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Chapter 705 - Strength of an Emperor

"The chances of the pirate alliance winning aren't over 30%. I suggest Master leave," the child DemiG.o.d said solemnly.

It wouldn't be hard for Zhao Feng to escape in the chaotic battle with his strength, but Zhao Feng started to think and then shook his head, "This is a good chance to understand the strength of an Emperor."

He had never fought with an Emperor before, and Emperor Mu Yun wasn't even one of the top Emperors. If he didn't have to courage to partic.i.p.ate in this battle, how would he face the Emperor of Death? Furthermore, Zhao Feng was on the Cold Moon King's side, so he should lend her his power like he promised.


Zhao Feng's purple Soul Sea suddenly started to shake as he was locked on to by a powerful Intent. If it were someone weaker than a King, their souls might have been shattered already, and they would be injured even if they were a King.

"Emperor Mu Yun!" Zhao Feng's heart went cold as he glanced at Emperor Mu Yun in the center of the dark red haze.

The Intent just now came from Emperor Mu Yun. He had locked on to Zhao Feng. The Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King both shook at the same time. Emperor Mu Yun's Intent had locked on to all three of them at the same time and shook their souls.

"Master, this Emperor Mu Yun left a marking on the three of you," the child DemiG.o.d warned, and Zhao Feng found that the Dark Dragon King had a cruel smile.

It was obvious that Zhao Feng was one of the must-be-killed people, which was why he had been locked on to. This was because he had killed the Dark Dragon King's adoptive father. As for the other two, the Giant Shark King and the Cold Moon King were powerful compet.i.tors to become the Pirate Emperor, and they directly threatened the Dark Dragon King's status.

"Hmm?" Emperor Mu Yun was slightly surprised as his gaze scanned over Zhao Feng. His Intent just now hadn't shattered this junior's soul? He felt that the aura of Zhao Feng's soul was like a mountain of lightning and unable to be moved.

However, Emperor Mu Yun didn't think too much about it. There were too many talented people in the world, and some had strong souls while others had firm Intents. There was even a race among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races that became stronger by devouring the souls of others.

"Everyone be careful. Kings below the Domain-level, move away from Emperor Mu Yun!"

"The Cold Moon King and I, as well as the four Domain-level Kings, will stall Emperor Mu Yun!"

The Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King ordered, but Emperor Mu Yun had already started to attack.


The dark red haze seemed to become alive as it blocked the sun and moon. The s.p.a.ce here was controlled by Emperor Mu Yun, and he blocked the pirate alliance and the Pirate Kings.

"Die!" Emperor Mu Yun gently raised his hand and formed a dark red hand in the air that descended from the sky. This dark red hand was followed by a wave of mist-like substance that seemed to represent the Intent of the universe.

"Not good!"

The bodies of both the Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King became heavy as they did their best to dodge the dark red hand that was aimed at them. As long as the two Peak-tier Kings were killed, the pirate alliance would crumble instantly.

"Giant Shark Image!" the Giant Shark King roared as he opened his bloodline and became covered by the image of a large ancient shark. He then waved his hand, and the dominating power of the shark image slashed toward the red hand.

"Unique Cold Moon!" the Cold Moon King's sword and blade intertwined and sent a stunning beam of moonlight into the air that started to rip the dark red light into shreds.

Of course, the two Peak-tier Kings had to dodge to one side while blocking the dark red hand. They didn't dare to clash with it head-on.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The dark red hand then exploded and covered everything within several hundred yards.

"Arghh!" two normal Kings nearby weren't able to dodge in time and were turned into two puddles of b.l.o.o.d.y water.

In just one palm, two normal Kings were killed.


The Kings of the pirate alliance took in cold breaths.

"Kings who haven't formed Domains are ants in front of an Emperor," the child DemiG.o.d murmured, and Zhao Feng's heart went numb. The strength of an Emperor was terrifying.


The normal Kings all started to put some distance between them.

"Everyone spread out," the Cold Moon King waved her blade and sword toward Emperor Mu Yun.

A giant axe appeared in the Giant Shark King's hand. It was a peak-tier Earth-Grade weapon. The giant axe contained the power of a Peak-tier King's domain and the shark image, causing the air to tremble.

Boom! Boom! Bam!

The attacks of the two Peak-tier Kings landed on Emperor Mu Yun, and he had a smile of mockery on his face as he waved his hand and formed a hole with dark red light that engulfed the attacks. On top of that, the hole resonated with the dark red haze and had a powerful suction force.

"Not good!" the Cold Moon King and the Giant Shark King's figures were both pulled toward the hole.


At that moment, a golden arrow flashed through the air and shot toward Emperor Mu Yun.

Emperor Mu Yun jumped up in fright. This golden arrow seemed to have locked on to his soul, and even he couldn't dodge it. Furthermore, this arrow contained an aura of Destruction, which even he didn't dare to underestimate.

This was the strongest arrow Zhao Feng had ever unleashed after obtaining the Sky Locking Bow. Compared to ten days ago, the G.o.d Tribulation Lightning in the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning of this arrow was much stronger than before.

Whoos.h.!.+ Bam!

The image of a materialized dimension surrounded Emperor Mu Yun, and the power of the arrow started to weaken and then shatter after striking Emperor Mu Yun.

"The Little World of an Emperor - a materialized spatial domain!" Zhao Feng's heart shook.

Although this arrow might not have threatened Emperor Mu Yun very much, it still helped the two Peak-tier Kings.

"Attack!" the Cold Moon King, the Giant Shark King, and the four Domain-level Kings counterattacked.

Facing so many elite Kings, even Emperor Mu Yun didn't dare to underestimate them.

Bam! Boom! Bam!

The Cold Moon King and the other Kings clashed against Emperor Mu Yun, causing Heaven and Earth to shake. At the same time, the Dark Dragon King led the other Pirate Kings and started to fight against the rest of the pirate alliance.

"Kill!" the Dark Dragon King waved his halberd, and normal Kings weren't even able to stop him.

Emperor Mu Yun alone stalled the Cold Moon King, the Giant Shark King, and the strongest pirates. This meant that the Dark Dragon King was unstoppable.

"Brat, get ready to die!" the Dark Dragon King licked his lips and looked at Zhao Feng with a cruel gaze as he charged toward him.

"Lightning Wings Wind Flas.h.!.+" Zhao Feng used his Wings of Wind and Lightning to pull away from the Dark Dragon King. Without using the G.o.d's Spiritual Eye, it would be hard for Zhao Feng to fight against a Peak-tier King head-on.

The Dark Dragon King still had four more Domain-level Kings and two normal Kings, whereas the pirate alliance only had three Domain-level Kings and twenty normal Kings. The Dark Dragon King alone could stall two or three Domain-level Kings. Although Zhao Feng's side wasn't at a disadvantage due to overwhelming numbers, Emperor Mu Yun was able to easily suppress the Cold Moon King, the Giant Shark King, and company. He even had the time to attack others, and he could kill a Pirate King with each strike.

Once the Cold Moon King or the Giant Shark King lost, the tide would turn in an instant.

"Little Kun Yun," Zhao Feng looked at the child DemiG.o.d and gave an order.

"Master, you want to…?" the child DemiG.o.d revealed a rare look of excitement.


The child DemiG.o.d was put away by Zhao Feng.

Miao miao!

Immediately following that, a small silver-gray cat appeared holding an array flag in the battlefield.


The Ghost Corpse Cursed Array was instantly opened, and it spanned several miles. After absorbing the essence of many Kings, the Ghost Corpse Cursed Array had become much stronger.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat condensed the array to a mere dozen yards, and its task was to collect the essence of the dead Kings.

"Lightning Wings Flying Technique!" the pair of wings on Zhao Feng's back fluttered as he disappeared.

"Arghh!" a normal King below was slain by Zhao Feng.

By using the Lightning Wings Flying Technique and the Wind Lightning Wings Slash together, Zhao Feng could easily kill his targets. He would use the Wind Lightning Wings Slash the instant he arrived, and the target wouldn't be able to react in time. Even if they noticed it, they didn't have the time to dodge or evade. This was because, in terms of speed, apart from the Emperor and several Peak-tier Kings, none of them could catch up to Zhao Feng.

"Argh!" with another flash, Zhao Feng quickly killed another normal King.

The Dark Dragon King only had four Domain-level Kings remaining, and he was attacked by the group of Pirate Kings.

Emperor Mu Yun's eyebrows furrowed. He couldn't let the Dark Dragon King come to any harm.


Emperor Mu Yun thrust out a palm, killing two normal Kings and severely injuring another. Of course, Emperor Mu Yun also wanted to get rid of Zhao Feng, but the latter's techniques were too profound, and he even had the ability to break through s.p.a.ce.

Back then, the Wind Lightning Emperor had managed to escape even from Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

At the same time, in the air above the Ten Thousand Abyssal Islands Zone, a cold black s.h.i.+p was flying through the air, and it radiated a shocking aura of Death. The animals and beasts nearby trembled in fear wherever the s.h.i.+p went.

"The Eighteen Corners Pirate Sacred Land is ahead of us," a warm youth looked ahead.

"According to our a.n.a.lysis, this is the direction Zhao Feng may have escaped toward," an echoing voice came from a nearby Death Spirit Lord wearing a Yin Yang mask.

Wen Luoan had a respectful expression as he looked at the leader of the four Death Spirit Lords - the Yin Yang Lord.

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