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Chapter 938: Opening the Way

Translator: Thunder07 Editor: adeadaxe

Chapter 938 – Opening the Way

Zhao Feng remembered all of the members present during the fights for the positions. The two purple-haired middle-aged people were geniuses of the Ji Family from an older generation, while the muscular male in black clothes was a Sacred Lord from the Cao Family. None of these three had to defend their positions.

“Wait for me here. If there’s any danger, just use the array in the Dragon Jade,” Zhao Feng ordered as he looked at the three slowly heading into the Imperial Sky Inheritance.

“You’re really going to go?” Zhou Su’er was worried. Just was just thinking about what would happen if someone offended Zhao Feng, but she was starting to regret it.

The Cao Family and the Ji Family were both members of the Eight Big Families, and they supported the 4th-ranked Eighth Prince.

The purple-haired male with short hair was a famous Grandmaster Beast Tamer – Ji Bai – while the muscular male in black clothes was Cao Zhang, also known as Sacred Lord Hundred Refined. Apparently, he had cultivated and refined a hundred peak Earth-grade techniques to the maximum, and he was a peerless prodigy of the Cao Family’s older generation.

Their group had a Grandmaster Beast Tamer with the powerful Purple Star Eyes bloodline, and they also had the terrifying battle-power of Sacred Lord Hundred Refined. While Zhao Feng might be outstanding in every aspect and easily surpa.s.sed unrivalled Emperors, he was certainly not a match for such a combination.

Zhou Su’er started to regret choosing to be a healer.

“En.” Zhao Feng gave a simple reply and didn’t give an explanation.

Seeing Zhao Feng acting so calm, Zhou Su’er thought that she might be underestimating him.

Within the inheritance, Ji Bai laughed coldly; “Ji Dengtian, that brat has come in on his own.”

“That’s good. I will defeat him with my Purple Star Eyes.”

Ji Dengtian had a proud expression and cold eyes.

The Ji Family had originally joined the Ninth Prince, but after Sacred Lord Star Demon learned that Zhao Feng was a member of the Ninth Prince’s team, they immediately left and joined the Eighth Prince’s faction. The reason he did this was because “your eye-bloodline techniques are no match for Zhao Feng, so you definitely won’t be able to get the spot.”

The younger disciples of the Ji Family spent all day talking about Zhao Feng’s mysterious eye-bloodline techniques.

“I will let that brat learn how terrifying the Purple Star Eyes are and that the Ji Family is the family with the strongest eye-bloodlines.”

Ever since Ji Dengtian started cultivating, he had never lost against an eye-bloodline outside the Ji Family. He would never admit that his eye-bloodline techniques weren’t a match for a late-stage King junior.

“Hehe, I heard that Zhao Feng joined the Crown Prince trial with the position of beast tamer.” Excitement flashed through Ji Bai’s eyes.

“Stop talking about useless stuff. He’s just a King-level junior.” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, who was at the front, snickered coldly.

“Sacred Lord Hundred Refined, you might not know about this, but Zhao Feng has a Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly.” Ji Bai gave a wicked smile.

“Oh?” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined’s footsteps stopped, and his eyebrows furrowed. It was obvious that even Sacred Lords weren’t able to resist the temptation of the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly.

“But he shouldn’t have used the array in his Dragon Jade yet, so if we take action hastily, it will ruin our chance,” Ji Bai continued.

Their voices had faded. It was obvious that they were now talking with their Divine Sense.

While the shape of the Imperial Sky Inheritance was a palace, after they entered, there was an old wide path. This old wide path was covered in sand, and it was extremely long. No one could see where it ended or where it led.

In the depths of this pathway:

Boom! Bam!

Six experts were fighting against countless human-shaped sandstone monsters. There were more and more sandstone monsters in front of them in a never-ending horde.

“Xue Yuan, I can’t do it anymore. Who knows how much further this path goes?” A short Emperor who had expended a lot of True Yuan spoke in a low tone.

“It is indeed not enough with just two groups.” Xue Yuan looked at the members of the Twelfth Prince’s group. Their situation wasn’t much better.

They had been fighting with these sandstone monsters ever since they entered the Imperial Sky Inheritance, and while these monsters only had the strength of a half-step King, everyone’s strength was currently suppressed in this ancient dimension.

The path here had been extremely difficult. They had slain six or seven hundred sandstone monsters at the least, but the path ahead of them was still pitch-black. They could only see countless sandstone monsters.

“Another group has arrived!” someone exclaimed.

“They’re members of the Eighth Prince’s group… the Cao and Ji Families!”

“It’s Sacred Lord Hundred Refined from the Cao Family!”

“Hold on! The group from the Cao and Ji Families are coming. We will definitely be able to break through now,” Xue Yuan encouraged the short Emperor next to him as excitement shone in his eyes.

With the help of a Sacred Lord, they would be able to easily kill these monsters.


Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was like a black meteor as he summoned a storm and crashed into several dozen sandstone monsters. The pressure of a Sacred Lord was unleashed and swept across the place like a tornado.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless sandstone monsters cried out as their bodies crumbled and turned into sand.

“All of you, leave the Imperial Sky Inheritance!” Sacred Lord Hundred Refined turned around and looked at the six people. His voice was cold and forceful. The supreme aura of a Sacred Lord made the six Emperors unable to stand or breathe properly.

“If you stay here, we might accidentally kill you.” Ji Bai slowly walked over, and his wicked laughter resounded throughout the pathway. He waved his hands, and countless dark green snakes appeared. They had scaly armor that glittered with a cold light.

“You…!” Xue Yuan was filled with anger. They had spent a lot of time and effort to reach this place. None of them were willing to leave the Imperial Sky Inheritance just like that, but they were all extremely tired from the battle. Even if were at their full strength, these six wouldn’t be a match for the Cao and Ji Families. The difference between their groups and the groups of the top five princes was just too big.

“Let’s go.” Xue Yuan harrumphed coldly and left with the other two members of his group.

The other group could only give up as well. There were a lot of inheritances in the Imperial Tombs, and they had plenty of chances elsewhere.

“Xue Yuan, which inheritance are we going to next?” an elder in white robes asked with a faint smile. Although these two groups weren’t behind the same prince, they had reached this place together, and they felt a certain bond after being kicked out together by the Eighth Prince’s group.

“Let’s go to a smaller inheritance. We won’t get any share from a big inheritance.” Xue Yuan sighed.

They felt helpless against the members of the top five princes. The foundation and strength of the Eight Big Families weren’t something normal three-star powers could compare to.

“Hmm? There’s someone in front of us,” someone said with surprise.

A youth with golden hair and a golden eye slowly walked over.

“Hand over two Dragon Jades and I’ll let you guys go.” Zhao Feng revealed a smile as he stood in the middle of their path like a bandit.


The six were slightly dazed as they recognized Zhao Feng, and they made sure that their ears were functioning properly. All of them knew a bit about Zhao Feng. The beast tamer on the Ninth Prince’s team apparently had a spiritual pet with a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, but a mere late-stage Void G.o.d Realm beast tamer robbing six Emperors would make many people laugh to death.

“Zhao Feng, hand over the Cloud Silkworm Saint b.u.t.terfly or immediately use the array in your Dragon Jade and leave.” Xue Yuan’s eyes were cold as he walked forward. After being kicked out by the experts of the Cao and Ji Families, he was filled with anger and had nowhere to unleash it, but an ignorant junior suddenly arrived.

Hearing that, the other five revealed playful smiles as they walked over as well.

“Looks like you’re not going to give me the Dragon Jades then.” Zhao Feng’s golden eye scanned over the six, and their hearts shook. The eye seemed to be able to look through everything.

Xue Yuan’s eyebrows furrowed. He felt like something was amiss, but he was frustrated at the same time.

“Zhao Feng, you’re courting death!” An Emperor with a short temper cursed and was about to attack.

“Hmph, Sacred Lightning Body!” Zhao Feng stepped forward, and his body became taller. A golden-blue light radiated from his body as he seemed to turn into a miniature golden giant. At the same time, a barrier of lightning condensed around the surface of his body. Lightning flashed and wind howled.

The Emperor’s palm landed on Zhao Feng’s barrier of lightning, but his attack was completely dissolved. At the same time, a strong repelling force and countless bolts of lightning pushed him back a dozen meters and made him cough out a mouthful of blood. He fell to the ground and looked at Zhao Feng in fear.

Under the pressure of Zhao Feng’s Sacred Lightning Body, the other five felt as if they had been hit by a hammer, and their blood started to boil. A numbing sensation coursed through their bodies.

“What a strong body! He managed to ignore the attack of an Emperor and even counterattack!”

“This momentum and aura are close to a Sacred Lord!”

“How is this possible? He’s only a late-stage King. How is he able to unleash such battle-power when he’s being suppressed by the ancient dimension?”

Everyone was shocked and puzzled.

The feeling Zhao Feng gave them was the exact same as Sacred Lord Hundred Refined. They felt helpless and could only do what he said.

Xue Yuan was completely shocked as he looked at the calm Zhao Feng. In the information he had received, it said that Zhao Feng’s physical defense was extremely strong, but he didn’t expect it to be this strong.

On top of that, there were rumors that Zhao Feng specialized in Soul eye-bloodline techniques, and he definitely had spiritual pets that specialized in fighting for him as well if he was able to enter this place with the position of beast tamer.

“We’re willing to hand over one Dragon Jade,” Xue Yuan said through gritted teeth.

One Dragon Jade wasn’t really a big deal for them. The prince they supported had no intention of becoming the Crown Prince, so there wasn’t much point in collecting Dragon Providence. It was better to just give away one jade since it would be a waste for their entire group to use their life-saving technique right now. Xue Yuan took a Dragon Jade from another member and handed it to Zhao Feng.

The elder in white walked over to the Emperor that Zhao Feng had sent flying, took the Dragon Jade from him, and gave it to Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng took the Dragon Jades, then headed forward without bothering them.

“I can only blackmail them now.” Zhao Feng sighed. Everyone was starting to get used to this place. The six Emperors just now could use 30% of their full battle-power.

“The path in this inheritance is extremely long. I’ll let them open the way for me.” A gold light flashed through Zhao Feng’s left eye as he looked into the distance and continued to walk forward at a leisurely pace.

Within the depths of the old pathway, Sacred Lord Hundred Refined was like a black tornado that shredded every sandstone monster wherever he went.

“Blazing Sky Force Punch!”

“Sky Silk Shadowless Step!”

“Golden Kun Finger!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three advanced forward very quickly and only left a trail of yellow sand behind.

“Will that brat come?” Ji Dengtian stopped and turned around.

“He’s coming, but he’s following at a very slow speed. From the looks of it, he wants us to open the way for him while he does nothing,” Ji Bai said with an evil smile after carefully sensing around.

“Hehe, as long as he comes, he can take anything he wants… if he has the ability to do so.” Ji Dengtian laughed coldly.

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