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Chapter 1377: Easily Undone

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 1377 – Easily Undone

Ancient G.o.d Destruction Flow and Yu Heng’s team were slowly traversing through a gray-white fog, with no end in sight. In this area, their Divine Senses and other senses were suppressed to one-twentieth their original strength. The time suppression of this region was also extremely strong, making their progression speed extremely slow. Moreover, abnormally powerful Yao G.o.ds would occasionally charge out of the gray-white fog.

Everyone was tense and vigilant, not daring to be careless.

“This place is probably a newly-emerged forbidden zone,” Yu Heng softly said.

His information sources had indicated that this was only a middle-grade danger zone. The strength of his group should have been enough to charge right through it, but only upon entering this place did they realize that the situation on the ground was not in line with the intelligence reports.

At this moment, Yu Heng received a message. His face momentarily lit up in joy and then swiftly turned cold once more.

“They’ve found out where Xin Wuheng’s group is?” Ancient G.o.d Destruction Flow asked.

“Correct.” Yu Heng nodded.

“We won’t be able to get there in time!” Ancient G.o.d Destruction Flow was rather agitated.

Ever since they had entered this dimension, it was always the other two teams that found Xin Wuheng’s location. Coincidentally, every time Xin Wuheng’s whereabouts were found, Ancient G.o.d Destruction Flow’s team would always be extremely far away. And this time, they were even being hindered inside this dangerous forbidden zone.

Inside the Sensory Tower, the little thieving cat was crouching on the black circular plate, gently moving its paws across its surface. Zhao Feng and the others were all in their own special dimensions, cultivating.

Suddenly, in a burst of white spatial ripples, Zhao Feng emerged. He had already finished using the Nine Lotus Jade Life Flower to reach the peak of Rank Eight. Perhaps because of the s.p.a.cetime Robe, Zhao Feng was the first to successfully advance.

“How is it?” Zhao Feng immediately stepped forward to examine the situation outside through the images created by the nonagon.

“They’ve given up on breaking the array?” Zhao Feng inspected Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s group. Other than Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade, the other three were all in seclusion.

Suddenly, Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade stood up. At this moment, all the other members of Ancient Soul Hall ended their cultivation.

“What’s going on?” Zhao Feng found this rather suspicious.

The little thieving cat also shot a confused glance at the map.

A moment later, Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade began to thrum with powerful ripples of Divine Power. A handsome and elegant youth more than a thousand feet tall appeared, cloaked in streams of gold and silver light. He gazed with an indifferent smile at the Sensory Tower.

“A s.p.a.ce projection!” Zhao Feng’s expression dimmed.

The fact that this youth’s s.p.a.ce projection had appeared here was proof that he was also in this dimension. This meant that Ancient Soul Hall still had other members here. Moreover, if this youth’s projection appeared at a time like this, did that mean he had a way to break the array?


The little thieving cat’s expression became abnormally grim.

“A Sensory Tower? The 132nd secret array of the Heaven’s Legacy secret arts, the Yuan-Absorbing Skyhold Array.” The moment Yu Heng’s projection appeared, he called out the name of the structure and the array covering it.

The Rank Nine array master in Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade’s team immediately lowered his head. From these words, one could see just how vast the gap between him and Yu Heng was.

“If you understood the Heaven’s Legacy secret arts, you would have been able to easily break this area. At present, I can only tell you the weaknesses of this array,” Yu Heng nonchalantly said.

“Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu has a little understanding of the Heaven’s Legacy secret arts,” Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade immediately said.

The Rank Nine Ancient G.o.d array master of Ancient Soul Hall somewhat awkwardly stepped forward.

“Oh! That’s good. I will now tell you where the core of the Yuan-Absorbing Skyhold Array is….” Yu Heng glanced at Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu and began to speak.

Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu earnestly listened, and his eyes suddenly widened in shock. Yu Heng understood this array as if he had personally laid it down himself.

“This one is an idiot and was only able to understand forty percent!” Once the explanation was finished, Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu had an ashamed look on his face.

Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade and the others were slightly taken aback.

“It doesn’t matter. Break the array,” Yu Heng nonchalantly said.

“Everyone, go to where I tell you and we’ll be able to quickly break the array!” Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu said, his face br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

In a short while, the four members of Ancient Soul Hall had taken up their positions around the Sensory Tower.

Inside the Sensory Tower:

“Not good! They’re going to break the array?” Zhao Feng naturally understood what the members of Ancient Soul Hall were up to.

He grimly gazed at that s.p.a.ce projection. The youth had an eternally unperturbed face as if victory was already in his grasp. In addition, the members of Ancient Soul Hall had only begun to move to break the array after the projection of the youth had appeared. This was proof that this youth had already understood how to undo the array.

Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+

The four members of Ancient Soul Hall used their most powerful attacks on the Yuan-Absorbing Skyhold Array. The Yuan-Absorbing Skyhold Array buzzed, the words atop it rapidly blinking. But this time, the array did not absorb these attacks.


The countless tadpole-like words on the Yuan-Absorbing Skyhold Array gradually began to move in reverse.

“Not good! The array is about to broken!” Zhao Feng’s face turned serious.

Even if he didn’t understand arrays that much, he could see that the members of Ancient Soul Hall had grasped the weakness of the array and would soon undo it.


The little thieving cat helplessly gestured. It was telling Zhao Feng that all it could do was use some energy so that the array could last a little longer.

Not long after…


A ma.s.sive explosion came from around the Sensory Tower. Afterward, the array of silver light slowly began to fade.

“Let’s go!” Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade, delighted, led her group charging into the Sensory Tower.

“Hold on! Ancient G.o.d Jailsea, you remain here,” Yu Heng suddenly said.

Ancient G.o.d Jailsea’s expression froze. Now that the array was broken, they could charge in and capture Xin Wuheng and Zhao Feng. This was an ideal opportunity to make up for his past errors. So why did Yu Heng call for him to stop? Was Yu Heng still feeling resentful about his past deeds?

“Since Xin Wuheng’s team was able to activate the defensive array, that means that they already have basic control over the Sensory Tower. You must remain outside to ensure that they don’t escape from any other entrances,” Yu Heng added.

“So, that was the case.” Ancient G.o.d Jailsea breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he was even more astonished at the understanding Yu Heng showed toward the Sensory Tower.


At this moment, the main gates opened, and Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade’s team flew in.

On the top floor of the Sensory Tower, the little thieving cat controlled the nine metal platforms so that the focus was placed on Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade’s team.

“Eh? The traps in that area…” Zhao Feng was slightly alarmed. He remembered that there shouldn’t have been any traps in the Sensory Tower.


The little thieving cat immediately explained that this was its doing. The little thieving cat’s control over the Sensory Tower was not just restricted to its sensory abilities and defensive arrays; it also had control over some of the traps.

An important building like the Sensory Tower naturally couldn’t have just a defensive array to protect itself. It also had many layers of defenses inside it.

“If that’s the case, they’ll still need some time to get here!” Zhao Feng was somewhat relieved and prepared to enter the s.p.a.cetime Robe to increase his strength once more.

He had just reached the peak of Rank Eight, and he still had a lot of room to improve his s.p.a.cetime Intent and Soul Intent. The a.s.sault of Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade’s team would come eventually, and every bit of strength he could get before this would increase his ability to fight back by that much.

But just when Zhao Feng was about to enter the s.p.a.cetime Robe Dimension, he suddenly realized that the Ancient Soul Hall trio had not triggered the trap. They smoothly disarmed it before advancing farther ahead.

“It must be that person!” Zhao Feng glanced once more at the projection of Yu Heng outside the Sensory Tower.

It was exactly as Zhao Feng predicted. Yu Heng had long ago guessed that this Sensory Tower was riddled with traps, so his projection had yet to depart. Through Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu’s descriptions, he told them how to undo the traps, allowing the Ancient Soul Hall trio to smoothly progress.

“Simply incredible!” Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu was bursting with admiration for Yu Heng. Yu Heng seemed to know everything; he only needed to give a small description of the traps in this place for Yu Heng to give him a way to disarm them.

They reached the second floor of the Sensory Tower.

“Truly extraordinary!” Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade softly said. Without Yu Heng, even if they had broken the defensive array on their own, they would have found it very difficult to reach the top floor.

The top floor of the Sensory Tower:

“There’s no time!” Zhao Feng’s expression darkened.

The Ancient Soul Hall team was disarming the traps far too quickly. He had no time to enter the s.p.a.cetime Robe to cultivate.

Buzz! Bzzz!

At this moment, a powerful ancient bloodline energy emerged from an area near Zhao Feng, causing his bloodline to tremble in fear.

“Xin Wuheng is about to break through!” Zhao Feng was somewhat happy.

Xin Wuheng was the strongest member on their side. If he was able to make a breakthrough, they would stand a much greater chance.


The little thieving cat had Zhao Feng come up to the black circular plate.

Zhao Feng immediately felt like he could sense what was going on in every corner of the Sensory Tower, and his mind could also freely travel through the Sensory Tower.

“I understand!” Zhao Feng understood what the little thieving cat wanted.

The second floor of the Sensory Tower:

The trio from Ancient Soul Hall was in the process of disarming a trap.

“There is a Celestial Poison Silkworm Spirit Array here. Once triggered, the array will activate. Anyone weaker than an Ancient G.o.d injured by this array will die without question. If ordinary Ancient G.o.ds are wounded, their Divine Power will swiftly drain away while their mind will become unfocused….” Yu Heng’s voice resounded in Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu’s mind.

Yu Heng then explained the way to disarm the trap. Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu immediately stepped forward, reaching his hand to feel the wall as he prepared to disarm the array.

But at this moment, an eye appeared behind Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu. This eye was embedded in the air, gleaming with silver light as Tribulation Lightning Flame gathered within it.

“Watch out!” Ancient G.o.d Ice Jade immediately called out.

But it was too late.


The Tribulation Lightning Flame immediately exploded against Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu’s soul.

“Ah…!” Caught off guard, Ancient G.o.d Mu Yu screamed, and in a moment of panic, he accidentally took a step forward.

Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+ Thwis.h.!.+

Countless tiny red rays of light immediately appeared, and all of them began to rapidly spin while exuding an inexplicable chill.

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