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Chapter 1378 - All-Around Leap in Strength

Countless tiny red rays of light immediately appeared, and all of them began to rapidly spin while exuding an inexplicable chill.

One of Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu's arms was wounded by several of these red rays of light

"Oh no!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu had already come back to his senses by now, and he immediately backed up.

He could sense a poison rapidly flowing through his body, boring in his marrow and soul. A moment later, his Divine Power began to drain away while his mind and soul became bleary and unfocused.

"Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu, what's your condition?" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade and the other Ancient G.o.d immediately flew over.

If something happened to Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu, it would be even more difficult for them to get to the top floor of the Sensory Tower.

"It's not lethal!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu seated himself on the ground and immediately began to circulate Divine Power to suppress the poison.

The Celestial Poison Silkworm Spirit Array was only lethal to those below the Ancient G.o.d level. Its threat to Ancient G.o.ds was somewhat reduced, but their Divine Power would constantly be drained, and they would be incapable of focusing their mind.

"This is G.o.d Origin Stone. It can quickly recover Divine Power. If you need to use Divine Power, you can use this stone." Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade took out two pieces of gleaming jade-like stone.

Besides searching for Xin Wuheng and the Ancient G.o.d Seal, they had also gathered up many precious resources. These G.o.d Origin Stones were a part of their harvest

"Mm." Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu took the G.o.d Origin Stones.

The Ancient Soul Race was a race specialized in the Soul Dao, so they had a somewhat stronger resistance to poisons that affected the soul. With the G.o.d Origin Stones, he could recover Divine Power at any crucial moments, freeing him from his problem.

"d.a.m.n! That brat's s.p.a.ce Transference Eye can penetrate through so many floors!"

In this dimension, Divine Sense was suppressed, and these high-level Heaven's Legacy Race buildings could also keep out Divine Sense. Logically speaking, without a soul mark or the ability to spread Divine Sense to a certain area, it wasn't possible to manifest a s.p.a.ce Transference Eye.

"They're in control of the Sensory Tower, so it's not strange that they can do this. You must be cautious and watch your surroundings. When you see a s.p.a.ce Transference Eye, immediately used soul attacks," Yu Heng's voice rang out in their minds.

"He won't get a second chance!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade coldly said.

As a member of the Ancient Soul Race, she was extremely sensitive to soul energy and was also a master of soul attacks. Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade was confident that, if Zhao Feng used his s.p.a.ce Transference Eye again, it would be the last time he ever used it.

"Continue advancing. Although the array has been activated, it's not difficult to disarm it," Yu Heng spoke once more.

The three members of Ancient Soul Hall were somewhat taken aback. They once more felt that Yu Heng was unfathomable and mysterious.

On the top floor, Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat could observe every movement of Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade's team through the nonagon of light.

"They've started disarming traps again!" Zhao Feng's expression darkened.

He had some authority over the Sensory Tower, so he could use his s.p.a.ce Transference Eye to activate traps and arrays, but even these actions didn't have too much effect. They could only buy a little more time. Although the arrays and traps were activated, Ancient Soul Hall had the means of disarming them.

After some time, Ancient Soul Hall team had disarmed the Celestial Poison Silkworm Spirit Array and ventured deeper in. It didn't take long before they reached the third floor.

"They'll definitely be on their guard. A second attempt won't succeed so easily." Zhao Feng did not recklessly take action.

The chances of success were very small, and he would also have to deal with the frenzied attacks from the Ancient Soul Hall trio.

At the Ancient G.o.d level, one had the ability to attack the s.p.a.ce Transference Eye and damage Zhao Feng's soul.

However, if Zhao Feng did not try to stop them, the trio would quickly reach the sixth floor - the top floor.

As expected, the Ancient Soul Hall trio swiftly broke through the third floor and entered the fourth floor.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, Zhao Feng immediately felt a powerful bloodline energy sweeping through the area. A moment later, Xin Wuheng emerged, his energy gradually retreating back into his body.

"You broke through?" Zhao Feng faintly smiled.

Only Xin Wuheng was capable of contending against the half-step G.o.d Lord, and now, Xin Wuheng had smoothly reached the peak of Rank Nine, allowing him to take another stride forward in strength.

"What's the situation?" Xin Wuheng asked as he turned to the nonagon, upon which he immediately paled. He could see everything on the nonagon; the Ancient Soul Hall team was about to reach the top floor.

"Ancient G.o.d Jailsea is standing guard outside the Sensory Tower, and there seems to be other Ancient Soul Hall experts present in this dimension." Zhao Feng explained the entire situation to Xin Wuheng.

"If that's the case, we have to get out of here!" Xin Wuheng said after thinking for a few moments.

If they remained here for too long, once the other experts from Ancient Soul Hall arrived, they would find it even harder to escape.

But escaping was easier said than done. After all, Ancient Soul Hall experts were much faster than they were. This also meant that a prerequisite to successfully escaping was ensuring that Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade and Ancient G.o.d Jailsea could not pursue.

"Ancient G.o.d Resplendence and Ancient G.o.d Sundermount are at a crucial moment in their breakthroughs...." Xin Wuheng spoke once more.

If they were interrupted at this time, they would suffer a backlash and find it very difficult to breakthrough again. Moreover, if the two of them succeeded in breaking through, the group's strength would increase once more.

"Let's work together to delay them for a while," Zhao Feng immediately said.

"Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu, your understanding of traps has gotten much better!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade faintly chuckled.

All of them noticed that Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu was able to disarm traps much faster than before.

"Haha, I must thank Yu Heng!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu laughed.

As he disarmed arrays, he grew more proficient, and there were even times when he could spot clues without any reminder from Yu Heng.

"Hurry up! Only the last floor remains," Yu Heng coldly said.

The Ancient Soul Hall trio had already reached the fifth floor. They were about to reach the top floor!

"Yes!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu was filled with admiration for Yu Heng, so he was willing to follow all his orders. He walked up to the front and began to disarm the traps and arrays.

"Wait!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade suddenly shouted.

A moment later, a figure appeared in the pa.s.sage ahead of them.

"Xin Wuheng!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade sternly said.

"Xin Wuheng, obediently hand over the Ancient G.o.d Seal!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu stared at Xin Wuheng and said. "Keep dreaming!" Xin Wuheng coldly replied.


He raised his right hand, circulating boundless Divine Power, and shot out several bolts of vicious energy from his fingers. Several bolts of dazzling white light, endowed with formidable physical power, shot forward.

"Then just wait for your death!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade's face chilled as the snow and ice around her immediately flew forward.

This snow and ice froze all energy and life in their path.

Boom! Bang!

But as they collided with Xin Wuheng's bolts of finger energy, a part of the cloud of ice and snow shattered to pieces. "Mm? This kid has gotten stronger!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade was taken aback.

In their two casual attacks, Xin Wuheng was the one with the upper hand.

Although Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade was more skilled in Soul Dao attacks, her Divine Power was still at the level of a half-step G.o.d Lord. In other words, Xin Wuheng's strength had reached the level of a half-step G.o.d Lord as well. To have this level strength after just breaking through to peak Rank Nine, Xin Wuheng truly lived up to his reputation.

Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade focused her eyes, and even colder Intent energy flowed out of her body. This was finally enough to freeze and shatter Xin Wuheng's bolts of finger energy.

At this moment, a dreamy silver eye appeared above the Ancient Soul Hall trio.

"Water Lightning Illusion Domain!"

Arcs of electricity surged out of the silver eye. This Lightning energy swiftly absorbed the surrounding Ice energy and formed a ma.s.sive Water Lightning net to cover the Ancient Soul Hall trio.

After launching this attack, Zhao Feng immediately dispelled his s.p.a.ce Transference Eye.

"That brat again!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade coldly said. If Xin Wuheng hadn't appeared, she would have been able to immediately react to Zhao Feng's s.p.a.ce Transference Eye.


Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade waved her hand, causing a savage Soul Beast akin to a shark to charge out The shark Soul Beast unleashed powerful Ice-Water Intent, creating a snowstorm that a.s.sailed the Water Lightning net. After struggling for a few moments, the Water Lightning net broke apart.

"You don't have enough strength to do anything to us!" the peak Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d coldly shouted.

Xin Wuheng ignored his words, continuing to stand motionless in the pa.s.sage.

"Wait a moment! They're preventing us from disarming the arrays!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu immediately said.

"Focus on disarming. Leave the rest to us!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade coldly said.

As long as they could successfully reach the top floor, everything would come to an end.

But just when Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu was prepared to step forward, Xin Wuheng circulated his bloodline power and fired off several formidable bolts of finger energy.

"Frozen Ice Mountain!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade extended her hands and unleashed a chilling snowstorm.

This extremely cold snow appeared in front of Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu and condensed into a ma.s.sive mountain of ice.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

Xin Wuheng's finger bolts crashed into the mountain and began to push their way through.

Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade was taken aback. With Xin Wuheng using his bloodline energy, she was losing in a clash of physical abilities.

"Freeze!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade called out, immediately increasing the power of the chilling energy so that she could freeze Xin Wuheng's attacks within her ice mountain.

"This kid's strength...!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade's gaze turned grim. If Xin Wuheng was truly given the time to mature, he would become a ma.s.sive problem for Ancient Soul Hall.

On the other side, her Soul Beast and the peak Rank Eight Ancient G.o.d were putting all their focus on guarding against Zhao Feng's sneak attacks.

Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu used this chance to rapidly disarm the traps.

Soon...! Just wait patiently for your deaths! Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu mentally sneered.

He had disarmed more than half of the traps on the fifth floor. They would soon be able to enter the sixth floor. As long as they could get to the sixth floor and hold down Zhao Feng and the others so that they couldn't escape, Ancient G.o.d Jailsea could swiftly come to their aid. When the time came, two half-step G.o.d Lords working together would finish off Zhao Feng and Xin Wuheng.

"Xin Wuheng, your Giant G.o.d Race will never have a chance to rise again!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade jeered.

Although Xin Wuheng possessed enormous potential, as long as they could strangle this threat in the cradle, the Giant G.o.d Race would have no hope.

"Eh? The traps have all stopped working!" Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu suddenly called out in alarm.

A moment later:

Boom! Boom!

Two powerful ripples of bloodline energy exploded from the top floor of the Sensory Tower, causing the blood in all three members of the Ancient Soul Race to tremble.

"This energy... not good!" Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade grimaced.

These two energies were both full of the Giant G.o.d Race's bloodline energy, and one of them had reached Rank Nine.

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