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Chapter 1457 - Unable to Withstand a Single Blow

At this moment, the situation was reversed. The three factions who had come with an arrogant aura were now kneeling on the ground and begging for their lives.

"Unforgivable!" True G.o.d Sky Fire angrily scanned the crowd and spat out a single word.

In the area of Sky Feather Island, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was already alone. In these last few years, the other factions had all tried to devour the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, bit by bit. If allowed to continue, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race would one day be facing extinction.

In the Ancient Desolate Realm of G.o.ds, strength was everything. They were only kneeling and pleading for mercy because Zhao Feng's strength compelled them to do so. Once Zhao Feng left or was captured, True G.o.d Sky Fire was sure that these people would continue to make trouble for the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race.

For the survival of his faction, True G.o.d Sky Fire would show no mercy. Moreover, these people all knew that Zhao Feng had returned. They had to all be killed!

"Kill!" All the members of the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race charged forward, seething with killing intent.

"No... run!" In the face of this situation, the remaining members of the three factions scattered in panic.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

True G.o.d Sky Fire and the First Elder rushed ahead of them and cut off their paths of escape.

"Kill!" The furious Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race members began to fiercely battle.

They had endured the humiliation from the other factions for far too long, and all their rage was erupting at this moment.

Ever since the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race had obtained control of the Exchange Spiritual Hall and the low-quality G.o.d Crystal mine, its overall strength greatly increased. It now ranked in the top five of the factions on Sky Feather Island.

It took only a few moments for the enemy forces to be severely cut down.

"Run!" Those remaining only had death to look forward to, so they fled for their lives.

Even though some managed to escape, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race members still managed to chase them down and end their lives.

"Brother Zhao Feng, you finally came back!" The Green Jade Sheep Race's Liu Yuan came up to Zhao Feng, adoration in his eyes. He already regarded Zhao Feng with incredible respect, and Zhao Feng had now returned with a nigh unimaginable level of power.

"Zhao Feng, you need to get out of here!" True G.o.d Sky Fire immediately stepped forward, concern on his face.

Although the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race had succeeded in killing all the members from the other factions who were present, someone had undoubtedly managed to get the word out.

In truth, True G.o.d Sky Fire was rather confused over why Zhao Feng hadn't just killed them all immediately. In that case, they wouldn't have even had a chance to send word of Zhao Feng's return. True G.o.d Sky Fire was confident that Zhao Feng was strong enough to kill all those people within one or two seconds.

"There's no rush. I'll wait a while here." After saying this, Zhao Feng walked into the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race. "What?" True G.o.d Sky Fire was dumbfounded.

Zhao Feng was wanted by many factions of the Gulong Zone, and yet he was in no rush to leave?

In addition, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race had been heavily interrogated by the Golden Jade Race before this. It was only after the Golden Jade Race determined that they didn't have a very large relations.h.i.+p with Zhao Feng that it finally let the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race go. But if Zhao Feng stayed here, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race would be drawn into the conflict.

"Relax! Everything will be fine." Zhao Feng appeared to know what True G.o.d Sky Fire was worried about and added.

Of course, other than people in the know like True G.o.d Sky Fire and the elders, the rest of the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race was all too happy to hear that Zhao Feng was staying.

Zhao Feng's goal in staying here was very simple. In this short period of time, he would a.s.sist in molding several True G.o.ds for the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race. In this way, the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race's status in Sky Feather Island would become unshakeable.

"What? Help us break through into the True G.o.d level?" The Second Elder and the others were stunned.

The Second Elder was particularly surprised. When Zhao Feng first arrived at the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, the two of them were significantly at odds with each other. Now that Zhao Feng was saying that he would help him become a True G.o.d, he was truly a little incredulous.

But they had no idea that, for a half-step G.o.d Lord like Zhao Feng, helping a DemiG.o.d break through was truly too easy.

Three days later, the four elders, with Zhao Feng's a.s.sistance, all become True G.o.ds.

But this was still not enough. The Sky Feather Island Lord was a Rank Four True G.o.d and had many Rank Three True G.o.ds in his faction. Only this kind of power would allow one to comfortably rule over all of Sky Feather Island.

G.o.ds in his faction. Only this kind of power would allow one to comfortably rule over all of Sky Feather Island.

In the following days, Zhao Feng a.s.sisted the five elders in improving their potential so that they would have a smoother path of cultivation.

The patriarch had already reached the limits of his lifespan and didn't have much potential left, so Zhao Feng gave him resources to increase his lifespan.

On the tenth day, Zhao Feng felt that everything was good enough. After leaving behind some resources, he prepared to leave.

But at this moment:


Many powerful energies suddenly appeared around the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race.

"Not good! The Shark Tooth Race, the Blue-Eyed Ice Wolf Race, the Flowing Snake Race..." The First Elder sent out his Divine Sense and grimaced.

At this moment, almost all the races on Sky Feather Island had arrived, and there were more than twenty True G.o.ds! This force was enough to instantly destroy the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race.

But they also knew that these factions had only come because of Zhao Feng.

"Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, you dare to shelter Zhao Feng!?"

"It seems to me that they plan to follow Zhao Feng and betray this land!"

Furious voices of reprimand came from all around.

None of them wanted to see the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race rise. Perhaps they could use this chance to remove this threat.

"Zhao Feng?" True G.o.d Sky Fire and the elders all looked at Zhao Feng. What would he do in this situation?

But Zhao Feng was unmoved and unperturbed, apparently acting as if he had seen nothing at all.

What surprised the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race even more was that, although they were surrounded by many factions, these factions were not taking any reckless actions. They seemed to be maintaining a set distance from the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race as if they were wary of something.

At this moment:

Bzzzzz! Broooom!

A gold and jade light appeared on the horizon, together with a distant boom.

"Not good! This bloodline phenomenon...! It must be the Golden Jade Race!" True G.o.d Sky Fire instantly paled.

The Golden Jade Race was a four-and-half-star faction and the ruler of the Blue Ocean Bay. It controlled ten-some regions similar to Sky Feather Island.

"We welcome the Golden Jade Race!" The members of the surrounding factions immediately got down on one knee and welcomed the Golden Jade Race.


The Golden Jade Race experts descended. There were fifteen of them, their bodies gleaming with dazzling golden and jade light.

The immense energy they exuded had all the four-star factions of Sky Feather Island not even daring to make a loud noise. The members below the True G.o.d level even found it rather difficult to breathe.

"They're all True G.o.d experts! The lowest is a Rank Four!" True G.o.d Sky Fire trembled as he broke out in a cold sweat.

Fifteen experts, the lowest being a Rank Four True G.o.d! And the dignified elder with them was someone that none of them even dared to look at directly!

"This person is Zhao Feng?"

"Of the three five-star factions of the Gulong Zone, two of them have placed an astronomical bounty on him!"

Quite a few True G.o.ds in the Golden Jade Race group became extremely excited. Once they captured Zhao Feng and received the bounty, the entire Golden Jade Race would be able to rise to a whole new level.

They also knew quite a bit about Zhao Feng. They had heard about how, at the Stellar Tower's Five Star Mountain, ordinary Rank Four True G.o.ds were no match for Zhao Feng even though he was just a DemiG.o.d. Given all the years that had pa.s.sed, Zhao Feng had undoubtedly become a True G.o.d, so his strength could not be underestimated. Thus, the Golden Jade Race had mobilized all its upper echelons, including its patriarch, Ancient G.o.d Light Jade.

"Zhao Feng, you came from Blue Ocean Bay's Sky Feather Island, but your conduct has only brought us shame. Today, the Golden Jade Race will personally capture you!" Ancient G.o.d Light Jade righteously proclaimed.

"Celestial Gold Array!" Ancient G.o.d Light Jade bellowed.

In a flash, the fourteen True G.o.ds around him began to move.

"The Golden Jade Race is even using the Celestial Gold Array!?"

The factions of Sky Feather Island were all stunned. Just how strong had Zhao Feng become that the Golden Jade Race would send its Ancient G.o.d and use the Celestial Gold Array?

A few moments later, a complicated offensive array had taken shape. Fourteen golden jade swords now hovered above the heads of the fourteen True G.o.ds, all of them exuding a chilling power.

In one corner of the array:

"Heh, this brat really doesn't know the difference between life and death!" An elder wearing a jade-colored silk robe sneered. He was none other than True G.o.d Tianhua, the one who led the Golden Jade Race's team in the Wild Ancient Secret Dimension.

Back in that secret dimension, Zhao Feng, with the help of a Rank Five True G.o.d Phoenix-Tailed Bird, had caused him to suffer a great loss.

"Kill!" Ancient G.o.d Light Jade ordered, and the fourteen experts all attacked Zhao Feng.

In a flash, a vast pressure bore down on Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng blinked out of the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race's territory.

"Hmph! A trick like this? You're just humiliating yourself!" At this moment, Zhao Feng finally spoke.


This brief comment, however, unleashed a ma.s.sive shockwave that roared toward the Golden Jade Race group.

Boom! Bang! Cras.h.!.+

The Celestial Gold Array immediately collapsed, all fourteen True G.o.ds backing up and vomiting blood. Two of the weaker members even ended up dying from the shock.

This... this is impossible!" True G.o.d Tianhua was ghastly pale as he blurted out in shock. When he first clashed with Zhao Feng, Zhao Feng had only been a Quasi-G.o.d, but now, Zhao Feng's voice alone was enough to heavily injure all the upper echelons of the Golden Jade Race.

Thump! Thump!

Ancient G.o.d Light Jade had to back up a few steps before finally stopping. He turned to stare at Zhao Feng in shock. A single comment had been enough to shatter the Celestial Gold Array and injure an Ancient G.o.d!

You still want to capture me?" Zhao Feng stared at Ancient G.o.d Light Jade.

At this moment, Ancient G.o.d Light Jade felt like one hundred thousand mountains were pressing down on his head. His Divine Power and blood almost froze, and his body was rendered immobile.

"No"Ancient G.o.d Light Jade squeezed out this word.

He had long ago realized that if Zhao Feng could offend so many factions of the Gulong Zone, he undoubtedly possessed abnormal power. It was laughable to think he had actually believed that the Golden Jade Race could capture Zhao Feng. This person was strong enough to easily annihilate the entire Golden Jade Race!

The surrounding factions of Sky Feather Island were even more shocked than the Golden Jade Race, their minds buzzing and hissing. In their eyes, Ancient G.o.ds were incredibly powerful and unreachable, but at this moment, all of the Golden Jade Race's upper echelons, including its Ancient G.o.d expert, weren't even able to take one blow from Zhao Feng.

"No... this junior was blind to greatness. Senior Zhao, please spare the Golden Jade Race!" The Golden Jade Race Patriarch, Ancient G.o.d Light Jade, immediately prostrated.

At this moment, all the other factions kneeled down as well. Zhao Feng was truly too powerful. Not even the Ancient G.o.d of the Golden Jade Race could do anything to him. Once he started a ma.s.sacre, no one would survive.

Within the Blazing Fire Golden Sheep Race, all its members were watching all this in a daze. They had originally been worried about Zhao Feng's safety, but at this moment, all the factions of Sky Feather Island and the ruler of Blue Ocean Bay, the Golden Jade Race, were down on their knees and begging for mercy!

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