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Chapter 327 - The Great Country’s Most Powerful Bloodline

Being in this stage, Zhao Feng found that the arrays here had surpa.s.sed his knowledge.

Gravity arrays were already extremely profound and they touched the laws of Heaven and Earth.

Ten times more gravity meant that even the action of those at the True Spirit Realm would be restrained.

It could be said that you were only able to use one tenth of your usual speed and power here.

“I’ve heard of Chapter Leader Zhao’s name for a long time and would like to learn a thing or two from you.”

Although Jiang Sanfeng was somewhat arrogant, he still needed to respectful on the outside even though he wasn’t in the inside.

“Just do whatever you want.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head casually.

Jiang Sanfeng snickered coldly in his heart. A brat whose hair wasn’t even fully grown had really believed that he was a figure. From his tone, it was like he was talking to a junior.

He respectful actions towards Zhao Feng were only on the surface. He really wanted the preordered spot.


A bright gold light started to glow around Jiang Sanfeng.

His mystic gold battle robe radiated a s.h.i.+ning light and before the attack was even there, the fiery hot power of True Spirit had enveloped the stage.

Scorching Fire Searing Heart palm

Jiang Sanfeng thrust out his palm and sent waves of blazing Qi of True Spirit that were enough to burn the air towards Zhao Feng.

Boom! Weng~

The entire stage trembled slightly. If it was in a normal area instead of the Great Hall of the Iron Blood Religion, a small mountain would have been demolished.

Zhao Feng only felt the air around him become fiery hot like lava.

Jiang Sanfeng’s palm was continuous and it smashed towards the vital organs of his opponent.

Normal True Human Rank experts that didn’t know inside information might be eroded by Jiang Sanfeng’s fire poison if not instantly killed.

“Jiang Sanfeng’s improvement isn’t small. His Scorching Sun Blazing Fire Manual has reached such an elevated level. Normal True Human Ranks can’t probably exchange even a few moves.”

“In another few years, after he reaches the peak True Human Rank, he’ll be able to become a Chapter Leader.”

Many of the upper echelons admired Jiang Sanfeng, the genius full of potential.


A web of lightning appeared in Zhao Feng’s hand and he flung it out like a spiderweb of lightning towards the area in front of him.


The two powers clashed together and the fire and lightning intertwined, creating a wave powerful enough to instantly wipe out any being under the True Spirit Realm.

The deep blue water around the stage was like the ocean as it sucked in both the attacks and remained unmoving.

“The array of water has reached such profoundness that it can absorb energy.”

Zhao Feng scanned the surrounding array. It was like Bei Moi’s Dark Water Inheritance but deeper.


In the first exchange, Zhao Feng agilely evaded Jiang Sanfeng’s Scorching Sun Blazing Fire Palm which was aimed at his organs.

“Is it just luck?”

Jiang Sanfeng’s eyes twinkled incredulously.

His Scorching Sun Blazing Fire palm could hide its hidden blazing sun power through its vibrations and could hit the opponent’s organs past the skin. It was incredibly hard to defend against.

Zhao Feng’s movement had dodged his critical attacks. It was Jiang Sanfeng who was slightly numbed by a sizzle of lightning instead.

Seeing Zhao Feng casually inspect the array, Jiang Sanfeng was angered.

It was as if Zhao Feng was more interested in the stage itself than his opponent.

Scorching Sun Blazing Heaven!

Jiang Sanfeng roared and the next palm caused countless sparks of fire to whistle across the stage. The air on the stage seemed to be stained by flames.

The water in the air was instantly dried. This palm was full of pure chaotic flames that couldn’t be dodged.

“Scorching Sun Blazing Heaven, a wide range attack. Let’s see how you dodge it then.”

Jiang Sanfeng’s palm seem to symbolise his limitless rage.


Lightning coursed under Zhao Feng’s feet and his entire body was enveloped in a light layer of lightning, after which he charged into the flaming sky.

Wait, no.

He was charging through the gaps in the sky of fire.


At that instant, the ghostly figure was like a fish swimming through a dense sh.o.r.e.

The eyes of the upper echelons watching outside the stage went wide.

The youth inside the sky of fire was pa.s.sing through the gaps of the flames with the smallest expenditure of effort and energy, successfully evading Jiang Sanfeng’s destructive attack.

“He’s still able to be so agile under ten times the gravity?”

“To be able to merge the laws of lightning into his movement, wait, no, there’s also a ghostly intent that allows him to move as he pleases.”

The upper echelons were knowledgeable.

At this instant, Zhao Feng had the absolute advantage in speed.

“How is this possible? All my attacks, including their routes and movement, are easily evaded by him.”

Jiang Sanfeng was finally moved and his expression became solemn.

Although his Scorching Sun Blazing Fire Palm had high destructive power, it also expended a great deal of energy.

If this continued, he would expend all his energy before Zhao Feng even attacked.

Scorching Sun Heart Piercing Spear!

Jiang Sanfeng took a deep breath as a flaming spear formed on his palm. After it formed, he flung it at Zhao Feng’s chest and it whistled as it flew.

The Scorching Sun Heart Piercing Spear’s speed was even faster than long range weapons.

Zhao Feng felt a faint sense of danger and his heart seem to burn slightly.

Blade of lightning.

Zhao Feng single-handedly swiped his hand and a small blade of lightning instantly shot out that sliced the flaming spear in two.

“This kid’s attack, speed and response are all so strong.”

Jiang Sanfeng’s forehead started to sweat as he felt pressured.

The skill he cultivated had a close compatibility with fire and specialised in offense. However, no matter what he did, he couldn’t hit his opponent. This was extremely infuriating for someone who specialised in offense.


Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly split into three.

The three figures leapt towards Jiang Sanfeng at the same time. Their speed was too fast. A measly hundred-yard-wide stage allowed the three to instantly surround Jiang Sanfeng and attack him.

“The three are all the same.”

Jiang Sanfeng’s hearts went cold as he couldn’t tell in a short matter of time which one was real or fake.

Blast of the Scorching Sun!

Jiang Sanfeng’s Qi of True Spirit sent out waves of blazing flames that was enough to turn a palace into dust.

“Jiang Sanfeng isn’t his match. He’s the one that’s been suppressed from the beginning.”

The white-haired regulations elder sighed and shook her head.

“Zhao Feng didn’t spend much energy but is already able to force Jiang Sanfeng to spend vast amounts of Qi of True Spirit for wide range attacks.”

The ancient robed Protector faintly nodded his head.

Peng Peng Pa!

The three figures instantly attacked and broke through the waves of fire.


Jiang Sanfeng wiped out a streak of blood from his mouth and saw two of the figures disappear and then exclaimed: “All three have the capability to attack.”

Zhao Feng had used the secret technique of his Yin Shadow Cloak – ‘the Yin Shadow Doppelganger’.

When one’s cultivation reached a certain level, the Yin Shadow Doppelgangers weren’t just used for distraction anymore. They could also attack.

Zhao Feng was only testing it out this time.

“Zhao Feng has many powerful treasures, but unfortunately Jiang Sanfeng still can’t detect the limit of his eye bloodline.”

Blood hair coloured Tiemo was slightly regretful. He was interested in Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline.

Claw of Lightning!

Zhao Feng wiped the air and a several yard-long lightning claw crackled down like thunder.

Not good!

Jiang Sanfeng had barely managed to stand stable before he felt a dominant and destructive lightning aura rush across, and it even trembled and numbed his entire body’s True Force and blood.

The claw of lightning didn’t only have fearsome attack power, it also had the ability to lock and trap the opponent.

Jiang Sanfeng couldn’t evade it and managed to thrust out a palm. But the claw of lightning was like an eagle s.n.a.t.c.hing a rat.


Jiang Sanfeng was instantly hit down by the claw and his hair started to smoke.

What was more interesting was that after the claw of lightning put him down, it didn’t explode but instead instantly faded.


The upper echelons let out a breath. If that claw had exploded just then, Jiang Sanfeng would pay a terrible price.

Luckily Zhao Feng could use the claw of lightning as he pleased.


Zhao Feng glanced at the numbed Jiang Sanfeng on the ground, he then smiled and left.

“Chapter Leader’s strength is incredible. This one isn’t even close to you.”

Jiang Sanfeng managed to climb back up with an ashamed expression. He finally understood how this youth had managed to kidnap Empress Qin, defeat Tian Yunzhi and hold the t.i.tle of Chapter Leader as well as to rule the Thousand Water area.

What made him speechless was that this youth’s age was younger than him by a lot.

The Sacred True Dragon Gathering’s age limit was fifty, so Jiang Sanfeng could still partic.i.p.ate.


Tiemo clapped his hands in admiration. Although he didn’t see Zhao Feng’s eye bloodline power, the last claw of lightning was enough to trouble most cultivators under the True Mystic Rank.

“This Zhao Feng is only sixteen to seventeen years of age but he already has such strength and status. His future is immeasurable.”

“He has the chance to reach the top hundred in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering and in the next gathering, reach the peak of the continent’s genius.”

The Iron Blood Religion’s upper echelon’s exclaimed and none disagreed.

Zhao Feng had taken the preordered spot with his power.

A lot of people were surprised, including the other compet.i.tor for the Sacred True Dragon Gathering, Dong Xue.

Only Die Ye wasn’t surprised. She had always been at Zhao Feng’s side and knew that the strength that the Chapter Leader revealed was only the tip of an iceberg.

After the preordered spot was confirmed, Zhao Feng, Jiang Sanfeng, Die Ye and Dong Xue all left together to prepare to head towards the Capital a few days later.

“Chapter Leader Zhao, I respect your strength and see why Tian Yunzhi lost to you. Only Prince Jin is your match across the Canopy Great Country.” Jiang Sanfeng said solemnly.

“Prince Jin? He’s strong?”

Zhao Feng revealed a look of interest.

“Prince Jin has reached the peak stages of the True Human Rank and is the number one star. He reached the top one hundred last time and his bloodline is said to be the most powerful in the Great Country.”

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