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Chapter 689 - Setting Sail (2)

The Lightning Wings Spatial Flash started to form in Zhao Feng’s mind.

Of course, right now, he was only cultivating the most basic foundation – the Lightning Wings Wind Flash. The Lightning Wings Wind Flash condensed the essence of the Wind Lightning Inheritance into the form of the Wings of Wind and Lightning.

Using the Lightning Wings Wind Flash, Zhao Feng was confident that his speed could surpa.s.s many Void G.o.d Realm Kings.

Time flew by quickly, and Zhao Feng spent the last two days comprehending the Wings of Wind and Lightning and grinding down the Intent of the Eye of Death.

Two days later, Zhao Feng let out a breath. He put the little thieving cat and the child DemiG.o.d away, then went to Emperor Duanmu’s place.

The child DemiG.o.d’s progress was shocking; he had reached the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm despite Zhao Feng limiting his resources.

In front of the palace:

“Good, everyone’s here,” Duanmu Qing nodded his head faintly. Next to him were Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.

The three had finished everything they needed to do and were now waiting for the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array to open.

“Let’s go,” with a thought, Emperor Duanmu’s powers covered Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei.


The next instant, the three had disappeared from the main Spiritual Peak.

“What speed!” Zhao Feng was stunned. In just one step, Duanmu Qing had taken the two of them and disappeared from the territory of the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

Zhao Feng felt as if s.p.a.ce had changed. Emperors far surpa.s.sed normal Kings in terms of their understanding of s.p.a.ce, and their souls were at the peak.

A breath or two later, Duanmu Qing and the other two had landed on the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak. The Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak was a neutral place, and there were many inheritances here.

“Why are these inheritances…?” Zhao Feng was slightly surprised.

Duanmu Qing’s eyes scanned over the place and explained, “Some expert ancestors of some two-star sects came to the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak to leave their inheritances behind for their juniors before they died.”

Zhao Feng understood. He had faintly heard about this when he entered the Sacred Land.

“Of course, these inheritances are much worse than the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden,” Duanmu Qing said.

Across the entire Sacred land, there weren’t more than three inheritances of the same rank as the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden.

They didn’t bother with these two-star sect inheritances. Emperor Duanmu led the way and walked to an array stand with eight old green stone poles.

These eight green stone poles were each several hundred meters tall and were covered with ancient array carvings. It seemed as if s.p.a.ce itself was undulating, and Zhao Feng’s G.o.d’s Spiritual Eye became lost when he inspected them. It was obvious that these stone poles regarded the laws of s.p.a.ce.

“Emperor Duanmu,” a voice sounded from the array.

Zhao Feng looked closely and was surprised; there was a Void G.o.d Realm King at the top of every pole. Apart from that, there was also an elder at the very center of the array – a Void G.o.d Realm Emperor. A total of one Emperor and eight Kings guarded the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.

“Thank you all,” Duanmu Qing smiled. His voice was as gentle as a breeze.

The elder Emperor nodded his head, and Duanmu Qing took out thirty-two peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones, which he placed within the eight stone poles.

“The Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array is to prevent being overrun by other forces. There’s also a G.o.d Primal Crystal Stone in the middle of the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array,” Duanmu Qing told Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei some secrets.

There were three Spiritual Zone Sacred Lands in the Cang Ocean: the True Martial Sacred Land, the Floating Dream Sacred Land, and the Ten Thousand Woods Sacred Land. These three Sacred Lands were connected by the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays.

Zhao Feng’s destination was roughly in the same direction as Duanmu Qing’s and Zhao Yufei’s.

“We’ll be parting ways after reaching the Floating Dream Spiritual Zone.”

Duanmu Qing and company stood at the center of the array.


The eight ancient green stone poles released a brilliant glow of silver-white light, which covered the array stand. Duanmu Qing’s, Zhao Feng’s, and Zhao Yufei’s bodies started to fade and disappear.

“They’ve left,” a King on top of one stone pole suddenly took out a token and sent a message. The next instant, a surge of Death Intent radiated across the entire True Martial Sacred Land and made some Kings and Emperors tremble uneasily.

“What a strong aura of Death!” some Void G.o.d Realm Kings felt their hearts go cold.

A couple breaths later, a tall figure wearing a dark golden crown appeared in the air above the Ten Thousand Ancient Sacred Peak. The crown radiated an ancient, dim aura. His pair of eyes were completely black like an abyss.

“Emperor of Death!” some old Emperors within the Sacred Land exclaimed.

“When did the Emperor of Death come to the True Martial Sacred Land?”

“He concealed himself very deeply.”

Chaos broke out amongst the Sacred Land. The Emperor of Death was the nightmare of many in the Cang Ocean.

“Master,” the warm Wen Luoan bowed and stood next to the Emperor of Death. The white-eyed girl, three Death Spirit Lords, and twenty or thirty Death Guards were also present. This force was enough to wipe out some two-star sects of the outside world.

“I’ve hidden in the Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan for over a month. That Emperor Duanmu has indeed gone toward the Floating Dream Spiritual Zone,” the Emperor of Death murmured.

His voice seemed to have the ability to sound within the soul, and the Divine Senses that scanned over felt cold and their souls started to feel uneasy. The Emperor of Death specialized in the Dao of Soul Death, and even Divine Sense could be injured just by coming into contact with him.

A while later, the Emperor of Death arrived at the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array.

“Emperor of Death….” the old Emperor and eight Kings felt as if they couldn’t control their lives. Each of the eight Kings felt a crus.h.i.+ng aura, and they didn’t dare to even look directly at the Emperor of Death. Only the old Emperor revealed a wary look as he glanced deeply at the Emperor of Death, but he didn’t say anything.

“Senior Martial Brother, where are we going this time?” the white-eyed little girl asked somewhat stupidly with a laugh.

“You’ll know very soon,” Wen Luoan took thirty-two peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones from the Emperor of Death, which he then placed into the eight stone poles.

The aura of Death and the Emperor of Death soon faded away as the array started.

Elsewhere in the limitless ocean, in a place comparable to the True Martial Sacred Land but very far from it.

Floating Dream Sacred Land, Zhao Feng stood on a similar array stand and looked around.

This Sacred Land had dreamy multi-colored clouds floating around, and it was at least a hundred miles wide. Eight of the colored clouds seemed to be corporeal, and they had two-star sects on them.

“The Floating Dream Sacred Land only has a single three-star superpower and dozens of two-star sects, but the Heaven Dream Sacred Clan’s strength is actually somewhat greater than the Mystic True Sacred Clan and Thousand Darkness Sacred Clan combined,” Duanmu Qing sighed as he took out a token after arriving. He was an honorary Elder of a two-star sect in the Floating Dream Sacred Land.

Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei still needed to use the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array again after arriving in the Floating Dream Sacred Land to go to the nearby continent zone. This meant that Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei would leave the Cang Ocean and arrive at the Southern Ocean.

“Brother Zhao Feng, we’ll part ways here. Maybe the next time we meet, we’ll have different ident.i.ties, different statuses, and maybe even different paths,” Zhao Yufei bit her lips and squeezed out a smile.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng and Zhao Yufei stood at two different Spiritual Zone Teleportation Arrays. Before Zhao Feng could say anything, Zhao Yufei had already turned around, and tears had started to form in her slightly red eyes.

“Different paths? Yufei…” Zhao Feng murmured, and his usually-calm heart suddenly felt a piercing pain that he had never felt before. It was similar to the experience he felt from the mermaid tears. It was as if he had also fallen into the beautiful and sad emotions of the mermaids.

Zhao Yufei seemed extremely weak and lonely in his eyes. Zhao Feng looked at the familiar figure and suddenly felt the urge to charge over and grab her tightly.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped onto Zhao Feng’s shoulder and urgently threw out several bronze coins.

“Hmm?” Zhao Feng’s expression changed dramatically, and he quickly took out several Primal Crystal Stones.

Before he left, Zhao Feng exchanged large amounts of resources for some peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones.


The little thieving cat quickly placed eight peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones into the array.


The array stand Zhao Feng stood on started to glow.

“Yufei, we shall meet again,” Zhao Feng’s decisive voice sounded in the soul-dimension.

Zhao Yufei’s figure trembled, but she didn’t turn around.

“Yufei, splitting now means meeting again in the future. The Lord Dynasty is your true stage. With Zhao Feng’s potential, he’ll arrive at the continent zone sooner or later,” the Purple Saint Partial Spirit’s voice sounded, and Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei soon disappeared as well.

Several breaths later, a bright light appeared on the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array stand. Immediately following that, an aura of Death surged into the area.

The expressions of the experts guarding the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array changed dramatically as the Emperor of Death and company appeared. The place became dead-quiet.

“They’ve gone?” the Emperor of Death murmured as his Eyes of Death locked on to the King opposite him.

“Arghh!” the Void G.o.d Realm King felt as if his soul had been restricted, and he couldn’t even resist.

“Where did that purple-haired male go?” Wen Luoan asked.

“He… he went to the Sky Flower Zone,” the Void G.o.d Realm uttered as he looked uneasily and fearfully at the Emperor of Death.

Everyone knew the Emperor of Death.

“Follow him,” the Emperor of Death and company instantly used the Spiritual Zone Teleportation Array and disappeared in a flash of light.

“The Emperor of Death!”

“That terrifying guy came to the Floating Dream Sacred Land? Who knows what kind of b.l.o.o.d.y storm he’ll bring.”

The Kings felt relieved.

The Emperor of Death and company soon appeared in the Sky Heaven Void Ocean Palace.


The aura of Death instantly enveloped the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace. In that instant, everyone in the Void Ocean Spiritual Palace felt their bodies freeze as if they were rocks.

“What power! Master used his power of Death to freeze the entire Void Ocean Spiritual Palace.”

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