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Chapter 872 - I'll Hold You Accountable

"They've come back!"

"Kong Feiling's appeared!"

Figures one after another started to appear on the black stage and only stopped after several breaths.

Zhao Feng scanned the group on stage. Around half the group had returned - a total of forty or fifty people.

The aura radiating from Kong Feiling was stronger than before. She had a bright dress, and Zhao Feng found that both her True Yuan and bloodline auras were much stronger than before she had entered the Divine Illusion Dimension, but she was still a tiny bit away from the Void G.o.d Realm.

There were some others that Zhao Feng was familiar with in the group, including Old Fei, Liu Tianfan, and Huang Yunhu. Even Senior Martial Brother Guang was present.

"It's good that they've returned," King Lu Yun said in a low tone as his gaze landed on his disciples. His personal disciple and his in-name disciple were both present.

"No one became a King."

"Although some of the Origin Core Realm disciples made some progress, it's still not much compared to Zhao Feng."

The Elders discussed.

It wasn't hard to tell that the group from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan didn't have it well in the Divine Illusion Dimension. Most of the elites and geniuses were exhausted, and some were even crippled or severely injured. For example, Old Fei had lost a leg and now had a walking stick.

Zhao Feng knew that not everyone could grasp fortune. Even if they discovered something, they might not have the ability to actually claim it for themselves. How many half-step Kings and Kings had died in Xie Yang Palace? For those that were too weak, it was actually lucky for them to have not entered Xie Yang Palace.

"Zhao Feng…"

The returning geniuses looked at the purple-haired youth sitting on the ground. In comparison to themselves, Zhao Feng's progress was far too big. Their gazes were filled with hate, envy, respect, and other emotions.

"Zhao Feng." Old Fei held his walking stick as he gritted his teeth with a complex expression. "If you had stayed with the group and helped us, we wouldn't have had such a hard time in the Divine Illusion Dimension."

Zhao Feng was silent.

In reality, Old Fei didn't hate Zhao Feng, he was only slightly blaming Zhao Feng for not staying and helping. The strength that Zhao Feng displayed in the underground city was already extremely great; he would have been a great help to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's group.

The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had tried to enter a couple of ancient ruins, but they failed by the tiniest margin, resulting in heavy casualties.

"Zhao Feng, if you didn't leave the group, then Senior Martial Sister Yun and Junior Martial Brother Chen wouldn't have died."

"Zhao Feng, because of your selfishness, you left the group and made us sustain heavy casualties."

The returning geniuses questioned and spoke in an unhappy tone. Some almost charged over but were stopped by some of the other nearby members.

"Stop! Be quiet!" King Lu Yun and company immediately stopped them.

Zhao Feng's strength was terrifying; the severely-injured Elder Wu was an example. If even a King ended up like that, then Zhao Feng could sneeze and that would be enough to kill the other geniuses and elites.

"Zhao Feng, I don't hate you for what you did. I can only blame that we weren't strong enough or lucky enough. But as a member of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, you didn't do what you could have to help us." Old Fei gave a bitter smile as he leaned on his walking stick. He looked extremely old and alone.

Hearing that, the eyes of the returning geniuses and elites dimmed down, and they became silent.

They couldn't blame everything on Zhao Feng. If they were strong enough, one more or one fewer Zhao Feng wouldn't have made much difference.

"One does what they have to. Junior Martial Brother Zhao, I don't blame you, I'm just slightly disappointed…." Liu Tianfan gave a smile of mockery. There were injuries across his body, and half of one of his ears had been bitten off by a beast.

The silence lasted for a while before Zhao Feng finally spoke, "Just think of me as the original Zhao Feng."

Hearing that, everyone paused. If it was the original Zhao Feng, he probably wouldn't have even had the right to enter the Divine Illusion Dimension.

This purple-haired youth was extremely different from the original Zhao Feng, and he didn't have many feelings for the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. He only helped the Yunling Zhao Family because it was a wish of the original Zhao Feng.

"Furthermore, the fortune I obtained was by tracking the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. That path was filled with death and trickery…." Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he started to remember what had happened. It was almost as if those dangerous scenes in the Divine Illusion Dimension were right in front of him.

"Tracking the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon!?" The returning geniuses and elites of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan exclaimed, while the expressions of Kong Feiling, Old Fei, Liu Tianfan, and company changed dramatically as they took in cold breaths.

"On that journey, countless half-step Kings and Kings from Sky Suspension Palace, the Great Gan Imperials, Sky Sword Pavilion, the Eight Big Families, and various other forces of similar strength died." Zhao Feng sighed.

Too many half-step Kings and Kings had been killed in Xie Yang Palace.

Familiar names of three-star, peak three-star, and even four-star super-powers spouted out from Zhao Feng's mouth. At this moment in time, everyone else was dead-silent.

They could imagine how fierce that fight was. Furthermore, such news would soon travel throughout the upper echelons of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and other forces.

"The weakest of the elites that entered Xie Yang Palace were at Kong Feiling's level. Old Fei, did you want me to lead the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan's group into such an abyss?" Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

The hearts of Old Fei and company shook. They had nothing to say. Even if they had one hundred more guts, they wouldn't dare to follow the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. Those familiar three-star and four-star powers weren't something that they could be compared to.

Only by leaving the group was Zhao Feng able to fly across the sky and unleash his full potential. Furthermore, the original Zhao Feng had already died, so Zhao Feng was only using this clan to step onto the world stage.

"Hmph, we'll need to wait for the news from the other forces to confirm whether what you said is true or not." A cold snicker broke the silence.

It came from the severely-injured Elder Wu. Next to Elder Wu was the Peak-tier King Elder Yin, whose gaze swept continuously through the group. He had an ugly expression and didn't speak for a long time.

"Elder Yin, what happened? Did your personal disciple not return from the Divine Illusion Dimension?" King Lu Yun found that something was amiss. Elder Yin's expression was extremely unusual.

There were no more figures appearing on the black stage. Those that hadn't appeared by now had definitely died in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

"Junior Martial Brother w.a.n.g… died from the ambush of a mutated venomous spider King."

The expressions of Kong Feiling, Liu Tianfan and company dimmed. The Junior Martial Brother w.a.n.g from their mouths was obviously Elder Yin's personal disciple.

After confirming this nightmare, Elder Yin's body started to shake. His eyes went red as he tried to suppress the sadness and unwillingness in his heart. It was obvious that Elder Yin had poured a lot of his emotions into this personal disciple of his.

"Why are the heavens so unfair!?" Elder Yin roared as killing intent appeared in his eyes, and he glared at Zhao Feng who was still just sitting there. Why did the youth who left the group meet so much fortune whereas his personal disciple was killed?

"Zhao Feng, I said that if anything happened to my disciple, I would hold you accountable."

A surge of Magnificent Power crushed toward Zhao Feng.

"Elder Yin, calm down!" King Lu Yun and company tried to stop him, but Elder Yin was a Peak-tier King and his domain had almost materialized. With a Bam! he pushed away two other Kings that tried to stop him.

"Everyone, get back!"

Kong Feiling, Old Fei, and company saw that the situation wasn't looking right and quickly retreated from the black stage. Zhao Feng also didn't want to pull these innocent people in, so he remained sitting on the stage as he looked coldly toward Elder Yin, who was filled with killing intent.

"Junior, do you know your crimes?" Elder Yin waved his hand, and a large dark red hand appeared in the sky above Zhao Feng's head. He didn't lose his cool; he needed a reason to take action against Zhao Feng, and Zhao Feng was indeed somewhat suspicious. He had left the group and acted on his own; just this alone went against the rules of the clan.

"If you want to take action against me, then just do so. Stop trash-talking, I need to go back and cultivate." Zhao Feng slowly stood up against the pressure of the hand.


Golden-blue light glowed around Zhao Feng as he grew taller.


A dominating physical force pushed away the large hand in the air that was created by Elder Yin and caused the mountain to shake.

"Disobeying an Elder? You shall be punished!" Elder Yin roared as he thrust out a palm. A dark domain that was close to materializing appeared, and a dark red hand released a brilliant glow of light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The force made some buildings nearby crumble. The anger of a Peak-tier King made the other Kings retreat, and the injured Elder Wu revealed a smile.

"f.u.c.k off!" Zhao Feng punched out as he circulated his Sacred Lightning Body. A wave of golden-blue physical force and a surge of lightning shot out.

However, his Sacred Lightning Body alone wasn't enough to fight against a Peak-tier King.

Hu~ Bam!

A gla.s.s-like fire surged around Zhao Feng as a chaotic burning sensation shot toward Elder Yin's large hand and domain.

Bam! Bam! Boom!

If one looked from afar, one would see a roaring sun release a dazzling flame that turned the sky red.

Cracks appeared in Elder Yin's domain.

"What a terrifying Fire bloodline!"

The nearby Kings blocked the shockwave and felt their bloodlines and bodies become hot. The other members of the clan further away felt their bloodlines tremble. Some of the weaker ones fell to the ground and felt as if they had been engulfed by fire. They didn't even have the ability to run.


Elder Yin's body was pushed back several hundred yards, and he forcefully suppressed the boiling blood in his body.


While he was retreating, a fire that was unable to be easily put out burned across his body.

"What… what's going on?" Elder Yin was stunned. In the exchange with Zhao Feng just now, he felt that part of his Yuan Qi was lost.

On the other hand, Zhao Feng's body shook slightly as he felt a warm flow travel throughout his body, and the fatigue from Xie Yang Palace disappeared.

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