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Chapter 1266 - Watched

With the Blood Flame Qilin Race willing to serve Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng made a blood contract with the Blood Flame Qilin Race Patriarch. The contents of the contract were simple; the Blood Flame Qilin Race would heed Zhao Feng's orders and not attack him. Similarly, Zhao Feng would not intentionally try to harm the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

 Soon after, Zhao Feng and the many ancient beasts under his command moved to the territory of the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

 The Blood Flame Qilin Race was a peak four-star faction and occupied a large region in the middle of the Ancient Dream Realm. This area had many more resources than the outer edge.

 Now, the territory of the Blood Flame Qilin Race had become Zhao Feng's main base in the Ancient Dream Realm. In the future, Zhao Wan could use the power of the Blood Flame Qilin Race to expand and harvest many times more resources than before.

 "It's about time for me to leave."

 Zhao Feng stayed with the Blood Flame Qilin Race for only a few days.

 The techniques and skills of the Blood Flame Qilin Race were all meant for the Blood Flame Qilin bloodline. Although Zhao Feng had the Ancient Blood Devil Sun bloodline, the effect of training in these techniques would not be comparable to when the Blood Flame Qilins cultivated them.

 For techniques, one naturally had to select the ones most suitable to oneself, and ones of the highest quality. Once one began to cultivate a technique, changing to another one midway was extremely troublesome. Thus, Zhao Feng preferred to spend a little more time finding a technique appropriate for him.

 Before leaving, Zhao Feng took a stroll around the Blood Flame Qilin Race and s.n.a.t.c.hed up some precious resources that he required.

 "When I'm not present, the Blood Flame Qilin Race won't possibly obey Zhao Wan completely." Zhao Feng suddenly realized something.

 The Blood Flame Qilin Race only respected him because of his G.o.d Eye. Although Zhao Wan had the Eye of Myriad Forms, he was not an actual bloodline descendant. Moreover, he was also weaker in terms of strength.

 In the end, Zhao Feng decided to have Zhao Wan break into the Heavenly Divine Realm.

 Originally, Zhao Wan had enough potential and talent to keep on building up energy, but there was nothing to be done now. If Zhao Wan could not keep up in strength, he wouldn't be able to be very useful.

 "I'll take a trip to the Five Elements Palace!"

 A five-colored crystal sphere appeared in Zhao Feng's hand, in which a dazzling and ornate palace quietly lay.


 With a thought, Zhao Feng entered the palace.

 "Zhao Feng!" Someone immediately noticed the moment Zhao Feng appeared in the Five Elements Palace.

 The Quasi-G.o.ds and True G.o.ds imprisoned here all had lofty statuses in their own factions. They would not easily bend the knee to Zhao Feng. Moreover, they had only been imprisoned for a few decades, which was only a brief moment in their perspective.

 In addition, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and Intent energy within the Five Elements Palace were extremely dense. This was a place where the Five Elements G.o.d Lord had secluded himself, and he had even left behind profound combat skills inside. This was an ideal place for cultivation. Although they were imprisoned here, they were spending every moment cultivating so that they could get stronger and break free from Zhao Feng.

 "Activate the array!" a Rank Five True G.o.d bellowed.


 A complicated multi-colored array immediately appeared under Zhao Feng's feet. At the same time, powerful ripples of Intent converged in all directions to lock Zhao Feng within four five-colored walls.

 "Attack!" Nearly eighty experts immediately used their most powerful skills and secret techniques.


 Powerful ripples of Divine Power filled the air as a flurry of attacks pa.s.sed through the seal of the array and descended upon Zhao Feng.

 "Still so stubborn?" Zhao Feng couldn't help but chuckle at the force deployed against him.

 Zhao Feng could tell that all of these people had gotten much stronger. For example, Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng of Violet Night Hall was now probably stronger than the strongest Quasi-G.o.d of the Spiritual Race.


 A dark silver robe draped itself over Zhao Feng's body. He circulated his Divine Power and s.p.a.ce Intent to activate the power of the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

 "Spatial Barrier!"

 Flickering spatial images appeared around him. As the Divine Power attacks. .h.i.t these spatial images, their power was greatly reduced, as if they had been sent to another dimension. In the end, all the attacks vanished before they could even touch Zhao Feng.

 At the same time, powerful energy swept out from Zhao Feng. All the experts immediately felt a stifling pressure.

 "How could this be? This energy, it's… Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d!" a peak Rank Five True G.o.d blurted out in fear and trepidation.

 "Impossible, impossible! He must be using the power of the palace to imitate the energy of an Ancient G.o.d!" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng shook his head in utter disbelief.

 The last time Zhao Feng had come here was only half a year ago, and he was still just a Quasi-G.o.d then. Even if a Quasi-G.o.d became a True G.o.d, they couldn't possibly cultivate to Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d in such a short amount of time.

 None of them could have imagined that Zhao Feng had directly attained the rank of Ancient G.o.d.

 "I intentionally let all of you stay here to enjoy the excellent cultivation resources here, but it seems like none of you have made much progress." Zhao Feng chortled, ignoring their shock.

 In truth, Zhao Feng was completely capable of sealing these people in one zone of the palace and preventing them from using the cultivation resources of this place. But Zhao Feng did not do this, instead allowing these people to get stronger.

 The first reason was because Zhao Feng wasn't worried about the possibility of escape. The second reason was that Zhao Feng planned to use these people, so he hoped that their strength would continue to climb.

 Boom! Bang!

 As Zhao Feng stepped forward, he shattered the special array that was sealing him.

 "I'm now an Ancient G.o.d. Once my strength reaches a certain level, you won't even have the right to be my slaves!" Zhao Feng's voice suddenly turned a bone-chilling cold, stabbing into their hearts like frigid needles!

 Zhao Feng's cultivation speed was simply too incredible. He was now a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d, far above all the people present. Who could predict just what level Zhao Feng would be at when he appeared next time?


 Intent Crystals detached from the walls and floated into Zhao Feng's hand.

 At the Ancient G.o.d level, Zhao Feng no longer had any use for ordinary Intent Crystals. Only high-level Intent Crystals were of any use to an Ancient G.o.d. Fortunately, this five-colored palace had quite a number of such Intent Crystals.

 This time, Zhao Feng took so many Intent Crystals that it was actually affecting the operation of the Five Elements Palace. However, Zhao Feng was already an Ancient G.o.d, so he simply wasn't worried that these people might escape.

 After taking the Intent Crystals, Zhao Feng moved to the cultivation hall.

 His gaze focused on the three murals. Using his control over the Five Elements Palace, Zhao Feng took away the techniques and skills on the three murals.

 As Zhao Feng was preparing to leave:

 "Zhao Feng, hold on!" a hesitant voice called for Zhao Feng to stop. "I'm willing to be your slave!"

 The speaker was an ordinary Quasi-G.o.d. He had a somewhat weaker personality and was no longer able to endure this kind of imprisonment. This, together with Zhao Feng's intimidating Ancient G.o.d cultivation, made him the first to submit.

 One person submitting would shake the resolves of the others. Just as expected, another voice spoke, "I as well!"

 This Quasi-G.o.d belonged to the same faction as the first Quasi-G.o.d.

 Afterward, five more people chose to submit to Zhao Feng.

 "Hmph, good-for-nothings!" Quasi-G.o.d Zi Feng coldly snorted, his eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with disdain.

 "Your choice is very wise. I will treat you far better than the factions you once belonged to." Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

 With a thought, Zhao Feng took himself and these people from the palace. The people left behind fell into silent thought.

 In the Ancient Dream Realm, the seven people were brought to the Blood Flame Qilin Race.

 Zhao Feng planted the Dark Heart Seal in all seven of their souls.

 "In the future, all of you will stay here." Zhao Feng had no plans to release them to the outside world.

 "The Blood Flame Qilin Race in their original forms! What kind of place is this?" a True G.o.d expert said in shock.

 "The Wild Ancient Secret Dimension." Zhao Feng gave a mysterious smile.

 "How could this be?" The seven immediately felt their minds short-circuit. How could they appear in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension?

 After giving the seven people and a portion of the Intent Crystals to Zhao Wan, Zhao Feng left the Ancient Dream Realm.

 Upon returning to the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng once more concealed his energy, even using a G.o.d Sealing Stone to seal one Divine Stage.

 Zhao Feng was currently residing in a palace meant specially for core disciples. Not even the Spiritual Race Elders were allowed to brashly scan the area with their Divine Senses.

 Upon leaving his palace, he encountered an inner disciple standing by his gate. The moment the inner disciple saw Zhao Feng, he immediately told Zhao Feng what was going on and took out a large stack of invitations. After explaining everything, the inner disciple left.

 "These are all invitations from various major factions…?" Zhao Feng felt a headache coming on as he closed the gate of his palace and threw the letters into his Interspatial Dimension. "I shouldn't show off too much for now."

 These factions that paid a visit to the Spiritual Race probably hadn't left yet.

 "I'll first leave the Spiritual Race for a while. I might as well bring Zhao Hui back to this place." Zhao Feng made his plans.

 That night, Zhao Feng messaged Zhao Yufei saying that he was leaving the Spiritual Race for a spell and there was no need for her to worry. Afterward, with the help of Kong Die, Zhao Feng left the Spiritual Race without alarming anybody.

 After leaving the territory of the Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng put on a white veil and set off on his journey. After all, the color of his hair and eye were far too obvious. Anyone in the know would immediately recognize who Zhao Feng was. This was also why he had sought Kong Die's help to depart the Spiritual Race.


 Near the outer edge of the Spiritual Race, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon and his group had been waiting this entire time.

 "You can't stay hiding in the Spiritual Race forever!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon had a cold and gloomy face.

 The Spiritual Race and Violet Night Hall were both five-star factions, and there were three zones in between them. Even if he killed Zhao Feng, the Spiritual Race wouldn't do anything to Violet Night Hall. At most, they would just demand compensation. Comparing this compensation to killing a genius like Zhao Feng and also obtaining the five-colored palace and saving the people of Violet Night Hall, the choice was immediately obvious.

 "Senior Night Dragon, the search instrument is reacting!" On this day, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon received a message.

 "He's finally left the Spiritual Race!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon gave an elated smile. "Move out!"

 After sending a message, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon used Instant Movement to leave.

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