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Chapter 873 - Emperor Ling Qiong


As Zhao Feng pushed back Elder Yin, there was someone on a mountain in the northern regions of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

"This bloodline aura… could it be the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline of my family?"

An elder in dark red battle robes suddenly sensed something, and his body shook slightly. He wasn't able to hide the shock and excitement on his face. A bright light shot through his eyes, and in an instant, the nearby fire started to spin around him. An unparalleled Emperor-level Dao of Fire aura suppressed all the living things within a thousand-mile radius as if they were in a flaming h.e.l.l.

In terms of aura, this dark-red-battle-robed elder was close to Duanmu Qing back when the latter was at the True Martial Sacred Land.

"The direction is toward the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan."

The dark-red-battle-robed elder's Divine Sense created a detailed map. The place he was currently located was near the Yunling Zhao Family.

With Zhao Feng's rise, the Yunling area was the Zhao Family's territory. Even the powerful Luo Family didn't dare to easily take action against them.

Back in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

"What a terrifying Fire bloodline…!" the experts around the black stage exclaimed as they felt their bloodlines tremble uneasily.

At this moment, the area around them was blood-red. Zhao Feng's body was tall like a miniature giant, and he was surrounded by a blazing sun. He had the power to crush everything in his path.

With the combination of his Sacred Lightning Body and his mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline, Zhao Feng was able to push back Elder Yin, who was a Peak-tier King.

The spectating Kings' mouths dropped wide open. Elder Yin was one of the rare Peak-tier Kings of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and he was almost unrivalled against anyone below the Emperor level.

This bloodline is extremely weird! Elder Yin put out the flames on his body, and he could feel the loss of his energy. On the other hand, Zhao Feng's tired expression became slightly better.

After his trip in the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng was able to use the mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline a lot better. The mutated Blood Devil Sun bloodline was extremely dominating and originally had the ability to erode and ignite things, but now there was also a lifesteal ability.

Although Zhao Feng hadn't undergone any intense battles in Xie Yang Palace, several months of fighting with his intelligence and courage against the Black Serpent Dragon's and the various forces' schemes meant that he wasn't at his best state.

Only a small number of people were able to notice the changes with Zhao Feng and Elder Yin. Amongst them was Elder Yin himself.

"Old man, take this fist." Zhao Feng let out a long laugh as he circulated his Sacred Body power and Blood Devil Sun bloodline. He was like an erupting volcano as he crushed toward Elder Yin.

Elder Yin's body became heavy, and he returned to reality.

After his experience with close combat against Zhao Feng, he didn't dare to underestimate the opponent and counterattacked with full strength.

Crack! Boom!

The two figures exchanged a blow in the air, and another crack appeared in Elder Yin's domain.

Shua! Boom!

This time, Elder Yin was ready, and he used the explosive power of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline to pull away. However, even then, Elder Yin's blood tossed and turned as a fire lit up on his body.

He was unable to avoid being lightly injured.

If that was the only issue, then Elder Yin could use his Peak-tier King cultivation to just drag out the fight and exhaust Zhao Feng. After all, Zhao Feng's cultivation wasn't as high, and although he was able to use his bloodline, his technique, and his weapons to challenge those with higher cultivation than himself, he would lose in a long fight.

However, the lifesteal ability of the Blood Devil Sun bloodline changed this matter. After the second exchange, Zhao Feng absorbed more of Elder Yin's energy and his state became better.

"Earth-grade weapon – Floating Dragon Tooth Sword!"

Elder Yin's expression became fierce as a dark golden bone-like sword surrounded by golden dragon phantoms appeared in his hand. Dark golden dragons made of fire swarmed across everything within a hundred miles.

"It's the peak Earth-grade weapon – the Floating Dragon Tooth Sword!"

"The main material of that sword is the tooth of a dragon from the Immemorial Era."

The hearts of the experts watching below shook as they felt a powerful aura.

With the appearance of the Floating Dragon Tooth Sword, Elder Yin's battle-power increased by 50-60%, and he was able to force Zhao Feng back.


Zhao Feng's third approach was finally pushed away by Elder Yin's sword. Sparks flew off his Sacred Lightning Body, but the damage received could be ignored.

"Peak Earth-grade weapon…?" Zhao Feng squinted his eyes. The effect of the lifesteal ability this time wasn't as good as the last two because Elder Yin's peak Earth-grade weapon was a king compared to other weapons of the same level.

"Junior, other than Heavenly Divine weapons and Inheritance Sacred weapons, my Floating Dragon Tooth Sword has yet to meet its match. You can no longer get close to me, so the threat your bloodline poses will drop dramatically." Elder Yin was smug and secretly let out a breath. Where would his face go if he wasn't even able to suppress Zhao Feng with his Peak-tier King cultivation?

"Inheritance Sacred weapon? I have one of those." Mockery and playfulness appeared in Zhao Feng's eyes. Putting aside Inheritance Sacred weapons, he even had two legendary substandard G.o.d weapons.

"Inheritance Sacred weapon – Sky Locking Bow!"

A dark silver bow appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. The bow had mysterious carvings around it, and it glittered with silver, forming tadpole-shaped images.

Jiang! Weng~~

A cold metallic glow appeared around the bowstring, and the Floating Dragon Tooth Sword in Elder Yin's hand started to tremble uneasily.

"Inheritance Sacred weapon, and it's a long-range one at that…."

Elder Yin's smile stiffened.

Just like how there was a difference in strength between experts, there was also a difference between weapons. The Floating Dragon Tooth Sword was suppressed by Zhao Feng's Sky Locking Bow and would be unable to unleash its full power.

"Inheritance Sacred weapon, Sky Locking Bow?"

"Zhao Feng definitely found it in the Divine Illusion Dimension."

Discussion arose among the spectators.

"If you don't want to have a close-combat fight with me, then let's play long range." A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face. After saying this, he pulled the golden bowstring of the Sky Locking Bow and started to pour his Wind Lightning True Yuan into it.


A beaming golden arrow surrounded by arcs of lightning started to form on the Sky Locking Bow's string.

"Not good!" Elder Yin's heart went cold for some reason, and he felt like he was locked onto by a sharp piercing power. Elder Yin's body froze, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He felt like, no matter what he did, he wouldn't be able to dodge the Sky Locking Bow's attack.

"The Sky Locking Bow? It's that legendary Inheritance Sacred weapon?"

"This Zhao Feng isn't just strong in close combat. He also specializes in long-range combat or else he wouldn't have been recognized by the Sky Locking Bow."

Some of the present Kings had stunned expressions. It was hard to imagine that such a terrifying existence was just an Origin Core Realm junior.

My True Yuan and cultivation aren't as strong as Elder Yin's, and the pure physical attack of the Sky Locking Bow will be unable to kill him. However, if I form a Soul Light Arrow, I might be able to kill him instantly.

Zhao Feng used his left eye-bloodline to compliment the Sky Locking Bow and lock onto Elder Yin.

Elder Yin didn't dare to do anything rash. The threat and pressure alone made him feel as if he had fallen into a freezer.

Zhao Feng was only a.n.a.lyzing and thinking what would happen. He hadn't actually attacked yet. He also thought about how much power the Sky Locking Bow would have when used with the substandard G.o.d Slaying Arrows.

I need to become a King to use the G.o.d Slaying Arrows, Zhao Feng a.n.a.lyzed.

As one-use items, arrows required lower cultivation to use. However, the Sky Locking Bow could be thought of as a crowbar while the G.o.d Slaying Arrows were the items being pried open. For the current Zhao Feng, the G.o.d Slaying Arrows were too heavy, so they couldn't be "pried open" unless he was strong enough.

In the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, the aura of the Earth-grade weapon and the Inheritance Sacred weapon kept on rising. The spectators maintained their distance as their hearts tensed up.

"Stop~~~!" A shout sounded, and a boom seemed to hum across the sky. A surge of Magnificent Power from an Emperor descended. All the experts present, including Kings, felt that it was hard to breathe.

In the next instant:


A beautiful female wearing a purple crystal crown appeared in the clouds. This beautiful female was covered in a crystal-like light, and she had a n.o.ble and elegant aura.

"Emperor Ling Qiong!" Exclamations of respect and surprise sounded from below. Some of the weaker disciples even knelt down.

"Greetings, Third Elder." Elder Yin let out a breath, while the other Kings such as King Lu Yun, Elder Wu, and company bowed down.

"The Third Elder, Emperor Ling Qiong…." Zhao Feng looked over.

This beautiful female was the only female Emperor of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan – Emperor Ling Qiong.

This couldn't help but make Zhao Feng remember the Cold Moon Emperor from the Pirate Sacred Land. In comparison to the heroic and icy Cold Moon Emperor, Emperor Ling Qiong was more holy and righteous.

"Emperor Ling Qiong, you have to help us…!" Elder Yin and the injured Elder Wu reported Zhao Feng's "wicked" actions. "Not only did this brat go against the rules of the clan and not care about the life or death of his fellow clan members, he even rebelled against an Elder and severely injured him."

Emperor Ling Qiong listened to what the two Elders said, but her expression was as calm as water. No one could tell what she was thinking.

Zhao Feng was floating in the air and didn't show much panic against the pressure of an Emperor.

"As expected of a genius that Duke Nanfeng praises." Praise and interest flashed through the eyes of Emperor Ling Qiong as she inspected Zhao Feng. She showed no signs of enmity, and she gave a pleasant smile instead.

Elder Yin and Elder Wu felt like this scene was unfair.

"Third Elder, you have to enforce the rules. My old bones have almost been broken apart!" Elder Wu's voice trembled. He acted like he was extremely injured and tried to win sympathy.

"Hmph!" Emperor Ling Qiong's face went cold. "I saw everything from the beginning till the end."

Hearing that, the hearts of both Elder Yin and Elder Wu dropped, and their faces went pale.

"According to some news that I heard, Emperor Ling Qiong and Duke Nanfeng know each other…." King Lu Yun and company started to discuss privately not far away.

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