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Chapter 1267 - s.p.a.cetime Seal

The Spiritual Race was located in the center of the Ziling Zone, while the Life Origin Sect where Zhao Hui was located was on the outer edge.

 In Zhao Feng's journey from the Life Origin Sect to the Spiritual Race, he needed more than half a year, and this was even though he used teleportation arrays. But now, Zhao Feng possessed such incredible power that he could cover this distance in half the time just by using his Instant Movement.

 He also had the token identifying him as a core disciple of the Spiritual Race, so he could use the teleportation arrays of any faction along his route. When Zhao Feng pa.s.sed through some of these factions, the upper echelons would come out to personally welcome him.

 "The ident.i.ty of a Spiritual Race core disciple is very useful!" Zhao Feng exclaimed.

 He thought back to how, when he was fleeing from the Gulong Zone, he couldn't even use the teleportation arrays of major factions for fear of being hunted down. He spent the majority of the time flying.

 At a certain moment, a ma.s.sive mountain that soared tens of thousands of feet into the air appeared in front of Zhao Feng. It was tens of thousands of li in circ.u.mference. As Zhao Feng was pa.s.sing by this mountain, he suddenly sensed a heaven-shaking energy explode from the clouds ahead.

 Zhao Feng suddenly focused his eyes as he rapidly began to retreat.


 At this moment, s.p.a.ce Intent surged out from the surroundings. Curtains of violet darkness appeared in every direction. Within these curtains of darkness were dark clouds, a violet moon, and countless stars.

 In the end, these curtains of violet darkness linked together and sealed off the area for tens of thousands of li around. The entire world seemed to become a violet-colored night, cut off from the outside world.

 "Junior, you were finally willing to come out!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's figure slowly emerged from the violet night.


 Zhao Feng immediately put on the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

 "Don't waste your strength. This Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array was prepared especially for you. If you were a little stronger, you might have been able to use the power of the s.p.a.cetime Robe to leave, but…" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon gave a vicious laugh.

 Zhao Feng was a Rank Six True G.o.d with the s.p.a.cetime Robe and the five-colored crystalline palace. Moreover, he had been acknowledged by the Spiritual Race, so if the Spiritual Race had given Zhao Feng some trump cards to save his life, not even Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was confident that he could kill Zhao Feng quickly.

 Thus, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon moved ahead of Zhao Feng and put down this powerful array in his path. In this Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array, even his own s.p.a.ce Intent was restricted.

 "Who said that I wanted to leave?" Upon putting on the s.p.a.cetime Robe, Zhao Feng didn't use any of its powers. Instead, he smiled at Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon.

 "If I hadn't intentionally limited my speed so that the people of your race could follow me and also traveled in a straight line, would you really have been able to get in front of me and had time to lay down this array?" Zhao Feng exposed everything.

 The evolution of his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye had greatly increased his range of vision. He noticed the people of the Violet Night Race following him the moment he left the Spiritual Race.

 Zhao Feng walked into his enemy's trap for one purpose – to kill this Ancient G.o.d that was pursuing him!

 "I naturally know that, but do you really think that, just because you became a Rank Six True G.o.d in one go, you can defeat me with some treasures and divine artifacts?" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon laughed.

 He had noticed that Zhao Feng's route was too straight, as if he was doing so deliberately. However, would he – an Ancient G.o.d – be afraid of a Rank Six True G.o.d? Even if the Spiritual Race had given Zhao Feng some trump cards that made it impossible for him to kill Zhao Feng, he wouldn't lose much from the effort. And once he killed Zhao Feng, he would obtain all the treasures Zhao Feng owned!

 "How would I know if I don't try?" There was something sly and cunning about Zhao Feng's smile.

 "Heheh!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon chuckled in derision.


 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon activated his bloodline. His entire body transformed into a thick violet liquid that fused with the surrounding darkness.

 Zhao Feng immediately noticed a pressure being exerted upon him by the surrounding s.p.a.ce. At the same time, the stars, the violet moon, and the dark clouds began to move according to strange laws.

 "Illusion Dao power?" Zhao Feng's left eye exuded a supreme Eye Intent that allowed him to remain clear-minded.

 This kid's eye-bloodline is truly unusual. It can actually ignore the Illusion Dao power of the Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array? The hidden Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was rather surprised.

 The Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array had three major uses:

 One; isolate a region from the outside world and prevent an opponent from using s.p.a.ce Intent.

 Two; create Illusion Dao power that average experts of the same level would find very hard to resist.

 Three; boost the bloodline power of the Violet Night Race.

 Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

 Two figures formed from sparkling violet liquid appeared in the violet night. These figures thrummed with dreadful power as they charged at Zhao Feng.

 "Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Domain!" Zhao Feng's body immediately unleashed dazzling five-colored lightning.

 With Zhao Feng as the center, the area suddenly became a dimension of five-colored lightning. As soon as those two violet figures entered the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Domain, they were suppressed by the power of the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning.


 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's attack was weakened by more than twenty percent.

 "Eh? This kid's not bad!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was taken aback.

 The gap between a Rank Six True G.o.d and a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d was very large. Moreover, the Violet Night Race's bloodline would be boosted in the Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array, which meant that Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon was far stronger than usual.

 Despite that, Zhao Feng's skill was still capable of weakening his attack.

 "Appear!" A five-colored pearl appeared in Zhao Feng's hand.

 The five-colored pearl floated in the air and unleashed a vortex, transforming into a ma.s.sive five-colored palace that blocked the rest of the attack's power.

 "Haha, I was waiting for you to take it out!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon gave a sinister smile.

 The five-colored palace Zhao Feng owned was a supreme defensive divine artifact. Even Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon would find it very difficult to break through it.


 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's body suddenly emerged on the other side of the five-colored palace. He held a fan of violet crystal in his hand, which he used to send out a wave of violet light.


 Fine tendrils of violet light stabbed at Zhao Feng like lightning bolts.

 "And I was waiting for you to show yourself!" Zhao Feng suddenly sneered, and his left eye exploded with supreme Eye Intent.


 A violet-silver bolt of fiery lightning appeared in his silver eye. The dreadful Tribulation Lightning energy in this flame immediately made Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon feel that something was wrong.


 The violet-silver Tribulation Lightning flame exploded on Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's soul.

 "What a powerful soul attack…!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon yelped in shock. He was more and more sensing that there was something wrong about the situation.

 At this moment, he suddenly sensed a powerful and majestic energy.

 Ancient G.o.d! These words suddenly emerged in Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's mind.

 Zhao Feng chose to stop hiding his strength!

 Ding! Bangbang!

 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's attack, weakened by the s.p.a.cetime Robe, fell against Zhao Feng's body and stirred a few arcs of electricity.

 "Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Palm!" After receiving Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's attack, Zhao Feng gathered Tribulation Lightning energy and unleashed a ma.s.sive palm of dense five-colored lightning.

 "What a powerful attack! This is no weaker than an average Ancient G.o.d!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon shook free of the pain that wracked his soul, and his face contorted in shock.

 "Violet Void!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon activated his bloodline power, and his body was immediately shrouded in layers of flickering violet light.

 This palm was Zhao Feng's true attack, and Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon had to face it with all his strength.

 G.o.d Eye Disintegration!

 Zhao Feng's left eye rippled with Eye Intent. There was an illusory flicker of light, and then a dreamy mist poured out.

 The flickering violet lights around Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon suddenly dimmed and then vanished.

 "This… how?" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's face was stricken with fear and confusion. His secret defensive bloodline technique and the strength he had poured into it had both vanished.

 Boom! Hisss!

 The five-colored lightning palm infused with the terrifying physical power of Tribulation Lightning rumbled toward him. In the Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array, Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's s.p.a.ce Intent was also partially restrained.

 He knew that he couldn't dodge, so he took out a high-quality divine artifact.

 Boom! Bang!

 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon activated the divine artifact to its maximum extent.

 "A high-quality divine artifact!" Zhao Feng's eyes flashed.

 Based on what his G.o.d Eye could observe, this divine artifact wasn't too great, but it had barely crossed the threshold into high quality.

 G.o.d Eye Disintegration!

 Zhao Feng's left eye focused on this high-quality defensive divine artifact.


 A layer of dreamy mist shot forward. The divine artifact in Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's hand suddenly lost some of its l.u.s.ter.

 "What… what's going on here!?" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's eyeb.a.l.l.s almost fell out of their sockets.

 When he used his defensive bloodline technique, the strength within it had inexplicably vanished. Now, the energy of the divine artifact in his hand was also dropping.

 Boom! Hisss!

 However, there was no time for him to be stunned, as Zhao Feng's attack was already colliding against the divine artifact. 

 Even though the power of the defensive divine artifact had decreased, it was still able to block Zhao Feng's attack.

 G.o.d Eye Disintegration!

 Zhao Feng focused the power of the G.o.d Eye Disintegration on a certain crucial area of the divine artifact. In a flash, all the disintegrative power converged on that area.


 A thin crack appeared on the high-quality divine artifact. In an instant, the energy of the Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Palm charged at that weak area.

 The destructive nature of this clash almost caused this divine artifact's quality to drop down to average quality.

 Boom! Bang!

 The rest of the power in Zhao Feng's attack threw Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon all the way to the edge of the Illusion s.p.a.ce Violet Domain Array.

 "Heaven Engulfing Palm! Five Elements Tribulation Lightning Palm!"

 Zhao Feng continued to pile on the attacks, giving Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon no chance to catch his breath.

 "d.a.m.n, this kid… he's too strange!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon's violet body was extremely dim.

 He had lost this time. He was no match for Zhao Feng!

 The primary reason for that was that Zhao Feng was actually an Ancient G.o.d. In addition, the abilities of his eye-bloodline were terrifying and extremely bizarre.

 But he should be here soon. This kid will still die! Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon snorted.


 Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon left the boundary of the array and prepared to flee. If Zhao Feng pursued, he would only be speeding up his death.

 "Where are you going!?" Zhao Feng coldly barked.

 His left eye once more unleashed a powerful Eye Intent together with a supreme s.p.a.cetime Intent.

 "s.p.a.cetime Seal!"

 s.p.a.cetime Intent descended upon Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon.

 "This is… the power… of s.p.a.cetime… Intent!" Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon blurted out in shock.

 To any bystanders, his words appeared to be spoken very slowly, like a child learning how to speak.

 Zhao Feng had started cultivating the s.p.a.cetime Seal a long time ago, but the extreme difficulty meant that Zhao Feng was not capable of exhibiting this technique's power. Now that he was an Ancient G.o.d, the situation was different.

 At this moment, not only could Ancient G.o.d Night Dragon not use s.p.a.ce Intent, but he was also bound by Time Intent. He was in a slow-motion world where Zhao Feng could cut him down as he pleased!

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