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Chapter 1449 – Dreamification

“Hehe, any resistance is pointless. This entire world will soon be ours!” the thin elder continued.

The Skeleton Patriarch, Clan Master Nan Wu, and the other top-cla.s.s experts from the other zones all put on bitter expressions.

Several decades ago, in a certain island of the Azure Islands Zone, a faction calling itself the Evil Spirit Holy Sect rapidly rose up, swallowing up all the other factions within the island zone in a few short years and uniting the entire island.

The Evil Spirit Holy Sect quickly placed its focus on expanding to the other island zones. For example, the Azure Flower Continent, and also the Flowing Light Continent, which Clan Master Nan Wu was from.

When they sensed the expansionist desires of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect, the two island zones agreed to fight it together. But to their surprise, the two island zones were defeated time and again by the Evil Spirit Holy Sect.

Now, the three factions had begun to officially battle.

“The entire world? Hmph, you’re too ignorant!” The skeletal Division Leader knew that it was no match for the thin elder, but this talk of ruling the entire world was truly rather laughable. Having traveled the Cang Ocean together with Zhao Feng, it naturally knew how vast this sea zone was. There were many enormous beings living within it, and to the north was the Continent Zone!

“Keke, it’s you lot who know nothing. You’re nothing but country b.u.mpkins!” The thin elder had a look of disdain on his face as he cruelly smiled.

“Sect Master, they won’t submit, so let’s use strength to make them yield!” An elder with a sharp beak rushed out from the thin elder’s side, his eyes glimmering with a b.l.o.o.d.y and vicious light.

“Kill!” The thin elder gave the order.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Bang! Boom!

The forces of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect, seething with vicious killing intent, charged toward the combined army of the Azure Flower Continent and Flowing Light Continent.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

The united army put up a spirited resistance. Patriarch Hong, Tiemo, the experts of the Canopy Great Kingdom, and upper echelon members of the Sacred Alliance were within this army.

But a few moments later, the united army was on the back foot. The Evil Spirit Holy Sect didn’t only have a greater number of top-cla.s.s experts, they also far outnumbered the two zones when it came to high-level experts.

Based on the investigations of the two continents, the Evil Spirit Holy Sect cultivated a high-level evil art that was of a much higher level than any art to be found in the island zones.

“Haaa, if only Zhao Feng or Yu Tianhao were here, everything would have been easily resolved.” Patriarch Hong sorrowfully sighed.

In the past, Zhao Feng and Yu Tianhao were both regarded as prodigy Kings. When Zhao Feng left the Azure Flower Continent, he was an Emperor, while Yu Tianhao was a peak Sovereign Lord. They had so much potential that there was no way of knowing what level they had reached by now.

“So many years have pa.s.sed, but there’s been no news whatsoever of Zhao Feng….” Tiemo shook his head, holding little hope.

“Die!” Two Sovereigns of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect charged out.

Patriarch Hong and Tiemo immediately led several True Lords in fighting back.

However, these two enemies had reached a high level in that evil art and were incredibly powerful, instantly pus.h.i.+ng back the other side’s forces.


Patriarch Hong and Tiemo both vomited blood while only one True Lord was left of the group.

“All of you, retreat!” the skeletal Division Leader called out as an array flag appeared in its hand.


A thick cloud of ghost-corpse flames appeared in the air, exuding dreadful Corpse and Hate energy. One hundred pairs of b.l.o.o.d.y and savage eyes appeared in the ghost-corpse flames.

The Corpse energy exuded by this cloud of flames was actually a little stronger than it was when Zhao Feng had left. Each cursed ghost-corpse had an aura close to the Great Origin Core Realm.

The appearance of the Ghost-Corpse Array had one of the Kings of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect shrinking back in fear.

The skeletal Division Leader’s strength combined with the Ghost-Corpse Array allowed him to hold down three Void G.o.d Realm Kings at once.

“Is this the Division Leader’s rumored Ghost-Corpse Array?” Clan Master Nan Wu glanced at the array in surprise.

“Oh? This array might have already reached its limits, but it’s not bad.” The thin elder from the Evil Spirit Holy Sect floated in the air and watched the skeletal Division Leader’s battle.

He still hadn’t taken action at this time, but despite the best efforts of the united army, the forces of the two continents were still losing.

This sect master has taken a liking to that array!” A wicked light flashed in the thin elder’s eyes, and he suddenly charged forward at the skeletal Division Leader.

“Oh no!” The skeletal Division Leader grimaced as it began to pull back.

With the Ghost-Corpse Array, it was barely able to deal with three Kings. If another King joined the fight, it would lose for sure. Moreover, this King was the strongest expert on the enemy side – the peak King Sect Master of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect.

The thin elder extended a hand, a ma.s.sive white claw of bone forming on it, and then he slashed.

Boom! Bang!

The ma.s.sive ghost claw crashed into the Ghost-Corpse Array, unleas.h.i.+ng terrifying Bone Dao energy. All the ghost- corpses within the Ghost-Corpse Array shattered at once, and the power of the array instantly dropped. Meanwhile, the skeletal Division Leader’s body was thrown out of the Ghost-Corpse Array.

“No…!” The skeletal Division Leader had a miserable expression.

This array was its strongest trump card. It only had the strength of an ordinary King, and it was only with the Ghost- Corpse Array that it was able to temporarily fight against three Kings. Without the array, their defeat was certain.

Moreover, it had slowly nurtured the array to its current level, and Zhao Feng had left the array behind for it to use.

“Keke, this array is mine now!” The thin elder went up to the Ghost-Corpse Array, sending a surge of Soul Intent forward to wipe out the Soul energy on the array.

Pop! Hisss!

The skeletal Division Leader’s soul brand was instantly wiped away.

“Eh? There’s another person’s soul brand here, and it’s so weak!” The elder wickedly chuckled as he noticed a different soul brand on some of the ghost-corpses.

“Mm? Who’s there?” As he touched the “weak” brand on a ghost-corpse, the thin elder suddenly sensed an unfamiliar energy, and he turned his eyes to the distance.

The fog scattered, revealing a silver-haired man. The man was cold and handsome, his s.h.i.+ning silver hair rippling with dreamy colors.

You want to wipe away my soul brand?” Zhao Feng called out.

Some of the ghost-corpses in the Ghost-Corpse Array were ones that he had personally raised in the Purple Saint Ruins. The soul brands on them had never been wiped away.

The thin elder only noticed Zhao Feng’s existence when he touched the soul brand Zhao Feng had left behind.

“You were the one who left behind this weak soul brand?” The elder scornfully smiled.

Although this person was extremely bizarre and his cultivation unfathomable, if the soul brand was so weak, how could the owner be very strong?

“Zhao Feng?” The skeletal Division Leader turned its head. After a momentary shock, it became extremely agitated.

“Zhao Feng… he’s back!” The upper echelon members of the Sacred Alliance all turned imploring gazes to Zhao Feng.

Back then, Zhao Feng had revealed the will of an Emperor, causing the three Kings of Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, Black Cliff Palace, and Moon Demon Palace to submit.

“Deputy Patriarch Zhao!” The members of the Iron Blood Religion all prostrated.

Zhao Feng had not remained with the Iron Blood Religion after becoming the deputy patriarch, nor had he ever done anything in this capacity before vanis.h.i.+ng, but everyone in the Iron Blood Religion knew of Zhao Feng’s deeds. Even though he had never appeared, he had countless wors.h.i.+pers.

Empress Qin and the Canopy King seemed to see hope, but when they thought about the grudges that existed between them and Zhao Feng, they couldn’t help but lower their heads.

“Zhao Feng? Who’s that?” Clan Master Nan Wu focused on that icy silver-haired youth in the sky and felt like he was staring into the boundless starry sky.

Clan Master Nan Wu was the master of the Flowing Light Continent’s number one clan. He had only heard that the skeletal Division Leader had defeated the Scarlet Moon Patriarch to unite the Azure Flower Continent, but he was not familiar with the Zhao Feng spoken of in those tales.

The actions of the Azure Flower Continent people on the battlefield had everyone from the Evil Spirit Holy Sect stunned.

“Who are you?” The thin elder stared at Zhao Feng.

He had originally believed that this was some random upper echelon from the Azure Flower Continent, but from the expressions on the faces of the people from the Azure Flower Continent, this silver-haired man was not simple!

“I’m Zhao Feng. Are you deaf?” Zhao Feng’s expression sank.

“You…!” The elder’s face froze in rage.

But no matter what he did, he could not sense Zhao Feng’s cultivation. Moreover, the stir Zhao Feng had created in the Azure Flower Continent army made him unwilling to act recklessly.

At this moment:

“Master… your subordinate was incompetent and unable to protect the Azure Flower Continent!” The skeletal Division Leader got down on one knee and apologized.

This sight had the countless experts from the Azure Flower Continent flabbergasted. Only a few people in the Azure Flower Continent knew of the relations.h.i.+p between Zhao Feng and the skeletal Division Leader.

In the eyes of the vast majority of the Azure Flower Continent, the skeletal Division Leader was the Palace Lord of the Azure Flower Continent’s number one faction, the Scarlet Moon Palace, answering to n.o.body and standing above all. But now, the strongest person of the Azure Flower Continent was kneeling before another and calling him master.

“This person… just who…?” Clan Master Nan Wu was also shocked.

The skeletal Division Leader was far stronger than he was, but this newcomer was the Division Leader’s master, so he definitely possessed extraordinary strength. The crisis they were facing might be easily resolved.

“I will give all of you three seconds to get out of here and get out of the Azure Islands Zone!” Zhao Feng coldly stared at the thin elder.

“What?” Zhao Feng’s words caused a great stir in the Evil Spirit Holy Sect.

“Sect Master, let’s join together and kill this man!”

“We have so many Kings! What are we afraid of?”

The Kings of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect secretly messaged.

“Three… two…” Zhao Feng softly counted.

All the people from Azure Flower Continent were excited by this sight. From the look of it, Zhao Feng was completely confident in defeating the Evil Spirit Holy Sect.

Meanwhile, the experts from the Flowing Light Continent stared at Zhao Feng in a daze.

“Kid, I advise you not to make enemies of us!”

The thin elder put on a nasty grimace as he called out.

“…one!” When Zhao Feng said this word, the battlefield became abnormally quiet.

“Kill this person!” the thin elder roared. He could no longer tolerate Zhao Feng’s arrogance and sheer disregard. Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

All the Kings of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect moved out, unleas.h.i.+ng their boundless energies as they rumbled toward Zhao Feng.

The armies of the other two zones felt their hearts leap to their throats as they closely watched.

“Dreamification.” Zhao Feng sighed, and then his left eye exploded with dazzling dreamy mist.

As a half-step G.o.d Lord, he did not want to bully the Kings and Emperors of the Continent Zone, but since his foes did not take the chance that was offered to them, they could not blame Zhao Feng.

Besides, Zhao Feng could test out his new ability, Dreamification, on these people.


A moment later, everything within tens of thousands of li of Zhao Feng was dyed in dreamy color. At this moment, everyone who had been dyed in this dreamy hue inexplicably felt unprecedented danger, and they did not dare to act carelessly.


Zhao Feng extended a hand and waved. The five Kings charging at him suddenly scattered and vanished like dandelions confronting a strong gust of wind.

Five Kings had simply disappeared!

One had to realize that the entire Azure Flower Continent only had one Void G.o.d Realm King in the skeletal Division Leader, but with a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng had wiped away five Kings!

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