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Chapter 284
Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 284. The night where Michi gives her virginity (Part 2)


My p.e.n.i.s sucked by Mana is already at maximum erection

「Yes, Master」

Michi stands up trembling and comes close to me.
Embracing this small body…our lips violently piled up.


Michi leans her body to me

「Michi…touch Danna-sama」

Misuzu holds Michi’s white hand and leads it to my p.e.n.i.s.

「Ah, so hot…so thick」

Mmimmchi’s fingers gently stroke my glans.

「You’ll become a woman using this…swear to love only Danna-sama’s p.e.n.i.s for the rest of your life…!」

Misuzu said, Michi…

「Yes. I will accept only Master’s thing… Please break my virginity with this stout thing. Please release s.e.m.e.n as much as you want…Michi, please make Michi pregnant…!」
「I am Master’s lewd toy. Please release Master’s l.u.s.t inside Michi’s body! Please play with Michi anytime anywhere」

Michi’s breathing turned rough.
Her crotch is dripping love nectar on the floor like water.
Michi seems to be easy to get wet.

「I’ll take off the bra」

Michi’s brais the sports type, perfect for her body.
I take those off.
Michi’s immature and flat chest.
Her pink nipple’s the only one sticking out, appealing her existence from arousal.
I knead her nipple with my finger.

「Au…I’m sorry. Master」
「…What’s wrong, Michi?」

I don’t know what she’s apologizing for.

「My chest isn’t enough」

I rub Michi’s flat chest.
I can feel a thin layer under the skin.
There’s a foundation for growth so this chest is going to expand in the future.

「Don’t be ridiculous」

I whisper in Michi’s ears.

「I’ll stimulate it a lot to make this part of Michi well mature…」
「I’ll have fun in raising Michi」
「Yes…please nurture me. I’ll become a woman under Master’s preference…!」

I stand on my knee.
I’ve got to to do this in order to lick Michi’s pet.i.te nipples.

「…I’m licking it」

I lick up Michi’s nipples.

「Aaaah…T-This feels good…!」
「Michi, do you like being licked by Danna-sama?」

Misuzu smiles beautifully to Michi.

「Okay…this is good. If it’s licked everyday…Michi’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s will surely inflate…」
「Then I’ll do it everyday」
「Thank you…it’s only for Master. There’s n.o.body else that could lick it other than Master and his child」
「My…what about me?」

Misuzu laughs

「Michi, Misuzu wants some love too」

Michi answers embarra.s.sed.

「Danna-sama…when I make love with Michi, I’ll properly ask for Danna-sama’s permission. Misuzu and Michi are both Danna-sama’s『woman』」

Misuzu said

「Misuzu…you want to do it with another『woman』right?」

Misuzu’s originally a lesbian pet of Nagisa.
She prefers women more than men.,

「Yes, if Danna-sama allows it then…I want to make love while being watched by Danna-sama」

Misuzu answers honestly

「Who do you want to do it with right now?」

I asked meanly…

「Everyone with the『family』 Nagisa-sama, Katsuko-san, Megumi-san…also, I also like to attack the still virgin Seki-san」

Seki-san’s surprised.

「Yes. I think that Seki-san has a nature to become a mas

ochistic slave. I want to make Seki-san’s l.u.s.t bloom…!」

Misuzu said, Seki-san turned red.

「Danna-sama, this isn’t cheating therefore…I’ll never do it without Danna-sama’s permission…and I’ll only have Danna-sama for my entire life」
「I know…love in between『family』isn’t cheating after all」

If you say that far…
What about me who’s going to violate Michi
Oh right.

「Misuz…could you do Megu and Mana after Nagisa and Katsuko-nee?」

I said

「Meguy and Mana’s connection is strongly only with me. If you love each other in the family, you can entrust your body and mind with confidence…I think the instability will be gone」
「Right, that might be true」

Katsuko-nee said

「Of course, I’ll be right by your side…okay, Megu, Mana?」
「Un…got it. Onii-chan」

Mana’s been yearning for Katsuko-nee and Nei-san originally…
She’ll accept without any problems.

「I’ll do anything Yos.h.i.+-kun wishes for」

But, Megu doesn’t have any lesbian nature at all
I think this might be a problem but…

「I…If Yos.h.i.+-kun wants to see it then I’ll give myself to an unknown man. No matter how hard it is, I’ll endure」

Look…Megu’s consciousness heads to a different direction.
Instead of love between women in the family…
It turned to a perverted play of embracing a stranger in front of my eyes…
It’s the same inside Megu’s head.
Megu sees everything as an abnormal act except for male female one-on-one s.e.x.
Megu’s been raised by Yamamine house who are people with common sense so she has a strong sense of morals.

「I’m not asking for that…far from having someone embrace Megu, I’ll never show the naked Megu to any other men.「」 Even Megu’s hair is mine. I’d rather die than hand Megu to other men!」
「…Yos.h.i.+-kun, I」

Megu’s thrilled by my declaration

「Megu, you should also say clearly if you want to do it or not! Do you think that you can please m by saying that!」

Megu prostrates on the floor.

「Please. Megu won’t ever have s.e.x with other men…」
「That’s obvious. I’ll never allow other men!」
「Yes, Yos.h.i.+-kun」
「Then…what about the other『women』 I’ll definitely by your side watching when doing it with the『family』…」
「Then…I think I can endure it」
「Then do it. Get used to it」

Megu nods.

「Hey, dear」

Katsuko-nee said.

「It’s good to do it within women but…I don’t want to use vibrators or any d.i.l.d.o. That’s okay right?」
「Spread their womb’s with your p.e.n.i.s. So yours are a perfect fit. Our holes are dedicated to you so I think the climax experience in the v.a.g.i.n.a should be your p.e.n.i.s. I want them to remember the sense of receiving s.e.m.e.n in their womb」
「…Got it」

Katsuko-nee…she’s seen various women as she was a prost.i.tute in the mansion.
There must’ve been a prost.i.tute who became crazy on s.e.x with machines.
This means that I must make my women feel only s.e.xual satisfaction from me.

「Now…please concentrate on Michi」

Misuzu said

「Right…I’m going to have s.e.x with you Michi now」

The small girl in my arms nods.

「Okay…this way please」

Nei-san made one of the sofas a bed.

「Wait a moment, there’s some clean sheets in here」

Megu then looked for sheets from the back and spread it out.
Megu who became the cla.s.s chairman of the family is really attentive.

「Let’s put a cus.h.i.+on under your waist」

Nagisa…gives a cus.h.i.+on for Michi’s first time s.e.x with me.

「Dear, wait a moment…」

Holding the video camera, Nagisa turns Michi on the bed.
Katsuko-nee also records Michi’s naked body for her last time being a virgin

「Misuzu…help Michi-san make memories」
「Yes, Nagisa-sama!」

Misuzu also enters the video screen

「Raise your body and look at the camera…」
「Yes, Misuzu-sama」

Michi looks up at the lens

「…What’s your name?」
「…Kudou Michi」
「State your age and school year」
「15 years old…third year in middle school」
「Michi’s going to give her virginity to her beloved master, won’t she?」
「Face the camera and say it yourself. This recording will be left for eternity. We’ll be showing it to Michi’s daughter in the future」


「Michi doesn’t intend to give birth but girls」

Michi speaks to the camera

「Michi’s going to be violated by Master…lose her virginity. Please take a look at Michi becoming an adult…also」

Michi thinks for a bit then said

「I’m very happy right now」

Misuzu smiles

「Well said…so cute, Michi」
「Thank you very much…Misuzu-sama」

Then…Michi looks at me
Sitting naked on top of the bed…

「I will dedicate all of my body and mind. Please make love with Michi. Please stay by my side forever」

Michi’s puts her three fingers on the bed and bows her head.


Misuzu speaks to me.

「Take care of the later. Danna-sama」

I head to the bed
Michi lifts her face and wait for me on the bed.
First…Kiss Michi’s lips.
I can hear the shutter of the camera.
Katsuko-nee seems to be taking photos of all the decisive scenes.

「…Are you scared, Michi?」
「…A bit. It’s thrilling. That’s what’s good」
「Please make me afraid more…!」

There’s beads of sweat floating in Michi’s egg like forehead.
Misuzu said that she’s a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t but…
Michi’s a genuine m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t.
This girl is perhaps.

「Michi, spread your legs」

Michi opens her legs.
Her v.a.g.i.n.a is totally drenched.
Her body’s waiting to be violated by me.
I open her slit…
Then checked her hymen once again.
This membrane will be lost soon…
This small…purity of a 15 year old girl will be tainted.
Katsuko-nee’s camera photograph’s Michi’s hymen and embarra.s.sment…

「…I’m going to put it in」

I stroke my p.e.n.i.s and put it in Michi’s slit


The body heat comesin contact and Michi’s body shakes.

「Michi, you must take a look at Danna-sama’s face properly」

Misuzu said

「Show your face at the moment Michi becomes a woman」

Michi’s eyes look up at me.


I enter my hand under Michi’s back and grasp her shoulder.
The right hand holds down the base of Michi’s thighs…
I made sure she can’t escape her body to escape from the pain.
However…this position…
The p.e.n.i.s erect enough to pierce the heavens is off from Michi’s opening

「Misuzu…lead my d.i.c.k inside Michi」
「You want to see Michi’s virginity loss, right?」

Misuzu smiles at me.

「Danna-sama…I love you!」

Misuzu holds my p.e.n.i.s.

「Wait…I’ll give a charm」

Saying that…once again, my p.e.n.i.s is licked by a tongue.

「Okay…here we go」

Misuzu once again lets my p.e.n.i.s. .h.i.t her opening in the v.a.g.i.n.a.

「That’s no good…breathe deeply」
「Michi…your heart is throbbing, right?」
「Me too」

Misuzu smiles

「My virginity was stolen by this p.e.n.i.s too」
「Yes…I’ll be the same with Misuzu-sama」
「Right. We’ll be together forever」

Michi looks at me

「My heart has calmed down. Please come, Master」
「…Here I go」

I push my glans in Michi’s small slit.


Michi frowns in pain
But, her eyes are looking at me.
Michi’s entrance is too narrow.
Even my glans can’t enter

「Relax…deep breathing」

Misuzu tells Michi as she hold the root of my p.e.n.i.s


Michi’s defensive instincts prevents my p.e.n.i.s from entering.
The trained flexible body is shut tightly…the barricade doesn’t allow any more disorder

「Michi…be a doll」
「You’re my and Danna-sama’s toy」

Michi breathes in deeply

「Accept it…be violated by Danna-sama」

Even her mind thinks so…her body doesn’t stop rejecting

「Misuzu…let go」

I tell Misuzu

「Let’s change how we do it」

I also let go of Michi’s body

「I-I’m sorry…Master」

Michi said regrettably.
It’s not Michi’s fault
Michi’s been training martial arts for a long time.
Her defense instinct is strong and her muscles are trained more than a normal girl.

「Michi…get on all fours and stick out your a.s.s」
「I’m slapping your a.s.s…!」


「Yes…please punish Michi to your heart’s content」

She hurriedly crawled on the bed


I slapped Michi’s b.u.t.t with all my might!



Michi doesn’t scream
She’s desperately enduring it.
Therefore…I slapped it again and again!



I slapped her b.u.t.t thirty times.
Michi’s white a.s.s became swelling red with my hand.
My hand also feels painful

「This is the last!」

I slapped Michi’s b.u.t.t with full power!



Then, Michi plops on the bed

「Haaa, haaaa, haaa…!」

Michi’s breathing heavily, sweat coming out of her body.
I look at Misuzu.
Misuzu nods.

「Yes, Misuzu-sama?」

At the moment Michi turned to Misuzu…
I roll down Michi’s body!
Michi can’t move her body from the shock of but slapping.

「Danna-sama, now!」

Misuzu then pushes down Michi’s body!
I forcibly enter in between Michi’s legs.…!
And pushed my glans in her v.a.g.i.n.a!


Michi can’t do anything from the surprise s.e.x.
My glans penetrates Michi’s inside.
As of squeezing out the love nectar of Michi who’s aroused from the b.u.t.t slapping…I push in my glans!

「Michi! Look at my face!

Michi looks at me with a frightened expression…flapping her mouth.

「Michi…I’m breaking it

The s.h.i.+eld is blocking the invasion of my p.e.n.i.s.
The pink colored meat membrane.
Michi’s chast.i.ty itself

「…Say break it!」

I ordered…
Michi’s heart collapses…

「…Break it! Violate me! Please defile me!」

Looking up at my face…
Michi’s eyes, have pearl like tears coming out

「Make Michi yours!」


I pushed my waist with all my might!


Michi screams!
One more!
Violently, powerfully…I knock my ma.s.s of erect l.u.s.t in Michi’s small body!

「Ouuuuch! It hurts…Ouuuuch!!!!…aaaaaah!」

The moment Michi spit out all the air from her lungs…!
Her hymen broke and my p.e.n.i.s pushed into her unexposed womb!!


Then…push it to the roots!

「Hiiiiiiii…it’s coming in!!!」

This is the deepest part!
The tip of my glans is kissing her plump uterus…!

「I-It was taken. I’m being violated…I lost it…!」

Michi looks at me with eyes opened wide like I’m a rapist.
Tears fall from those eyes.
Misuzu lick up those tears.

「Delicious…Michi’s tears from losing virginity」

Misuzu holds Michi’s hand.
Michi’s hand grips Misuzu tightly due to the pain of losing her virginity

「Dana-sama…how does Danna-sama feel about Michi’s virginity?」
「Yeah, it’s too narrow and tight…it’s clamping me. Can you tell…Michi?」
「Yes…Master is inside me」

Michi says as she leak out hot breath.
Her whole body is moist with sweat.
The smooth skin that’s like a white porcelain is dyed red.

「Don’t move for a while」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of me and Michi connected

「Okay, face this way you two」

Michi’s virginity loss is recorded forever

「…It hurts right? Are you okay Michi?」

When the recording was completed, I asked Michi…

「Please make it hurt more」
「I love pain」
「Yeah…got it」

I slowly moved my hips…!


Michi’s desperately looking at my face while she endures the pain

「…It hurts…ouuch…it hurts…Iiii!!!」

Michi shouts as her body shakes.

「…I…surely…will become…a good toy…!」


「Therefore, please make it hurt…more, please play with Michi more!!!」

I can no longer endure.
I push in my waist in a dash.

「Haaaa…!!!! Aaaaaaah!」

Michi spill sweat and tears…enduring my rape.
Misuzu holds Michi’s hand tightly…

「Danna-sama…please don’t hold back. Please pour it inside Michi as much as you want」

Michi…I want to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in this body that was just a virgin!


The hot thoughts acc.u.mulate inside my head…

「M-Michi…I’m c.u.mming!」
「Please! Make me…master’s…Master’s『woman』! Please impregnate me! Please pour it inside me!!!」

Michi shouts while enduring the pain.
Her eyes are looking at me in pain.

「Ah…no more!…Michi, I’m going to let it out…I’m going…to e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e…inside Michi…!」

…at that time.
Michi tells me


Oh…My p.e.n.i.s is clamped up!
I-I’m being squeezed.

「I-I…this is a day of my ovulation…!!」

W-Wait a moment!
Ah…I-I can’t wait…!


The first blow!

「…aaaaaah, so hooot!」

I can feel my hot liquid pouring inside Michi’s womb!

「Aaaah…I’ll get pregnant! I’m being impregnated! Master’s child…I’ll bear it!!!」

…Doku, doku, dokuuuuu…!
The e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n…!
My e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n doesn’t stooooooop…!!!

「…The hot thing is spreading deep inside meeee!!!!」

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