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Chapter 247 - True Lord Descending

“…. I have something else of greater importance to tell you.”

As he spoke, a light flashed in First Elder’s eyes but it soon dimmed down as his expression changed incessantly.

At this moment.

First Elder was immersed in his memories and expressions of solitude, mockery, regret, and hate flashed across his face.

Ever since he had become First Elder’s disciple, this was the first time Zhao Feng had seen his Master have such complex expressions.

“I’m guilty to say this but this mission also regards my personal affairs….”

First Elder regained his composure and took out half a hair-brush made from crystal and handed it to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng gently touched the hair brush and noticed that it was made of a special material which made it comparable to a Mid-grade Mortal weapon.

A Mid-grade Mortal weapon wasn’t much for the most powerful Elder in the Clan, however, First Elder’s fingers trembled slightly as he handed it over.

First Elder then immediately took out a pen and paper then quickly wrote a letter to which he gave to Zhao Feng.

“You need to hand this letter and half of this hair brush to the Liu family of the Canopy Great Country. If the situation in the Thirteen Countries is unable to be saved, this person will help you because of our relations.h.i.+p.”

First Elder solemnly spoke.

Zhao Feng’s eyes scanned across the letter and saw a few words on it, “Liu Qinxin. Open only.”

A letter, half a hair brush. Both going to the Canopy Great country.

What was the relations.h.i.+p between the receiver and Master?

Although Zhao Feng was curious, he didn’t ask. Even if it was for grat.i.tude, Zhao Feng would complete this task without hesitation.

Furthermore, First Elder was obviously caring for Zhao Feng. It could be said that it was specifically made for him.

Looking from another perspective.

With Zhao Feng’s talent, staying in the Thirteen Countries would only restrict his growth.

But if he was able to enter bigger and greater lands, maybe he’d have a different future.

“You must leave the Thirteen Countries within two months. Moreover, to allow secrecy, you won't be able to see anyone from now on.”

First Elder said strictly.

“Master means that I can’t talk to the people of the Clan again?”

“It would be best not to do so.”

First Elder sighed then added, “As for your family, I’ll help them. If you don’t have any worries left, you can leave.”

Hearing this, Zhao Feng’s expression finally changed.

Why did First Elder talk as though he was going to die?

Could the Broken Moon Clan and the Alliance not have a single chance of hope?

“I don’t know whether the Alliance can be saved in the future, but I know it definitely can’t at this time.”

First Elder shook his head bitterly as he glanced deeply at his disciple.

Zhao Feng started to understand his Master’s words. He was putting the hope and future into his hands.

However, Zhao Feng still didn’t believe that the Thirteen Clans could not be saved.

He thought in his heart, Is Master thinking too much in a bad perspective?

First Elder seemed to understand his suspicions but he didn’t answer them directly. Instead he said, “The Thirteen Clans might team up to fight against the Iron Dragon Country. However, you alone won’t affect a battle of this scale. Do you understand my intentions?”

“This disciple understands. From the current situation, this mission has only positives for me and no negatives.”

Zhao Feng’s thoughts quickly changed as he agreed.

First Elder’s words were right. Even if Zhao Feng stayed within the Sky Cloud Forest, he would be unimportant.

Even experts at the True Human Rank were not safe in battles of this scale. Cultivators at Ascended Realm were the bottom soldiers and even cannon fodders. They would pose no threat at all to the enemy at all.

“Since I have no use here, why not go and concentrate on the mission?”


An blur of azure flickered as Zhao Feng left the cave.

Not long after Zhao Feng left, Granny Liuyue appeared next to First Elder.

“You’ll lower your head to beg for help from that person?”

Granny Liuyue was in disbelief.

First Elder didn’t say anything. All he did was look at the direction of Zhao Feng’s departure, immersed in deep thought.

“Oh well, your actions leave the Thirteen Clans with a thread of hope. For Zhao Feng, there’s no downsides. Firstly, he was able to leave the muddled thirteen countries, and secondly, he was able to enter the true stage of the Northern Continent.”

Granny Liuyue sighed.

As she thought about the matter, if she had such a good disciple, maybe she would also go to such lengths to open a path for them.

But First Elder’s preparation was much better and had connections even in Great countries.

Half a day later.

Zhao Feng entered the Sky Cloud Forest alone.

On the way, he saw the group from the Broken Moon Clan with his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye from several hundred miles away.

Yang Gan, Ran Xiaoyuan, Lin Fan and company were still on the journey back, but Zhao Feng didn’t have any intentions of greeting them.

“The Broken Moon Clan….. Cloud Country…… leaving in this manner and vanis.h.i.+ng from the sights of everyone?”

Zhao Feng’s heart was unwilling and desolate.

He had grew up in the Cloud Country and had never left the area apart from the Thirteen Clan Alliance Banquet.

But logic told Zhao Feng that there would only be downsides if he stayed.

“The Thirteen Clans have fallen into a dangerous whirlpool. I’m unable to change the situation with my power. Furthermore, I also have the Ghost Mark on me so that makes me more dangerous for me than everyone else.”

Zhao Feng took a deep breath.

Ever since the Floating Crest Trial, Zhao Feng had risen and then took First place in the Alliance Banquet not long ago.

Such achievements made him confident.

But at this moment, he felt helpless. Facing the entire situation what he could do could be ignored and if not done right, he would lose his life.

“When I finally have true power, maybe I can control this the destiny of this place…”

Zhao Feng suddenly had the urge for power.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat sat lazily on Zhao Feng’s shoulder.

Compared to when it had just been ‘hatched’, the little thieving cat had only grown a little bit, so much that it could be ignored. It was still the size of a palm.

Its growth speed was unbelievably slow.

Miao miao!

As though it felt Zhao Feng’s loneliness, the little thieving cat covered Zhao Feng’s face then jumped around happily in the forest.

Zhao Feng had the heart to race the little thieving cat, but without using the Yin Shadow Cloak and his bloodline power, Zhao Feng was only on par with the cat. However, in terms of agility, Zhao Feng was nowhere near.

Furthermore the little thieving cat could turn invisible and his attributes would all rise in the night.

Of course.

The little thieving cat would still occasionally throw out the coin which seemed to be able to calculate the future.

The human and cat pa.s.sed through the Sky Cloud Forest but Zhao Feng didn’t decide to immediately leave the Thirteen Countries.

The time limit First Elder gave Zhao Feng was two months and Zhao Feng still had his own problems which he needed to finish.

Firstly, his cultivation had risen two Sky’s in the Alliance Banquet and needed to be consolidated.

Secondly, the Ghost Mark was a problem which needed to be taken care of.

It was the second problem that caused his head to hurt.

The mysterious skeleton was actually a Division Leader.

Back when the Scarlet Moon Demonic Religion was at its peak, a Sub-Division alone was able to sweep the Thirteen Clans and even destroy a Strong country.

Division Leader’s were unfathomable.

On this day.

Zhao Feng entered a misty zone.

This was the outer edges of the Hundred Graves forbidden ground. Going closer would be the ground of bones where the curse was.

The misty forest had a mysterious power which could restrict one’s senses, even experts at the True Spirit Realm would have their senses restrained.

“I’ll cultivate here first. It should be safe.”

Zhao Feng found a corner and sat down.

Half a month later, Zhao Feng had consolidated his cultivation.

The progression of two Skies in such a short amount of time was too rash.

Everything had its ups and downs.

While Zhao Feng was consolidating his cultivation he noticed that the potential in his body had been pushed down and progressing would be harder. This was the downside of breaking through with the help of items.

Luckily, he didn’t have any intentions of breaking through in a short amount of time.

There were many older people in the Clans that stayed at this level for decades or even their entire lives.

The gap between True Spirit Realm and Ascended Realm was enormous. To break through, one must have fortune, potential, talent, and luck.

After another half a day of cultivation, Zhao Feng’s cultivation had stabilized but the increase in his potential was limited.

After consolidating his foundation came the main problem - the Ghost Mark.

Zhao Feng could just sense the existence of the Ghost Mark when he opened his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, but with his cultivation and mastery in mental energy, it wasn’t enough to break this mark. The difficulty was equal to breaking through to True Spirit Realm.

However, Zhao Feng didn’t give up. He focused on mental energy techniques and what he had learned in the Alliance Banquet.

Unknowingly, his mastery in mental energy had far exceeded skills like the Heart Controlling Technique.

During the time Zhao Feng’s was focusing on mental energy, the situation in the Thirteen Countries had undergone a huge change.

A part of the Thirteen Clans’ experts had succeeded in escaping.

Or more precisely, the Twelve Clans.

After half a month of planning, the forces of the Twelve Clans attacked the Concealed Dragon River.

At this moment, the Concealed Dragon River had become the Iron Dragon Country’s stronghold.

But the weird thing was that the Iron Dragon Country didn’t send many experts or soldiers over.

The forces of the Twelve Clans at that moment had exceeded the Iron Dragon Countries.

The battle began.

The Twelve Clans confidently forced the Iron Dragon Country back.

But right at this moment, an miscalculation appeared.

An unrivaled expert appeared at the Iron Dragon Country’s side.

True Lord Rank.

The descension of a True Lord.

At that time, the forces of the Twelve Clans were double in comparison to the Iron Dragon Country’s side, but when the True Lord descended, every advantage disappeared.

Those at True Lord Rank could flip the clouds and summon rain; thad the ability to settle the battle.

No one knew how powerful a True Lord was.

They only knew that the higher echelons at the True Spirit Realm surrendered without much resistance.

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