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Chapter 866 - Stunning Effect

Within the cave where the Bee Empress was located, the aura of Nan Gongsheng's divine power was able to resist against the Bee Empress's aura for a short amount of time. Outside the cave, Zhao Yufei and Mo Dongyao had currently stabilised the situation.

The half-solidified multi-colored honey was right in front of them. It was extremely alluring; it could actually help one reach the Mystic Light Realm.

However, even in this situation, Zhao Feng still didn't lose his cool. His left eye-bloodline locked on to the Bee Empress opposite them, as if trying to see through it. Zhao Feng's body suddenly tensed up as he started to focus.

"Zhao Feng, hurry!"

Cold sweat started to appear on Nan Gongsheng's forehead as the purple-and-blood-colored divine light around him started to tremble and glitter with purple-and-silver light. He circulated all his power but was unable to stop the Bee Empress.

The strength of the Bee Empress had reached the level of a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, and she was countless times stronger than the Magnificent Power of a King.

Zhao Feng still didn't move. His left eye locked on to a dark golden eye of the Bee Empress.

Surprise flashed through the Bee Empress's eyes. It was waiting for this youth to impatiently steal the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey; it didn't expect him to be so calm.

Zhao Feng could sense the killing intent brewing from the Bee Empress. Once he tried to obtain the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, he would be immediately attacked.

Being ambushed by a Sacred Lord wasn't something that Void G.o.d Realms could resist.


Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Nan Gongsheng and the two girls were unable to last much longer.

Weng Weng Weng

At the same time, thousands upon thousands of venomous bees inside the venomous bee kingdom started to gather in the cave. There were thousands and tens of thousands of elite bees that were comparable to half-step Kings and over a hundred Bee Kings whose battle-power was comparable to Peak-tier Kings.

This meant that Zhao Feng and company were essentially facing an entire three-star power. It was extremely dangerous, and Nan Gongsheng understood the pressure that Zhao Feng was facing. It wouldn't be easy to deal with the killing intent of a Sacred Lord unless it was the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor at his peak.

Miao miao!

The appearance of a silver-gray cat broke the tense atmosphere. The cat was only the size of a palm and seemed to be harmless, but what it did next enraged the Bee Empress.


A spade appeared in the little thieving cat's paws, which then dug into the ground in the direction of the honey.


The little thieving cat successfully managed to obtain a spade-full of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

Boom! Boom! Weng~~

With this one spade, the entire beehive started to tremble as if it was about to crumble. No one knew what kind of abilities this spade had that it could create this much of a disturbance.

The Bee Empress roared and made s.p.a.ce itself tremble.


It then opened its mouth and spat out a burst of dark, multi-colored flames.

The instant this dark, multi-colored flame appeared, s.p.a.ce started to tremble, and a forbidden aura made the four's hearts turn cold.

Surprisingly, there was a forbidden s.p.a.ce-type aura that covered the area where the multi-colored flame was about to hit. Zhao Feng and the little thieving seemed to freeze in time.

"Not good! Could this be the Bee Empress's Origin Sacred Flame!?" Nan Gongsheng's heart jumped.

This power was only below that of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon outside Xie Yang Palace. For the four present, the Origin Sacred Flame was unrivalled. Even if peak Emperors came, they would be instantly slain.

No wonder Zhao Feng was acting like it was such a great foe.


The little thieving cat screamed as if sensing danger that it had never felt before.

"Spatial Movement!"

A whirlpool of eye-bloodline power covered the dark multi-colored flames and the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat and the multi-colored flames around it suddenly disappeared.

Surprise flashed through the dark golden eyes of the Bee Empress, and its expression changed dramatically as a whirlpool suddenly covered it.


A forbidden multi-colored flame landed right on the Bee Empress's face.


Screams sounded through the air, shaking both the physical and mental dimensions.

Bam! Bam! Boom!

The beehive started to shake as a terrifying aura radiated from it, making the hearts of those from Sky Sword Pavilion and the Duanmu Family outside shake.

"Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, come!"

Using this chance, Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World and took all the nearby Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. At this moment in time, the terrifying disturbance of the Bee Empress had sealed the air.

Zhao Feng's face was bright red, and creaking sounds could be heard in his soul. The killing intent of the Bee Empress had locked on to him.

"Quickly retreat."

Surges of purple-and-silver light appeared around Nan Gongsheng and enveloped Zhao Feng.

Shua! Shua!

Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng barely managed to retreat from the cave. At this moment, Mo Dongyao and Zhao Yufei had also retreated toward the cave under the attacks of several Bee Emperors, dozens of Bee Kings, and millions of regular bees.

The four gathered at the cave entrance.

"Very good… success." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile as he raised his arm, but it was at this moment that the unexpected happened.

The bloodied and blurred face of the Bee Empress revealed a gruesome expression filled with killing intent as it opened its mouth.

"Watch out!" Zhao Yufei and Mo Dongyao yelled out.


A multi-colored light shot out of the Bee Empress's mouth. It was a wide-range attack that would cover everyone standing at the entrance.

Mockery appeared in the Bee Empress's eyes. She had a.n.a.lyzed that Zhao Feng's Spatial Movement could only target small individual attacks, so this time, she used a wide-range attack that could take care of all of them at once.

The undulation of a forbidden power covered the quartet.

"Hehe, goodbye." Zhao Feng raised his arm and gave a wave.


A layer of silver s.p.a.ce appeared around the four, and there was a flash of silver alongside a wisp of a spatial disturbance.


The multi-colored light instantly landed where the four were just standing, but all that was left behind was a faint transparent silver light. The four had disappeared.

Outside the garden:

Weng~~ Shua!

A blurry layer of silver light that contained four people started to become clearer. The four were Zhao Feng, Nan Gongsheng, Zhao Yufei, and Mo Dongyao.

"That was far too risky."

Zhao Yufei and Mo Dongyao both let out a breath. Luckily, Zhao Feng had used the substandard G.o.d-level Misty Spatial World in time and took everyone back with him.

Zhao Feng had left a spatial mark behind before they left in case something happened. He had already guessed that it would be impossible not to alarm the Bee Empress if they wanted to obtain the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and alarming the Bee Empress was the same as alarming the entire venomous bee kingdom.

If it wasn't for the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng would never have dared to enter the beehive.

"It's good that you're okay."

The green-robed elder from the Duanmu Family let out a breath. He was mainly worried for Zhao Yufei, who had a Spiritual Race bloodline. There would be no bottleneck for her to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, so she didn't need to take this risk.

"Brother Feng, did we obtain the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey?" Zhao Yufei still had a relieved expression as she let out a long breath. She had already made the decision that she would try help Senior Martial Brother Duanmu obtain something that could help him break through to the Sacred Lord rank before she had even entered the Divine Illusion Dimension.

"We did it. We obtained a decent amount." Zhao Feng was full of smiles.

Although he had only obtained a small amount of the total Hundred Origin Sacred Honey within the beehive, it was still enough for a couple dozen people, and the ratio of how it was split was the same as before. Zhao Feng got 40% to himself while the other 60% was split evenly amongst Zhao Yufei, Nan Gongsheng, and Mo Dongyao.

Weng Weng Weng

Right at this moment, a huge wave of venomous bees charged out from the garden, and the angry roar of the Bee Empress could be heard from the depths of the garden.

"Run!" Those from Sky Sword Pavilion and the Duanmu Family jumped up in fright.

"Don't worry, those are just the bees that I've enslaved," Zhao Feng raised his hand and said.

Enslaved bees?

Everyone had to force themselves to remain calm as almost a thousand bees flew out. There were three Bee Kings and over a hundred elite bees. The auras of the remaining bees were at least comparable to the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm.

Zhao Feng only took some of the elite bees.


He waved the armguard and opened the Little World so that these venomous bees could enter.

"I suggest that we leave this place." Mo Dongyao was uneasy.

The aura of the Bee Empress seeped out from the garden and made the hearts of everyone jump. They couldn't even fully control their True Yuan.

Half a day later, the group of people arrived at a quiet courtyard in Xie Yang Palace. Those from the Duanmu Family and Sky Sword Pavilion went to scout around some other places while Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng consolidated their foundations.

In Xie Yang Palace, the only worry was whether their ability was strong enough or not. They didn't need to worry that there wasn't enough fortune.

"Hundred Origin Fruit Juice."

Zhao Feng first took out the fruit juice, which was ranked lower than the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

The Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was the main ingredient of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice. The Hundred Origin Fruit Juice needed at least a hundred top-grade nectars and a lot of time to form.

One had to know there were many flowers in the garden comparable to the Green Water Sky Lotuses, and many of them weren't even identifiable.

It would be a waste if Zhao Feng used the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey right now, so he used the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice instead.

Zhao Feng felt a refres.h.i.+ng aura travel throughout his organs and limbs after taking a sip of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice.

Maybe it was because of the characteristics of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice, or maybe it was because of Zhao Feng's powerful Sacred Lightning Body, but after the energy from the fruit juice entered Zhao Feng's body, it was quickly absorbed.

Just half the time it took to make tea later, Zhao Feng's body shook as a light flashed through his eyes. A golden-blue light glowed around his body.

"The effect of the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice has exceeded my expectations. My state of existence and body have both become stronger."

Zhao Feng quickly circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and Wind Lightning Technique.

The Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was extremely useful for directly breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm. Although the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice was a grade lower than the honey, it could still create a good foundation for Emperors that were trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

Three days later, the physical force coming from Zhao Feng became stronger and was approaching the early stages of the 5th level.

Furthermore, the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice didn't just affect the body. It also helped one's cultivation dramatically. With the help of the King-level Crystal Core and the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice, the Water of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's body reached the maximum level, and even a wisp of Wood and life could be felt.

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