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Chapter 1334: Head-On Confrontation

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1334 – Head-On Confrontation

“Eh? What’s that ball of multicolored mist?” One of them stared at the mist engulfing Zhao Feng in confusion.

Their eyes could not see through the mist, and not even their Divine Senses could see anything inside.

They can’t see me? Zhao Feng could guess what was going on from the trio’s reaction.

So this tool can conceal my ident.i.ty. Zhao Feng immediately understood why the little thieving cat obtained it.

This tool truly was something that he needed at present.

Almost everyone in the Heavenly Demon Hall knew of Zhao Feng’s appearance. However, the members of the Heavenly Demon Hall currently believed that Zhao Feng was a member of the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land, so they disregarded the possibility of him being the Ninth G.o.d Eye.

The more he understood about this faction, the more Zhao Feng sensed that they had an ardent desire for G.o.d Eyes and their descendants. With this tool, Zhao Feng could now move around much more easily and with less risk.

“The two of you, don’t even think about leaving after invading the treasury!”

“Catch them!”

The three pursuers angrily bellowed.

“Gold Piercing Light Sword!” The red-haired man’s eyes shone with multicolored light, and a golden sword that could cut through all things in the world suddenly shot out from them.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist!” Zhao Feng gathered Chaos Origin Divine Power and used one of his powerful combat skills.

Chaos Origin Divine Power was incredibly unique; it contained many kinds of Intents and attributes, and there was almost no energy that was capable of countering it.

However, there was no ignoring the difference in cultivation. His Chaos Origin Divine Fist barely lasted for a few moments before being blasted through by the golden sword.

At this moment, a translucent mirror crackling with lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s hands.

“Nine Heavens Lightning power!” Zhao Feng placed a hand on the back of the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror and circulated his Tribulation Lightning energy and Lightning Intent.

Boom! Hisss!

The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror immediately unleashed Lightning energy that could make demons and ghosts quail in fear. The souls of his three pursuers couldn’t help but tremble. The surrounding world seemed to become a Lightning Domain, electricity crackling through the air.

“That’s… the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror!”

“You actually stole a divine artifact!?”

The three pursuers immediately began to curse. The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror was one of the most valuable items in the eastern treasury.

Boom! Hisss!

The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror suddenly fired off a savage dragon-like bolt of lightning. Zhao Feng had only refined twenty percent of the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror, but he was able to use a significant portion of its power.

Boom! Bang!

Nine Heavens Lightning power clashed with an endless number of golden swords. The two energies were so formidable that their explosions immediately blasted the surrounding buildings full of holes.

The terrifying energy unleashed by the explosion caused the red-haired man’s group of three to momentarily slow down. Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat used this chance to vanish without a trace.

“After him!” the red-haired man barked.

At this moment, two astonis.h.i.+ng auras began to approach the trio.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Two figures, one black and one white, arrived on the scene. The man was shrouded in black and ghostly fog while the gorgeous woman was surrounded by bright white mist, making her appear like a fairy.

“The Devil Saint G.o.d Duo… Elder Nether Spring!” the red-haired man respectfully called out.

“Could the intruder from the s.p.a.cetime Sacred Land be together with the Heaven’s Legacy Cat?” the Devil Saint G.o.d Duo coldly inquired.

“It’s not clear. The person with that little thieving cat was covered entirely by a multicolored fog. We couldn’t find out who they were,” the red-haired man frankly answered.

“Multicolored fog? That’s the unique tool, the Illusion G.o.d!” the Devil Saint G.o.d Duo immediately cried out in alarm. Of course, they were just expressing Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring’s will.

The Illusion G.o.d was a special concealment tool developed by the Heavenly Demon Hall. The moment one was concealed in that fog, not even Divine Sense would be of any use. Even an expert of a slightly higher level than the user would find it very difficult to see what was actually behind that mist.

The trio didn’t know what the multicolored fog was because they were unaware of many of the research results of the Heavenly Demon Hall, but from how the Devil Saint G.o.d Duo responded, they could presume that it was an extremely unusual object.

“Besides that, there was also the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror….” the red-haired man quietly said.

“What? The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror!?” The Devil Saint G.o.d Duo’s faces contorted into expressions of rage.

Within the secret hall, Ancient G.o.d Nether Spring was so furious that he was stamping his feet. The Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror was a divine artifact of the Ancient Era. Ever since they found it in some ruins, they kept it safely in storage.

They were planning to offer everything in the treasury to their superiors along with the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. They had even expended countless resources to awaken the Heaven’s Legacy Cat’s potential. But now, the Heaven’s Legacy Cat had run off, and they also lost the Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror and the Illusion G.o.d.

“After them! We can’t let the two of them go!” the Devil Saint G.o.d Duo bellowed.

“Not good! The Devil Saint G.o.d Duo is coming!” Zhao Feng’s left eye was observing the situation behind him.

The Devil Saint G.o.d Duo was composed of two peak Rank Eights, and they possessed the unkillable Samsara Immortal Bodies. At Zhao Feng’s current level of strength, he would be finished if those two caught him.

“There’s someone up ahead!” Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed.

“It seems like I’ve provoked the entire Heavenly Demon Hall by entering the treasury.” Zhao Feng helplessly smiled.

This core area was clearly of utmost importance, so the Heavenly Demon Hall had dispatched many people to chase after Zhao Feng and the Heaven’s Legacy Cat. Now, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat were being attacked from two sides.

But compared to the forces behind him, there was just one Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d up ahead.

Swoosh swoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and little thieving cat continued to rapidly shoot forward, their course and speed unchanged.

“Someone’s coming!” A middle-aged man with deer horns growing from his head was startled.

He was just preparing to head to the eastern treasury to join up with the others and capture the intruder, but before he could even get there, he sensed a weak pulse of life rapidly approaching his location.

Swoosh swoos.h.!.+

Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat suddenly appeared and immediately attacked.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist!” Zhao Feng punched out with his left hand, unleas.h.i.+ng several fist-shaped b.a.l.l.s of chaotic and gloomy energy.

The little thieving cat swung its rune-covered dagger, slas.h.i.+ng out several silver waves of light with unpredictable trajectories.


The deer-horned middle-aged man immediately activated his Eyes of Life. Powerful Life energy erupted from his body. At the same time, countless thick vines appeared out of thin air, forming a st.u.r.dy defensive layer around him.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

Zhao Feng’s and the little thieving cat’s attacks instantly annihilated this defensive layer. The remaining power of their attacks left a giant crater where the deer-horned man had been standing.

But a moment later, a powerful Life energy appeared in that crater and allowed the man to recover. This was the powerful vitality of a Life G.o.d Eye descendant.

“The Heaven’s Legacy Cat!” The deer-horned man immediately stared at the little thieving cat. “Why don’t you just stay here!?”

The deer-horned man rejoiced. As long as he could keep Zhao Feng and the Heaven’s Legacy Cat here until the other experts of the Heavenly Demon Hall arrived, he would be greatly rewarded.

“Hmph, with just you?” Zhao Feng sneered and punched with both fists. One fist of chaotic energy after another shot forward.

“Hmph! You’re looking down on the Eye of Life too much!” The deer-horned man harrumphed in displeasure.

Countless thick trees began to grow around him.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

Zhao Feng’s attacks were incredibly powerful, instantly annihilating the trees, but just as many would pop up as soon as they were destroyed. Meanwhile, a suit of armor covered with green runes appeared on the man’s body.


The deer-horned man charged at Zhao Feng, astonis.h.i.+ng energy gathering up in his fist. All the Life Intent in the area began to gather within it.

“Hmph, it’s you who’s looking down on me.” Zhao Feng faintly smiled. He was already a peak Rank Seven, so ordinary Rank Eight Ancient G.o.ds had ceased to be a match for him long ago.

“Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame!” Lightning began to gather in his left eye, which thrummed with Eye Intent.


Fiery Tribulation Lightning exploded against the deer-horned man’s soul.

Although Zhao Feng didn’t use any Origin energy, the power of the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame was still not something any ordinary Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d could endure.

“What powerful Tribulation Lightning energy…!” The deer-horned man grimaced in pain.

Wood countered Lightning, but he still felt excruciating pain from Zhao Feng’s Tribulation Lightning eye-bloodline technique.

“Nine Heavens Lightning power!” Meanwhile, Zhao Feng’s Nine Lightning Soul-Refining Mirror unleashed a thick bolt of lightning.


The two streams of Lightning energy intersected on the deer-horned man’s body, scorching it black.

“Impossible!” The deer-horned man had an expression of disbelief. The Heaven’s Legacy Cat hadn’t even attacked, and yet he, with his Eye of Life, was incapable of fighting against a peak Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d?

The man hurriedly activated his Eye of Life, and that suit of armor covered in green runes emerged once more.

“Chaos Origin Divine Fist! Heaven Engulfing Palm!” Zhao Feng immediately got up close to the man, using two powerful skills right in front of him.

A gloomy fist and a spatial palm combined to collide with the man’s body.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

The deer-horned man was thrown to the side, his body a ma.s.s of mangled flesh and his aura weakening.

A normal person would have died long ago, but his Eye of Life was still supporting him, flowing with powerful Life Intent that healed his body.

“You’re too weak,” Zhao Feng flatly said, his left eye beginning to turn.

The deer-horned was extremely unwilling to accept this, but he didn’t even have the strength to retort.

A mighty Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d was somehow incapable of fighting against a peak Rank Seven Ancient G.o.d.

“This is impossible!” The man’s face twisted in struggle as he muttered to himself.

His moment of mental weakness caused Zhao Feng’s Illusion Dao eye-bloodline technique to strike true, plunging the man into an endless and illusory torture.

“Such a weak will!” Zhao Feng sneered.

At this moment, the deer-horned man was so deeply immersed in the world of illusion that he could not extract himself. For this reason, his Eye of Life ceased operating.

“Die!” Zhao Feng’s left eye unleashed a distorted ball of chaotic energy. “Earthshaking Nova!”

This gloomy ball of light engulfed the deer-horned man and then exploded.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

The deer-horned man’s body was utterly annihilated by the explosion.

“Let’s go.” Slightly proud, Zhao Feng continued to flee with the little thieving cat.

This time, the little thieving cat barely helped. Zhao Feng alone fought head-on with a Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d and killed him.

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