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Chapter 1450 – Done in Pa.s.sing

Five Kings had been obliterated with the wave of a hand.

All the experts present were frozen to the spot, all of them feeling like they had been struck by a bolt of lightning. They weren’t even sure how those five Kings died.

“This… how!?” The thin elder was trembling in fear, unable to move.

Zhao Feng had not once revealed any powerful aura of energy. Even when killing five Kings, he had not leaked out any energy. He exuded no energy and seemed like an ordinary person, but with a casual wave, he had instantly slain five Kings!

“Emperor… no, Sacred Lord…” The elder’s fright rendered him almost speechless. He was incapable of determining Zhao Feng’s level of cultivation.

“Zhao Feng!”

At this moment, everyone was focused on Zhao Feng. The majority of the people from the Azure Flower Continent knew that Zhao Feng could resolve this crisis, but they hadn’t imagined that he would do so through such a shocking method.

Meanwhile, Zhao Feng was digesting the effects of Dreamification.

Wiping out a King isn’t very different from wiping out a table! Zhao Feng estimated to himself.

The Thought power and Origin energy needed to wipe out a King wasn’t that different from the amounts needed to wipe out a table. Of course, this was because Zhao Feng’s level was too high. In his eyes, Kings weren’t even ants.

Besides that, Zhao Feng sensed that maintaining the Dreamification state was itself very taxing.

At this moment, the thin elder kneeled down in the air.

“Senior… spare my life! The Evil Spirit Holy Sect is willing to serve you!” The elder’s body trembled.

Although he was unwilling, Zhao Feng was far too powerful. He didn’t even have a chance of escaping, so it was better to compromise and then plan out what to do later.

“Spare you? Ha!” Zhao Feng glared at the thin elder and coldly snorted. If he hadn’t happened to come back at this time, the Evil Spirit Holy Sect would have already destroyed the Azure Flower Continent. Spare him? Impossible!


The world darkened as the wind flowed in reverse. An enormous energy suddenly descended, akin to the will of the heavens. At this moment, all living beings in the world sensed that their lives were no longer in their own hands.

Boom! Bang!

Under the pressure of this supreme strength, the elder’s body was pulverized.

A moment later, the world returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened.


The battlefield fell silent. Although they were all shocked by the silent killing of the five Kings, they did not understand how it occurred. But this time, they all clearly sensed Zhao Feng’s power, a power that could rule over the entire world.

“Skeletal Division Leader, why didn’t the three sects of the Tianlu Islands Zone come to help the Azure Flower Continent?” Zhao Feng suddenly asked.

Back then, he had signed a blood contract with the three sects. The three sects were forbidden from invading the Azure Flower Continent in the future, and if Azure Flower Continent asked for aid, they would have to do everything they could to protect it. But despite the Azure Flower Continent being in danger, he did not see anyone from the three sects.

If the three sects were willing to help with all their power, then even if he hadn’t returned, the Azure Flower Continent would have never been in any danger.

“It’s not clear. I sent a request for aid beforehand, but no one came….” the skeletal Division Leader truthfully replied.

The Azure Flower Continent was in danger while the three sects were in another island zone, so he had no time to send anyone to see what was going on.

“Master, what should we do with these people?” The skeletal Division Leader looked at the members of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect and looked to Zhao Feng for guidance.

“They obey the Azure Flower Continent or die!” Zhao Feng coldly scanned the group and ordered.

Before he could even finish speaking, all the members of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect chose to submit without the slightest complaint.

But the skeletal Division Leader grimaced. Although all the Kings of the Evil Spirit Holy Sect had been killed, the remaining members were all extremely strong. The Scarlet Moon Palace was incapable of controlling them, and they were bound to be a problem sooner or later.


Zhao Feng waved his hand, bringing the Ghost-Corpse Array before him. A moment later, all the damage done to the Ghost-Corpse Array was repaired. At the same time, all the ghost-corpses within became stronger and stronger, greatly alarming the skeletal Division Leader.

In less than a second, all the ghost-corpses within the array had nearly King-level energies!

“Take it.” Zhao Feng handed the brand-new Ghost-Corpse Array to the skeletal Division Leader.

He still needed to rely on the skeletal Division Leader to protect the Azure Flower Continent, and this upgraded Ghost- Corpse Array could also be considered a sort of reward. And this array did not merely strengthen the skeletal Division Leader; it would be able to comprehend the will Zhao Feng left behind in the array to increase its own cultivation.

“Yes!” The skeletal Division Leader was extremely agitated as he took the Ghost-Corpse Array.

Each ghost-corpse in the Ghost-Corpse Array was nearly a King. With this array, even if it was facing three Emperors, the skeletal Division Leader could still fight back!

Clan Master Nan Wu was stunned. With a Ghost-Corpse Array like this, the Flowing Light Continent would be safe for practically all eternity.

Zhao Feng proceeded to converse with his old friends and gift them with resources that could prolong their lifespans. Swis.h.!.+

Zhao Feng vanished once more.

The news of his return and the casual way in which he had wiped out the Evil Spirit Holy Sect was soon spread throughout the Azure Islands Zone, causing him to become a forbidden existence of the Azure Flower Continent and all the other islands. Even powerful factions like the Three Saints Palace regarded him with utmost solemnity.

As he was leaving, Zhao Feng released his Divine Sense and observed the surrounding situation. The moment he arrived at the Tianlu Islands Zone, he discovered that the entire zone was in the middle of a major war that involved almost every faction in the zone. This naturally included the Moon Demon Palace, Black Cliff Palace, and Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

“No wonder the three sects couldn’t help the Azure Flower Continent. They were dealing with a crisis of their own.” Zhao Feng slowly approached, observing the astonis.h.i.+ng battle that was taking place in the Tianlu Islands Zone.

Down below, cultivators of the Evil Dao were in fierce combat with many other sects and factions of the Tianlu Islands Zone. Even farther off, the three leaders of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect, Black Cliff Palace, and Moon Demon Palace, backed by a large army, were battling against three other people.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess had encountered some lucky opportunity and was now a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor. The leaders of Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace were both peak Kings.

But their opponents were even more terrifying. All three of them were Emperors!

“Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess, this Holy Moon Guardian Spirit Array won’t be able to last for much longer!” The Demon Dao King of Moon Demon Palace was slightly pale.

Without the array, they wouldn’t have been able to last even a few moments against these three Emperors.

“d.a.m.n! These people are playing with us!” the golden skeleton lamented in anger.

The three Emperors were more than strong enough to slaughter the army of the Tianlu Islands Zone. Once they did, the three of them would be helpless to fight back.

But these three Emperors had a reason for their actions.

“Haha, Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess, if you submit to this Emperor, the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect will be saved from extermination!” A white-haired Emperor of the Emperor trio loudly laughed.

“Don’t even think about it!” The pure and upright Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess blushed as she bellowed.

Of course, this white-haired Emperor hadn’t taken a liking to just the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess, but all the other female disciples of the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect.

“Haha, let me see how long you can last!” The white-haired Emperor was in no rush and continued to grind away at the forces of the Tianlu Islands Zone.

At this moment:

“Ah, I didn’t think that even the three sects would end up in this situation.” A soft sigh came from the distance.

“Mm?” The white-haired Emperor frowned. Sending out his Spiritual Sense, he soon spotted a silver-haired youth.

“Big Brother, this person’s strange!” a round-faced and middle-aged man next to the white-haired Emperor said.

There was a dreadful war taking place and their side had three Emperors, but this person didn’t seem panicked at all. This was far too bizarre.

“Zhao Feng!” The three people within the array rejoiced and immediately called out.

Zhao Feng had reached the Emperor Realm several decades ago, so his cultivation was probably even higher now. If Zhao Feng came to their aid, they had a chance of surviving this crisis.

“Zhao Feng, help us this time, and our three sects will be eternally grateful!” the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess immediately said.

“It’s him!” Ye Yanyu and Zhuang Wan’er, who were being besieged, had complicated looks on their faces. They hadn’t expected that the three sects would once more have to rely on this person.

“Good brother, you shouldn’t be someone from the Tianlu Islands Zone. If you do not intervene in this affair, the three of us will owe you a favor!” The white-haired Emperor couldn’t see through Zhao Feng, but seeing how the three great sects viewed him, he determined that Zhao Feng was not at all ordinary.

In order to prevent any mishaps, he tried to express his goodwill to Zhao Feng. Anyone else would immediately know just which side to favor upon being offered a favor from three Emperors.

“There’s no need for you to say anything. Back then, this Zhao promised that, if the three great sects came under any danger, I would give all the help I could.” Zhao Feng ignored the three Emperors.

The three great sects had not gone to the aid of the Azure Flower Continent. However, in comparison to the three Emperors, he had a better impression of the people of the three sects. After all, he had interacted with them quite a few times.

“Kid, it looks like we’re going to have to force you!” The round-faced middle-aged man was enraged and prepared to strike. Since Zhao Feng said that he was going to intervene, they would strike first!

As the middle-aged man struck, the two other Emperors also launched attacks against Zhao Feng.

“Zhao Feng, watch out!” the three sect leaders called out in alarm.

After all, Zhao Feng was facing three Emperors at the same time. If something happened to Zhao Feng, the three sects would be facing the same fate.

“This place truly became a wellspring of talent in the years I was gone. To think that so much would change!” Zhao Feng coldly said.

Zhao Feng had realized that the Yuan Qi framework of the Continent Zone had become much more stable. However, for these perimeter island zones to produce even one Emperor was already very impressive.


Zhao Feng coldly snorted, and then a supreme and dominating energy descended upon the three Evil Dao Emperors. “No…!” The white-haired Emperor’s body went stiff, and he prepared to beg for mercy.

Boom! Bang!

But a moment later, the three Emperors were obliterated by this supreme energy.

“This…” The three sect leaders inside the array were dumbfounded. They had never imagined that the blood contract they were forced to sign back then would allow them to avoid such a calamity.

Nearby, the fiercely battling armies both stopped.

“What happened? The three Emperors are all dead!” Zhuang Wan’er’s beautiful face was stricken with shock. She didn’t see how the three Emperors had died because, by the time she looked over, the Emperors were already dead.

You should be able to handle the rest,” Zhao Feng turned to the Saint Moon Aunt G.o.ddess and the others and calmly said.

It only took a meager effort on his part to a.s.sist the three sects in compliance with the contract he made. Swis.h.!.+

As tens of thousands of people watched on, Zhao Feng vanished.

From this moment, the Tianlu Islands Zone had another legendary figure.

As for Zhao Feng, he continued onward toward the Continent Zone.

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