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Chapter 1323: Zhao Hui Is Kidnapped

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1323 – Zhao Hui Is Kidnapped

The Ancient G.o.d upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race were full of praise for Zhao Hui’s performance. He was a doctor, had the Eye of the Samsara of Life, was skilled in escape techniques, and also had extremely high-level eye-bloodline techniques. If Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit didn’t already have his eye on Zhao Hui, they might have tried to make him their own disciple.

The other Spiritual Race disciples were rather envious. with Jin Kun in particular being rather depressed. Even though they were Ancient G.o.d disciples, they were currently inferior to one Rank Three True G.o.d. Zhao Hui truly had displayed formidable skills. In the future, he might be just as dazzling as Zhao Feng.

“The talents of the Spiritual Race truly are strong. Let’s bring this exchange of pointers to an end,” Elder Tao called out. He was truly worried that the demon-faced elder would stubbornly insist on continuing the matches.

Afterward, Black Devil Peak arranged for the Spiritual Race group to reside in a place with abundant Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

The primary mission for the Spiritual Race this time was to trade with Black Devil Peak. This would need one or two months.

On the edge of Black Devil Peak’s territory was a forbidden zone called the Arctic Abyss. This was a place ravaged by ice storms throughout the year and was occupied by powerful ice-type Yao G.o.ds. If ordinary Rank Two or Three True G.o.ds ventured into this place, they would all be killed.

The Arctic Abyss was seemingly bottomless, and it became colder the deeper one went. Even Rank Four True G.o.ds would not be able to endure the cold. But inside one of the walls of the Arctic Abyss was a heavenly abode.

“Mm? Someone from Black Devil Peak?” A bulky figure with two black bull horns on his head took out a message token. “News on Zhao Feng?”

After reading the message, the horned man used a secret method to communicate with someone else. A black figure quickly arrived.

“Ancient G.o.d Bull Devil, what news is there?”

The visitor was none other than Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil.

“In the trading group the Spiritual Race sent to Black Devil Peak, there’s a Rank Three True G.o.d that is suspected of having a very close connection to Zhao Feng,” Ancient G.o.d Bull Devil truthfully replied.

Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil became pensive.

With regards to the details of their last mission, particularly with regards to Zhao Feng, they had not truthfully reported the matter to their superiors. Instead, they were relying on their own authority to gather information on Zhao Feng. This was because they had some selfish motives. They hoped to obtain Zhao Feng’s treasures, such as the supreme-quality divine artifact that was the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

“Have them send people to keep an eye on him. If there’s a chance, capture him!” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil finally said after thinking it over.

The Rank Three True G.o.d was traveling with the Ancient G.o.d upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race, so they could not move carelessly.

“Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil, if the secrets on Zhao Feng can attract the attention of our superiors, then even with the protection of the Spiritual Race Ancient G.o.ds, we can still kidnap a Rank Three True G.o.d.” Ancient G.o.d Bull Devil gave Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil a profound stare.

Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group didn’t perform very well on the last mission, but they had been fortunate enough to capture a Heaven’s Legacy Cat, resulting in them being richly rewarded.

But Ancient G.o.d Bull Devil discovered that the eye-bloodlines of Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil’s group had become extremely weak. They had spent many contribution points for materials they could use to rejuvenate their eye-bloodlines. And not long after they returned, they had the intelligence organization carefully investigate someone named Zhao Feng. Thus, Ancient G.o.d Bull Devil surmised that there was something else going on here.

“Mm, I know,” Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil responded and then left.

If Zhao Hui could be captured, then his group would handle this matter themselves. If not, he would report the matter of Zhao Feng to his superiors.

Back on Black Devil Peak, Zhao Feng and Zhao Hui were both cultivating in the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

“Yearwheel Feng Wood.” Zhao Feng took out a round piece of wood. He had obtained this from the Heaven’s Legacy Race ruins.

Yearwheel Feng Wood was a cultivation material containing Time Intent, and it was also an excellent material for creating s.p.a.cetime Intent divine artifacts.

Within the s.p.a.cetime Robe, ten days was equivalent to one day in the outside world. Zhao Feng quickly managed to use up all the energy in the Yearwheel Feng Wood.

“My Time Intent has reached Level Four!” Zhao Feng was elated.

Time Intent was the most difficult of the Intents Zhao Feng knew.

“Once my Time Intent reaches Level Five, I might be able to adjust the Time energy of this dimension so that I can cultivate for longer!”

At the moment, the ratio of time in the robe to time outside was ten to one. With adjustment, it could be made twenty to one, but this depended on Zhao Feng’s proficiency with Time Intent.

However, Time Intent was simply too difficult to comprehend. Zhao Feng’s other Intents had all reached Level Six long ago. Even with the ideal cultivation materials, making any progress with Time Intent was exceedingly difficult.

“It’s about time to go and gather information,” Zhao Feng softly said.

Zhao Hui left the s.p.a.cetime Robe Dimension.

Black Devil Peak’s exchange zone was an area meant for Black Devil Peak disciples to trade among each other. Information was a hot commodity.

He barely entered when Zhao Feng sensed something strange.

“Someone is following me!”

Although Zhao Feng was hiding in his Interspatial Dimension, he could use Zhao Hui’s soul to sense what was going on around him.

The moment he noticed someone following him, Zhao Feng began to focus his senses on them, grasping both their appearance and cultivation.

“Why is Black Devil Peak sending people to watch Zhao Hui?” Zhao Feng was extremely confused.

Was it because Zhao Hui had defeated True G.o.d Cloudbreaker during their bout? No matter how foolish Black Devil Peak was, it wouldn’t start watching Zhao Hui just because of that.

Moreover, while Zhao Hui was in the territory of Black Devil Peak, they wouldn’t dare do anything to him. Otherwise, Black Devil Peak would have to take responsibility. But being watched by someone was still a rather uncomfortable feeling.

For the next several days, not long after Zhao Hui left the main peak, two people would begin following him. This pair didn’t dare to do too much, only lingering around the main peak. After all, if the upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race noticed them, they would be finished.

These two people are only targeting Zhao Hui. Let’s see what their goal is! Zhao Feng said to himself.

From the clues he had gathered over the last few days, Zhao Feng realized that these people were only following Zhao Hui. The rest of the Spiritual Race members were completely safe and unbothered.

He truly wanted to know why Zhao Hui was being followed. On this day, Zhao Hui left the territory of Black Devil Peak on his own and began to fly toward a spa.r.s.ely inhabited area.

He didn’t go very far before the two people following him began to rapidly close the distance.

“Who is it!?” Zhao Hui suddenly turned his head and yelled.

Two black figures exploded through the air at Zhao Hui. These two were both powerful Rank Four True G.o.ds who had apparently been waiting for this moment the entire time.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Each of them threw out an array flag. They immediately sent out pitch-black flames that sealed the area for tens of thousands of li around.

“Even if you’re skilled in escape, you won’t be able to run this time!” a tall and muscular man said.

“Big Bro, let’s go! We don’t want any accidents!” his shorter companion yelled and immediately began to attack.

They’re just trying to capture me? A hint of confusion emerged in Zhao Hui’s mind.

If these two people were trying to kill him, Zhao Feng would appear and capture them to search their souls for information, but these two were actually just trying to capture Zhao Hui.

“You two are quite bold! You actually dare to a.s.sault a Spiritual Race disciple?” Zhao Hui bellowed as he used his flying skill to dodge the shorter man’s attack.

“I’m a disciple of Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit! Once he learns of this, you’re dead!” Zhao Hui constantly provoked the pair, but they did not reply.

“Wind Lightning Eye Flame!” Zhao Hui used his Eye of Samsara to launch an eye-bloodline technique against the pair.

But these two were prepared for this, taking out average-quality divine artifacts to block the eye-bloodline technique.

Zhao Hui quickly began to show signs that his Divine Power was running out.

“Destroying Devil Hand!” The tall man unleashed a pitch-black pillar of energy at Zhao Hui.

Meanwhile, his companion rapidly approached Zhao Hui, taking out a golden th.o.r.n.y whip and using it bind Zhao Hui. The thorns on this whip had been dipped in poison that numbed Zhao Hui’s body while also draining away his Divine Power.

Just like that, Zhao Hui was captured alive.

“Let’s go!” After capturing Zhao Hui, the pair began to fly off in another direction rather than toward Black Devil Peak.

“Hmph, take me to see the true architect of this plan.” Within the s.p.a.cetime Robe, Zhao Feng chuckled to himself.

Three days later, two people appeared before the pair. These two were both Ancient G.o.ds, and one of them was Young Master Hai.

“Young Master Hai, why did you want to capture me!?” Zhao Hui roared.

“Hmph, you think too highly of yourself! Even if you defeated True G.o.d Cloudbreaker, you aren’t worth my attention!” Young Master Hai snorted. Taking Zhao Hui into his Interspatial Dimension, he left with the other Ancient G.o.d.

Within the s.p.a.cetime Robe, Zhao Feng began to think. Just a moment ago, he almost showed himself so that he could capture these two Ancient G.o.ds, but Young Master Hai’s words made him pause. The person who wanted to capture Zhao Hui was seemingly someone else, and they were someone of unusual status if they could make Young Master Hai do errands for them.

“Could it be…?” Zhao Feng seemed to think of something, a sharp light gleaming in his eyes.


An ancient bronze coin appeared in his hand, glistening with starry light.

“It’s in this direction!” Zhao Feng was shocked.

At this moment, the direction Young Master Hai’s group was flying in was in complete agreement with the bronze coin.

“My true ident.i.ty definitely hasn’t been discovered.” Zhao Feng’s mind was like a bright mirror.

If his true ident.i.ty had been exposed, Young Master Hai would have never said such words. This meant that the other side’s target really was Zhao Hui.

But this was fine as well. Zhao Hui was just a Rank Three True G.o.d, so he wasn’t being regarded with much vigilance. This was perfect for allowing Zhao Feng to sneak in.

“Although I haven’t gathered enough information, I can only go with the flow!”

Zhao Feng parted his mind, having one part control Zhao Hui’s soul and observe the situation while the other part of his mind focused on cultivation, increasing his strength so that he could deal with the dangers he was about to face.

Half a year pa.s.sed within the s.p.a.cetime Robe. He had made further progress in the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique, and his cultivation had advanced to the peak of Rank Seven. He was also proficient in the combat skills on the second level of the Chaos Heaven Void Origin Technique.

In the outside world, Young Master Hai and the other Ancient G.o.d finally arrived in the vicinity of the Arctic Abyss. They entered a hidden area, and a concealment array in front of them suddenly withdrew, revealing a teleportation array. After activating the teleportation array and seeing Zhao Hui’s body vanish, Young Master Hai and the other Ancient G.o.d very cautiously took their leave.

As for Zhao Hui, he appeared in a very gloomy s.p.a.ce. There were several figures here, and one of them stepped forward to stand in front of Zhao Hui.

“Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil!” Zhao Feng called out in alarm from within the s.p.a.cetime Robe.

As for Zhao Hui, he appeared panicked and fearful, at a complete loss about what to do.

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