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Chapter 929 - Exiting Seclusion

"Hmm? Are you sure he's not just hiding from the Tie Family?" Tie Hongnan's expression turned slightly angry as a wave of fiery aura spread and pressured all the other experts present. Their souls started to tremble, and the True Yuan and blood within their bodies were about to burn.

The hearts of Old Monster Xu and Supreme Emperor Dark Night faintly shook. The aura that this Tie Hongnan displayed was on par with Sacred Lord Demonic Abyss.

No one present dared to say anything in the face of a Tie Family Sacred Lord's interrogation.

"Grand Elder, Zhao Feng is indeed not here," Tie Litian, who was next to Tie Hongnan, scanned over the place and said.

The Tie Family knew that Zhao Feng was in seclusion so they waited till now, but Zhao Feng was still in seclusion the day before the position fights? This made them suspicious that Zhao Feng was purposely avoiding the Tie Family.

"Tell Zhao Feng to come out. I want to talk to him." Tie Hongnan's terrifying aura spread once more across the hall and transformed it turn into a burning h.e.l.l.

"Senior Hongnan, this isn't good. You're supporting the Fourth Prince, but you want to disturb a member of my team from cultivating…?" The Ninth Prince had to say this, and he believed that Tie Hongnan knew what he meant.

These were the rules for the fight for Crown Prince. The forces behind each prince couldn't disturb the subordinates of the other princes.

The Ninth Prince not giving in to the pressure of the Tie Family made the experts within the hall feel good, but at the same time, they could clearly feel the difference between them. The Fourth Prince didn't just have the peak three-star Tie Family behind him, he also had the Dong Family and two Grand Duke Palaces. Even the four-star Sky Suspension Palace stood behind the Fourth Prince. There were also countless two-star and three-star forces.

…and yet, the Tie Family alone scared everyone from the Ninth Prince's side.

"Grand Elder, why don't we just wait a while? Tomorrow is the day for the fights, so Zhao Feng will definitely come out of seclusion by then," Tie Litian's expression changed slightly as he said.

Even the Tie Family didn't dare to disobey the rules set by the imperials.

"Fine… but if Zhao Feng hasn't come out of seclusion by tomorrow, I will take it that he's not going to partic.i.p.ate in the fight for the positions, meaning that he won't be considered a member of the Ninth Prince's force."

Tie Hongnan looked at the Ninth Prince with a hint of praise, but then scanned over the other experts present with a threatening meaning.

After Tie Hongnan and the others from the Tie Family left, the temperature of the hall returned to normal, but it was now dead-silent.

The Ninth Prince felt helpless. If the Ji Family was here, they would've been able to put up a fight in terms of momentum and not lose so much morale.

At this moment, a kind-looking male in dragon robes walked over; "Zihang, don't give up. Although there aren't many forces behind you, all of your team members are elites and full of potential."

"Eleventh Uncle." The Ninth Prince's expression changed slightly, and he felt extremely unwilling. Being the leader, everyone had reached this stage for his sake, so he couldn't show any signs of wavering.

The Ninth Prince's eyes lit up. He couldn't let everyone down.

At the same time, those who had gained a spot felt confident and full of anger.

"I believe everyone is outstanding and won't be replaced by anyone else in the fight for the positions tomorrow." The Ninth Prince looked toward a handful of the people.

Those that didn't belong to a force could join in the fight for the positions, but these individuals wouldn't dare to take a position from a strong force and would only go for the weaker forces.

The next day, the draconic providence of the entire Great Gan Lord Dynasty started to move, as if a golden dragon was about to awaken. The draconic providence swept over every direction.

There were ten arenas in the biggest martial arts field in the Great Gan Imperial Palace. The martial arts field was surrounded by a hall where the princes and their forces spectated. Above the Imperial Palace in the clouds a thousand miles away were countless experts and forces.

"Pavilion Master Bi, tell Zhao Feng to come out of seclusion." The Ninth Prince faintly shook his head. Did Zhao Feng actually forget about the fight for Crown Prince?

Being the Ocean Smoke Pavilion Master, Bi Qingyue didn't want to interrupt Zhao Feng, but she had to at this point.

Bi Qingyue faintly nodded her head and left toward where Zhao Feng was in seclusion.

At this moment, Tie Litian was already slowly walking over; "Your Highness Ninth Prince, has Zhao Feng still not come out seclusion?"

Everyone's heart fell. Someone from the Tie Family had already come. If Tie Hongnan did what he did yesterday and questioned them in front of all the forces of the Lord Dynasty, what should they do?

Right as they were worrying, a voice sounded, "Ninth Prince, I've come late."

Zhao Feng walked over with an apologetic expression, and all the forces around the Ninth Prince looked over.

Zhao Feng's infamous name spread throughout the Great Gan Lord Dynasty four years ago, but he had always been in seclusion after arriving at the Imperial Palace, so no one had seen him or his beast taming abilities. However, he was able to take an important position.

The Sacred Lord from the Tie Family came yesterday because of Zhao Feng as well. Adding all of this together with Zhao Feng's infamous name caused them to be quite dissatisfied with Zhao Feng.

If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Feng was the Grand Elder of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and had a good relations.h.i.+p with Duke Nanfeng, they would have already persuaded the Ninth Prince to take away Zhao Feng's position.

"Zhao Feng, it's okay as long as you came." The Ninth Prince had a faint smile as he inspected Zhao Feng.

The Elder from the s.h.i.+ Family had a surprised expression; "The lifeforce and body-strength of this junior is on par with s.h.i.+ Yulei!"

One had to know that the s.h.i.+ Family was traditionally a body-strengthening family, and s.h.i.+ Yulei was a genius from the previous generation who had awakened his bloodline.

"Zhao Feng, the Grand Elder of the Tie Family invites you over to have a talk." Tie Litian inspected Zhao Feng once again with a complex expression, but he didn't hide the praise in his eyes.

At this moment in time, Zhao Feng had reached the late stages of the Void G.o.d Realm, but he gave off an unfathomable feeling. His steady aura surpa.s.sed most ancient Emperors, and his golden eye made one feel uneasy. However, what made him most excited was that he could feel Zhao Feng's perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline had become even purer.

"There's nothing for me to talk about with the Tie Family." Zhao Feng immediately knew what Tie Litian wanted to talk about as soon as he saw him. Back then, he told Tie Litian that he was cutting the original owner's ties.

"Zhao Feng, regardless of anything else, your body belongs to the Tie Family, and the blood of the Tie Family flows through you. That is reality; you can't escape from it," Tie Litian persuaded. If Zhao Feng returned to the Tie Family, he would definitely become a supreme expert of the lord dynasty.

The thought of his perfect bloodline held a tinge of hope for the Tie Family to become the strongest three-star power, and perhaps even a four-star superpower.

"Escape?" Zhao Feng didn't think as such. He was never trying to run away.

If one wanted to count every single tie from the past, it would never end. Escaping was only what the Tie Family thought was happening; they thought that Zhao Feng was avoiding them.

"Fine, I'll come with you." Zhao Feng sighed as his gaze became decisive. There had to be an ending to this. The Tie Family was one of the strongest powers, and it was an enormous force that was deeply connected to the imperials. If he didn't resolve this misunderstanding, it would drag on forever.


Seeing Zhao Feng follow Tie Litian, the Ninth Prince's forces let out a breath.

They knew a bit about Zhao Feng, and while they were envious, they were puzzled at the same time. Why didn't Zhao Feng just join the Tie Family in the first place?

Zhao Feng's appearance caught the attention of many experts from the Thirteenth Prince's hall. The square-faced Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family and Duanmu Qing looked at Zhao Feng with a complicated expression while the Thirteenth Prince and those from Nine Darkness Palace had killing intent in their eyes.

The Fourth Prince's hall was silent. The huge number of terrifying existences made some two-star and three-star forces afraid to even breathe out loud.

At this moment, Tie Litian appeared with Zhao Feng outside the hall.

"Zhao Feng." The Fourth Prince looked at Zhao Feng and felt that he was steadier than before.

At the same time, the other experts within the Fourth Prince's hall also inspected this golden-haired youth.

"Zhao Feng, we meet again." Xin Wuheng had a faint smile. He and Zhao Feng both came from the same hometown, so he was extremely happy that he could meet Zhao Feng again in the continent zone.

"It's Zhao Feng!" Xuanyuan Wen's eyes glittered with a surge of battle-intent. Now that he had started to gain control of the substandard G.o.d weapon, he wouldn't be caught off guard again like what happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

"Zhao Feng?" A red-haired male with a cold gaze from the Tie Family looked over. He had heard that an Elder of the family had found the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline outside. Furthermore, Zhao Feng's display in the Divine Illusion Dimension was also extremely outstanding; even Xuanyuan Wen was at a disadvantage against him.

"You are Zhao Feng?" Tie Hongnan's eyes were like fire, and they glittered with a weird red light as he looked at Zhao Feng.

"Feng'er…!" The pretty female with furrowed eyebrows and pale expression behind Tie Hongnan cried out.

At this instant, everyone was calling out Zhao Feng's name. This made the mouths of the various two-star and three-star representatives fall wide open. Even the Elder from Sky Suspension Palace opened his eyes and gave an interested glance toward Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng stood there with a calm expression. His golden eye scanned over everyone and memorized what they said. At last, his gaze stopped on Tie Hongnan.

So strong! This was the only thing Zhao Feng could say. He was several dozen times stronger than the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord back then. The casual pressure from Tie Hongnan made his body feel heavy, and he felt unable to breathe like he was bound by ropes.

Is this the Sacred Lord from the Tie Family? Zhao Feng started to secretly circulate his Sacred Lightning Body.

Tie Hongnan looked at Zhao Feng with a fiery gaze and secretly circulated his secret technique. Zhao Feng instantly felt as if he was being burned, and the Blood Devil Sun bloodline within his body started to boil as if it was going to erupt at any moment.


A faint blood-red light surged from Zhao Feng and covered his body.

"Good! Perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline!" Tie Hongnan's face was filled with joy and excitement as he stood up and spread his terrifying fiery aura.

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