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Chapter 383 - Seven Sword Inheritance

A few more than a dozen inheritance shadowings had appeared above the ancient arena.

One of them had started to condense and within its scenery palaces and beasts could be faintly seen.


A s.h.i.+ning door came from this inheritance shadowing and connected onto the ancient arena.

Said more precisely, connected onto the floating arena.

With a ‘pop’, a staircase wide enough for one person appeared on the floating arena and connected to the s.h.i.+ning door.

The end of the staircase was the s.h.i.+ning door and this scene make the spectators surprised.

“What? The inheritances have already started to connect?”

Many True Dragon Geniuses including Zhao Feng were surprised.

They had originally thought that they still needed to undergo some fights before the inheritances connected yet in this Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the ancient arena had taken control, and everything became unpredictable.

“So fast! The Heavens Legacy Inheritance hasn’t appeared yet.”

Xin Wuheng’s expression changed slightly as he stared at the sky.

The inheritances had started to connect but the Heavens Legacy Inheritance didn’t appear, and many people felt slightly regretful.

However, thinking about it any one of the four Great Inheritances only appeared once every thousand years and this Sacred True Dragon Gathering, the Scarlet Moon Inheritance and Mystic Ice Inheritance had appeared although the former had been stolen.

At this instance the True Dragon Geniuses held their breaths as they stared at the door.

The staircase started to extend and finally connected with the door. Looking at it with the naked eye the staircase and door both seemed to be something between physical and the void.

“This is the Northern Stair Inheritance and is not bad out of the Inheritances that have appeared. It’s at least better than the ones the Ten Great Clans control.”

“It is slightly regretful that the Heaven’s Legacy Inheritance didn’t appear, but nothing is certain until the last moment.”

The Sovereigns on the stage discussed with twinkling eyes.

In this generations Sacred True Dragon Gathering, records of all sorts had been broken.

Although the Heavens Legacy Inheritance hadn’t appeared, the future was still bright.


“Although it’s not one of the Four Great Inheritances, the number of those that can enter those ones are limited and we won’t be able to enter.”

A few True Dragon Geniuses exclaimed on the floating arena and charged towards the Northern Stairs Inheritance.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

At the beginning there was two or three but reached over a dozen in the end.

One genius charged onto the stairs and ran towards the s.h.i.+ning door.

Shu! Shu!

Two True Dragon Geniuses pa.s.sed through the s.h.i.+ning door but pa.s.sed straight through it and stood dazed.


The genius who had ran from the stairs successfully entered the door and with a ‘Weng’, disappeared.

“So, you have to enter by the stairs.”

The geniuses behind realised then all started charging towards the staircase, but the staircase could only fit one person at once and they needed to walk steadily so they could be ‘converted’ and ‘accepted’ into the inheritance.

At this point tens of True Dragon Geniuses fought one another to go on this path.

Snow Sun Scorching Air!

Cruel Nine Moon Blade!

Ghostly Spatial Technique!

One True Dragon Genius after another used their skills or techniques and aimed towards the ‘lone path’ that led to the inheritance door.

Just thinking about how the staircase was one person wide but over a dozen geniuses were competing for it made one cold.

Swords, blade lights, palm, lightning, wind and even figures from stone statues shook the place near the staircase.


One True Dragon Geniuses body was ripped into pieces and he was killed, and two others fell severely injured.

Emotionless slaughter.

In just a while these True Dragon Geniuses had red eyes. This was ten thousand times crueller than any other compet.i.tion.

“The last round is to make the True Dragon Geniuses fight one another to see who can enter the inheritance. Everything is based on skill and there’s no rules.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Of course, there was only a bit over a dozen True Dragon Geniuses fighting right now and many others were waiting.

The five overwhelming prodigies or first tier geniuses had higher targets and wanted to enter better inheritances or even the Four Great Inheritances.

Around half the time it took to make tea later.

The Northern Stairs Inheritances’ door started to fade and finally disappeared.

“Five spots? No, while these people fought the energy sustaining the Northern Stairs Inheritance would also be expended.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes were accurate.

Every time someone entered the door, it’s light would dim down and become more unstable.

Plus, as time pa.s.sed, the s.h.i.+ning door would also use energy.

The number of spots was limited, and Zhao Feng found it hard to imagine how many geniuses would fall to enter an inheritance.


As the Northern Stairs inheritance disappeared another inheritance shadowing connected with the floating arena.

Since they were more experienced this time there was ten to twenty people waiting.

Screams, howls and the sounds of battle filled this area.

At this moment the compet.i.tion was mainly between the True Dragon Geniuses with lower ranks, after rank 50 or so.

The five overwhelming prodigies and first tier geniuses didn’t move.

In just a moments time two to three had successfully entered the second inheritance and the s.h.i.+ning door faded by over half.

At this point in time a sharp figure arrived in the clouds and seemed to have the ability to pierce into s.p.a.ce and time.

The True Dragon Geniuses felt their hearts jump and as if their hearts had been pierced by ten thousand swords.

They couldn’t help but look towards the sky and faintly saw a Heavenly Sword Pavilion that gave off rays of sword light.

“That’s…. The Seven Sword Inheritance!”

The nine Sovereigns on the stage exclaimed as they revealed looks of joy.

The Seven Sword Inheritance was ranked second out of the four great inheritances, only below the Heavens Legacy Inheritance.


When the Seven Sword Inheritance descended it immediately pushed the inheritance that was connecting over.


The connecting inheritance started to fade and then disappeared from the ancient arena.

“What a dominant Seven Sword Inheritance. It just destroyed another inheritance.”

The True Dragon Geniuses below watched with surprise and their blood began to boil.

Sou! Shua! Shua!

Just as the Seven Sword Inheritance twenty to thirty True Dragon Inheritance, most of them cultivating in the Dao of the Sword furiously charged over.


“f.u.c.k off!”

“Those that stop me shall die!”

Twenty to thirty True Dragon Geniuses battled chaotically. It was a terrifying scene.

After receiving the power of transferring across s.p.a.ce these True Dragon Geniuses all had at least the strength of a True Mystic Rank and most of them were at the early stages or higher.

Amongst them was Xia Xianshang and Cang Yuyue.

Ding Ding Shu Shu---

Sword lights flashed, and mountains were sliced into ashes. If a normal True Human Rank came by they would be ripped into shreds like a piece of paper.

“The offense of those training the Dao of the Sword is terrifying. These twenty to thirty combined can even kill an overwhelming prodigy.”

Zhao Feng thought.

He surveyed the Seven Sword Inheritance and started to think.

The Seven Sword Inheritance was ranked above the Scarlet Moon Inheritance and Mystic Ice Inheritance.

“If I’m to get the essence of the Seven Sword Inheritance my offense will be devastating and can slash ten thousand skills with one sword….”

Zhao Feng was somewhat moved.

With his comprehension ability it wasn’t impossible for him to train the Dao of the Sword.

But this thought was soon vanquished by Zhao Feng.

“My core is the Dao of the Soul. This is the best supplement for the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye. Although the Dao of the Sword is strong it focuses on offense and has weak defence.”

Zhao Feng gave up this thought.

This world had many powers and techniques. Your offense could be strong, but it couldn’t help your weaknesses.

For example, G.o.ddess Bing Wei and s.h.i.+ Chengtian were the bane of Sword cultivators. They both had strong defence and G.o.ddess Bing Wei would be able to freeze her opponent before they got close. s.h.i.+ Chengtian could use his Gravity Domain and immediately pressure the opponent so that they couldn’t even use fifty percent of their full strength.

The compet.i.tion for the Seven Sword Inheritance was fiery hot.

The geniuses training the Sword wasn’t limited to Cang Yuyue and Xia Xianshang. There were other opponents that were even stronger than them.

Even Tuoba Qi from one of the three eye families entered the compet.i.tion.

“If I’m able to receive the core of the Seven Sword Inheritance and merge it with my Heavenly Piercing Eye even overwhelming prodigies might not be my match.”

Tuoba Qi’s eyes flashed, and an invisible pierce would slash the opponents throat.


Tuoba Qi was the first to step into the Seven Sword Inheritance.

“Sister Yuyue, your talent in the Dao of Sword is better than mine. I’ll block them, you go in first.”

Xia Xianshang burnt his Qi of True Spirit and blocked the nearby True Dragon Geniuses with an arc of brilliant sword light.

However, this meant he would also be attacked by several other geniuses of the sword and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood.


Cang Yuyue looked gratefully at Xia Xianshang before stepping into the Seven Sword Inheritance. Xia Xianshang was severely injured as many of the geniuses attacking him had comprehended the sword intent.


The door of the Seven Sword Inheritance closed. It wasn’t that there wasn’t enough energy, it had just automatically closed.

“There’s only two spots for the Seven Sword Inheritance!”

The geniuses fighting below roared in unwillingness as they watched one of the Four Great Inheritances, the Seven Sword Inheritance, pa.s.s by them.

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