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Chapter 936 - Destruction

"Zhao Feng, does this ancient dimension not suppress you in any way?" Zhou Su'er was already extremely suspicious, and after this battle, she became more certain. She had felt Zhao Feng's Soul Intent back in the Saint Herb Pavilion, and she felt that it was almost the exact same just now.

"It does suppress me to a certain degree," Zhao Feng replied.

No matter what, the Imperial Tombs dimension was still a powerful dimension left behind from ancient times. Even though Zhao Feng had fused with some ancient aura, it's not like he lived in the Ancient Dream Realm. He just had an acquired resistance to it.

Zhao Feng was able to use about half of his overall battle-power in the Imperial Tombs. On the other hand, the people that had just arrived could only use one twentieth of their full battle-power.

Everyone needed some time to get used to this place before they were able to use more of their battle-power. The higher one's cultivation, the faster they adapted. Therefore, for a period of time, Zhao Feng would basically be invincible in the Imperial Tombs.

"We've arrived at the Dark Sky Inheritance."

Zhao Feng and Zhou Su'er stopped. There was an underground entrance not far from them, and it had signs of people entering a very long time ago.

The draconic providence in the air was a lot thicker, and the suction force of the Dragon Jade toward the draconic providence became stronger.

Dark Sky Inheritance… this inheritance had been found a long time ago, and while it was just a low-ranked inheritance, no one had ever managed to conquer it.

Zhao Feng and Zhou Su'er walked directly in, and the latter could now walk on the ground properly. The fruits and the ancient aura radiating from the green spotted snake allowed Zhou Su'er to quickly adapt to the pressure to a certain degree.

The instant the duo walked underground, Zhao Feng knew that everything around them was a dimension in between reality and illusion.

They had entered the Little World of the Sacred Lord before they died.

Everything in front of them occasionally became bright, then dimmed at other times.

Zhao Feng and Zhou Su'er had arrived in a gray dimension. There were four large statues in the dimension, and all of them suddenly opened their eyes as a surge of Emperor-level aura spread.

"I need to face four Emperors right from the beginning, and the ground seems to have a profound array drawn on it." Zhao Feng's left eye scanned over the place.

These four Emperors would indeed be slightly troublesome for the experts that had just arrived who could only use one twentieth of their strength.

No wonder there were more unconquered inheritances near the edges of the Imperial Tombs. Not only were the inheritances in the center more highly ranked, and thus scarcer, but the partic.i.p.ants would only start to move toward the center when they had adapted to the dimension and could actually use their battle-power.

"Zhao Feng, this inheritance is slightly difficult. Are you confident that you can pa.s.s it?" Zhou Su'er was a bit puzzled. She didn't really know Zhao Feng's true strength.

"Pa.s.s it? I'm not very confident," Zhao Feng said honestly, and Zhou Su'er nodded her head. It was indeed slightly difficult for one person, but if she helped, they might be able to succeed.

However, what Zhao Feng said next made her dazed once more.

"But I do have the confidence to destroy it."

Excitement shone in Zhao Feng's eyes.

Boom! Boom! Boom…!

The four statues thundered over and caused the ground to shake.


Zhao Feng flew into the air.

"It's time to test my Little World." Zhao Feng smiled as he circulated his Intent, and a terrifying surge of power filled the air, causing it to become chaotic.

Boom! Hu~~~

A dark dimension formed from destructive wind and lightning appeared in the air.

One had to know that the Little World of a Sacred Lord wasn't a true dimension, so if another Little World appeared in it, it would become a battle for territory between the two sides.

Boom! Boom!

The air started to crackle as the ground shattered.

Zhao Feng's Little World was created in the Ancient Dream Realm, so to a certain degree, it could be said that it was made from the Ancient Dream Realm. In other words, it was almost completely unaffected by the Imperial Tombs.


Zhao Feng circulated his Sacred Lightning Body and poured the True Yuan of Wind Lightning within his Crystal Core dimension into the Little World.

The two Little Worlds started to clash with each another.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Punch!"

Zhao Feng flew into the air and sent of couple golden fists toward the inheritance's Little World.


With the combined forces of Zhao Feng's fist and Little World, a giant crack appeared in the air and started to extend.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The gray Little World instantly shattered, and the powerful Sacred Power created a storm as it swept over the underground. However, Zhao Feng's Little World immediately merged with the air and took control of the laws and Intents, blocking all of the damage outside his Little World.

"The power isn't too bad."

Zhao Feng was extremely satisfied.

The Little World of Sacred Lord Dark Sky had been here for too long, so its foundation was weak. There was also nothing controlling it, so it was like a dead object. It was a lot more stable than a normal Sacred Lord's Little World, but it was still weak.

Zhou Su'er was in complete shock as she stood in Zhao Feng's Little World. Winds blew, and lightning blasted across Heaven and Earth. The ground was filled with black wood as arcs of lightning flashed by. This was Zhao Feng's Little World?

Because of Zhao Feng's Intent, she wasn't affected by the Little World, but Zhou Su'er could feel how terrifying Zhao Feng's Little World was. This wasn't the Little World a normal Emperor should have.

Above the Dark Sky Inheritance:

"Your Highness Eleventh Prince, we're almost at the Dark Sky Inheritance." An elder in gray robes was filled with excitement.

"Good, I'll be counting on you." The Eleventh Prince increased his speed.

"Your Highness, don't worry. A senior of the Heaven Luo Clan has been there in a previous trial, and we have spent a lot of time studying it. I am 80% confident that I will be able to solve it." The elder in gray felt proud.

There was also a Quasi-Sacred Lord expert with them.

The overall strength of the Eleventh Prince was ranked second to last, and he had no intention to become the Crown Prince. All he wanted to do was follow his members around and find some fortune.

"Eleventh Prince, we're here." The gray-robed elder was filled with joy. The Dark Sky Inheritance was still here and hadn't been solved yet.

However, suddenly:

Boom! Boom! Bam~~~~!

The ground erupted, and a storm of Sacred Power started radiating a terrifying aura. A surge of terrifying lightning then blinked out after it.

"What a terrifying aura! Run!" the elder in gray screamed.

"The Little World of Sacred Lord Dark Sky has been destroyed. There is definitely a Sacred Lord down there." The Quasi-Sacred Lord following the Eleventh Prince was stunned, and he immediately took the Eleventh Prince and ran.

One had to know that any group that had a true Sacred Lord was most likely from one of the top five princes, and one also had to know that even Sacred Lords would be restricted in this dimension. If a Sacred Lord was still able to release such power in this dimension and destroy a Little World, how strong would they be?

At this moment, within the Great Gan Imperial Palace, the stone tablet filled with weird symbols and marks floated in the air radiated a unique undulation.

Around the stone tablet were ten big white screens. At the very center of each screen was a prince.

"The Fourth Prince has already found a high-ranked inheritance!" an expert in the clouds exclaimed.

According to the image on the screen, the inheritance was from someone who was at the late stages of the Mystic Light Realm at the least.

"Good, that black-robed person isn't with Chen'er, and Chen'er has gone to the inheritance I told him to go to." A powerful male within the hall of the Thirteenth Prince had a faint smile.

"The Sixth Prince is running around blindly and has met a group of beasts." Many experts laughed in their hearts.

The trial to become Crown Prince had been around from the beginning of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and it had a history of hundreds of millions of years. The trial to become Crown Prince was controlled by the Grand Imperial Hall, and apparently, the upper echelon members of the Grand Imperial Hall could affect what happened in the Imperial Tombs from the outside world.

The pseudo Crown Prince Seals had been modified by the imperials so that they could be connected to the outside world. Because of this, what happened within a certain range of the pseudo Crown Prince Seal could be seen in the outside world, but the images were slightly blurry.

Having this ability protected the princes to a certain degree, and it allowed the forces and families waiting outside to see what was happening in the Imperial Tombs.

"The Eleventh Prince has also found an inheritance!" someone exclaimed, and everyone looked over.

However, the inheritance in the Eleventh Prince's screen suddenly exploded, and a storm ravaged across Heaven and Earth, making the images even blurrier. The Eleventh Prince and the other two members immediately started to run.

The spectating experts around the great hall instantly took in a deep breath.

"What strength! Which Sacred Lord managed to crush the Little World of an inheritance?"

"Could it be that the source of energy of that Little World run out?"

"No, there were obviously two different powers there. I saw lightning."

"How savage! They just destroyed the tests within the Little World to take the inheritance and draconic providence."

"This has to be Sacred Lord Ten Thousand Lightning from Sky Suspension Palace."

Everyone exclaimed.

Due to the screens, everyone understood the Imperial Tombs to a certain degree. The pressure of the dimension was extremely strong, so those that had just entered would be heavily suppressed, and yet this mysterious expert still managed to destroy the Little World of the Sacred Lord's inheritance.

"Unfortunately, the Eleventh Prince ran away in a hurry and didn't see who it was."

After the Little World of Sacred Lord Dark Sky was destroyed, a tomb appeared in front of Zhao Feng and Zhou Su'er. The Dragon Jades on Zhao Feng's and Zhou Su'er's bodies instantly started to suck in the draconic providence nearby.

At the same time, Zhao Feng started to collect the objects that Sacred Lord Dark Sky had left behind.

"The wealth of an imperial Sacred Lord is indeed different."

Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the interspatial ring of Sacred Lord Dark Sky and started to smile.

"Hmm? There's a unique flower from the ancient era?"

Joy appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

Although this was an ancient dimension, most of the and trees here were the same as the outside world. Over a hundred million years, because of all the princes discovering everything, all the rare herbs became even rarer and usually only existed in some forbidden places.

"Let's go to the next inheritance," Zhao Feng said after collecting everything.

Zhou Su'er paused for a moment. She felt that everything she just experienced was a lot different from what she first imagined.

There was no danger or difficulty. She didn't even need to do anything; Zhao Feng could finish everything himself.

After returning to the surface, Zhao Feng suddenly leapt onto a tree, and his left eye radiated a Soul power.

A flying beast in the sky was just enslaved by Zhao Feng.

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