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Chapter 417 - Bait Killing a True Lord Rank

The geniuses from the three sects that were paying attention to Zhao Feng’s actions were dazed.

Zhao Feng’s ‘arrow’ just then could be considered to be legendary. It was like a fish dodging through the branches of the Towering Tree Yao and found a path of life whenever it seemed to get cornered.

Any attack from the Towering Tree Yao could destroy those at the True Spirit Realm and in this environment, Zhao Feng’s arrow hit its target.

Such archery skills could make normal archers look up in awe.

“Hitting the target isn’t too hard because of my G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye, but the true difficulty is not harming the fruit.”

A drop of cold sweat appeared on Zhao Feng’s head due to exhaustion.

If the Tree Yao Essence Fruit was damaged, then Zhao Feng’s arrow would be useless no matter how skillful it was.

If too much energy was used, the Luohou Arrow would fall down midway and not hit the target.

On the contrary, if the power of lightning on the arrow was too much, it would destroy the Tree Yao Essence Fruit.

Zhao Feng had to control everything perfectly and even adjust the Luohou Arrow with his G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye midway.


Zhao Feng let out a breath but didn’t retract the Luohou Arrow. As long as Zhao Feng put some energy within the Luohou Bow, he could make the Luohou Arrow come back.

In theory, because the Luohou Arrow had pierced through Tree Yao Essence Fruit, it would bring back the spoils of war as well.

This was Zhao Feng’s safe way to get Tree Yao Essence Fruits.

Two factors were needed to make this happen:

The G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye’s control and the three Sects needed to distract the Towering Tree Yao.

Without the three Sect’s help, the Towering Tree Yao would interfere with Zhao Feng midway.

“Time to get my reward.”

Zhao Feng revealed a look of expectation.

The arrow just then was to aim onto the fruit. Now he needed to get it back. The difficulty of getting the fruit back was slightly easier than before because the first arrow’s power needed to be controlled perfectly. Too much power would destroy the fruit and too little wouldn’t hit the target.

However, getting the arrow back didn’t have the problems. The Tree Yao Essence Fruit belonged to the Towering Tree Yao and the fruit would be resilient from the attacks from the Towering Tree Yao and instead become replenished.

“That brat’s trying to…. ”

Yu Luo, who was coming up from behind, looked at the Luohou Bow in Zhao Feng’s hand then at the Luohou Arrow and his eyes flashed.

He suddenly understood Zhao Feng’s mother and son Luohou Bow.

As long as Zhao Feng put in a bit of Qi of True Spirit, the Luohou Arrow would return and bring the Tree Yao Essence Fruit back with it.

Everyone else from the three Sects also realized this.

“That kid’s using this method to take the fruits?”

Some of the geniuses of the three Sects were envious and jealous.

The life force contained within the Tree Yao Essence Fruit was immense. Just one fruit alone could save someone's life.

Said simply, it was the combination of the blood gla.s.s fruit and life returning gra.s.s and had 50-60% energy from both. It was easy to absorb and could heal some hidden injuries.

Compared with this, although the blood gla.s.s fruit could greatly increase cultivation, it would very likely leave injuries behind and was more suitable for those training the Dao of Blood.

Zhao Feng didn’t regret choosing the Earth Yin Poison Mushroom over the blood gla.s.s fruit at all and this Tree Yao Essence Fruit was obviously more suitable than the blood gla.s.s fruit for him.


Zhao Feng circulated some Qi of True Spirit to the Luohou Bow.


A light appeared on the Luohou Arrow as it flew back to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng used the G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye to make sure it wasn’t hit by the branches and the process was much easier than shooting it across.


The Luohou Arrow came back and brought back a Tree Yao Essence Fruit with it.

----The reward was here.

“With this essence fruit, I can quickly break through to the peak True Mystic Rank and then after a while, the True Lord Rank will have no barriers at all.”

Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction. He didn’t need to risk as much as the three True Lord Ranks but was able to get a Tree Yao Essence Fruit as well.

Right at this moment, a voice appeared from behind: “Zhao Feng, good job, I’ll come help you.”


Joy and killing intent flashed in Yu Luo’s eyes as he charged in.

Hearing this, Zhao Feng’s expression went dark and almost starting cursing. His position right now was extremely unique.

The roots on the ground couldn’t reach him and the branches of the Towering Tree Yao were just too far away.

This meant that Zhao Feng didn’t even need Yu Luo’s ‘help.’ What Yu Luo wanted to do was extremely obvious.

“This Yu Luo is so cunning.”

“Aye, such a precious treasures going to Yu Luo now.”

“That brat’s so unlucky. So much hard work gone to nothing.”

The geniuses of the Black Cliff Palace and Moon Demon Palace felt regretful and many were thinking why couldn’t they be the ones with this luck.

The Pure Moon Spiritual Sect’s side. The geniuses also understood Yu Luo’s intentions and some found this shameless while others were happy to see this.

“Hehe…. The mantis stalks the cicada but behind them lurks the oriole.”

Excitement jumped in Yu Luo’s heart. He followed Zhao Feng because he wanted to get rid of him, but the Heavens seemed to love him and gave him this luck.

“Kill Zhao Feng, get the fruit and after I absorb it, I’ll be able to reach the late stage True Lord Rank quickly. At that time, Ye Yanyu, that b.i.t.c.h, will have to give me face.”

Yu Luo’s heart overflowed with happiness and raised his speed to the maximum and closed in on Zhao Feng.

With his early stage True Lord Rank cultivation, it would be extremely easy to kill a True Mystic Rank who came from a village.

In his eyes, the Tree Yao Essence Fruit was already his.

Zhao Feng floated in midair, while his expression changed and his thoughts turned. Evading Yu Luo was easy for Zhao Feng but if he did that, it wouldn’t solve the problem.

“Oh well, right now, the Moon Demon Palace has lost one True Lord Rank and the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect is too strong and might unbalance the situation.”

Zhao Feng made a decision to kill Yu Luo.

Now was the problem - how would he kill Yu Luo?

Using Zhao Feng’s hidden cards, it wasn’t hard to kill Yu Luo but the difficulty was how to keep on hiding his strength and make Yu Luo’s death an accident so that no one was suspicious of Zhao Feng.

Killing a True Lord Rank was already not easy, especially if they had a difference in cultivation.

On top of this Zhao Feng needed to do it silently.

Under normal situations, Zhao Feng wouldn’t even dare think about killing a True Lord Rank before the Sacred True Dragon Gathering.

“En… that’s it!”

Zhao Feng’s eyes lit up as he came up with a plan.

Indeed, in normal situations, it would be hard to do so but it wasn’t impossible to put the blame on an accident.


Zhao Feng flew back towards Yu Luo, not seeming to realize the latter’s killing intent.

He also put the Luohou Arrow a bit closer to the ground.

The Towering Tree Yao’s roots could reach several miles and soon Zhao Feng was only ten yards away from the top of the ground.

Ten yards was almost in the Towering Tree Yao’s roots attacking range.

Zhao Feng didn’t go down any further because he would be attacked by the roots. The Tree Yao Essence Fruit in his hand was like a light in the darkness that would definitely be eyed by the Towering Tree Yao.

At this moment in time, Yu Luo was only twenty to thirty yards away from Zhao Feng which was a very effective place to attack.

“Hmph, hillbilly, die....”

Yu Luo’s handsome face was filled with coldness and twisted.

He raised his hand and a transparent moon blade that was ten to twenty yards long shot towards Zhao Feng.

Shua Shua!

Zhao Feng’s figure suddenly turned into two and he perfectly dodged the moon blade’s attack.

Two exact Zhao Fengs sped towards the ground.


With a wave of his hand, Yu Lao destroyed one of the ‘Zhao Feng’s’ and the other revealed a look of panic, obviously the true body, and sped in the Towering Tree Yao’s direction.

“Not good, once Zhao Feng is killed by the Towering Tree Yao, the Tree Yao Essence Fruit will also fall.”

Yu Luo’s expression changed dramatically as he chased after Zhao Feng.

At the same time, on a tree in the forest, an invisible Zhao Feng murmured to himself: “Yu Luo, you must die.”

The invisible Zhao Feng was the true Zhao Feng.

The one that had revealed a look of panic just then was also the real Zhao Feng, but after he revealed the look of panic, he created a Yin Shadow Doppelganger while his true body became invisible.

At this point in time, Yu Luo almost caught up to Zhao Feng’s Yin Shadow Doppelganger.

Eye of Heart!

Zhao Feng used the Eye of Heart while he was invisible and magnified the greed and desire in Yu Luo’s mind.

The thing was that Yu Luo’s back was turned to the three Sects and they couldn’t see the change on his face.

Most importantly, Zhao Feng’s true body was invisible and using the trees as cover, no one saw him.


Zhao Feng’s Yin Shadow Doppelganger dived into a hole in the ground and faded.

“My Tree Yao Essence Fruit….”

Yu Luo had lost his mind in the infinite desire and greed and under Zhao Feng’s ‘Eye of Heart’, he dived into the hole.

Bam Bam Bam Shua---

Dozens of roots reached out through the ground and wrapped themselves around Yu Luo.

It looked like they had been ready for a while.

“Not good!”

The expressions of the geniuses from the Pure Moon Spiritual Sect changed.


Yu Luo howled, but his shout was stopped halfway and he was twisted to death, becoming new ‘fertiliser.’

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