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Chapter 860 - Escape

On the top floor of the Evil Sky Tower, Nan Gongsheng was sitting calmly, but his expression was different from before.

The Evil G.o.d Crystal was the foundation of his Little World. He was circulating and constantly absorbing large amounts of wicked purple-and-blood-colored light into his body.

Zhao Feng and Mo Dongyao could feel that the aura radiating from Nan Gongsheng's body was becoming stronger. Along with the increase in strength in such a short period of time, his personality was also slowly changing.

In reality, any expert's personality would change as time pa.s.sed and as their strength increased, but Nan Gongsheng's changes were unnatural. These changes would change his characteristics and att.i.tude, essentially turning him into someone else.

The Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body had everything to do with this. Although Zhao Feng and the Little Sword Saint had shattered the Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body, its mental energy was extremely powerful, so it wasn't destroyed even after breaking apart.

What made it more troublesome was that, after breaking apart, it merged with Nan Gongsheng's power.

Of course, Zhao Feng had done his best. If it wasn't for him, Nan Gongsheng's personality may have already changed dramatically, or he might've been killed by the Little Sword Saint.

"Zhao Feng, I won't forget your help and support."

Nan Gongsheng revealed a look of grat.i.tude as he struggled. It was obvious that he was trying to fight back against the power that was trying to change his personality.

At the moment, it seemed like Nan Gongsheng's personality had changed to a certain degree, but he still knew what grat.i.tude was, meaning that his personality hadn't been completely changed.

"And I don't regret today's decision…."

Nan Gongsheng revealed a wicked smile of satisfaction as he felt the power in the depths of his body, and he felt like it could suppress Heaven and Earth.

What kind of power didn't come with a price? All he had to do was slowly dig out this treasury of power. Currently, Nan Gongsheng had only absorbed the tip of the iceberg and yet his strength had increased dramatically.

A while later, Zhao Feng finally spoke, "Nan Gongsheng, I can only help you up to here. I don't know and don't care what kind of agreement you and the Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body came to, but success or failure depends on you."

Hearing that, Nan Gongsheng's body shook, and the shattered Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body within his body also gave a curious exclamation. The two were surprised as to how Zhao Feng knew that they made an agreement.

After saying that, Zhao Feng turned around and started to descend the Evil Sky Tower.

Mo Dongyao stood still and gave Nan Gongsheng a few cold glances, then finally left unwillingly.

"Let's go. Without Zhao Feng's help, it'll be very hard to deal with Nan Gongsheng, who has become so much stronger," the Little Sword Saint's old voice sounded in her ears.

Nan Gongsheng's silver-and-purple eyes flashed as he looked at the leaving Zhao Feng with complex emotions.

"Zeze… that youth is the Zhao Feng that you can't surpa.s.s? Don't worry, if you and I work together, we'll be able to surpa.s.s him before long," the Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body said.

Nan Gongsheng's expression started to struggle as he changed the topic, "I didn't expect him to see that we made a deal with each other."

"Hmph. You wouldn't have been able to circulate and absorb the wisps of G.o.d power so easily without my help. It's not surprising that that youth could see this." The Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body snickered coldly.

On the top floor of the Evil Sky Tower, Nan Gongsheng sat there as the aura radiating from him became stronger and stronger. Within half a day, his cultivation had reached the peak level as a King. If it weren't for the fact that Emperors needed their soul to evolve, he would have already become an Emperor.

However, the undulation of power coming from Nan Gongsheng wasn't something other Void G.o.d Realms could compare to. Even the expressions of Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would change.

At the same moment in time, the others within the Evil Sky Tower had left, including Xuanyuan Wen, who didn't dare to risk it and see what happened to the G.o.d power on the top floor. After all, the aura of that power was completely different from his own, so it wasn't worth the risk since he wouldn't gain anything anyway.

However, Zhao Feng met Zhao Yufei along his descent, and she was trying to go up and see what had happened.

"Brother Feng, it's good that your fine." Zhao Yufei let out a breath.

The aura of power from the top floor moments ago was terrifying. Even at this moment, there was an undulation of power from the top floor that could shake anyone's heart. It was enough to surprise even Emperors.

A while later, Zhao Feng, Zhao Yufei, and Mo Dongyao walked out of the Evil Sky Tower.

"Hm? Where's Nan Gongsheng?" Zhao Yufei finally realized something.

Mo Dongyao was about to reply, but she stopped. Who knew what the reactions of the other people would be if they knew Nan Gongsheng had inherited the remaining power of the Ancient G.o.d Xie Yang and his personality was being affected by the Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body?

"Nan Gongsheng will come down soon," Zhao Feng said with confidence.

Everyone was still facing the danger of the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. The Evil G.o.d Mental Thought Body was part of Nan Gongsheng now, so it couldn't just ignore things.

After calculating the time, they realized that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon only needed about seventeen days to break into Xie Yang Palace.

The roar of a dragon and an aura of Destruction could be felt outside Xie Yang Palace. Those with powerful senses would instinctively feel as if they were in danger.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The trio started heading toward the G.o.d's Array Building.

When Zhao Feng and company arrived at the G.o.d's Array Building, there were already many other human experts present.

The G.o.d's Array Building contained the core of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array and was related to the survival of all the outsiders. At this moment, 90% of those that had entered Xie Yang Palace were gathered here.

"The G.o.d's Array Building has been opened!" Mo Dongyao revealed a joyful expression as she glanced at a flas.h.i.+ng white door in front of the dark silver building.

There were almost ten Void G.o.d Realm Kings in front of the flas.h.i.+ng white door. They all combined their True Yuan in order to keep the flas.h.i.+ng white door open.

Within the G.o.d's Array Building, Xin Wuheng, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and some array masters were gathered together and discussing something.

"Although we've entered the G.o.d's Array Building, it's the center of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array, so the core is extremely complex and will require a long time to gain control…." An imperial array master gave a sigh.

One could see condensed purple crystalline lightning symbols above them, and together they formed a single large array. These purple crystalline lightning symbols changed every second, and they were connected to complex lines that affected the entire G.o.d's Forbidden Array around Xie Yang Palace.

The s.p.a.ce within the G.o.d's Array Building was extremely big, comparable to a small castle. On top of that, the power contained within the array symbols was extremely strong. Just a wisp of it might be able to kill a King.

The people trying to figure out this "Purple Crystal Lightning Array" were undertaking a big risk.

"Be careful, the G.o.d's Forbidden Array has been running for countless years and has some flaws. It'll occasionally release a wisp of power," Senior Martial Brother Zhuge warned.

Some holes could be seen below the Purple Crystal Lightning Array, and the material that made up the G.o.d's Array Building was something that even Emperors would find hard to damage.

"What a complex array." Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as his G.o.d's Spiritual Eye gave it a rough inspection.

Even with Xin Wuheng, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and company leading the group, the array masters and Kings couldn't find a breakthrough point. Even if they had some ideas, they didn't dare to take action because an enormous force was being used to circulate the G.o.d's Forbidden Array, and a single wisp of power from it could kill Emperors. This place was definitely one of the most central places of Xie Yang Palace.

"I suggest that no one try to destroy the core of the Forbidden Array in order to gain forgiveness from the Black Serpent Dragon. The arrays here have a self-protecting system that can counterattack. The damage it can deal is something that none of us can handle," Xin Wuheng warned.

Surprised flashed through his eyes as he looked over toward Zhao Feng and company, as if he was curious where Nan Gongsheng was. Nan Gongsheng was always next to Zhao Feng, but he hadn't appeared after entering the Evil Sky Tower.

Zhao Feng didn't explain anything. He opened his left eye-bloodline and started to inspect the Purple Crystal Lightning Array and help Xin Wuheng, Senior Martial Brother Zhuge, and company to resolve it.

Zhao Feng's help increased their progress. In the blink of an eye, eight days pa.s.sed. With Zhao Feng's help, they were able to understand a bit of the Purple Crystal Lightning Array. However, they only understood some of the theory and were still far away from actually solving it.

"It is, after all, something from the domain of G.o.ds…." Senior Martial Brother Zhuge started to become tired, and all the half-step Kings and Kings in front of the G.o.d's Array Building were covered in a solemn atmosphere.

There were ten days left till the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon entered Xie Yang Palace.

"We only have ten days left…."

The elites within Xie Yang Palace could feel death creeping up on them.

Zhao Feng and Xuanyuan Wen both had Emperor Intent and could feel the power of Destruction become clearer.

The power of the G.o.d's Forbidden Array was slowly weakening.


"Black Destruction Serpent Dragon, I'll fight it out with you!"

In the last ten days, some of the experts and elites started feeling despair and unleashed frenzied attacks.

I have the Misty Spatial World, so I might be able to escape when the G.o.d's Forbidden Array is destroyed…. Zhao Feng was already thinking about how to escape.

The Misty Spatial World had the ability to pa.s.s through and teleport across s.p.a.ce, but this could only be done when the G.o.d's Forbidden Array was destroyed. However, there would still be a lot of danger involved.

Apart from all that, Zhao Feng was waiting on something else.

Later that afternoon, a purple-and-blood-colored streak of wicked light descended from the sky with an evil aura.

"Who is it!?"

The Kings and half-step Kings in front of the G.o.d's Array Building felt unable to breathe. In this instant, the True Yuan within their bodies started to freeze, and they were almost unable to control their power.


The half-step Kings spat out blood.


Everyone looked in shock toward a wicked purple-and-blood-colored-hair youth. There was a purple-and-blood-colored mark on his forehead, and he landed on the ground with a flash of silver-and-purple light.

"One of the Demonic Duo - Nan Gongsheng! How did he turn into that…!?"

The Void G.o.d Realm Kings present felt unable to breathe as a terrifying undulation of power enveloped them.

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