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Chapter 394 - Death

When the critical moment came, the Wicked Teeth group all showed their strength.

The skeleton man used his Wicked Bone secret technique and grew in rise as all his attributes rose and his battle power came close to the True Lord Rank.

The chainsaw man activated a secret technique and started to rotate the jagged edges at higher speed and could attack at long range.

The girl with the black lotus summoned two green bronze ghost corpses whose battle power was almost at the peak True Mystic Rank and pincer attacked Zhao Feng.

The combination of the three was said to be perfect. Close combat was the skeleton man who had cultivated a body strengthening technique with powerful defense.

The chainsaw man was there for long range combat who specialised in breaking through defense.

The girl with the black lotus was support and the green bronze ghost corpses she summoned could help or ambush.

At this point in time Zhao Feng was surrounded as he realised that he was underestimated the Wicked Teeth group.

Such a powerful combination could even block a True Lord Rank head on.

Wu Weng!

Zhao Feng’s bloodline was fully activated and a figure wearing a crown and holding a black sword appeared sitting on a throne of ice.

“Domain of the Ice King!”

An invisible coldness started to radiate from the throne of ice and surround dozens of yards.

Anyone or any attack that came within this range would slow down or be frozen.

The Domain of the Ice King was a skill that Zhao Feng learnt based from G.o.ddess Bing Wei’s Domain of Ice. He had based it on his own bloodline and the reason why it was called the Domain of the Ice King was because of the figure and throne behind Zhao Feng.

This move had an obvious effect.

Although the skeleton man was strong and his battle power was terrifying, once he came within range of the Domain of the Ice King his speed would decrease by 20 - 30%.

Adding on the speed Zhao Feng already had the skeleton man’s threat towards him was greatly lowered.

If it were another True Mystic Rank that didn’t have such a strong body, they would probably be hard pressed to move when they were within the Domain of the Ice King.

Unfortunately the chainsaw man and the black lotus girl didn’t specialise in close combat.

The two green bronze ghost corpses froze when they came within the Domain of the Ice King and their speed dropped by 50%.

This meant that the enemies that specialised in close combat were restricted by Zhao Feng’s Domain of the Ice King.

Up to now Zhao Feng’s bloodline was stronger than before and after seeing so many geniuses use it, his usage of bloodline was also better.


A quickly rotating blade flew over in a deadly angle and chopped at Zhao Feng’s leg. The man’s long range attacks had locked onto Zhao Feng and the latter evaded with danger every time because he still had to deal with the skeleton man and the two green bronze ghost corpses.

“The chainsaw guy’s the most dangerous.”

Zhao Feng’s eyes flashed coldly as he decided to finish off the battle quickly.

Before this he wanted to see what element the Black Cliff Palaces’ skills were and now he knew.


The Yin Shadow Cloak flapped and three figures tried to escape the black mist.

“Zhe zhe zhe… it’s too late now to escape.”

The Wicked Teeth group blocked in Zhao Feng’s escape route.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three fake figures were all destroyed.

“That side! Chainsaw watch out!”

The girl with the black lotus who controlled the black mist soon found a stealthy figure quickly closing in on the chainsaw man.

“Haha! Want to kill me?”

The chainsaw man said with a playful smile as the highly rotating blade shot back to his hand and with his chainsaw at hand he wasn’t scared of close combat.


Zhao Feng kept on closing in.

Eye of Ice Soul!

The blue haired youth’s left eye suddenly became a freezing pond that sent limitless coldness into his mind.


The chainsaw man’s face became cold and his body started to tremble as if he was frozen.


A flower of ice and lightning bloomed from Zhao Feng’s hand and shattered his body.


The skeleton man and girl with black lotus were dazed from the shock.

They didn’t believe that Zhao Feng who was just in a desperate situation had just turned around and killed one of them.

They couldn’t believe that the jagged blade man just stood there and let Zhao Feng kill him. It was as if he was frozen but there was no signs of ice anywhere.

“The Eye of Ice Soul is connected to mental energy. The higher my mental energy level the more I can use my G.o.d’s Spiritual Eyes’ power.”

Zhao Feng wasn’t surprised.

His mental energy level had technically reached the True Lord Rank and the chainsaw man was only at the late stages of the True Mystic Rank. He obviously had no chance to fight back against the Eye of Ice Soul.

Even the skeleton man and black lotus girls’ mental energy hadn’t reached the True Lord Rank.

This meant that Zhao Feng only needed to look three times to kill the Wicked Teeth group.

At this instance.

The skeleton man and black lotus girl were absolutely stunned.

“That’s a mental energy eye skill! Using an ice elemental attack to freeze the opponent’s consciousness….”

The girl with the black lotus soon understood. After all, she also specialised in mental energy.

When she understood the reasoning her heart dropped.

Although her mental energy source was more powerful than the chainsaw man’s, there wasn’t an overwhelming difference.

If Zhao Feng could finish off the chainsaw man in just one move with no resistance from the latter at all, he could most likely finish her off in one move as well.

However, she didn’t know Zhao Feng’s mental energy level was at the True Lord Rank and his mental energy source was several times stronger than others of the same rank.

“So that’s what happened! But my cultivation is much higher than this brat so I shouldn’t be scared.”

The skeleton man with the chains relaxed and teamed up with the two green bronze ghost corpses as he continued to close in on Zhao Feng.


The two didn’t have any confidence to kill Zhao Feng and only hoped to hold Zhao Feng back until the reinforcements of the Black Cliff Palace arrived.

“As long as Brother Chi Gui arrives this brat won’t be able to survive.”

The black lotus girl thought.

Zhao Feng smiled: “Your reinforcements are still two hundred miles away.”

His G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye had seen the black demon crow in the air two hundred miles out.

Hearing this the expression of the two changed dramatically.

“This brat’s bloodline is terrifying….”

The two took a cold breath.

While Zhao Feng was fighting he had split his attention. This meant that he was just toying with them.

In reality, apart from the fact that Zhao Feng didn’t use his eye bloodline before, he had used all his strength.

His G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye could do multiple things at once.

“Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye!”

Zhao Feng’s left eye flashed with a half transparent lightning flame.


The chained man suddenly started to burn and the fire extended throughout his body.


The man yelled as his body was scorched and his Wicked skills countered.

“The Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eyes’ power has risen quite a bit and perfectly counters this body strengthening technique of the Wicked path.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Before when he purposely refined his True Spirit Lightning Flame was to increase the Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eyes’ power to deal with the geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace.

Both lightning and fire were the bane of the Wicked.

In just a few breaths the skeleton chained man had turned into ashes.

The Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye attacked both the physical and mental energy world and killed the man through both dimensions.

“Senior martial brother!”

The remaining black lotus girl had a pale face.

She couldn’t imagine what sort of nightmare this was. In just two glances, two of the three Wicked Teeth group were killed, of which the peak True Mystic Rank skeleton man was included.


Her knees went weak as she kneeled on the ground and wept: “Please, forgive me….”

Zhao Feng’s Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye perfectly countered the Black Cliff Palace’s Wicked path skills and in just one eye she would be sent to Heaven.

Even the strong body strengthening skeleton man had only survived a few breaths before dying.

“Put away your ghost corpses.”

Zhao Feng said coldly.

“Yes yes!”

The girl with the black lotus waved her hands and the black mist disappeared along with the two green bronze ghost corpses.


Zhao Feng flashed and a wave of lightning and ice enveloped the girl.


The body of the black lotus girl contorted as her Qi of True Spirit was sealed.

“So fast!”

Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye scanned towards a certain direction and found the reinforcements of the Black Cliff Palace had entered within two hundred miles.


Zhao Feng grabbed the girl with the black lotus and faded into the complex forest.

“Why did this cold person didn’t kill me? Is he like other men and wants to….”

The girl with the black lotus was in despair. She couldn’t imagine what kind of nightmare awaited her. Luckily Zhao Feng was emotionless as he grabbed her and showed no signs of l.u.s.t.

Half the time it took to make tea later.

Sou Sou Sou!

The Black Cliff Palace led by Chi Gui with the pierced nose arrived at the scorched ground. The atmosphere was very tense and Chi Gui said nothing as his pea eyes flashed with a white light.

The skeleton man only had his bones remaining and the chainsaw fellow had turned into shards.

“Li Youlian’s body isn’t here.”

One of skinny youths said.

“Looking from the marks it seems that the Wicked Teeth three were just fighting one person. If this is all done from that one person it’s impossible to imagine….”

Chi Gui murmured.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, how is that possible!? Maybe this is done by one of the Ten True Lords, For example, the strongest Pure Moon Spiritual Sect has five True Lords and many of them act alone.”

The skinny youth shook his head.

“That’s right! The Wicked Teeth three can fight a True Lord Rank when they go all out. How could they die in a brat’s hand?”

Even the weakest of the Wicked Teeth three could defeat a measly beginning stage True Mystic Rank, and there was three of them.

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