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Chapter 688 - Setting Sail (1)

After the King Intent was formed, every aspect of Zhao Feng reached the limit. It would be hard for him to have any major breakthroughs within a short amount of time. A cultivation at the late-stage Great Origin Core Realm was also incredible.

Other than his cultivation, Zhao Feng's state of existence, body, and soul had all reached the level of a King.

At this moment, at least ten Divine Senses scanned across the area where Zhao Feng lived.

No matter how low-key Zhao Feng tried to be, the birth of a new King Intent was unable to be concealed.

The owners of these Divine Senses all sighed. A youth only twenty-three years old had a cultivation of the Great Origin Core Realm and was already able to comprehend King Intent. What kind of miracle was that?

The potential that Zhao Feng displayed already surpa.s.sed Nan Gongsheng's. Only Zhao Yufei, who had the bloodline of the Spiritual Race, could suppress Zhao Feng in terms of cultivation speed.

"Zhao Feng, you're improving at a very fast rate, but we'll be leaving in ten days' time…." Duanmu Qing's voice sounded.

Zhao Feng's strength was enough to challenge Kings, but in the face of the Pursuit of Death, even Emperors weren't able to survive.

"Ten more days," Zhao Feng nodded his head solemnly. There were only ten days of protection from living in the True Martial Sacred Land left, but that wasn't his final destination.

Floating Dream Spiritual Zone… Sky Saint Qin Palace…. Zhao Feng murmured in his heart.

His path of cultivation would be clear and straightforward after confirming whether Liu Qinxin was alive or dead.

Zhao Feng officially stopped cultivating for the last ten days. He continued grinding down the Intent from the Eye of Death.

His exiting seclusion raised the attention of many members of the clan. The fight with Lei Zhen had made Zhao Feng famous and given him the t.i.tle of the number one genius of the Lightning Dao.

Zhao Feng left the main Spiritual Peak. This was the first time he had left the clan's territory after exiting the DemiG.o.d Forgotten Garden.

Zhao Feng flew toward the Golden Mountain Sect and scanned his Divine Sense across the entire place. He soon saw Old Li, the King in blue robes, Li Yunya, Loulan Zhishui, and the other sailors.

"Zhao Feng!" the blue-robed King exclaimed as he sensed Zhao Feng's King-level Divine Sense.

He was shocked; how long had it been? Not even a year had pa.s.sed yet! The ant in his eyes had now formed complete King Intent.

The main difference between the Void G.o.d Realm and the realms below was the soul and their Intent, and Zhao Feng's soul and Intent were both already completely transformed. The door to becoming a King was wide open to him. Zhao Feng only needed a year or two at most to become a King.

A while later, in a side hall of the Golden Mountain Sect, Zhao Feng, the blue-robed King, and Old Li sat together and started to chat.

Zhao Feng was now a legendary genius and rising star within the True Martial Sacred Land. He had revealed his light during the disciple ceremony, and he managed to copy the plan from several thousand years ago to invade the Mermaid Kingdom, obtaining mermaid tears and the Illusion G.o.d Wine.

Afterward, Zhao Feng only became more famous. The fight with Lei Zhen, and his potential to surpa.s.s the Wind Lightning Emperor, shocked the entire Sacred Land.

The blue-robed King and Old Li both sighed in their hearts when they met Zhao Feng again. Zhao Feng was even more terrifying than the rumors - he had formed King Intent.

Old Li took Zhao Feng to see Loulan Zhishui, Li Yunya, and company a while later.

"Zhao Feng, we've asked some array masters to strengthen your Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p," Old Li smiled and said. Although Zhao Feng stayed on the main Spiritual Peak of the True Mystic Sacred Clan, he had maintained contact with Old Li.

"Captain…." Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui wanted to speak, but they stopped.

Zhao Feng's eyes scanned over them and instantly knew the situation very clearly. After entering the Sacred Land, Loulan Zhishui and Li Yunya were soon accepted into the Golden Mountain Sect, and Loulan Zhishui became a rising star of the Golden Mountain Sect while Li Yunya became a Deacon. The two had already successfully integrated into the Golden Mountain Sect.

The thirty-three two-star sects within the True Martial Sacred Land were all peak two-stars that far surpa.s.sed the two-star forces of the outside world. How glorious was it to be one of the members of a Sacred Land?

"You can decide whether to stay or leave. I won't force you," Zhao Feng said calmly.

Without much hesitation, Li Yunya decided to stay. Staying in a Sacred Land was a dream-come-true for him, and he couldn't go back to his original sect even if he wanted to.

Loulan Zhishui glanced at Zhao Feng with a complex and guilty expression.

The purple-haired youth in her sight had become distant. She had witnessed the miracle of his rising. The first time they met, he was only a ruffled blue-haired youth.

"Okay, I understand," Zhao Feng wasn't surprised, and he wasn't angry.

Loulan Zhishui looked downward with guilt. Back at the Eight Desolate Mountain, she agreed to become a sailor on Zhao Feng's s.h.i.+p, but the promise was now coming to an end.

"Skeletal Division Leader, from today onwards, you shall be the vice-captain of the s.h.i.+p," Zhao Feng gently waved his hand.


The skeletal Division Leader appeared. Its bones were covered with dark golden lines, and its aura was much stronger than before, even surpa.s.sing Li Yunya's.

"What…!" Li Yunya's heart jumped in disbelief.

Not only had the skeletal Division Leader's cultivation reached the Sovereign Lord rank, the strength of its bones had reached the peak Sovereign Lord level. It was unlikely that many people below the half-step Void G.o.d Realm would be a match for the skeletal Division leader.

"Understood, Master," the skeletal Division Leader laughed wickedly as it took the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p and the other sailors.

The size of the s.h.i.+p hadn't become any bigger, but its other aspects were all stronger. Zhao Feng paid a huge price that hurt Old Li just by looking at it.

"Let's go," Zhao Feng took the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p and returned to the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

Before he left, Zhao Feng gave Old Li two interspatial rings.

"Please give one of them to the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord. The other one is for the Golden Mountain Sect, which Old Li can distribute as he wishes."

Old Li gripped the two interspatial rings and took in a cold breath when his Divine Sense entered them. The amount of treasure contained within the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord's interspatial ring was enough to make the eyes of even Kings go red. As for the one meant for the Golden Mountain Sect, the amount of treasure was greater than the amount of treasure Old Li had saved over his entire lifetime.

Furthermore, according to what Zhao Feng said, this was just some compensation; he would also owe the Eternally Sealed Palace Lord a favor.

"I have to admit that the two of you made the wrong decision," Old Li sighed gently as his eyes scanned over Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui.

Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui could obviously see the stunning amount of treasures that were in the interspatial rings.

One had to know that Old Li was a half-step King. Li Yunya and Loulan Zhishui wouldn't receive anything. With Zhao Feng's help, they managed to enter the True Martial Sacred Land, which was already their biggest reward.

After returning to the main Spiritual Peak Zhao, Feng packed his stuff, while the skeletal Division Leader officially took over the Blue Lightning Sea Sky s.h.i.+p.

Zhao Feng let the sailors go and gave them their rewards.

"Master, give me some time and I'll be able to turn this s.h.i.+p into a ghost s.h.i.+p," the skeletal Division Leader laughed. After becoming the vice-captain, it made some of the smarter ghost-corpses become sailors.

After staying in the Ten Thousand Ghost Peal for so long, different types of zombies, spirits of hatred, and other corpses had formed.

If he was willing, Zhao Feng could even go down the path of the Ten Thousand Ghost Emperor and form his own army. It wouldn't be just a wish to wipe out a two-star force later on. However, Zhao Feng wasn't too interested in the Dao of Ghost-Corpses. His main cores were still the Wind Lightning Inheritance and his Soul eye-bloodline techniques.

That thought would be better if it was handed over to the skeletal Division Leader.

As the ten-day deadline was closing in, Zhao Feng finished all the problems and didn't have anything to do over the last five days.

He went to find Nan Gongsheng and talk to him.

Of course, he didn't go find him to fight. Instead, he wanted to talk about the theories behind the Dao of s.p.a.ce.

Zhao Feng comprehended the Lightning Wings Flying Technique after observing and incorporating part of Nan Gongsheng's laws of s.p.a.ce. Zhao Feng still needed to perfect it, so he wanted to learn from Nan Gongsheng himself.

Nan Gongsheng didn't decline; he was also interested in Zhao Feng's understanding of the laws of Wind and the laws of Lightning. In terms of speed alone, even Nan Gongsheng wasn't as fast as Zhao Feng.

The two sparred and talked for two or three days, and they both gained some understanding. Zhao Feng learned a lot from inspecting Nan Gongsheng's spatial techniques.

The Wings of Wind and Lightning technique contains even more powerful Lightning Wings Spatial techniques, and they can travel thousands of miles in one breath…. Zhao Feng thought.

The Lightning Wings Flying Technique was more suitable for running from or pursuing others. In the past, the Wind Lightning Emperor used this skill to escape even from Sacred Lords.

After returning to his place, Zhao Feng took out the little thieving cat. The little thieving cat also specialized in s.p.a.ce, so Zhao Feng wanted to learn from it as well.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat disappeared in an instant and appeared on the top of the room the next instant.

Its spatial techniques were related to the Dao of, so they were usually dead-silent.

Zhao Feng realized that the little thieving cat relied more on its bloodline, and it exceeded the parameters of normal spatial techniques. However, even then, Zhao Feng was able to learn from the little thieving cat.

After combining Nan Gongsheng's techniques, the little thieving cat's techniques, and the Wind Lightning Inheritance, Zhao Feng was able to perfect his technique even more.

"If this succeeds, my speed will reach an entirely new level."

Zhao Feng slowly closed his eyes. For the final two days, he kept his eyes shut and merged the various skills together.

A plan started to form in his mind - merge spatial techniques into the Wings of Wind and Lightning. With that, he could break through s.p.a.ce itself while flying.

The Wings of Wind and Lightning on their own were just like a bird who had reached its fastest speed; there wasn't really a way to push the wings themselves any faster, but if he could use spatial techniques and shrink the distance travelled to one-tenth or one-hundredth of the actual distance, then the overall speed would be ten times or a hundred times faster.

This was the ultimate theoretical level of the Wings of Wind and Lightning - the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash.

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