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Chapter 871 - All Dead?

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Zhao Feng's kick not only sent the Void G.o.d Realm King Elder Wu flying; many of the nearby members cried out and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

The force of this kick seemed to contain thousands upon thousands of kilograms of force, and it seemed like it could shake the heavens.


A nearby mountain started to shake slightly, and many explosions could be heard.

"This… how…?"

Some disciples' blood started to boil as they became dazed.

King Lu Yun's mouth was wide open.

"He managed to severely injure Elder Wu with his pure physical strength alone…."

King Lu Yun's back went cold as he lost focus. Even though reality was right there, King Lu Yun was suspicious of his eyes.


On the other side, Elder Wu was sent flying and crashed into a mountain, causing a cloud of dust to rise into the air.

"You… how is this possible!?"

Elder Wu's face was white. He felt as if his bones had been shattered, and he couldn't even climb up.

Zhao Feng's actions caused many of the gazes on him to become fearful and stunned. Some of the injured members of the clan didn't even know what happened.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to control my power."

Zhao Feng's apology toward the injured members of the clan made more people scream out in fear.

He didn't want to harm these innocent members of the clan. Zhao Feng was different from Nan Gongsheng; Zhao Feng slowly acc.u.mulated his power, so his personality remained unchanged. He disliked killing innocent people for no reason. However, he had just come out from the Divine Illusion Dimension and its power suppression, so he couldn't control his power well.

In the Divine Illusion Dimension, the power of this kick would have been suppressed and wouldn't be nearly this shocking. Furthermore, before Zhao Feng entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, his Sacred Lightning Body was only at the beginning stages of the 4th level. The difference between then and now was like Heaven and Earth.

Wood of Wind Lightning.

Zhao Feng expanded his arms, and a faint green ripple of Wood Lightning spread around. The injured members felt a wisp of the Wood of Wind Lightning surrounded them, which made their bodies tingle and quickly heal. The Wood of Wind Lightning could even heal some of their hidden poisons and other injuries.

The quality and effect of that Wood of Wind Lightning is already comparable to Void G.o.d Realm Kings…. A glint flashed in King Lu Yun's eyes as he inspected Zhao Feng in a new light - not as a junior, but as someone on the same level as himself.

"Thank you, Junior Martial Brother Zhao."

The members that were healed felt that their state of existence had increased a little bit. The gazes toward Zhao Feng were filled with fear and respect. After all, Zhao Feng didn't harm them purposely.

"Zhao Feng, you are very strong, but as a member of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, how can you severely injure an Elder?" King Lu Yun took a deep breath as he questioned.

"If he didn't attack me first, I wouldn't have attacked him," Zhao Feng said righteously, and King Lu Yun stopped speaking.

Indeed, Elder Wu was the one who attacked first. Zhao Feng's actions could be said to be in self-defense, but this self-defense was a bit over the top. However, Zhao Feng didn't lie either: he truly just forgot to control his power.

"Can I go now?" Zhao Feng wanted to leave the stage.

"Uh… please wait for a moment."

Sweat appeared on King Lu Yun's forehead as he tensed up. After thinking about what happened to Elder Wu, he became cautious thinking about what would happen if he tried to stop Zhao Feng by force.

"Elder, is there anything else you need?"

Despite his concerns, Zhao Feng's footsteps stopped, and he had a calm expression. He showed no signs of taking any action, allowing King Lu Yun to let out a breath.

In reality, King Lu Yun had thought too much. If Elder Wu had just to Zhao Feng with a polite tone, Zhao Feng wouldn't have done anything. If they were going to attack him, why would Zhao Feng just stand there and await his death?

"Zhao Feng, no one else from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan that entered the Divine Illusion Dimension has appeared yet. You're the first one to come out, so you might to need to wait for a bit in order to avoid suspicion," King Lu Yun said in a peaceful tone. He said it as a suggestion, not an order.

"Fine, then I'll wait for a bit." Zhao Feng nodded his head and felt that what King Lu Yun said was reasonable. Since he had done nothing wrong, he wasn't scared.

After saying that, he sat down on the black stage and closed his eyes.

Zhao Feng's cooperation allowed King Lu Yun to let out a long breath, and the other members of the clan found that Zhao Feng wasn't unreasonable. On the contrary, he was very casual.

"That's right; if you have an issue, just talk it out. There's no need to fight."

"If Elder Wu didn't attack first, then Zhao Feng wouldn't have counter-attacked in self-defense."

Those that had been healed by Zhao Feng started to discuss, and they were on Zhao Feng's side.

On the black stage, Zhao Feng sat down and started to organize what he had received in the Divine Illusion Dimension while he was waiting. He had gotten a lot of resources, and any one of them would be considered rare in the continent zone.

The most valuable items were the substandard G.o.d items - the Misty Spatial World and the G.o.d Slaying Arrows.

The Misty Spatial World was the armguard currently on Zhao Feng's arm. Although it was "only" a support-type item, it was very useful. As for the G.o.d Slaying Arrows, Zhao Feng had obtained two of them, while the third was taken by the imperials.

Zhao Feng didn't know how strong the G.o.d Slaying Arrows were, but at the very least, he was sure that he couldn't fully use their power right now. Apart from that, the G.o.d Slaying Arrows were also one-time items that were said to be able to slay G.o.ds.

Beneath the two substandard G.o.d weapons were the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey and other peerless treasures, including the crafting materials he had obtained in the Building of Refinement. At the very least, they could be used to craft Heavenly Divine weapons and even Inheritances Sacred Weapons that were only below substandard G.o.d weapons. Some of the most valuable materials may have even reached the G.o.d level.

Although they were valuable, they weren't very useful to Zhao Feng right now. However, they might come in handy in the future.

After that came the Green Water Sky Lotuses, the Spiritual Flesh Snow Jade Lotus Roots, the Golden Bones, and the Soul Suppressing Stone.

He had an enormous amount of Green Water Sky Lotuses and Spiritual Flesh Jade Lotus Roots. Treasures at this level were extremely attractive even for Void G.o.d Realm Kings, and Zhao Feng had obtained a huge amount in Xie Yang Palace.

On top of all that, he had a mountain of resources that were less valuable than the Green Water Sky Lotuses, such as the Water Mother Essence and such.

If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng had the Misty Spatial World, he wouldn't even be able to carry all these resources back.

Time pa.s.sed by slowly, and Zhao Feng's mind was immersed in the Little World of the Misty Spatial World. This Little World had its own rivers and mountains, and there were even living things inside. It was more than a grade higher than the Little Worlds of Emperors.

Of course, all the top treasures that he had obtained in the Divine Illusion Dimension were put in a separate, individual dimension of the Misty Spatial World. This storage dimension had stronger defense and was more stable, which made it harder to be damaged and eroded.

Weng~ Weng~ Weng~

In a corner of the Little World was a swarm of Five Poison Distinct Bees. There were a few Bee Kings and over a hundred elite bees. The rest of the several hundred bees were at least comparable to the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm or stronger. These venomous bees could kill people stronger than themselves if they used their suicidal attacks.

The reason Zhao Feng kept some regular bees was that they had potential and could be raised in the Little World. The Five Poison Distinct Bees needed pollen and nectar to become stronger, and Zhao Feng had mountains of weird plants and flowers that he obtained from the Divine Illusion Dimension. The plants that he didn't need could be used by the Five Poison Distinct Bees. Zhao Feng believed that these bees could all become elite bees very soon, and some of the elite bees would be able to become King Bees.

Zhao Feng's goal was to raise these bees until they could threaten even three-star powers.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

While Zhao Feng was organizing his resources, the sound of flying continuously appeared.

An hour later, several more Kings arrived near the black stage. One of them was an Elder covered in Magnificent Power. His aura surpa.s.sed the other Kings; he was a Peak-tier King.

"Elder Yin!"

The other Kings greeted Elder Yin with respect when they saw him. There weren't many Peak-tier Kings in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but Elder Yin was one of them.

"Elder Yin, you've come just in time…." The injured Elder Wu managed to fly over to Elder Yin.

"Elder Wu, what happened to you?" Elder Yin was surprised.

"It's all that thief's fault. After obtaining fortune in the Divine Illusion Dimension, he's not putting us older Kings in his eyes…." Elder Wu exaggerated what happened.

"Such a thing happened?" Hearing this, Elder Yin's expression became grim as he looked at the purple-haired youth on the black stage.

The purple-haired youth just sat there; the arrival of all these Kings didn't make his expression change at all. Any Void G.o.d Realm King from a two-star or three-star power wouldn't feel happy if they saw this.

"Elder Yin, your disciple is also in the Divine Illusion Dimension and hasn't come out yet," Elder Wu continued.

The Void G.o.d Realm Kings were worried for their disciples and came to learn the situation within the Divine Illusion Dimension, but Zhao Feng was the only one who had returned so far.

"Hmph, if anything happened to my disciple in the Divine Illusion Dimension, you'll be the one held accountable!" A thunderous voice sounded in Zhao Feng's soul.

Zhao Feng raised his head and looked at the powerful Peak-tier King Elder Yin.

At this moment, the middle-upper echelon of the clan knew that Zhao Feng had left the group and found great fortune while acting alone. Some people were suspicious that Zhao Feng had killed the others in order to take everything for himself, but the truth would only be revealed when everyone else returned.

The elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan didn't appear even after four hours.

Wait, don't tell me that everyone from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan died in the Divine Illusion Dimension? Zhao Feng had a weird expression.

Usually, such a thing wouldn't happen unless they all met the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon.

Of course, it wasn't as if an entire group being wiped out had never happened before. However, if the group from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had indeed all died in the Divine Illusion Dimension, then the pressure and suspicions Zhao Feng would have to face would be very big.

Luckily, this didn't happen. At a certain moment:

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Familiar figures started to appear one after another as members of the clan cried out.

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