to kill Zhao Feng.

 "Boy, we were the ones to a.s.sault this place. Scram!" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng coldly barked, his aura sharp and fierce.

 He initially planned to humiliate Zhao Feng in the Gulong Martial Gathering to help Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue vent her anger. However, Zhao Feng had shown too much strength for anyone except individuals on the Quasi-G.o.d Ranking to defeat him. Thus, Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng had decided to let Zhao Feng go temporarily.

 He never expected to meet Zhao Feng here. Here, he had nothing to fear, and he even had a reason to attack Zhao Feng. Most importantly, Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue was by his side.

 "In treasure grounds, even witnesses get a share of the spoils. There's no need to be so absolute. Or do you think that you can keep all the other teams out too?" Zhao Feng amiably returned. He had been in hiding all this time, so he truly was taking advantage of them.

 "I told you to get out!" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng's brows rose, and his eyes began to surge with killing intent.

 Zhao Feng's expression sank as he sensed the killing intent coming from Zi Feng.

 Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng wanted to kill Zhao Feng because Zhao Feng once made Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue unhappy. Moreover, Zhao Feng didn't have the necessary strength, so he could easily kill Zhao Feng if he wanted to.

 Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue and Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi said nothing. They naturally didn't wish for others to get the treasure here, but Zhao Feng was right; they could not keep everyone out.

 Dark Thief True G.o.d, on the other hand, did not appear to think that this was important. He also wanted to kill Zhao Feng, so if Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng did it for him, he naturally didn't mind.

 But at this moment, a voice resounded in True G.o.d Dark Thief's mind; "True G.o.d Dark Thief, weren't we working together? It's your turn now!"

 True G.o.d Dark Thief's face froze in shock that Zhao Feng would choose this moment to message him.

 Working together? How ridiculous. Since the Five Elements array had broken early, how could they still be working together?

 "If I'm forced to leave this place, I'll reveal everything. I'll say that you were the one who discovered this palace and that you know where the most precious treasures are hidden…." Zhao Feng messaged once more.

 "This scoundrel…!" True G.o.d Dark Thief trembled in rage. For anyone else, no one would ever believe Zhao Feng's claims, but it was different if one was talking about True G.o.d Dark Thief. If Zhao Feng made these claims, the other three teams would definitely begin to doubt him and perhaps even work together to drive him away.

 True G.o.d Dark Thief truly felt rather helpless. He ended up being threatened by Zhao Feng again.

 "Hey now, it's just an ordinary Quasi-G.o.d. That he would attract such concern from Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng, do you fear that he's going to steal this place's treasure, or steal the woman in your heart?" True G.o.d Dark Thief stepped forward, rus.h.i.+ng into the palace with a wicked smile on his face.

 "You…" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng was instantly stupefied. He hadn't expected True G.o.d Dark Thief to intervene. However, it was true that he wanted to kill Zhao Feng for Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue.

 On the side, Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's eyes flashed with a few ripples of emotion.

 "Hurry, we can't let True G.o.d Dark Thief get ahead of us!" Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue led her team away.

 Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi had no relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Feng and naturally felt no need to target him, so he took his team to search the area for treasures.

 "Brat, I'll let you go this time!" With these parting words, Zi Feng took his team and departed.

 After all, this five-colored crystalline palace was probably the place with the greatest fortune. Everyone else had already left, so Violet Night Hall naturally couldn't delay itself for the sake of a single Zhao Feng.

 Once everyone was gone, Zhao Feng activated his left eye and began to survey the palace. Now that he was inside the palace, the see-through ability of Zhao Feng's left eye was working again.

 "The entire palace is made up of crystals suffused with Intent energy. Moreover, these crystals are even more precious than the ones I obtained from killing those Yao G.o.ds." Zhao Feng's left eyes flashed with golden light as he scanned his surroundings.

 This palace was essentially a giant treasury for everyone inside. However, the structure of this palace was extremely st.u.r.dy. A few Quasi-G.o.ds and True G.o.ds would find it a nigh impossible task to bore into the walls and extract any Intent Crystals.

 "Eh?" Zhao Feng focused his gaze underground.

 There appeared to be array inscriptions beneath the palace.

 However, Zhao Feng's golden eye was not capable of clearly making out the array hidden down below. Zhao Feng also couldn't understand why the Five Elements G.o.d Lord would hide an array under his seclusion area.

 Zhao Feng did not continue to ponder this topic. After all, he had come here with seeking treasure as his main priority.


 The main hall that Zhao Feng stood in was completely empty, so he flew off to another room.

 These rooms were mostly ordinary or empty, home to nothing more than a few pieces of furniture. But these pieces of furniture were also made from Intent Crystals and were fused with the rest of the palace such that they were immovable.

 At this moment, he heard the sounds of fighting.


 Zhao Feng swiftly flew toward the source of the sound.

 "My Violet Night Hall saw this first!" a True G.o.d expert of Violet Night Hall hollered.

 On the other side, Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi's team had joined hands with True G.o.d Dark Thief, and there was no fear on their faces.

 What's this? Zhao Feng stared at the item that these two parties were fighting over.

 There were several bright crystalline pearls that exuded an extremely rich Yuan Qi and formidable ripples of Divine Power.

 These are high-quality G.o.d Crystals at the very least! Zhao Feng's mind trembled.

 In the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, supreme-quality G.o.d Crystals were far too rare. For this reason, high-quality G.o.d Crystals were essentially the highest form of currency in circulation.

 However, Zhao Feng was not lacking in G.o.d Crystals, so he wouldn't fight with Violet Night Hall and True G.o.d Dark Thief over a few high-quality G.o.d Crystals.


 Zhao Feng left to search elsewhere.

 "That's Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's group." Zhao Feng saw that Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's group was standing in a daze within a secluded hall.

 Zhao Feng could feel that this secluded hall had the thickest concentration of Intent energy.

 "This is…?" As he stepped into the hall, Zhao Feng was also struck dumb.

 Three enormous murals had been painted on the walls of this secluded hall, five-colored lights leaping and flas.h.i.+ng across them. If one looked carefully, one would gradually make out words and pictures, thrumming with Divine Power.

 "Techniques… combat skills!" Zhao Feng was stunned.

 Zhao Feng even wondered if the techniques and skills on these murals were ones that the Five Elements G.o.d Lord had cultivated.

 However, there was far too much information contained in these murals. Even with his left eye, Zhao Feng would find it very difficult to memorize even one of the techniques within a short time.

 One member of Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's group was focused on a single mural, doing their utmost to record all the information contained within. The rest of them were searching the room for other objects.

 This secluded hall is rather special, and it even has techniques and combat skills of unknown level. Perhaps this is where the Five Elements G.o.d Lord actually cultivated!

 Astonished, Zhao Feng began to inspect the room with sharp eyes.

 Other than those ephemeral words and pictures, the most striking thing in the room was the enormous stone sculpture as well as the stone pillar that had several words carved upon it: All that is here is left to the one destined.

 Those words exuded a powerful and timeworn aura. The wondrous principles suffused within them seemed to want to plunge Zhao Feng into a nigh inescapable trance.

 However, Zhao Feng had an extremely formidable will, and he quickly managed to break free of this spell.

 Zhao Feng bitterly smiled. To all of them, this was a treasure ground, but the person who had written those words clearly didn't view it very highly.

 In addition, this expert might have said that everything here was left to whoever was destined for it, but the structure of this palace was far too st.u.r.dy. It was simply impossible to pull off the Intent Crystals that formed it.

 "This wine cup can be taken away!" a True G.o.d in Quasi-G.o.d Tian Xue's group called out in surprise.

 In a flash, everyone else in the group gathered around the wine cup.

 This wine cup had a weaker connection to the palace than the other objects, so it truly could be taken away. There was also a wine jar next to the wine cup, but it was completely empty.

 "Use Intent energy to shake this wine cup loose!"

 The entire group prepared to take this five-colored wine cup.

 The Intent Crystals that formed this wine cup were extremely high level. They would be useful to anyone below the Ancient G.o.d level.

 At this moment, Quasi-G.o.d Gui Yi, Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng, and True G.o.d Dark Thief arrived with their teams.

 "This mural seems to contain some sort of powerful combat skill!" A Quasi-G.o.d prodigy immediately immersed himself in a mural.

 "This statue must be hiding something!" Several True G.o.ds began to inspect the statue.

 True G.o.d Dark Thief's eyes twinkled as he began to carefully inspect every inch of the hall, apparently searching for something.

 Cus.h.i.+ons? Did the Five Elements G.o.d Lord cultivate on top of them? Zhao Feng's gaze settled on the three cus.h.i.+ons arrayed in front of the huge statue.

 If the Five Elements G.o.d Lord cultivated on top of these cus.h.i.+ons, there was probably something special about them.


 Zhao Feng's left eye was covered in a faint golden l.u.s.ter as he began to inspect the cus.h.i.+ons formed from Intent Crystals.

 Eh? This place seems to be connected to the core of the underground array!

 Although Zhao Feng couldn't clearly make out or understand the array beneath this palace, he could at least estimate the location of the array's core.

 Curious, Zhao Feng walked to the cus.h.i.+on in the center and sat down.

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