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Chapter 928 - Disadvantaged

Dark clouds filled the air above the Ancient Dream Realm as a wisp of lightning started brewing.

"Is it here?"

Zhao Feng was extremely excited, but his eyes were solemn.

He had formed his Little World within the Ancient Dream Realm because he wanted to wait for the next storm. Ever since he had this idea, he wanted to give it a try - comprehend the Little World of Wind Lightning during an Ancient Dream Realm storm.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The sky started to turn dark as drops of rain fell from the sky. When the raindrops entered Zhao Feng's Little World, he felt that it was starting to become chaotic. He couldn't control the raindrops that entered his Little World.

"Right now, I can only control what I create in my Little World. I'm unable to affect other objects, and other objects can even affect the stability of my Little World."

Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed together; his Little World was too weak. However, he didn't remember that he was in the Ancient Dream Realm. If he returned to reality, his control over s.p.a.ce would surpa.s.s a newly-formed Little World of a normal Emperor. The raindrops from the Ancient Dream Realm also contained a lot of ancient aura that was completely different from the dimension he lived in.

In order to control these raindrops, he needed to have a deep understanding. In order to affect the laws of the Ancient Dream Realm, he needed to understand the origin of the Ancient Dream Realm to a certain degree, and Zhao Feng was extremely far away from that step.


The rain got bigger, and the occasional flash of lightning appeared.

Zhao Feng raised his head.

"The storm this time is much smaller than last time."

Even though that was the case, Zhao Feng's Little World started to turn transparent when the raindrops fell into it, as if it was going to disappear any moment.

A light flashed through Zhao Feng's eyes as he circulated his Crystal Core dimension. A surge of Wind Lightning True Yuan instantly flowed to every corner of the Little World, and the outline of the Little World around Zhao Feng became a bit clearer.

An occasional flash of lightning appeared in the dark clouds. Below these dark clouds was another layer of half-transparent clouds that was ravaged by wind and lightning. This scene was extremely weird; it was as if there were two skies in one world.

Like this, Zhao Feng started to feel the faint aura of Wind and Lightning among the rain of the Ancient Dream Realm. The Little World changed with his mind and started to slowly become realistic.


A crackle of lightning sounded from above Zhao Feng's head and caused his Little World to unleash a torrent of lightning bolts. The pressure of something that ruled over everything in the world appeared, and a strong sense of danger made Zhao Feng's left eye give out a warning.

"Not good!"

Boom! Boom! Boom…!

A giant bolt of lightning landed right where Zhao Feng was standing and left behind a black crater. Everything within ten meters had disappeared. There was still smoking and burning black pieces of wood nearby.

The Yao bird and python in the tree looked at the hole with puzzled eyes and shaking bodies. The next instant, a golden-haired youth appeared in the very center of the black crater.

The giant python and Yao bird witnessed all of this and thought nothing of it. While the cultivation of their master wasn't very high, he had the ability to move like a ghost.

"So close."

Zhao Feng was relieved. He was in the process of comprehending, so his sense toward the outside world was weak. If it wasn't for the warning of his left eye that woke him up, he would have been killed by the lightning bolt.

"Lightning shouldn't have fallen in such a weak storm. Looks like it was attracted by my Little World of Wind Lightning." Zhao Feng a.n.a.lyzed. This was the first giant bolt of lightning that had fallen since the storm showed up.

The Little World of Wind Lightning was still in its beginning stages, so its ability to attract lightning was nothing compared to his Sacred Lightning Body. If he circulated his Sacred Lightning Body here, it would instantly attract several bolts of lightning.

Furthermore, the weather was getting worse, so the chances of ancient lightning descending would become bigger. This meant that Zhao Feng might need to leave the Ancient Dream Realm at any moment, so he didn't dare to spread his Little World of Wind Lightning anymore.

After collecting some wood that contained some ancient lightning nearby, Zhao Feng sat down in the very middle of the hole.

"There's only two months left till the battle for Crown Prince. I must finish the early stages of my Little World by then."

Zhao Feng had a clear mind. For normal Emperors, forming a normal Little World within a year meant that they were a peerless prodigy, but with Zhao Feng's a.n.a.lyzing and learning ability, four months was enough.

However, the Little World of Wind Lightning he wanted to form contained the Intent from the Ancient Dream Realm and was far more difficult than a normal Little World. Once Zhao Feng finished the early stages of his Little World, its power would be able to easily suppress a normal Emperor's Little World, similar to how Zhao Feng wasn't even able to last three breaths the first time he entered the Ancient Dream Realm.

Several forces stood within the Ninth Prince's palace. Many Kings and Emperors stood on the side. Only some three-star powers, experts with n.o.ble ranks, and Sacred Lords were allowed to speak.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night, Old Monster Xu, Duke Nanfeng, and Zhou Su'er were all here, but the atmosphere was tense.

"Ninth Prince, are we really going to give the position of beast tamer to Zhao Feng?"

A muscular middle-aged male had a dissatisfied expression. His every movement and action gave off a powerful force, and this was still under the basis that he was trying to conceal it.

The Ninth Prince's expression was also slightly grim. In reality, he had wanted to give the soul specialist position to Zhao Feng, but the latter already told everyone that he was the beast tamer.

In addition, the Ji Family originally supported him, but after learning that Zhao Feng was a member of the Ninth Prince's force, they immediately left and joined the Eighth Prince, which was a big blow.

When the Ninth Prince went to ask why, the Elder from the Ji Family replied as such; "With Zhao Feng present, it'll be hard for the Ji Family to gain the position of soul specialist."

The Ninth Prince was helpless, but since the Ji Family had already joined the Eight Prince's side, it was no use no matter how he explained.

However, Zhao Feng's support also gave the Ninth Prince some other supporters, such as Duke Nanfeng and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. To a certain extent, Zhou Su'er was also supporting him because of Zhao Feng.

"Well, Zhao Feng is also an extremely talented beast tamer," the Ninth Prince smiled and replied. He believed that Zhao Feng would use his true skills and not trick him.

Duke Nanfeng and the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were all puzzled as well. While Zhao Feng was indeed a talented beast tamer, his personal battle-power and mysterious eye-bloodline techniques were far superior.

However, the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion didn't have any right to question Zhao Feng's choices.

The muscular male said no more. He was from the s.h.i.+ Family, which was the only member of Eight Big Families standing behind the Ninth Prince. He wasn't fighting for the position of beast tamer, he was just thinking of the group, and he hoped that each member was the best possible choice for their position because their opponents were simply too strong.

In the original report of overall strength, the Ninth Prince was ranked 6th, but now it had dropped to 7th. This meant that, in this period of time, the other princes had met more fortune than the Ninth Prince.

The Eighth Prince, who was originally ranked 7th, was now ranked 4th and even had the momentum to fight for the position of Crown Prince.

The current members had no confidence when facing the terrifying groups of the other princes.

"s.h.i.+ Yulei, as long as we work together and use Shen Jizi's tactics, we have a chance," Old Ying's voice sounded.

"We can't jump to rash conclusions right now. Anything can change," an staff-wielding elder with a white beard said slowly.

Shen Jizi was once a famous sage who knew divination, but no news of him had been heard for many years. His appearance surprised many of the older generation.

A sentence from each of the elders instantly calmed everyone down.

"Tomorrow is the fight for the positions. Zhao Feng still hasn't come out of seclusion?" a dissatisfied voice sounded from the Elder of a normal three-star power.

The fight for positions was the final obstacle to confirm the positions and usually didn't take too much time.

For example, the Ninth Prince had seven slots in total.

Zhou Su'er was extremely famous for her healing abilities, and no one would be willing to challenge her over it. Even if they thought they had a chance, they wouldn't dare to.

s.h.i.+ Yulei was a prodigy of the s.h.i.+ Family who had awakened his bloodline, and he was from an earlier generation. The s.h.i.+ Family was the biggest force behind the Ninth Prince's back, so no one would try to take his spot.

In fact, if the s.h.i.+ Family wanted to take a second spot, the normal forces wouldn't dare to say anything.

Furthermore, there were two more unique rules in the fight for the positions. The first was that only the forces that supported the specific prince or a neutral force had the right to challenge the position. The second was that the challenger's cultivation couldn't exceed the person with the position.

For example, if a beast tamer wanted to challenge Zhao Feng, then this beast tamer couldn't come from any force behind any of the other princes, and their cultivation couldn't exceed Zhao Feng's.

With all these restrictions, the fight for the positions wasn't really that complex or exciting as one might imagine.

"If Zhao Feng doesn't come out of seclusion by tomorrow, then we'll just have to interrupt him." The Ninth Prince felt slightly helpless. He remembered how Zhao Feng entered seclusion during their first visit as well.

However, the Ninth Prince was slightly looking forward to it. Zhao Feng was one of his core members, so it would only be good for him if Zhao Feng became stronger.


An aura suddenly appeared, and the expressions of all the experts changed as they looked outside.

"His Highness Ninth Prince, I'll be interrupting you."

A powerful elder in dark red robes stood outside the hall, and his pressure caused all the experts in the hall to start breathing more heavily. Next to him were several others from the Tie Family, and one of them was a pretty female who scanned her eyes urgently across the hall.

"Senior Hongnan, tomorrow is the fight for the positions. May I ask why you're here?" The Ninth Prince gave a faint smile as he went forward.

The Tie Family was one of the best among the Eight Big Families and was no weaker than peak three-star powers. They currently stood on the Fourth Prince's side.

"I'm here to find Zhao Feng," Tie Hongnan's voice resounded across the hall, and no one dared to stop his disrespectful actions. Even the Elder representing the s.h.i.+ Family bowed their head and didn't speak.

Although they were both from one of the Eight Big Families, the s.h.i.+ Family was nowhere near the Tie Family, who guarded against the non-human races in the northwestern region. Furthermore, this Tie Hongnan wasn't some random member of the Tie Family, he was an old Sacred Lord.

"Senior Hongnan, Zhao Feng is still in seclusion." The Ninth Prince had an apologetic expression.

"Hmm? Are you sure he's not just hiding from the Tie Family?" Tie Hongnan's expression turned slightly angry as a wave of fiery aura spread and pressured all the other experts present. Their souls started to tremble, and the True Yuan and blood within their bodies were about to burn.

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