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Chapter 1332: Treasury

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1332 – Treasury

In the gravity training room, a cold and gloomy woman wearing a black robe floated in the air, her gloomy eyes slowly turning.

A dark yellow fog, like the fog of the underworld, drifted through the room, engulfing the shattered and wrecked gravity training room. This place seemed to have become a haunted land that instilled dread in anyone within it.

Suddenly, a black object appeared in the yellow fog, like a lost and wandering soul.


This dark silver soul immediately went up to the black-robed woman.

“Many thanks!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate said with extreme grat.i.tude. He recognized this woman to have a Rank Eight cultivation. She had probably paid a significant price to revive him.


The black-robed woman stopped the turning of her eyes, and her complexion somewhat paled.

“It's you? Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate, how did you die?” the gloomy woman asked in shock.

“It was Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate? Just what happened here?” The other nearby members were also stunned.

“I was lured into a trap by a brat who's infiltrated this place. That brat has the s.p.a.cetime Robe and is also controlling Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil and several of his companions. All of them worked together to kill me!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate's soul clenched its teeth and said.

Although he was surrounded and killed, everyone who surrounded him all had lower cultivation levels. This was a great humiliation to Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate.

“That's right…! I'll tell you what that brat looks like. Hurry and inform the upper echelon members of the Heavenly Demon Hall!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate immediately said.

“That's not needed; the person with the s.p.a.cetime Robe that you speak of is already known to the upper echelon members.” The gloomy woman slightly shook her head.

“Is he dead?” Taken aback, Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate inquired further.

“No. Not only that, he has a companion and even managed to release the Heaven's Legacy Cat!” The gloomy woman's face turned sharp and vicious.

“What? That brat isn't dead? I'm going to kill him!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate furiously roared.

Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate's hatred toward Zhao Feng made him completely disregard the matter of the Heaven's Legacy Cat.

“You're only a soul right now. Even if you occupy someone, you won't be of much use,” the woman coldly said.

She had spent so much Origin energy and Eye Intent to revive an expert of the Heavenly Demon Hall, but he wasn't able to provide any useful information. This made her feel like she had suffered a great loss.

“Let me borrow your automaton. Your automaton should be the newest model, with special eyes capable of using powerful eye-bloodline techniques. Relax. Once I kill that brat, I will return the automaton and also give you five thousand contribution points!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate impatiently pleaded with the gloomy woman.

Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate could hardly contain himself. He had to personally kill Zhao Feng, but he was just a soul, and there was no Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d that would allow him to occupy their body. However, if he occupied a Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d, he would be no match for Zhao Feng. Thus, Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate planned to attach himself to a powerful automaton and use it to achieve his goal.

“Five thousand contribution points? You'd better keep your word!” The gloomy woman's eyes brightened. With other members here to serve as witnesses, she was not afraid of Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate going back on his word.

After saying that, she took out her automaton.


A dark blue automaton appeared at her side, equipped with a sword and s.h.i.+eld. Its eyes glimmered with a blue, jewel-like l.u.s.ter.

“Many thanks!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate's soul flew into the dark blue automaton.

At the start, the soul of the automaton instinctively resisted. But under its master's control, it could only cease resistance and allow itself to be pushed down by Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate, ceding its authority.

“Peak Rank Eight cultivation…! Zhao Feng, you're finished!” Ancient G.o.d Asura Gate was ecstatic.

The strength of this body was even stronger than his own. He wasn't highly integrated with it though, so he couldn't use the powers of the Eye of s.p.a.cetime that his original body possessed.

Zhao Feng and little thieving cat were rapidly traversing the corridors and halls of the Heavenly Demon Hall's core area. The little thieving cat was leading the way, bouncing all around the place, its claws patting here and s.n.a.t.c.hing there.

Through these simple actions, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat encountered no traps or arrays on their journey. They were even able to pa.s.s through entry points that required ident.i.ty verification without any trouble.

“This cat…! No wonder it's the most cla.s.sified secret of the Heaven's Legacy Race, the Heaven's Legacy Cat.” Zhao Feng couldn't help but sigh in wonder.

He had only successfully infiltrated this place by pretending to be someone else and being intentionally captured. He then had to rely on Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group to sneak into the secret hall. But with the little thieving cat at his side, he could stroll through this place like it was his own garden.

Zhao Feng finally understood why the little thieving cat took such a tremendous risk to be intentionally captured and brought to this place. If Zhao Feng could also have experienced such an evolution if he was captured and brought to this place, he would have been willing to try.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but use his left eye to examine the little thieving cat, but he discovered that he couldn't see through it. He couldn't even determine the little thieving cat's cultivation level.

A large castle made of violet steel soon appeared before Zhao Feng.

This castle of violet steel stood out like a sore thumb compared to the surrounding buildings. It was clearly some special and important place. Two layers of defensive arrays had been placed, and various kinds of mechanisms had been installed around the violet steel pa.s.sage leading inside.

Not even members of the Heavenly Demon Hall would dare to recklessly approach this place.


The little thieving cat gestured at Zhao Feng and made a crafty smile.

“The Heavenly Demon Hall's treasury?” Zhao Feng was stunned, and then he smiled at the little thieving cat; “Thieving cat, you definitely have a way of getting in!”

Zhao Feng placed himself in mortal danger to infiltrate this place and rescue the little thieving cat. The smallest mistake could have condemned him to eternal d.a.m.nation. The little thieving cat knew to thank him by bringing him to this place, and based on the skills the little thieving cat displayed on the way here, it definitely had the ability to get into the treasury.


The little thieving cat gave a smug smile, indicating that Zhao Feng could leave everything to it.

“Okay! I'll stand guard.” Zhao Feng left this place to the little thieving cat and activated his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye to keep a watch on the surroundings.


The little thieving cat transformed into a bright ray of silver, pa.s.sing straight through the defensive array. The little thieving cat proceeded to destroy the crucial parts of the arrays from within.

It then jumped onto the path leading to the violet castle. Here, it slowed down, its four claws moving to and fro across the path.

Wherever the little thieving cat crossed, the light of the path would immediately dim. In the end, the path of violet steel became just like any other ordinary path.


The little thieving cat called out to Zhao Feng.

“That simple?” Zhao Feng found it somewhat difficult to believe. This speed was a little too quick.

Making no effort to conceal his excitement, he charged forward.


The little thieving cat's claw struck the main gate like a large silver drill. A tiny crack appeared in the center of the violet steel gates.


The gates opened, allowing Zhao Feng entry.

The little thieving cat appeared to be even more excited than Zhao Feng and jumped right in.

The s.p.a.ce within the castle wasn't large. At its four corners were metal frames made of violet steel. Many divine weapons, tools, and instruments were displayed on these frames, every one with its personal protective barrier.

“This is a legendary divine weapon of antiquity, the Heaven's Vault Axe!” Zhao Feng's eyes focused on an ancient and timeworn giant axe that exuded a domineering and grandiose aura.

In ancient times, the Heaven's Vault Axe was incredibly famous and possessed abnormal power. It was said that it was capable of cleaving the world in two. It was also rumored that this Heaven's Vault Axe contained a unique firmament and was able to help a cultivator comprehend the power of Heaven's Vault.

In the present age, the formidable offensive power of the Heaven's Vault Axe was able to crush almost all high-quality divine artifacts, making it a peak existence among high-quality divine artifacts.

“The ancient divine artifact, the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror!” Zhao Feng's eyes turned to a mirror. This mirror was sparkling and translucent, and its surface crackled with lightning.

The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror was a supreme-quality divine artifact of the Ancient Era. It was rumored that this mirror could not only unleash attacks of the supreme Nine Heavens Lightning, but it could also absorb and refine souls into unique Lighting Soul Crystals. Upon consuming one of these crystals, one would be able to produce Soul Lightning that could be used to temper one's mind.

Besides those two objects, there were several other treasures that Zhao Feng recognized. All of them were renowned and heaven-defying divine artifacts. There were also unique instruments and tools that Zhao Feng could not recognize.


The little thieving cat hurriedly began to gesture and then flew off to one of the metal frames in the back.

“These protective barriers aren't the result of the Heaven's Legacy Race's secret arts, so the little thieving cat has no means of undoing them. Unless the person who applied the technique touches them, the only way to remove these barriers is with brute force!” Upon realizing what the little thieving cat was trying to say, Zhao Feng became somewhat disappointed.

“It seems like I'll have to make the best use of my time and take only what I need or is most valuable.” Zhao Feng's eyes flashed.

Other than some divine artifacts, he didn't recognize the instruments or tools in this room. The protective barriers also meant that Zhao Feng couldn't even sense their energies. Thus, Zhao Feng quickly made up his mind and set his sights on the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror.

Within the core secret hall:

“d.a.m.n, those scoundrels…!” Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring furiously roared, his voice echoing through the hall.

The secret hall was gloomy, and a part of the area had been wrecked by an explosion. Fortunately for them, the important instruments in the secret hall had protective barriers, so they were not severely damaged, but this was still an enormous loss to the Heavenly Demon Hall.

“Cough! Cough! I didn't think that the five of them would self-detonate….” a blue-haired operator coughed several times before painfully saying.

As it turned out, right when Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group was about to run out of energy, Zhao Feng ordered them to self-detonate to impede Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring. Caught off guard, Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring was heavily injured in the resulting explosion.

Fortunately for him, he had a Samsara Immortal Body and was able to quickly recover. However, a lot of instruments in this place were severely damaged, and three operators died.

“Hmph! The five of them were being controlled by someone from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land.” Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring coldly snorted.

When Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group of five self-detonated, he sensed the energy of another soul on their souls.

Although Ancient G.o.d Profound Devil's group somewhat feared death and tried to resist the self-detonation, they were ultimately incapable of defying Zhao Feng's will.

Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring could immediately revive these five if he wanted, but he needed to conserve his strength to exterminate the infiltrators and recapture the Heaven's Legacy Cat before doing anything like that.

“How is it? Have you tracked down that other person yet?” Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring asked.

They had already found Ancient G.o.d Luo Ling's trail and sent people after her, including Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring's Rank Nine Samsara Immortal Body. However, Ancient G.o.d Luo Ling was extremely fast and had extremely high-level concealment techniques.

“Not yet… eh? The majority of the mechanisms around the eastern treasury have ceased functioning!” An operator came to carefully examine the vast and complicated screen before him, upon which he exclaimed in shock.

“What? The eastern treasury!?” Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring almost vomited blood.

He originally believed that Zhao Feng would choose to flee. To his surprise, Zhao Feng remained around the core area and had even gotten close to the treasury!

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