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Chapter 407 - Waiting for a Pie to drop from the Sky

This was the first time Zhao Feng had seen such a weird and scary eye bloodline.

Invisible ghosts extended their white claws and kept on reaching for Ye Yanyu’s body and opened their mouths and used their b.l.o.o.d.y tongues to lick greedily.

This scene in front of their eyes was similar to the Hundred Graves Forbidden Ground. It made one’s bone chill.

This power was invisible, but it existed between the physical and mental energy world.

Although the naked eye couldn’t see it, the body would instinctively feel cold and disgusted.

“Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye. Looks like Brother Chi Gui’s going serious now and has even used this forbidden skill.”

“Once someone is locked by the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye. Even True Lord Ranks might crumble and be eroded by the ghosts. Their blood essence will also be continuously eaten….”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace were excited and expectant.

Under normal situations Chi Gui wouldn’t use the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye easily as using this skill required a heavy price.

Ye Yanyu’s eyebrows furrowed and felt that her battle power was being restricted.

Screeches sounded within her mind that shook her consciousness.

The most direct damage was that her blood essence was being lost continuously.

“This eye bloodline is indeed terrifying and troublesome. Unfortunately, it needs to gather souls and then used a secret technique to use it.”

Zhao Feng felt slightly regretful.

His G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye couldn’t copy every skill since many were based on special attributes or bloodlines.

For example, Chi Gui’s Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye was based on his Black Wicked Eye.

However, Zhao Feng wasn’t afraid of the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye.

His Lightning Fire G.o.d’s Eye countered most of the techniques of the Black Cliff Palace, including the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye.

At this point in time Zhao Feng was instead worried for Ye Yanyu.

“If Ye Yanyu loses then my plan will be forced to change, and the difficulty will rise by several times.”

Zhao Feng silently watched and didn’t partic.i.p.ate.

His plan could smoothly progress as long as Ye Yanyu suppressed the two True Lord Ranks or were on par with the other two.

“Hmph, so the Black Cliff Palace only knows these wicked side tricks after tens of thousands of years? No wonder they’re ranked last of the three Sects.”

Ye Yanyu suddenly snickered coldly.

Purifying Moon Sky Essence!

Ye Yanyu shouted and her arms spread. At this moment she seemed to be holy and virtuous.

Instantly a bright moonlight shone from her and everything within a ten yards radius including gra.s.s, rock and stone started to evaporate.


The ghosts surrounding Ye Yanyu started to screech after being shone on by that virtuous light.

Even the True Lord Rank silver striped skeleton started to smoke.

Ye Yanyu’s Purifying Moon Sky Essence could counter the Dao of Ghost to a certain degree and instantly dissolve the trouble.

However, at this moment in time the blood robed True Lord Rank also used a deadly skill.

“Blood Moon Devouring Spirit!”

The blood robe of the True Lord Rank flapped, and a blood moon started to form in the air.

The large blood moon caused limitless blood moonlight to drop down and clashed with Ye Yanyu’s Purifying Moon Sky Essence, causing green smoke to bubble.

Furthermore, a large mouth opened in the blood moon that locked onto Ye Yanyu.

Ye Yanyu’s expression changed as she felt a power pull her body towards the mouth.

The Blood Moon Devouring Spirit could also directly absorb the blood of the target even from far away.

“Heh, this Blood Moon Devouring Spirit was an extremely dominant forbidden skill that can devour the essence of everything within a hundred yards radius. By concentrating it onto several yards, it’s power rises dramatically.”

The blood robed True Lord Rank laughed coldly.

His Blood Moon skills and Ye Yanyu’s Purifying Moon skill countered one another to a certain level.

This move had helped Chi Gui and turned the tides around.


Chi Gui laughed and once again summoned the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye to block Ye Yanyu and kept on sucking her blood.

The secret techniques of the two True Lord Ranks didn’t affect one another and instead helped each other as they were of the Yin element.

“Senior brother Chi Gui, we’ll give you our all!”

“Brother Xue, we’ll take down this b.i.t.c.h together!”

The disciples of the two sects supported from afar.

For example, those from the Black Cliff Palace summoned ghosts to increase the Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye’s power and the geniuses from the Moon Demon Palace poured their Qi of Blood Moon into the Blood Moon in the air, increasing the Blood Moon Devouring Spirit’s ability.


The power of the two secret techniques almost doubled and were truly able to suppress Ye Yanyu.

“Sky Moon Nine Slashes!”

A cold glint flashed in Ye Yanyu’s eyes as a transparent sword appeared in her hand.

Shu Shu Shu----

The naked eye could only see eight or nine bright flashes of devastating moonlight slash towards the ghosts.


These flashes caused the entire mountain to tremble with every strike.


An arm of Chi Gui’s True Lord Rank skeleton was cut off and cuts appeared on the Blood Moon as it started to destabilise.

The moonlight seemed to be able to cut through anything and even the surrounding ghosts were damaged.

“Sky Moon Nine Slashes. What a terrifying Sword skill. Each and every strike is able to kill a normal True Lord Rank head on. Furthermore, every strike is after the first and increases in power.”

Although Zhao Feng wasn’t the one facing it he could still feel the devastating power of the slashes.

When the Sky Moon Nine Slashes reached the fifth sword shock appeared in Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord’s eyes and had signs of retreat.

The ghosts of Chi Gui’s Wicked Spirit Ghost Eye screeched as they died, and his eye bloodline skill was forced to stop.


The sixth sword flashed through the air and sent Chi Gui’s True Lord Rank skeleton back dozens of yards.

A b.l.o.o.d.y gash was left on Chi Gui’s body and his face was slightly pale.

Immediately following that the eighth sword shattered the Blood Moon and the air was instead filled with limitless moonlight.


The blood robed True Lord Rank spat out a mouthful of blood as he retreated and a wound straight to the bone could be seen.

As the ninth sword was about to condense Ye Yanyu’s figure wavered and her face went pale white. Her blood essence and Yuan Qi was depleted, and the ninth Sky Moon Slash wasn’t fully formed in the end.

“So that’s what happened. Ye Yanyu could barely manage to use the Sky Moon Nine Slashes in the first place and after being damaged by the secret skills of the two True Lord Rank’s, her ninth sword wasn’t able to be unleashed.”

Zhao Feng knew the situation better as a spectator.


Both Chi Gui and the blood robed True Lord let out a breath.

Up to now Ye Yanyu still had the advantage and injured both the opponents with Chi Gui suffering the heaviest losses.

Three to four disciples nearby had been killed and most of them were at the peak True Mystic Rank.

Zhao Feng couldn’t help but feel lucky that he didn’t interrupt the three True Lord Ranks.

In reality.

According to the plan Zhao Feng wouldn’t and didn’t need to do anything.

Zhao Feng’s eyes twinkled then returned to its original casual expression.

At this point in time.

All three True Lord Ranks were in a stalemate and were injured. They were using every breath to rest and prepare for the next strike.

Zhao Feng felt it was boring and drank a drop of Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Dew.


Zhao Feng felt his mental energy begin to be cleansed and felt extremely refreshed, as if he had been washed by the sun and moon.

The Solar Lunar Sky Bamboo Shoot Dew could cleanse and strengthen the soul while also healing the mind.

Another effect was to increase mental energy and comprehension.

After using this drop Zhao Feng felt his thoughts become clearer and his mental energy level was around the early stages of the True Lord Rank.

“After I fully absorb this drop my mental energy level will be fully consolidated on the early stage True Lord Rank level.”

Zhao Feng’s attention went back to the situation.

From the start till now he had sat on the same spot and had no signs to partic.i.p.ate. It was as if he was just a spectator.

“This kid still has the mind to cultivate now?”

“Does he think a pie will fall down from the sky onto him?”

The geniuses of the two sects looked queerly at Zhao Feng and even the three True Lord Ranks paid attention to Zhao Feng from the corner of their eyes.

After all, Zhao Feng’s battle power was top amongst those below the True Lord Rank and could change the outcome if he made his move in the end.

However, Zhao Feng sat still and didn’t move.

Right at this moment the situation changed.

Shua Shua!

Both Ye Yanyu and the little thieving cat moved at the same time and leapt towards the treasures on the wall.

“Stop her!”

The expressions of Chi Gui and the blood robed youth changed instantly, and both intercepted her.


The little thieving cat disappeared and Ye Yanyu used two Sky Moon Slashes to force back the two True Lord Ranks.

“Hehe, Life Returning Gra.s.s.”

Ye Yanyu plucked out the holy gra.s.s.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its Mystic Snake Blood Whip and pulled out the blood gla.s.s fruit.

“My blood gla.s.s fruit!”

The blood robed youth charged towards the little thieving cat with bulging eyes.

The little thieving cat smiled as it took the blood gla.s.s fruit then agilely jumped towards the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom and bit towards it.

“Stop…. My Earth Yin Poison Mushroom!”

Chi Gui exclaimed as he almost went crazy. This was a perfect material for upgrading ghost corpses.


Ye Yanyu blocked them and they could only watch the little thieving cat take the blood gla.s.s fruit and swallow the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom.

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