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Chapter 1322 - Zhao Hui Versus True G.o.d Cloudbreaker

"This…" Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit's expression froze.

 Zhao Feng didn't agree before, but when the elder proposed to send a Rank Three True G.o.d to fight him, he suddenly agreed. This meant that Zhao Feng wanted to use this clone to fight on the Spiritual Race's behalf. However, Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit was confident in Zhao Feng himself, not this ordinary clone with only the cultivation of a Rank Three True G.o.d.

 "Kid, what did you say?" The other disciples of the Spiritual Race all yelped in surprise.

 In their view, Zhao Hui had no chance of winning. After all, they were all Ancient G.o.d experts, and from what they could see, Zhao Hui wasn't very strong.

 The Spiritual Race upper echelon members were also very unhappy. This inner disciple thought far too much of himself.

 "Then it's settled! The disciples of the Spiritual Race truly are all young heroes!" The demon-faced elder heartily laughed, and then he took out a message token. He long ago had a candidate in mind for the Rank Three True G.o.d to fight in this instructive bout.

 He had already given the Spiritual Race enough face in the battle of Rank Seven Ancient G.o.ds by not sending out the best Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d. He judged that the bout between Rank Three True G.o.ds wouldn't have much effect, so sending an elite disciple to crush Zhao Hui wouldn't do very much.

 "Hmph!" Jin Kun returned with a lowered head, and as he looked at Zhao Hui, he gave a scornful snort. Black Devil Peak had clearly planned this out so that the Spiritual Race wouldn't win today, and yet this kid thought of himself so highly that he had volunteered to go and fight.

 After a little while, a golden figure appeared in the independent dimension.

 "Elder, what are your orders?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker excitedly asked.

 An Ancient G.o.d of Black Devil Peak's upper echelon had called him over almost certainly to a.s.sign him some mission. If he did it well, he was certain to rapidly ascend in status.

 "Exchange some pointers with this Spiritual Race disciple, and hone your strength while you're at it," the demon-faced elder indifferently said.

 Despite his tone, True G.o.d Cloudbreaker had the Eye of Destruction and was definitely one of the best Rank Three True G.o.ds. The Spiritual Race's Zhao Hui couldn't possibly be any match for him.

 "Yes! Which individual from the Spiritual Race will I be exchanging pointers with?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker gave a confident smile.

 "Me!" Zhao Hui stepped forward.

 "It's… Brother Zhao!?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker was dazed at first, but then he broke into a smile.

 The upper echelons of both sides appeared a little taken aback since these two seemingly knew each other.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

 "I happened to run into Brother Zhao a little while ago and took him around Black Devil Peak," True G.o.d Cloudbreaker explained, and then he asked, "But, Brother Zhao, weren't you a doctor?"

 When he threatened Kun Yun, Zhao Hui refrained from actually fighting, so why was he choosing to fight for the Spiritual Race now? Was his ident.i.ty of doctor fake?


 These words had the members of both sides flabbergasted.

 The Spiritual Race Elders and disciples almost cursed out loud. You said you were a doctor and yet you still dare to go and fight? The sheer recklessness!

 "I still have some experience in battle. Defeating you shouldn't be a problem," Zhao Hui was unperturbed as he calmly replied.

 The Black Devil Peak party almost burst out laughing. The people of Black Devil Peak were well aware of True G.o.d Cloudbreaker's strength. A doctor of the same cultivation level saying that he could beat True G.o.d Cloudbreaker was the biggest joke in the world.

 The Spiritual Race members were furious and vexed at Zhao Hui's shamelessness. However, Zhao Hui had already agreed to fight, so they couldn't stop him from doing so.

 "Please!" Zhao Hui circulated some Wind Intent and shot into the air.


 To everyone's surprise, True G.o.d Cloudbreaker remained where he was, apparently rather apprehensive.

 "True G.o.d Cloudbreaker, what's wrong?" The demon-faced elder growled.

 A mighty Eye of Destruction was actually shrinking back from battle against a doctor!? How shameless!

 "Elder, this is just a friendly exchange of pointers. Can we have a rule forbidding the use of divine weapons and support tools…?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker somewhat awkwardly asked.

 There was no way he could keep quiet about this matter. He had earlier seen with his own eyes Zhao Hui gift Kun Yun three average-quality divine artifacts. Who knew if Zhao Hui might possess even more formidable divine artifacts or tools?

 The demon-faced elder's expression darkened. True G.o.d Cloudbreaker's words left him extremely unhappy. But when he remembered that True G.o.d Cloudbreaker had interacted with Zhao Hui before, he concluded that there had to be a special reason for this request.

 "I feel that it is much easier to display one's own strength when not borrowing external power. Good Sirs from the Spiritual Race, what do you think?" The demon-faced elder managed a smile.

 The upper echelon members of the Spiritual Race had strange expressions, but they didn't refuse.

 "Great! Brother Zhao, let me see just how strong you are!" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker's face froze for a moment, and then he charged forward.

 He had never met anyone who could contend against himself among Rank Three True G.o.ds. His Eye of Destruction endowed him with incredible offensive might. A restriction on divine weapons was a major boon to him.


 True G.o.d Cloudbreaker's eyes were filled with dazzling golden light that exuded Intent energy that could destroy all.

 "The Eye of Destruction!?" the Spiritual Race members called out in alarm.

 They were even more unhappy now. They hadn't expected for Black Devil Peak to even send out a G.o.d Eye descendant for this instructive bout. Moreover, the Eye of Destruction in particular had the strongest damaging ability, and holders of this eye really didn't need divine weapons.

 "Destruction Flas.h.!.+" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker bellowed, his eyes shooting out dazzling golden beams of light.


 Zhao Hui condensed two wings of blue-colored wind, and his body rippled with s.p.a.ce Intent as he drifted here and there.

 "Eh? This kid has extremely high-level movement techniques!" the black-clothed Spiritual Race Elder said in surprise.

 Although the Eye of Destruction was incredibly strong, Zhao Hui's movement techniques were extremely high-level, allowing him to move with great speed and avoid all the attacks.

 "If you only know how to run, how can you defeat your opponent?" Jin Kun grunted.

 Although he didn't like Zhao Hui, his a.s.sessment was accurate. The majority of doctors weren't skilled in fighting and primarily cultivated escape abilities. This bout was decided through defeating one's opponent, so how could Zhao Hui, who was not skilled in attacks, defeat True G.o.d Cloudbreaker?

 "d.a.m.n! This kid has very high-level movement techniques, but… he really is a doctor." True G.o.d Cloudbreaker coldly snorted, and then he gave a wicked chuckle.

 He had no fear of people who only knew how to run. He just needed to constantly attack while seeking out any flaw in his foe that he could use to swiftly defeat him.

 "Destruction Flurry!" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker emitted thin hair-like rays of light that shuttled throughout the world.

 Swoosh swoos.h.!.+

 Zhao Hui used Wind and s.p.a.ce Intent to bob and weave, barely dodging these golden rays time and time again.

 His movements and reaction speed left the Ancient G.o.ds on both sides astonished. They had no idea that Zhao Feng was currently controlling Zhao Hui, having even sent over a portion of his mind.

 Zhao Feng and his clones shared the same soul. Zhao Feng was hiding in the Interspatial Dimension while very surrept.i.tiously sending over a very small amount of energy, so not even the mighty Ancient G.o.ds present could sense him. Zhao Hui's perception had received a large boost, so it was only natural that he could easily avoid these attacks.

 "It's my turn to attack!" Zhao Hui smiled.

 "You, attack?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker couldn't help but laugh. In his view, Zhao Hui was just a doctor specialized in escape techniques. Any combat abilities he had definitely weren't that potent.

 "He's about to counterattack?" The black-clothed Spiritual Race Elder was rather taken aback.

 He believed that Zhao Hui would keep running before his eventual concession so as to prevent the loss from being too embarra.s.sing. He hadn't expected for Zhao Hui to go on the offensive. He had no idea just how powerful Zhao Hui's offensive abilities were.


 At this moment, Zhao Hui's right eye suddenly became extremely dim like a dark yellow underworld. Within it, a black circle was faintly revolving.

 "The Eye of Samsara!?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker called out in surprise.

 He hadn't expected for Zhao Hui to also be a descendant of one of the Eight Great G.o.d Eyes. The Eye of Samsara in particular was known among other G.o.d Eye descendants as the Undying Eye, the most difficult of all to deal with.

 The members of both parties were also dumbfounded by this sight.

 "This child's concealment methods are of such high level that not even I noticed!" The silver-haired old lady gave Zhao Hui a profound look.

 She was unaware that Zhao Feng had used the Eye-Sealing Art and Eye-Shrouding Art to conceal the Eye of Samsara. Unless the old lady was also a G.o.d Eye descendant, she would find it very hard to sense the Eye of Samsara.

 His clone actually has the Eye of Samsara!? Ancient G.o.d Floating Spirit was inwardly rather alarmed. It was no wonder that Zhao Feng kept such a weak clone around.

 "But it seems like there's only one Eye of Samsara." After his initial shock, the demon-faced elder composed himself.

 "Only one Eye of Samsara?" Everyone else was left rather confused by this revelation.

 Everyone knew that the Eye of Samsara was divided into the Samsara of Life and the Samsara of Death. The Samsara of Death was what possessed the undying body, conferring its user the Samsara Immortal Body. The Samsara of Life was more unique; it could be called useless, but on certain occasions, it was extremely useful.

 It was clear that Zhao Hui's eye was the Samsara of Life, and the Samsara of Life was useless on this battlefield!

 Everyone was rather speechless. They had just started rethinking the outcome of this battle, but it turned out that Zhao Hui had hoodwinked them. A single Eye of the Samsara of Life was useless.

 "Hah! You plan to use that eye to attack me?" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker breathed a sigh relief and wickedly laughed.

 "You've guessed correctly!" Zhao Hui's right eye began to revolve, chaotic energy slowly condensing within it.

 The Eye of the Samsara of Life might not be of any use in battle, but it was still a unique eye-bloodline. Eye-bloodline techniques unleashed through it would be stronger than eye-bloodline techniques unleashed by ordinary eye-bloodlines.

 And at this moment, Zhao Feng was also secretly sending some of his energy over to make this eye-bloodline technique a little stronger.

 "Oh no!" True G.o.d Cloudbreaker sensed danger. He hadn't expected a doctor to possess such a powerful eye-bloodline technique attack.

 "Earthshaking Nova!" Zhao Hui's right eye suddenly unleashed his powerful attack.

 Zhao Hui himself had Wind, Water, Wood, and s.p.a.ce Intent, so the Earthshaking Nova he unleashed was quite powerful in its own right.

 The Earthshaking Nova attacked both the body and the soul, and the Earthshaking Nova had never been suited for defense. True G.o.d Cloudbreaker had nowhere to run, and he was struck by the chaotic mixture of Intent energies and defeated.

 "Earthshaking Nova!?" Young Master Hai, who was spectating this battle, was stunned.

 Although Zhao Hui had not used the original Earthshaking Nova, this was the supreme skill upon which Young Master Hai had made his name, so he was all too familiar with this technique.

 "Spiritual Race, Zhao Feng!" Young Master Hai's face darkened.

 He had never been to the Spiritual Race, but at the G.o.d Eye a.s.sembly, he wagered this secret eye-bloodline technique and lost it to Zhao Feng in their match.

 "He won?" All the members of the Spiritual Race didn't dare believe their eyes.

 The situation had changed far too quickly. After revealing his Eye of the Samsara of Life, Zhao Hui used a single eye-bloodline technique to defeat True G.o.d Cloudbreaker.

 The Eye of the Samsara of Life could increase the power of an eye-bloodline technique greatly. The true decisive blow was the work of the profound eye-bloodline technique that Zhao Hui used.

 "The Spiritual Race is truly a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons!" Elder Tao of Black Devil Peak chuckled. He naturally hoped that the Spiritual Race could win a match so as to prevent a chilling of relations between the two factions.

 The demon-faced elder, on the other hand, had an extremely nasty grimace. He was staring at True G.o.d Cloudbreaker and Zhao Hui as if he wanted to eat them alive.

 At this moment, the demon-faced elder received a message in his mind; "Elder, the eye-bloodline technique Zhao Hui used just now is my Earthshaking Nova, but the only person in the Spiritual Race who possesses this eye-bloodline technique manual is Zhao Feng. Zhao Hui probably has a very close relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Feng!"

 The person sending the message was none other than Young Master Hai.

 "The Heavenly Demon Hall – they're currently looking for information on Zhao Feng! Inform them of this matter!" The demon-faced elder gloomily stared at Zhao Hui.

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