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Chapter 839: Hero's Tears

Broken Sword put on the protective socks for Hero, and carried her to the wheelchair. She gave Hero a simple wash and breakfast... Amy, her next door neighbor, also woke up. When everything was ready, they pushed the wheelchair and went to the hospital.

Hero was much more nervous than usual and hardly spoke along the way. Fortunately, Amy helped to make the atmosphere more lively, so that the tension would not affect Broken Sword.

As for Amy herself... probably optimism was her nature, so she could smile at any moment, even when she was fleeing to the Kingdom of Dawn—this always made Broken Sword envious.

It was almost 9:00 am when they arrived at the hospital. When they had just entered the courtyard, the three of them saw Lady Wendy waiting at the entrance.

No, not only Wendy, but there were also Scroll, Anna, Leaf, Mystery Moon and Lily... Almost all of the Witch Union members were gathered there waiting for their arrival.

Although she was not the patient, Broken Sword still felt a sudden surge of warmth. She even felt her eyes getting sour and tearing up.

There was a slight tremor in the wheelchair and she knew that Hero was becoming emotional.

"His Majesty and Marquess Spear have been waiting for you in the medical room," Wendy said with a smile, touching Hero's head. "Don't worry, you'll regain your freedom soon."

"His Majesty?" Broken Sword sounded surprised. "His Majesty Roland has come?"

"Who else could it be," exclaimed Mystery Moon, "only His Majesty could make Lily put down her microscope and the weird worms."

"Don't talk nonsense!" Lily shouted and tried to cover Mystery Moon's mouth.

This made the three chuckle, and eased their nervous mood a little.

Wendy shook her head reluctantly. "Let's not let His Majesty wait too long."

Broken Sword pushed the wheelchair into the medical room, and after saluting the king and the Marquess, carefully carried Hero to the bed.

Just as Hero was about to take the herb, Annie finally rushed over.

She grasped Hero's hand gently, just like in the past and said, "I'll be here until you wake up."

This sentence seemed to have an incredible magic, as Broken Sword saw the girl finally settle down on the bed.

On the long flight to the Kingdom of Dawn, it was Annie who had been busy taking care of these three girls that had no experience of the wild and had brought them safely there. In the process, they had all regarded Annie as the backbone, believing that as long as she was there, any problems could be solved.

Shortly after swallowing a pill, Hero fell asleep.

"Let's get started," Wendy said to Broken Sword.

She nodded and closed her eyes—in an instant, the five senses disappeared instantly, just as if they been thrown into the void. However, this feeling lasted only for a few moments, and soon she "watched" things around again—through the eyes of Miss Nana.

Her experience after exerting the ability was amazing, and she could even see herself as a short, thin "dagger," with vibrant, greenish soft lights flowing between the blade.

This willow-like dagger was a suggestion made by His Majesty. He said waving a sword in front of the bed was too weird, and it would be better if she could become a short dagger. He also gave this kind of weapon a weird name, a scalpel.

Suddenly, a surging magic burst into her body, and her sense of fullness made her start to hum. Of course, only the girl holding her could hear this slight moan.

"Still very uncomfortable?" Nana brought the scalpel in front of her.

"Much better than the previous ones," Broken Sword took a deep breath—though it was only her subconscious move. After all, the weapon did not breathe. "It doesn't matter. I can stand it. Feel free to use it."

This powerful magic Broken Sword felt came from Leaf when Spear connected the two of them together. Fortunately, Miss Leaf's ability itself had the characteristics of vitality and moisture, so after adaptation it would not be too uncomfortable. This was unlike Anna's Blackfire, which was hard, sharp and cold, as if it were covered with steel needles. This, plus her magic capacity, was almost unbearable for Broken Sword.

Therefore, when working with witches, only a few cooperated with Miss Anna.

After becoming a blade, she could have a conscious connection with the user but also became faintly aware that the witch's magic and her own character were not unrelated. Most witches' temperament could always be felt from the fluctuation of magic. So it was very difficult to understand, how Anna who looked so approachable and smart, though she spoke very little, could give her such a feeling magically.

Anna removed Hero's socks, and her fingertips showed a dark, thin line, that bound her legs like a rope.

Broken Sword could not help but s.h.i.+ver.

She had seen it with her own eyes, that when necessary, this Blackfire was able to instantly melt the metal and burn it up. But for now it felt just like Anna's magical power, a hard and cold icy filament.

The black line soon vanished, and Broken Sword knew it had shrunk into a tiny black spot. In this shrinking process, in which the skin, blood vessels, and bones were neatly cut—because the cutting surface was too flat, so it took a while before a circle of bloodstains gradually emerged.

The sliced ​​amputated limb was less than a finger thick, and Nana already stripped off the epidermis, driving the magic to wrap the wound.

Broken Sword has seen the next treatment many times.

b.l.o.o.d.y red wounds began to grow forward under the old skin and grow out new pink skin. The magic of the two bodies also flew quickly, without a steady input from Leaf, they would soon be depleted.

About half an hour later, a complete pair of feet finally appeared in front of everyone.

Nana's energy also reached its limit, throwing off the scalpel. She was holding the bed and gasping with her forehead covered with fine sweat beads.

And Broken Sword was not much better. The whole process for her, was like constantly inflaming the internal organs. Even after the restoration of the original appearance, the whole body was still sore.

The little girl was brought by Wendy to the next room to take a break, but Broken Sword insisted on staying.

She wanted to be with Annie and Amy, to see Hero wake up for the first time.


After the sleeping fern's effects faded, Hero slowly opened her eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Wendy helped her sit up in bed, softly asking, "Can you feel them?"

She shook her head first, as if she wanted to throw the drowsiness out of her mind, then widened her eyes and stared at her own feet where there had only been bald broken legs with ugly scars, nothing else.

Everyone held their breath, and cast their gaze on the back of her foot. The medical room was silent for a moment.

Suddenly, her slender toe trembled slightly.

Broken Sword's heart also fluttered. She even thought it was her own illusion so she blinked and looked again.

The toes fluttered twice and like rusty scissors that had not moved for a long time, jerked and slowly bent.

Her uneasy heart finally felt a.s.sured and she just wanted to cheer. But she saw Hero's eyes flash two drops of tears. She was stunned, as even during the most difficult period, she had never seen Hero shed a tear.

"Than..." Hero swallowed as soon as she opened her mouth, and for a long time failed to complete her sentence, but all the people present understood her meaning. "Thanks... thank..."

Annie leaned over and Hero burst into tears in Annie's arms.

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