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Chapter 802 - Rank Nine of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races

“Stop! You can't take the Evil G.o.d Crystal away or else it will bring disaster to the underground city, and even the entire Divine Illusion Dimension,” an old voice sounded from the entrance that led to the snakemen territory.

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng looked over. They succeeded in taking the Evil G.o.d Crystal, and it was now in Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain.

As soon as those words sounded, an old snakeman appeared. The snakeman had white hair and wrinkled skin. He had a hunched back, and it required a lot of effort for him to walk.

Everyone revealed a weird expression when their gaze landed on the snakeman elder.

“Hehe, old snakeman King that's about to enter the grave, do you really think you can decide where the Evil G.o.d Crystal goes?” Zhao Feng laughed lightly.

Hearing that, everyone broke out into discussion. It was hard to imagine that this old snakeman who couldn't even walk properly was a Void G.o.d Realm King. Even Nan Gongsheng and Gu Chaozhi didn't sense that immediately, but Zhao Feng did.

“I am the previous Evil G.o.d's priest,” the snakeman elder with white hair said in a raspy voice as he gave a deep glance toward this purple-haired youth who was only at the Small Origin Core Realm. The aura of his soul had reached its end and yet Zhao Feng could still see through him.

Gu Chaozhi and the elites of the three forces all felt their hearts shake, and they became even warier of Zhao Feng.

If this snakeman elder with white hair was the previous priest, then he would be at the Void G.o.d Realm at the least.

“Hmph, I won't hand over the Evil G.o.d Crystal for any reason. What's the life or death of the underground city got to do with me?” Nan Gongsheng was emotionless. He paid a big price to finally move the Evil G.o.d Crystal into his spatial dimension.

“Old priest, you risked your life to come and stop us?” Gu Chaozhi was interested. Now that the Evil G.o.d Crystal was already in Nan Gongsheng's hands, Gu Chaozhi didn't mind some new variables.

Nan Gongsheng's eyebrows furrowed, but he also wanted to know more about the Evil G.o.d Crystal.

“My lifespan has reached its limit, so it doesn't matter if I die or not, but I must tell you something,” the old priest with white hair said sadly.

At this instant in time, Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Gu Chaozhi, and company were silent, and they felt a sadness in their hearts. They weren't sympathetic toward the priest – they were respectful toward the laws of Death.

Everyone knew that there was a limit to life. For example, Void G.o.d Realm Kings could usually live for several thousand years. After this amount of time pa.s.sed, one's soul and life would wither and die. Even stealing another body and re-cultivating couldn't stop it.

Putting aside Void G.o.d Realm Kings, even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords and DemiG.o.ds could die from the pa.s.sage of time. The only difference was that they had a longer lifespan. As for Zhao Feng, his lifespan hadn't changed much after taking another body. The only thing that could help would be items similar to the Immortal Springs Wine or breaking through to a higher realm.

Of course, ancient Emperors that specialized in the element of Death, such as the Emperor of Death, could live several times longer than others of the same cultivation.

“You may know that there is the occasional disaster in the underground city, such as lava or the Fire of the Earth, and the Evil G.o.d Crystal can affect and stabilize this power,” the old priest with white hair slowly said.

Everyone else was dead-silent because they knew these were the last words of a dying elder. They were nice to someone who was about to die.

“Are they not natural?” Zhao Feng suddenly realized something. He knew that every race was extremely respectful to and wary of the Evil G.o.d's Crystal, and it was true that the Evil G.o.d's priest had the ability to control the disasters by using the Evil G.o.d Crystal's power.

“That's just the surface.” The old priest with white hair took a deep breath, and his expression became solemn. “Only the priests and a small number of people know that there is actually an even bigger 'disaster' underground.”

Bigger disaster?

All the disciples and elites felt an unusual atmosphere. Right at this moment, everyone felt a shaking sensation from under the Evil G.o.d's Altar.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng's G.o.d's Spiritual Eye thumped. At this instant, Kong Feiling's and Zhao Feng's Imperial Dao bloodlines both trembled in fear.

What kind of aura could make Imperial Dao bloodlines tremble in fear?

“Can you feel it?” The old priest's face was bitter and his eyes were full of worry.

“What… what is underground?”

The elites of the three forces felt uneasy. It was as if an aura of Destruction was slowly awakening.

“You should know that there is a race called the Destruction Dragon Race, ranked within the top ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races,” the old priest with white hair said.

Destruction Dragon Race!? Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Gu Chaozhi, and company were stunned.

“Ranked ninth among the Ten Thousand Ancient Races… the Destruction Dragon Race!” Old Fei exclaimed as fear spread.

“Eighth place is the Golden Crow Race, and ninth is the Destruction Dragon Race….”

Everyone present came from two-star or three-star powers, so they knew a lot. Anything ranked within the top ten of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races wasn't a joke.

“What a joke! If it really was the Destruction Dragon Race, they could destroy the entire Divine Illusion Dimension with just a breath,” a cold laugh came from a handsome youth with purple hair.

The speaker was Zhao Feng. He knew a lot about the abilities and the battle-power of every race since he had read the Ten Thousand Ancient Races ranking book.

In reality, the Ten Thousand Ancient Races weren't ranked by pure battle-power. For example, the Heaven's Legacy race weren't strong, but their wisdom was unparalleled. They captured the Light Race to try to create a time machine, and they even had a plan to revive the Ancient Race.

However, the Destruction Dragon Race definitely had strong battle-power.

The eighth-ranked Golden Crow Race only had one crow remaining, and it supplied the light and warmth for the entire Fan Universe with its enormous body.

The Destruction Dragon Race was said to be the nemesis of the Golden Crow Race. According to what Zhao Feng knew, this race lived for destruction, and their final aim was to destroy the world.

“Old snake, how dare you trick us!?” All the disciples of the three forces let out a breath, and cold sweat appeared on Nan Gongsheng's forehead. The legendary Destruction Dragon Race was too terrifying.

The old priest with white hair smiled bitterly. “The true Destruction Dragon Race has become extinct, but there is a Black Destruction Serpent Dragon sealed underground that has a faint bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race.”

Hearing that, the hearts of all the present disciples shook. There was a Black Destruction Serpent Dragon underground that contained a faint bloodline of the Destruction Dragon Race?

“Back then, this Black Destruction Serpent Dragon was sealed by the G.o.ds. Although it isn't even at 1% of its full strength due to the pa.s.sing of time, the seal has become much weaker as well.” The old priest sighed.


The ground under the Evil G.o.d's Altar started to shake and become hot. The roar of a dragon that seemed to have been suppressed for countless years sounded, and flames of Destruction were waiting to destroy and engulf everything.

The hearts of all the disciples jumped. Fear and panic spread throughout the air.

Peng! Peng!

Zhao Feng felt his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye twitch in warning. One thing was for sure – the old priest that was about to die had no reason to lie to them.

“The disasters are all created by the Destruction Black Serpent Snake struggling, and the Evil G.o.d Crystal can calm the disasters and stabilize the seal.” The old priest let out a long breath as he sat down and told them the full story.

Zhao Feng's and Nan Gongsheng's eyes twinkled.

“I won't hand over the Evil G.o.d Crystal. It's not a true Destruction Dragon sealed down there, so it isn't unrivalled. Furthermore, it's not even at its peak.” Nan Gongsheng was very straightforward. He didn't care about whether the underground city lived or died. All he wanted was power.

“Old priest, you've come too late. We just took the Evil G.o.d Crystal away. It'll be much too difficult to put it back,” Zhao Feng shook his head and said with a sigh. He had communicated with the little thieving cat on his shoulder.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat waved its paws and showed that the purple-and-blood-colored treasure stone on the staff had cracks in it.

The main reason they could take away the Evil G.o.d Crystal was because of the blood pond and the staff in Nan Gongsheng's spatial domain. Zhao Feng's methods and Nan Gongsheng's spatial techniques were just support. More precisely said, Nan Gongsheng hadn't actually obtained the Evil G.o.d Crystal yet, he had only put it in another place for now. It was too late to take it back out.

“You… you….” The old priest was unable to speak properly and acted as if he had lost his soul. He didn't expect them to have the ability to move the Evil G.o.d Crystal before he even arrived.

“I'm sorry, please rest well,” Zhao Feng said slightly regretfully and sympathetically.


The old priest let out a breath as his life came to an end. In the very last instant, the old priest burned his soul and body, giving off an aura close to an Emperor.

“Not good!”

The disciples and elites all felt a powerful pressure bear down on them. Even Nan Gongsheng's and Gu Chaozhi's expression changed. They thought that this old priest was going to kill them.

Only Zhao Feng stood still without panicking.

“Everyone in the underground city, leave. Disaster… is coming.” The old priest's sad voice resounded across every corner of the underground world. Before he died, he used his remaining power to tell the world.

Zhao Feng admired him, but he murmured, “The existence of the Evil G.o.d Crystal was just slowing the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon's inevitable escape.”

No matter how strong the Evil G.o.d Crystal was, it was just a Primal Crystal Stone in the end. It wasn't even the core of the seal. All it could do was slow the serpent dragon down.

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~!

Continuous shaking came from the underground world as lava started spreading in some places.


The roar of an enraged dragon sounded from under the ground.

“The world shall shake in front of the Destruction races! Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang, I will devour your palace and then your domain world…!”

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