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Chapter 876 - Brewing Storm, Return of the King!

The area around where Zhao Feng was cultivating was completely cleared by the clan's upper echelon. There was no one else within a hundred miles of him.


The whirlpool of wind and lightning above the courtyard was as thick as the ocean. Every breath caused a huge chunk of Wind Lightning to surge in and then excrete the impure Yuan Qi.

This force made even Kings feel pressured and unable to approach.

There was the occasional Divine Sense that scanned toward the area where Zhao Feng was cultivating.

"It's hard to imagine that he's already fulfilled the requirements needed to break through to a King at such a young age. He isn't far away from actually breaking through…."

"The power of his Wind Lightning Intent also the norm."

The Kings of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan discussed in private.

Almost two months had pa.s.sed since the Divine Illusion Dimension. In this period of time when Zhao Feng was cultivating, one piece of news after another came from the lord dynasty.

Within a crystal palace on a high mountain of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan:

"Reporting to Third Elder, according to the news from the central regions of the lord dynasty and Earth Spirit Hall, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was the biggest winner in Xie Yang Palace. I believe that Zhao Feng from our clan is one of those two - the leader of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo." A half-step King knelt on the ground with respect.

"The leader of the Demonic Duo!? Are you sure about this?" Emperor Ling Qiong exclaimed.

Even though she was somewhat ready for it, she didn't expect Zhao Feng to actually be the leader of the Demonic Duo. What was more incredible was that the duo was the biggest winner in Xie Yang Palace.

From the news they had received, either one of the Demonic Duo was strong enough to not fear normal Emperors.

"Gu Chaozhi from Earth Spirit Hall talked with the Demonic Duo before and is familiar with them," the half-step King said confidently.

Earth Spirit Hall was one of the three-star powers on the edge of the continent, not too far away from the Tianfeng Great Island Zone.

Later that day, the elders of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan held an emergency meeting. After confirming Zhao Feng's ident.i.ty, the upper echelon of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan didn't dare to do anything rashly.

Firstly, Zhao Feng's strength was incredulous, and he surely had some hidden cards after coming escaping Xie Yang Palace.

Secondly, Zhao Feng's backing was strong; he had an Emperor for a master as well as Duke Nanfeng's favor.

Thirdly, the Tie Family. The Tie Family was one of the top families even among the Eight Big Families, and they were the main resistance against the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty. Emperor Tie Litian of the Tie Family hadn't left yet; he was staying not far away from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

In the clouds, Tie Litian in his dark red battle robes gazed down at the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan with glittering eyes.

"I didn't think that this youth with the bloodline of my Tie Family was one of the biggest winners of Xie Yang Palace. I underestimated him…." Tie Litian murmured as his expression started to become solemn.

The problem of Zhao Feng returning to the Tie Family was starting to become complicated.

The treasures within Xie Yang Palace were something that three-star and four-star super powers were unable to resist. Furthermore, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had made countless enemies in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

In a mountain range surrounded by dark mist within the continent zone, there were demonic auras that could scare both G.o.ds and Ghosts alike. This place was a famous Sacred Land of the lord dynasty - the Nine Darkness Mountain Range.

When speaking about the Nine Darkness Mountain Range, one had to talk about the ruling force here - Nine Darkness Palace.

Nine Darkness Palace was one of the strongest Demonic Dao forces of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and it was once a four-star power. Even though it was now only a peak three-star power, it was an elite force among the other three-star forces, and it was essentially the leader of the Demonic Dao cultivators.

However, on this day, roars of anger and surges of killing intent came from within a central hall of Nine Darkness Palace.

"The elites of Nine Darkness Palace were slaughtered by one of the Demonic Duo, Nan Gongsheng!"

"Jiu Wuji had broken through to become a Peak-tier King at that point, but he couldn't even fight back against that brat. Looks like the news of him inheriting the Evil G.o.d's power is true."

The owners of these voices were all at least Peak-tier Kings. Many of them were Emperors or even stronger. Some of the Demonic Dao Emperors had just come out of seclusion and were enraged by this news.

Normal Kings' hearts would jump and they would be unable to breathe if they were here.

"Reporting to Grand Elder," a King half-knelt on the ground and said in a trembling tone, "No one knows about Nan Gongsheng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo, but there have been traces of him in the central regions of the lord dynasty."

Nan Gongsheng. The upper echelon members of Nine Darkness Palace all remembered this name. It was this person that killed all the elites from Nine Darkness Palace that had entered Xie Yang Palace.

Nan Gongsheng's battle-power was at least comparable to an Emperor.

"Apart from that, Zhao Feng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo comes from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone. That place is Duke Nanfeng's territory."

The King half-knelt on the ground and looked toward the Grand Elder that was covered in demonic light.

The aura of the Grand Elder was extremely empty. His body seemed to be weightless; he was like a ball of demonic light that had surpa.s.sed the limits of flesh and blood. If it wasn't for the fact that they were looking right at the Grand Elder, he would have been ignored.

The Grand Elder hadn't spoken since the start. Two powerful existences stood on his left and right; a black-robed demonic lord and a charming demonic girl in purple-black flames respectively.

Under these three major figures were the other Emperors, including some peak Emperors.

"Killing Nan Gongsheng will require at least several Emperors. To make sure of our success, we will send out a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord."

No one saw the charming demonic girl in black flames say anything, but her voice resounded across both the physical and mental dimensions.

"Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord!"

The hearts of the Kings and Emperors present shook.

Peak Emperors were at the level of Duanmu Qing, the Wind Lightning Emperor, and even the Emperor of Death. According to Nan Gongsheng's strength, two or three peak Emperors would be more than enough to kill Nan Gongsheng, but the upper echelon of Nine Darkness Palace placed great importance on this matter.

"As for the other person of the Demonic Duo - Zhao Feng - he's said to be extremely mysterious and not to be underestimated…." The black-robed demonic lord nodded his head.

At this moment, the two Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords looked at each other as they made a decision.

The demonically-lit Grand Elder who sat in the middle let out one word; "Okay."

The second he said that, the unfathomable Grand Elder disappeared.

If the DemiG.o.d Kun Yun was here, he would be shocked by what he saw.

Elsewhere in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, in a place known as Sky Suspension Palace, a group of palaces floated amongst the clouds. This place was like heaven as it looked down on everything.

On a lone peak sat two mortals with normal auras playing chess with each other. These two mortals were a flabby-faced big-eared fatty and a wrinkled elder without any signs of life.


Right at this point, the magnificent aura of an Emperor descended.

"Reporting to the two Martial Ancestors, we can faintly feel the direction of the Black Serpent Dragon. There are also traces of where Nan Gongsheng - who inherited the power of the Evil G.o.d - is."

The aura of this Emperor even surpa.s.sed Tie Litian and was close to the Emperor of Death.

"Based on the Mark of Destruction, the strength of that black loach hasn't recovered to the DemiG.o.d level yet. There's still a chance to seal it right now," the wrinkled elder said.

"The price required to seal that black loach is too big. We need to drag those old undead from the Grand Imperial Hall with us. They definitely won't watch the lord dynasty just come to an end," the flabby-faced elder said in a cunning tone.

These two "mortals" looked at each other and soon came to an agreement.

At this moment, Zhao Feng was still cultivating in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. He didn't realize that he had entered the whirlpool of the lord dynasty. He only had one target right now, and that was to recover to the Void G.o.d Realm and then surpa.s.s the peak of his previous life.

"It's about time…."

Zhao Feng circulated the Wood and Water of Wind Lightning. The Crystal Core within his dantian had stabilised and wouldn't change in size, but the inner part of the Crystal Core had changed dramatically. The True Yuan had turned into an ocean and formed its own dimension.

With the formation of a True Yuan dimension, Zhao Feng would step into the domain of Kings.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

On this day, the sound of flying appeared in the air, and powerful auras one after another covered the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. The owners of these auras were all at least Void G.o.d Realm Kings, and there were four or five Void G.o.d Realm Emperors.

"That's…!!?" Tie Litian revealed a surprised look as he floated in the air. He had already recognized where this force came from.

In the entire lord dynasty, there were only a few three-star forces.

"Void G.o.d Realm experts from Earth Spirit Hall!"

Chaos broke out amongst the entire Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Even Emperor Ling Qiong started to panic.

"Earth Spirit Hall probably doesn't have good intentions." Emperor Ling Qiong's heart went cold.

Earth Spirit Hall was the only three-star power in the surrounding area, and it was even slightly stronger than the Mystic True Sacred Clan that Zhao Feng was originally from.

"Ten Thousand Sacred Clan? This is the clan that Zhao Feng is from?" Gu Chaozhi was amongst the Kings and Emperors. His Divine Sense started to scan across the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Although he was wary of Zhao Feng, the difference in strength between the two forces was extremely big. Earth Spirit Hall was a three-star power, and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was a two-star power. This would be an absolute slaughter.

"Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, hand over Zhao Feng of the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo," a voice sounded across Heaven and Earth and caused the mountains underneath the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to shake as surges of Magnificent Power covered them.

The upper echelon of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan wasn't surprised that Earth Spirit Hall wanted Zhao Feng.

Emperor Ling Qiong and company instinctively looked toward the area where Zhao Feng was cultivating and found that the whirlpool of Wind Lightning above the courtyard was fading away.

At this instant, Zhao Feng had silently completed his breakthrough and concealed his aura. This definitely wasn't something new Kings could do.

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