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Chapter 326 - Pre-ordered Spots

There were eight major factions in the Canopy Great Country and every one of them was stronger than normal Strong Countries. Apart from that, the Great Country also had other forces including the Flooding Lake Liu family, which was almost as powerful as a Strong Country.

However, in just a big country, there were only ten spots.

The Deputy Patriarch gave him a time limit of a month meaning Zhao Feng still had some time.

Zhao Feng didn’t really worry about the spots, so he focused more on the Sacred True Dragon Gathering itself.

Those partic.i.p.ating were the geniuses of every continent and many of them had bloodlines or incredible skills.

Currently, Zhao Feng’s forte was mental energy and speed and he wasn’t scared of close combat.

He had the Water Moon G.o.d Peach Fan for close and mid range combat and the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus for defense.

Now he only needed a powerful long range weapon. Ever since he merged with the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, Zhao Feng had placed great importance on long range weapons as this could utilise his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye.

In life and death battles with a complex environment, a powerful long range weapon was a must.

Half a month later, Tiegan Master finally arrived at the Thousand Water area Chapter. He had departed the second he received Zhao Feng’s letter.

“Five Elemental Piercing Crystal… Five Elemental Yuan Crystal… Fallen Meteorite… Mystic Ice Essence… ”

Tiegan Master’s eyes lit up as he organised Zhao Feng’s materials.

According to Zhao Feng’s thoughts, he wanted a new bow or to upgrade the Luohou Bow.

Tiegan Master touched the Luohou Bow’s material and the Ice Lotus symbol with some regret: ‘Unfortunately, this Ice lotus symbol’s power of ice isn’t strong enough for you anymore. Furthermore, the Luohou Bow and Arrows were Mortal grade to begin with. Their potential has been almost fully utilised.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful as well because he would probably have to give it up.

Of course, the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal and Five Elemental Yuan Crystal could even upgrade Spiritual grade items and therefore could upgrade mortal grade items as well, but this would be a waste.

Tiegan Master knew that Zhao Feng had used the Luohou Bow for many years and had a high compatibility with it.

He turned around and smiled: “I can reforge the Luohou Bow and create a new bow and arrow. I’m confident that this will be better than the original.”

Zhao Feng was obviously happy with this.

The new reforged Luohou Bow would definitely be different from the original one, but some special traits would be continued and surpa.s.s the original.

More importantly, Zhao Feng didn’t need to use an entirely new long range weapon.

After that, Zhao Feng and Tiegan master started to calculate the resources and cost.

Apart from the Five Elemental Piercing Crystal and Five Elemental Yuan Crystal, Zhao Feng also spent millions of Piramal Crystal Stones on other craft resources to craft the best Luohou Bow.

“Hehe, you’re rich. The cost of making this even a normal Mid tier Spiritual grade weapon.”

Tiegan Master was very satisfied with the materials. They had reached a level of perfection.

Zhao Feng left the job to Tiegan Master as he still needed to go to the Iron Blood Religion headquarters and attend the battles for the spots for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a perfect long range bow in half a month.” Tiegan Master promised.

Zhao Feng relaxed and directed the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus with Die Ye towards the Capital.

With Zhao Feng’s current cultivation and dense Qi of True Spirit, the Three Flowered Treasured Lotus’ speed was comparable to True Mystic Rank experts.

Within ten days, Zhao Feng arrived at the Iron Blood Religion main headquarters.

Zhao Feng was immediately summoned by the Deputy Patriarch. Die Ye was also summoned.

The great hall of the Iron Blood Religion.

When Zhao Feng and Die Ye walked in, many upper echelon members within the hall including Protectors, Elder and Chapter Leaders looked over.

Apart from them, there was also a man and a woman standing in the middle of the hall with respectful expressions.

“Chapter Leader Zhao has arrived.”

When Zhao Feng entered, a bright voice sounded across the hall.

Chapter Leaders were already the upper echelon of the Iron Blood Religion and many were at the True Mystic Rank.

Therefore, as Zhao Feng entered, he was soon given a place.

The nearby Chapter Leaders and Elders even came to greet Zhao Feng. Being the youngest Chapter Leader in the Iron Blood Religion, much attention was placed onto Zhao Feng.

At the same time, the man and woman in the middle of the hall looked towards Zhao Feng with envy as well as some jealousy.

Die Ye also came to stand with the man and woman.

Zhao Feng could roughly guess what it was about.

“Jiang Sanfeng, Dong Xue and Die Ye are all young genius elites of the Iron Blood Religion. Amidst them, Jiang Sanfeng is one of the ten Stars of the younger generation.”

Someone quickly introduced them to Zhao Feng.

Jiang Sanfeng wore a mystic gold battle robe and at twenty three years of age, he had s.h.i.+ning lights in his eyes that gave people a fiery feeling.

This person’s cultivation had reached the late stages of the True Human Rank and he was the number one genius of the Iron Blood Religion.

Dong Xue was a young girl with skin as white as snow and she was twenty years old but had the cultivation of the early stages of the True Human Rank. If this was put in the Cloud area, it would be unimaginable.

As for the last Die Ye, Zhao Feng was familiar with her.

“Zhe zhe, Jiang Sanfeng this time seems to have progressed a lot. His Scorching Sun Blazing Fire Manual has probably reached the sixth level. Only one other True Mystic Rank expert in the Religion has trained to such a level.”

“Jiang Sanfeng reached the top three hundred in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering, but he wasn’t able to enter the True Dragon Genius’ Ranking. Now that his cultivation and skill has increased, the chance of him reaching the top one hundred isn’t low.”

The upper echelons of the Iron Blood Religion discussed in private.

At this moment, the Deputy Patriarch spoke: “This time, Chapter Leader Zhao, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue will represent the Iron Blood Religion to fight for the spots. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?”

The upper echelons all nodded their heads when they heard this and didn’t disagree.

These four people were the strongest geniuses that the Iron Blood Religion had and the remaining younger generation hadn’t reached the True Spirit Realm yet.

Jiang Sanfeng and Zhao Feng were both elites even amongst the same generation.

“The people named to fight for the spots are now confirmed, but our Iron Blood Religion always has a pre-ordered spot.”

The white haired Regulations Elder smiled faintly.

Pre-ordered spot meant that the person was temporarily chosen as the person partic.i.p.ating in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering and didn’t need to go through the complex process.

One had to know that the entire Great Canopy Country only had ten spots and the eight major forces as well as the countless factions under them had a hundred times the population of the Thirteen Countries.

With this many people, there were countless geniuses. How fierce would the compet.i.tion be for the ten spots?

Therefore, the ten spots needed to be competed for over a long period of time.

Other Great Countries, Strong Countries and even the Ten Great Clans would need to undergo fierce compet.i.tion.

They might be held at the same time or close to one another.

Every continent was fighting for the limited spots.

For fairness, most of the forces would undergo rounds of elimination and those with pre-ordered spots didn’t need to partic.i.p.ate in the elimination rounds. You would be temporarily granted the spot to partic.i.p.ate.

Only when enough geniuses were thrown out, would those with pre-ordered spots be challenged.

The problem was, who should the Iron Blood Religion give the pre-ordered spot to?

Pre-ordered spots were a sign of strength and glory. It was a spot where others believed you had the strength to partic.i.p.ate in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“Deputy Patriarch, in the past the ten stars usually took the pre-ordered spots.”

A Elder reminded.

The ten stars of the Great Country were experienced and had probably partic.i.p.ated in the Sacred True Dragon Gathering before, like Jiang Sanfeng.

Of course, there would also be new people defeating the older generation and replacing them in the t.i.tle of the ten stars.

“The Iron Blood Religion is ranked by status and strength. One can see Zhao Feng’s strength from defeating Tian Yunzhi before. At the same time, he’s the youngest Chapter Leader of the Iron Blood Religion and rules the Thousand Water area. His status is not to be questioned.”

The Deputy Patriarch spoke.

Hearing this, the upper echelon’s nodded their heads.

In terms of strength, status and tricks, Zhao Feng was top tier.

The most important thing was that he was young and full of potential.

However, there were also some upper echelons that didn’t find it to be accurate.

“There was several factors that concluded in Zhao Feng defeating Tian Yunzhi. The reason why he also rules the Thousand Water area is with the help of Yun Sha, Cheng Mengzhen and Die Ye.”

“We can’t decide with the help of luck. Jiang Sanfeng has been on the seat of the ten stars for many years and has partic.i.p.ated in the last Sacred True Dragon Gathering so he is more experienced.”

The upper echelons discussed.

Both Zhao Feng and Jiang Sanfeng had their own supporters.

This way, the deciding power was in the Deputy Patriarch’s hand but the blood hair coloured Tiemo didn’t immediately speak.

Jiang Sanfeng stood in the middle of the hall and felt somewhat unstable for someone as arrogant as him.

He took a deep breath and glanced towards Zhao Feng with sharp eyes.

Speaking honestly, this youngest Chapter Leader pressured him a lot.

His achievements gave him much fame and he was known throughout the Great Country. His position in the Iron Blood Religion was also high.

Furthermore, the Deputy Patriarch also placed great importance on him.

“Why don’t we let Jiang Sanfeng and Zhao Feng spar to be fair?”

The white haired regulations elder smiled faintly.

She understood the Deputy Patriarch’s meaning.

Tiemo could easily decide in this situation but he didn’t.

“Chapter Leader Zhao, what do you think?”

The blood hair coloured Tiemo’s mouth curled up. He wanted to use this chance to see Zhao Feng’s growth.


Zhao Feng nodded his head and rose from his seat.

He obviously wanted to get the preordered spot so that he wouldn’t need to partic.i.p.ate in that long trial.

The upper echelon were all full of expectation.


A stage that was a hundred yards wide appeared in the centre of the great hall and it was enveloped in a deep blue semi-sphere.

Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng and Jiang Sanfeng both leaped into the stage.


Zhao Feng felt his body drop and found that this stages’ gravity was ten times more than normal. All his actions became slow and tiring. If it was a weaker cultivator at the Ascended Realm, they would probably instantly vomit blood when placed in this environment.

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