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Chapter 183 - Egg

At this moment in time.

Zhao Feng had stopped and he faced the black metal monster, a terrifying existence at the True Spirit Realm, head-on. This was something that no other person would dare to do in the trial.

Face off against the black metal monster?

Without any doubt, anyone would be killed instantly and with Zhao Feng’s 3rd Sky cultivation, he wouldn’t be excluded.

Zhao Feng was extremely calm as he fully opened his left eye to the max. His azure eye seemed like he could see through one’s heart. Through his enhanced vision, Zhao Feng could see the elements in the air, the dust, light rays as well as heartbeat and breathing rate…

Zhao Feng could see the black metal monster’s every action, including the direction of its next action.

Although the monsters’ speed wasn’t fast, Zhao Feng knew that once it came close to him, he would be destroyed in one hit. The difference between the Ascended Realm and True Spirit Realm was like the difference between heaven and abyss.

Even a cultivator at the peak 7th Sky Ascended Realm was just a bigger ant in front of someone at the True Spirit Realm.

Hu~ Kong---

The black metal monster flapped its wings and it caused the dust nearby to fly at Zhao Feng. The latter’s left eye began calculating the black metal monsters speed and attack range.

Now the monster was almost ten yards away from Zhao Feng and ten yards was the black metal monsters’ attack range.

Zhao Feng suddenly felt an unbearable pressure crush down towards him and it made his True Force and blood freeze.

If it was a normal cultivator at the 2nd or 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm, they probably wouldn’t be able to even circulate their True Force. In this desperate situation, Zhao Feng shouted and his bloodline power boiled within him and it merged into his defensive barrier.


At the same time, the cloak behind Zhao Feng lifted up and instantly, he was as light as a feather as he sped towards the spot just above the freezing pond.


A chaotic dark green wind had hit the spot where Zhao Feng was previously standing and it sent the water in the freezing pond everywhere.

The water was extremely weird and when it landed on the black metal monster, it caused the latter to stiffen lightly. However, the monster had reached the True Spirit Realm and a dark green light flashed, which dissolved the energy.

It only had one aim and that was to kill Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng’s body suddenly dropped into the freezing pond and he dived deeper.

Without hesitation, the black metal monster dived in after him and a chilling coldness came, which created a layer of ice over it.


Zhao Feng laughed lightly as his azure bloodline power was activated and his Yin Shadow Cloak released a strong power.

Sou! SOu!

Zhao Feng flashed back into the air as fast as lightning.


This was Zhao Feng’s advantage over the black metal monster.

In the instant just then, he had used all his bloodline power and the Yin Shadow Cloak as well to increase his speed to the 6th Sky, even though it was just for a short amount of time.

It was at this time that the monster had fell into the freezing pond and it wasn’t able to catch up.

Firstly, its speed was restricted. Secondly, it was far larger, meaning that more of the coldness went to it.

If it was just this however, with its True Spirit Realm cultivation, it could still break free.

“Stay here forever.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he took out the Luohou Bow imidair and put his bloodline power into it. This made the lotus on the bow to bloom.

Beng~ Sou- Sou- Sou----

Three ice blue arrows pierced the freezing pond in a weird order

After entering the pond, the power of the arrows’ increased dramatically. This was because the power of both the Luohou Bow and the arrows that came from the pond. And in the pond, their power doubled.

Apart from that, Zhao Feng’s full bloodline power also caused the power of the attack itself to double. And there were three arrows, not one. Under these circ.u.mstances, the arrows reached an unbelievable state of damage.

The three arrows successfully penetrated the black metal monsters defense. The first arrow broke into pieces, the second hit the monster and the third exploded on impact, causing a wave of coldness to envelope the monster.

A thick layer of ice formed on top of the black metal monster and in the freezing pond, the sealing effect was at least doubled, even more so when there were three arrows.

The body of the black metal monster started to sink.

This was the start of a nightmare which meant eternal sleep for it because it was sinking towards the ‘blue crystal tear’.

Zhao Feng knew how terrifying the crystal was. Just a sizzle of its power caused the temperature of the entire Sky Boundary Island to change.

It was a forbidden item in this place!

The further the monster sank, the stronger the seal became. When it reached the borders of the tear, a blue ripple extended out.


The struggling black metal monster stiffened and its power was frozen.


Zhao Feng felt a familiar coldness appear. He circulated his bloodline power and Yin Shadow Cloak to the max and he became a half-transparent figure that sped across the sky.

A heart-chilling coldness spread from where he had just been and Zhao Feng couldn’t help but hiccup even though he was hundreds of metres away.

Luckily, he had his bloodline power as well as the lotus symbol on his Luohou Bow, which could absorb some of the coldness.

With the help of the Yin Shadow Cloak, Zhao Feng could fly in the air for one to two miles straight before landing. Without his cloak and bloodline power, that was impossible.

After escaping from the desperate situation, Zhao Feng let out a breath and he glanced in the direction of the freezing pond.

It was dead silent.

Zhao Feng could imagine that the black metal monster had been completely sealed in the ice, sleeping for eternity.

At the same time.

The temperature of the Sky Boundary Island had dropped once more. Thirty or so degrees had dropped just then, meaning that when water fell, it would instantly become ice.

Those at the 3rd Sky of the Ascended Realm were able to resist it and only those at the 4th Sky and above were able to move around freely.

“Why did the temperature drop again?”

A hundred miles away, Bei Moi, who was being chased by a black metal monster, was stunned. His eyebrows rose; this was similar to what had happened ten days ago. But his instincts told him this was man made, not the caused by the Sky Boundary Island.

Because he almost had an ‘Spiritual Earth Body’, he could sense the changes in the elements of the air better than most others. The other disciples also all felt the temperature drop.

Those with lower cultivation like Liu Yue’er and Lin Fan both felt hard pressed. But on the contrary, most of the beasts either died or hid in nearby caves.

No one would have imagined that an almost undefeatable ‘black metal monster’ had been forced into eternal sleep.

“Hahaha, I’ve now taken care of the danger, what can the trial do to me now?” Zhao Feng laughed.

Without the monster pursuing him, he decided to return to the castle.

The treasury.

Zhao Feng had the Yin Shadow Cloak which hid him and since he was familiar with the landscape, he was able to easily enter the castle.

There were hundreds of drawers containing all sorts of treasures of which Zhao Feng had to choose his second item.

“Should I get a weapon this time?”

Zhao Feng had a huge smile on his face. There were quite a few weapons in here that were at the Spiritual grade - items treated like heirlooms in the Broken Moon Clan.

Thinking about it, Zhao Feng decided not to because Spiritual grade weapons were too high for him. Even if he got one, he would most likely have to give it to the Clan. If he didn’t, it would only cause trouble.

According to what Zhao Feng knew, most cultivators at the True Spirit Realm didn’t even have one. Wouldn’t it be attracting death for him, an Ascended Realm disciple, to have one? Therefore, Zhao Feng made the decision to find other targets.

“Hmm? What’s this?”

Zhao Feng’s gaze landed on a slightly larger drawer. Inside it was metal components - head, arms, armor… All of it golden.

Zhao Feng a.n.a.lysed it and he realised that it would become a Golden guard, kind of similar to the silver and black armored guards outside, but its materials were more precise.

“What’s the strength of these golden guards? Can they work for me if they’re pieced together?” Zhao Feng thought.

He was extremely knowledgeable and he was able to somewhat guess what these guards were.

There was something called ‘Puppets’ and these guards were Mechanical Puppets. Mechanical puppets were created by specific arrays and energy cores and they could be controlled by people.

“Since its a mechanical puppet, it won’t have its own consciousness. As long as they have an energy core, they can be controlled by people.”

Zhao Feng thought about it, then he shook his head.

Mechanical puppets were after all, outside items! He controlled the urge to have help from outside items, even though he a.n.a.lysed that the golden guards’ strength was at least at the 7th Sky and they might be able to even resist against the True Spirit Realm.

Zhao Feng’s eyes then landed on another target. It was a grey egg around the size of a fist with weird lines carved on it. Even though Zhao Feng opened his left eye, he still couldn’t see through the egg.

What was more unbelievable was that he caught the faint trace of life within the egg.

Life within the egg?

If Zhao Feng didn’t have his left eye, he wouldn’t even believe this. The Floating Crest Palace was extremely ancient and according to Broken Moon Clan, it was at least tens of thousands of years old.

Tens of thousands of years and it was still alive - it’s life was stronger than anyone could imagine.

“Hm, I’ll try anyways. There’s nothing I have to do anyways and although there’s no flaws in the protective array, I can still destroy it in six to seven days… ” Zhao Feng murmured to himself.

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