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Chapter 288
288. Family unite

「Wait a moment…!」

Megu stands up and gets a clean towel wet with water.

「There’s blood so you should wipe it with this」

Megu hands the wet towel to Misuzu.

「It’s not good to lick human blood…a senior in the club told me so」

Misuzu smiles and thanks megu

「Danna-sama, I’ll wipe the blood off…!」

The chilly wet towel touches my flushed skin.
Misuzu lifts my p.e.n.i.s that begins to wither then gently wipes it
Yes…this feels good

「What’s wrong, Misuzu?」
「I just felt that this is fun」
「…What is?」
「Taking care of Danna-sama…as I do this, Danna-sama shows a very pleased face…!」


「Megumi-san, here’s the towel. You want to help Danna-sama too, right…?」

Megu takes the towel from Misuzu.

「Yos.h.i.+-kun, I’ll wipe this too…!」

Megu wipes the back of my p.e.n.i.s through my

「Un, this feels goo…Megu」

When the cleaning was done…Misuzu speaks.

「Megumi-san, let Michi do the rest from here. We have to teach Michi how to serve」

Megu parts from me.
Instead, Michi…

「Now Michi…lick it with your tongue and clean it up.」 It’s something that must be done absolutely at the end of s.e.x…!」
「Yes…excuse me then」

Michi crawls her small tongue in my glans.
The pleasure spreads out…

「Suck it…be sure to squeeze out the s.e.m.e.n left inside Danna-sama」

Michi kisses the tip of the glans and sucks.
Ooh…I’m being sucked out.

「Let’s do it together…Misuzu-sama」
「…Eh, Michi?」
「I want to serve together with Misuzu-sama」

Misuzu smiles

「Thanks…then let’s do it together」

Misuzu then draws her face to my crotch

「I’ll lick below…Michi can do the above, okay」

Misuzu licks me from the root of my p.e.n.i.s.
Michi sucks the glans…

「It’s better to roll the b.a.l.l.s with your tongue. Gently. Men’s sperm is made from there so don’t do it strongly」

Nagisa advices Misuzu.

「…Like this?」

Misuzu’s tongue gently strokes the surface of my s.c.r.o.t.u.m.
Ooh…it’s ticklish.

「Michi-chan, raise your face so he can clearly see how you lick it…You must show him what you’re serving」

Katsuko-nee advices Michi


Michi looks up at me embarra.s.sed.
Her fellating face seen by me is turned red.

「Un, that’s a good face…so innocent. I’ll take photos of it」

Katsuko-nee takes photos of Michi who’s doing cleanup f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o.
Nagisa also records the two people with their faces on my crotch with her video camera.

「T-That’s enough already. Doing further than that will make it bigger again…!」

I say…Michi

「I don’t mind. Please e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e in me over and over again…in my mouth or even in my womb…!」
「Hey hey…It’s unfair to do it with only Michi-san!」

Mana intervenes from the side.
Mana’s teasing her own crotch…

「Next would me Mana and Megu-oneechan’s turn! Also, Nei-san hasn’t done it at all yet!」

Nei-san suddenly raised a stunned voice.

「That’s right. As soon as we came, Onii-chan has given priority to us over Nei-san… She hasn’t done it with Onii-chan all this time. Nei-san wants to have s.e.x too right?」
「There’s no ne

ed to hold back…Next should be Nei-san making love with Onii-chan with all the best…!」

Mana thinks that Nei-san and I already have that relations.h.i.+p

「Well…you see…」

Nei-san’s mouth is opened wide…troubled

「No…you see. Anyway, let me rest for a bit」

I tell everyone.

「If I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e more now…It’ll hinder me from the future actions」

We’re under attack from an enemy…evacuating
We don’t know when we’ll move again…

「Anyway…let’s stop for now!」

Misuzu looks at my p.e.n.i.s…

「That’s regrettable but…there’s no helping it, Michi」
「Yes, Misuzu-sama」
「Let’s do it with the three of us next time…by that time, let’s be loved by Danna-sama for the whole night」
「…Please, Master」

Michi happily smiles at me.

「Yeah, sure. I promise」

I embrace Michi and Misuzu in my arms.

「Then, next would be Nei-san and Mana combo」

Mana says

「Mana wants to see how Nei-san and Onii-chan are doing it. Mana isn’t used to s.e.x yet so Nei-san, please teach me your technique」

Mana thinks that Nei-san’s quite a s.e.x technician.
Well…she’s s.e.xy and glamorous after all

「Nei-san…do you not want to do it with Mana?」
「T-That’s not true…Mana-chan」

Nei-san answers troubled.

「Then…that’s a promise」
「S-Sure…got it」

Now…what to do with that?
But, for Mana who’s sticking only with Megu, I think that it’s good she’s interacting with the other『women』

「Then, Megumi-chan and I will be together. I’ll teach all my techniques to make him faint in agony」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Megu

「T-Thank you very much…」

Megu answered obediently
Un…I think it’s not a bad choice for Megu to be an apprentice of a homely Katsuko-nee
If she’s with Katsuko-nee, she has no time to be depressed…

「Then, who should I join in with?」

Reika’s words turned the room silent.


Katsuko-nee looks puzzled.

「I think that Reika-oneesan doesn’t have to think of being with someone yet… you’re still a virgin…」

Nei-san said with a smile

「Anyway, try to have s.e.x for once first…okay?」

As a matter of fact…there’s no expectations on what will happen to Reika once she experience s.e.x.
I can’t imagine Reika panting or feeling it at all

「I see, sure…it’s true that joining up three people may be a heavy load for me…」


「Well, there’s no need to rush. Take it slowly. Either way, we enjoy it as all family members in the end」

Nagisa said smiling.

「Therefore, don’t be with anyone for a while, have fun being alone with him tenderly…!」

Nagisa laughs but…

「Nagisa-sama, Michi and I ask for your guidance! We’re still immature when it comes to s.e.x so we need Nagisa-sama’s teachings」

Misuzu tells Nagisa.

「Michi thinks so too?」
「Yes. Please become our s.e.x master」

s.e.x Master…

「Michi-chan…stop with the『Master』 It feels like I’ve got to do some Indian mantra or some sorts」

Nagisa said smiling wryly.

「Geez…I get it already. I’ll look after you two. But, have Katsuko teach you too. You’ll be biased when you learn from only one person Listen to the opinions of various people about s.e.x…then choose your own style of doing it. Also…after all, it’s meaningless if he doesn’t feel good so match it with his tastes. You must study well what kind of s.e.x he likes」

Misuzu answers.

「Master likes my a.s.s. He also likes Megumi-oneesan’s a.s.s…he’s always looking at it」

Michi said…Megu reacts

「…Is that so? Yos.h.i.+-kun?」


「Yeah. Yo-chan likes tight He’s always sending glances to those」

Nei-san laughs.

「He also loves b.r.e.a.s.t.s…there are times where he just stares at Nei-san and Katsuko-san’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s…」

Misuzu says.

「Right. There are times he talks to my b.r.e.a.s.t.s not my face…!」

Katsuko-nee says

「It’s fine. But, if you’re that interested then it’s okay to touch it. Or even embrace me…」
「But, look…everyone is here」
「Who cares! Everyone’s『family』 Yo-chan should attack us more instinctively!」


「But, I’m envious. Danna-sama doesn’t look at my body that way…」

Misuzu mutters…Nei-san replied

「Can’t be helped. Yo-chan likes Mi-chan’s face after all…!」


「Yo-chan likes beautiful, elegant and innocent looking faces like Mi-chan and Ruri-chan, right?」


「It seems true that you don’t know what your own preferences are」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「An old guest of mine declares…『I like long hair and a clean type girl』but…actually, he choses a short hair, and girls who are vulgar when speaking. That’s actually the type of women he likes. However…he himself thinks that he likes a pure and clean girl」

Is that so?
Then…Misuzu and Ruriko’s faces are a perfect fit for my tastes?

「But, a preferred woman has two sides you see, Therefore he also quite like Megumi-chan’s face I think」

Katsuko-nee said


Megu’s surprised.

「Megumi-chan has the s.e.x appeal of a shrine maiden you see」

Megu doesn’t seem to get it.

「Yeah…it’s said that the charm men feels towards women have two sides!」

Nei-san explains.

「Mythological speaking, Venus and Diana…G.o.ddess of perfect beauty and s.e.xiness, and the pure and innocent virgin G.o.d. Both of them are attractive! If we go down the age a bit more then there’s the examples of 『Blonde Isolde』and『Fair hands Isolde』」
「Nei-san, you’re knowledgeable about this」

Megu admires

「No, this is all Maru-chan’s story. Maru-chan’s interested in those, she researched about it」

Speaking of which…
Margo-san went to a university.

「It’s not that the other is superior. Men feel attracted to many types of women!

Nei-san smiles
She’s indirectly telling Megu that there’s no need to feel down…

「That’s nice, everyone has some part liked by Onii-chan…

Mana mutters.

「What are you saying? Mana-chan is still young so you can become a woman of his preference right?」
「That’s right. We’re all grown ups so we can’t change now」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa comforts Mana.

「Oh I see…I just need to have a tight a.s.s like Megu-oneechan and Michi-oneesan, and huge b.r.e.a.s.t.s like Katsuko-san and Nei-san!」
「Also, Misuzu-san and Ruriko-san’s elegant and pure atmosphere」
「Also, Megu-chan’s shrine maiden’s s.e.x appeal too…!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san says, but…

「Mana can’t be elegant or a shrine maiden」


「Mana can just stay as herself. It’s best when you’re just Mana-like」

I say and pat Mana’s head

「I like the Mana right now just fine」

Mana clings to me.

「Mana-chan right now…is a loli b.i.t.c.h right?」

Nei-san mutters.

「I’m worried that he might become a pedophile」

Misuzu too…

「Un. For Nagisa and I, it’s a matter of life and death」


「In that case…let’s just make him drunk with adult techniques」

Nagisa suggests to her close friend.

「Yes, there’s no other way」
「I’ll teach Michi-chan how to get bigger b.r.e.a.s.t.s too. Anyway, let’s keep his interests away from the loli street」
「Let’s do our full power…Nagisa!」

The 21 year olds tag teamed…
What’s going to happen to me?

「Now then…having that said. Let’s take a break from lewd things for now」

Katsuko-nee turned to me.

「Take a shower」

Nagisa said

「Ah, then…I’ll wash Master’s back」

Michi tries to say but…

「How many shower rooms are in here?」
「…There’s two」

Megu answers Katsuko-nee’s question.
a.s.suming that any number of people stays in the evacuation room…there are several toilets and shower rooms prepared

「Then, get on one each」

Michi looks at me when Katsuko-nee said that.

「He needs a bit of time to be alone…he’s been looking after us all this time…」

It helps a lot if I can have some time alone

「Michi…do as Katsuko-oneesama says」

Misuzu looks around the room…

「Mana-san…could you take shower with Michi?」
「Yes…I want you to get along with Michi…!」

Un, right.
We should increase the chances of the『family』getting along better.

「Understood…Michi-oneesan, let’s go」
「Okay, Mana-imouto」
「Err…I don’t like that call」
「Then, how should I call you?」
「Just Mana! Mana will call you Michi-oneechan…!」

The two head to the shower room.
I also go to the other shower room

「Refresh yourselves…!」

Katsuko-nee said.

Coming out of the shower…my clothes are folded cleanly.
As expected, there’s no subst.i.tute underwear in this situation…
It feels good when it’s done cleanly like this

「Thanks, Megu…」
「…Err, that」
「Megu did fold it right?」
「Megu’s a very attentive wife…!」

Hearing that, Megu turned red.
Yes…as expected, it’s good to let her a.s.sume a『role』
If it was Megu before…she’d come up with this then worry『Can I do this without permission』
Megu now…is the cla.s.s chairman of the『family』, so she acts more than she thinks.
Moving her body for everyone’s sake, Megu’s spirit should be good.

「…Somehow, the situation’s quite tense」

While I was taking a shower…Katsuko-nee starts the room’s moitor.
It seems it’s connected to the line of the monitor room next door where Jii-chan and Minaho-neesan is.
The larger monitor displays the image of the hotel.

「The enemy seems to have come up to the seventh floor. It seems that they’re taking down Kudou-san’s subordinates, but…」

On the screen, the figure of the Banbarubie 3 fighting the enemy is shown…

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