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「 Then, shall we go? Stand up 」

Michi said. Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body stands up from the chair.

「 Huh? What? How? 」

Michi’s s.h.i.+ngetsu has complete control over Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body.

「 Then, please proceed to the bed next room 」

「 Wait, N-No, I don’t want to! 」

Though she refuses with her mouth, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body starts slowly walking towards the other room with Michi leading her.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, it’s time to have s.e.x with Yo-chan 」

Michi’s in front and Nei’s on the side. They take her along.

「 Let’s go as well 」

Katsuko-nee tells us, but.

「 Ah, I’ll go this way. I’ll take care of the other side 」

Mana said.

「 I feel sorry for Rei-chan to take care of the children. Also, it’s about time for Yukino-san to lose her patience 」

Oh, right. Rei-chan’s looking after Yukino, Mao-chan, and Yos.h.i.+ko-san in the other room.

「 Indeed. Reikoneesan needs to be alert of the surroundings 」

Katsuko-nee said.

If Katsuko-nee and Nei are partic.i.p.ating while I have s.e.x with Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, then they won’t be able to respond quickly to the mansion’s security system.

Rei-chan’s already familiar with the ropes here.

It’s better to have her focus on the monitoring system than take care of the girls.


「 Mana, do you want to talk to Yukino?

I asked.

「 That’s what Onii-chan wants, right? Then I’ll do as Onii-chan wishes. I’m Onii-chan’s s.e.x slave after all 」

I want Yukino and Mana to reconcile.

「 Yeah, thanks, Mana

I hug Mana’s small body and kiss her.

「 Please do Mana later as a reward. I want a lot of warm stuff inside of me 」

「 Got it

「 I’d like to do it outside today, maybe in the garden

Mana’s first experience was in the mansion’s garden where it was raining.

「 Sure, wherever you want

「 I love you Onii-chan!

This time, Mana kisses me.

She tangles her tongue with mine.

That’s such a rich kiss that you can’t think it came from a 14-year-old middle school girl.

I feel my crotch getting hard.

Mana noticed it right away and touched it with her small hands.

「 Agnes-chan. Take care of Onii-chan. You can help him out when it comes to s.e.x, right? 」

Agnes has been having s.e.x together with my other women for the past four months for the campaign of deepening the friends.h.i.+p within the family.

She should know how to behave when I have s.e.x with multiple women.

「 Yes, desuno. Manoneechan 」

Agnes says while still hugging from my back.

「 Well then! Good luck everyone! Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, the pain is only on the first few times! The pain from losing your virginity is a good memory! Have fun! 」

Mana said laughing.

「 Yeah, take care of the girls, Manchan 」

「 Please take care of Yos.h.i.+ko-chan as well 」

Katsuko-nee and Ruriko tell Mana.

「 Leave it to me! 」

Mana said and left the room.

「 Somehow or another, she’s stable now 」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「 But, she’s still dependent on s.e.x just like Agnes, right? 」

I say while hugging Agnes.

「 We still can’t pick her new school, as long as we have that problem she can’t see her future, right? 」

「 Future 」

「 She shouldn’t stay surrounded by her family and only look inwards. She needs to go out of the family and find a way to live a social life by herself 」

To live in the world as Yos.h.i.+da Mana, not s.h.i.+rasaka Maika.

To find a purpose and meaning of life.

As expected, she can only find a new life in a new school.

Other than the family’s dream for her becoming a supermodel, it’s nothing but a vague and empty image.

「 Only when having s.e.x with you, she feels that she’s alive, confident that someone needs her. It’s the same for Agnes-chan too 」

Now that you mention it, the two looks so happy every time I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e inside them. Their reason for living is to please me.

「 Papa, Agnes wants a kiss too 」

「 Sure 」

I squat down and give Agnes a soft kiss.

「 Ehehe, I feel my stomach tightening up. Papa, Agnes is wet 」

「 I see 」

I carry Agnes and bring her to the other room.

「 It’s been a while since we’re together in this, Misuzu-chan 」

「 Now that you mention it, yes 」

Ruriko and Misuzu already stripped their uniform.

The two are in their underwear now.

They’re wearing pure white underwear, following their school’s regulations.

However, it’s a custom made article.

Nei told me that secretly last time.

「 I’m always with Michi but, it’s been a while since I’m with Ruri-tan indeed 」

The family friends.h.i.+p campaign has the girls a.s.semble each other and have s.e.x with me together.

If that’s the case, it’s quite hard for the two granddaughters of Kouzuki house to be together.

It’s mostly a package of senior-junior.

Misuzu and Michi always invite each other as guests.

「 Ah, we’ll take off your clothes, Michi 」

Ruriko tells Michi.

「 Thank you 」

Michi’s concentrating on taking control over Hos.h.i.+zaki-san so she can’t afford to undress.

Misuzu and Ruriko strip Michi to her underwear.

「 Papa, Agnes wants to get naked too 」

「 Got it, then Agnes takes off my clothes 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

We take off each other’s clothes.

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san who laid down on the bed watches us like we’re doing something disgusting.

「 Hey, this is a joke, right? I-If you say yes then I won’t tell the police 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san said.

「 Wow! Papa’s thing is big! 」

Agnes pulls down my underwear.

「 Hiii!!! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s eyes try to look away from my erect p.e.n.i.s in panic, however.

「 Look at it. That is the male tool that will break your virginity 」

Michi’s Qi doesn’t allow her to look away.

「 Papa, I’m going to suck it 」

「 Sure, go on 」

The 12-year-old blonde beauty stuffs my p.e.n.i.s inside her mouth.

She licks it up with her cute tongue.

「 Papa, does it feel good? 」

「 Yeah, Agnes, it feels warm and pleasant inside your mouth 」

「 Papa’s p.e.n.i.s is delicious 」

「 Agnes is getting better with f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o 」

「 I’m doing it every day after all, desuno 」

Sucking, licking, sucking, licking.

Agnes’ skillful tongue stuns Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

「 Such a small child 」

「 What’s that? Hos.h.i.+zaki-san will also suck Yo-chan’s p.e.n.i.s from now on so look carefully and learn 」

Nei who’s stripped to her underwear said.

「 Well, you’ll be fine. I’ll give you a special training until you become the best at sucking 」


Our high school should have regulations for the underwear too, however.

What’s with this black and lacy underwear under Nei’s uniform?

Well, it’s s.e.xy, so it suits Nei.

「 Cameraman Katsuko’s coming in! 」

Katsuko-nee wearing gorgeous red underwear shows up with a professional digital camera.

「 Well then, I’ll be in charge with the video! 」

Nei holds a video camera.

「 So, what do you want first Yo-chan? Shall we strip Hos.h.i.+zaki-san naked first? 」

「 Oh? Since she’s wearing tennis wear, I think it looks better to leave it be 」

Nei and Katsuko-nee argue.

「 But she can wear that clothing any time. Either way, starting tomorrow, Yo-chan will call her every day in the middle of her training in tennis club ends to rape her! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s startled.

「 Then, she’ll come back to the club while Yo-chan’s s.e.m.e.n is dripping from her p.u.s.s.y. While everyone is watching at the tennis court. What do you think, Yo-chan? Isn’t that arousing? 」

「 Ah, it’s getting bigger and bigger! 」

Agnes, you don’t have to report that.

「 That means you can have s.e.x with her in tennis wear or school uniform anytime, let’s start with naked as expected 」

「 What do you think, Dear? 」

Nei and Katsuko-nee look at me.

「 I’d like to do the first round like that 」

The tennis wear suits Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

「 I see, the second round will be naked 」

Nei tells Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

「 You see, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san Yo-chan’s peerless so I think he won’t let you go until he two or three times. Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s womb will be full of s.e.m.e.n later! 」

「 N-No! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san s.h.i.+vers.

「 Still, this is a big hit. Hearing that Hos.h.i.+zaki-san switches from one boyfriend to another, but I just knew that you’re still a virgin. You were having such an arrogant att.i.tude after all 」

Nei whispers.

「 But you know, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san has the atmosphere of wanting to lose her virginity during Christmas. Yeah, isn’t that great that Yo-chan’s going to eat you up on the most delicious time? 」

「 W-What are you talking about, Natou-san? 」

「 Give it up. I mean, you should change your mindset already. You’re lucky after all 」

Nei brushes Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s hair.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, if you have abandoned your virginity already then I wouldn’t have called you out today, you wouldn’t have this chance 」

「 What chance? 」

「 Oh? You still don’t get it? Yo-chan will take your virginity, and you’ll become a harem member, it’s an honor! You were chosen 」

Nei whispers to Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s ear.

「 Didn’t you say it earlier? You want to know bargain sales from known brands, right? We can tell as much as you want. I mean, I can even give you the limited items 」

Kuromori’s underground route can manage that.

「 We can buy your tickets for a live event of a popular guy. Oh, although you can’t go with ten people. It’s a problem if it’s resold somewhere. If it’s just two or three of Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s friends, then it would be convenient. We have enough power for that 」

Come to think of it, Shou-neechan said that she’s acquainted with the industrial companies due to her work as a bodyguard.

She was even telling Nei and Megu that she could use that connection to get tickets that are un.o.btainable.

Rely on me anytime. She said.

「 Also, well, we can’t enter you to a university from a backdoor, but for jobs, well, we can push Hos.h.i.+zaki-san to whichever company you want to go inside. Am I right? Ruriko? 」

「 I, Kouzuki Ruriko can guarantee it 」

They’re repeating what Hos.h.i.+zaki-san said. “A decent university,” a “decent work.”

In short, she never wants to enter a first-cla.s.s university or company.

It’s troublesome for her.

She wishes to go to a decent level where she can feel superior.

That’s why, if she has the recommendation of Kouzuki house, she can only choose companies from the second cla.s.s above.

「 Do you want anything else? We can give anything Hos.h.i.+zaki-san wants 」

Nei laughs.

「 Ah, we won’t give you money though. After all, if Hos.h.i.+zaki-san got a lot of money, your parents would be worried, right? If there’s a money exchange between us then that would be prost.i.tution, we don’t plan on making you a prost.i.tute. We’ll give you only presents. It’s okay, Mii-chan, Ruri-chan, or even I can testify to your parents without a problem. We can say “This is our gift for her” Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s parents don’t think that there’s a problem if the ladies of Kouzuki house are your friends and bring you expensive gifts. Our sense of money is different from ordinary people. Besides, we can tell them that returning gifts is disrespectful to us 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san can get whatever she wants if it’s a gift from Misuzu and Ruriko.

However, it’s only to the extent where Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s parents won’t get suspicious.

In the end, it would be just one brand name bag per season or something like that.

At most, it would only be to that extent.

We won’t be giving her on our own accord.

We’ll insist that Hos.h.i.+zaki-san asked it from us.

Besides, theoretically, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san can ask for goods as long as long as she is greedy for it.

IN reality, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san would be too afraid that she can’t ask for too much.

She’s an ordinary girl after all.

Her dreams, hopes, and desires are only average.

「 Do you get it, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, you’re given a chance. There’s nothing luckier than this for sure 」

Nei’s words soak into Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s thoughts.

「 However, there are conditions 」

Nei said.

「 We’ll make your wishes come true, but the cost will be entering Yo-chan’s harem. If ever Hos.h.i.+zaki-san has s.e.x with another man, no, even just a kiss, When we discover that you make physical contact with them, we’ll abandon you 」

「 Please think of how you can get a decent job by then 」

Ruriko said.

「 That means, I, no, Kouzuki house will paint mud in your name. We’ll contact all the companies with a connection to Kouzuki house and ask them to refuse you 」

That’s impossible.

Kouzuki group has tens of thousands of companies in trading.

Contacting all of them is hard. It’s not possible.


For an average second-year school girl; Ruriko’s threat is believable.

Ruriko’s elegance and calmness put weight in her words.

「 For now, well, that’s all. It’s all-or-nothing. Would you accept this fortune and be happy or do you want to leave this all for nothing? 」

「 I-I! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s expressing distress.

「 What’s with that face? Hos.h.i.+zaki-san has nothing to worry about right now 」

Nei laughed.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, it’s already settled that Yo-chan will rape you now! What’s left is thinking about how you want to lose your virginity! Hos.h.i.+zaki-san 」

Blood disappears from Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s face.

That’s right, we won’t let Hos.h.i.+zaki-san choose.

We take first.

「 It’s okay, once he breaks your hymen and injects s.e.m.e.n inside you, you’ll change your thoughts. That’s expected of women 」

「 That’s true. It’s the same for me 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko and Michi tell her.

「 I’m the same. When Dannsama took away my virginity, my mind felt refreshed 」

「 Having s.e.x with Papa feels good 」

Misuzu said. Agnes mutters while still fellating.

「 As for me. No comment 」

Katsuko-nee says while taking photos of the frightened Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

Then Nei.

「 So, Yo-chan, do you think ponytail is cute for Hos.h.i.+zaki-san? 」


「 Look, like this? 」

Nei holds Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s hair and shows it to me.

「 Ah, that’s cute 」

「 Right? Then let’s deflower her while having a ponytail! 」

「 Ah, I have a ribbon here! 」

Misuzu takes out a pink ribbon.

「 I’ll hold her head, tie it up, Mii-chan 」

「 Yes 」

Misuzu ties up Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s hair.

「 What do you think Yo-chan? 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s ponytail. The pink ribbon s.h.i.+nes.

「 Nice 」

「 Papa’s p.e.n.i.s is twitching! 」

Agnes, you really don’t need to report that.

「 Well, since Yo-chan’s p.e.n.i.s reacted, it’s about time we begin! 」

Nei turns on the camera.

The red light from the camera lights up.

「 Thanks, Agnes. We’ll continue later 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

I took off my underwear and socks and got fully naked.

Ruriko folds everything that I took off.

What a thoughtful girl.

「 Come here, Yo-chan 」

I lie down on the side of Hos.h.i.+zaki-san wearing her tennis clothes on the bed.

「 N-No, don’t come closer 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san trembles.

「 It’s okay, Master 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san can’t run away as Michi has control over her.

「 Yeah 」

First, I decided to touch Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body on top of her clothes.

Her soft and plump chest, stomach, and legs.

「 Ah, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san doesn’t actually take tennis seriously 」

I can tell from touching it.

I know the feeling of a trained woman’s skin.

「 But, it doesn’t mean that you don’t exercise at all 」

Her muscles are moderate. She’s not fat.

She’s slender, but her body is soft.

「 Oh, I see. This is what idols for the ordinary people feel like 」

Although, I’ve only seen them on TV and in magazines.

They don’t have anything special, but they have a well-balanced body on average.

It’s not as glamorous as Katsuko-nee, Nagisa, or Nei’s body.

It’s not tempered like Michi, Edie, Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, or Anya.

Misuzu and Ruriko have their dance training. Megu’s an athlete, so her body’s tight.

Mana and Agnes are still young.

Minaho-neesan’s body is thin.

In short.

I’ve embraced various bodies of beauties, however.

This is my first time touching an ordinary beauty like Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

Well, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s the cutest girl in our school next to Nei.

But her beauty is on the ordinary side.

She’s different from my other women.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, you can’t lie to me, right? 」

That’s Michi’s suggestion.

「 T-That’s right, it’s not okay to tell a lie so I can’t lie to you all until I die 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san replied reflexively.

「 So, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san. Have you kissed someone? 」

I know that Hos.h.i.+zaki-san has a lot of boyfriends.


「 N-Never 」

I thought so.

「 Why? You have a boyfriend, and you don’t kiss him? 」

Nei asks in surprise.

「 Because if I allow them to kiss me, then they’d ask to have their way with my body next time 」

This person is afraid on the inside.

Therefore she only dates men where she could be in a higher position.

She doesn’t want even her boyfriend to get the grip of her.

「 Yeah, I’m taking your body, that includes kissing 」

I kiss Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s lips.

Hmm. Soft.

「 Hmmmmm?! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s face shows refusal even though her body can’t move.

「 No, open your mouth. Accept Master’s tongue 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san opens up her mouth according to Michi’s will.

I insert my tongue and entwine it with Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s.

「 Nnnnnnnnn!! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s first kiss was a forced French Kiss.

I let go of her lips.

「 Ah, that was my first time 」

Tears spill out from Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s eyes.

「 Yeah, I took Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s first kiss. Even your second kiss 」

I kiss Hos.h.i.+zaki-san again and then lick the tip of her nose.

I kiss her again and again.

while I look at Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s face.

Ah, her eyelashes are long.

She really has a beautiful face.

I trace Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s lips with my tongue.

This fragrant lip is mine.

「 Please, stop it already 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san said. But.

I pull up her tennis clothes.

「 Hiiiiii!!! 」

Her cute belly and two meat piles wrapped in sports bra show up.

「 I see, your stomach is soft 」

I touch Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s stomach.

Come to think of it Nei’s starting to shape up too.

This feeling is fresh.

Agnes’ stomach is squishy, but a 12-year-old feels different than a 17-year-old.

「 D-Don’t play with it 」

「 Okay, I’ll play with this instead 」

I push up her bra and expose her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

「 N-Nooooo 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san shouts reflexively.

「 Oh, that’s an excellent shape. It loses to Nei in size, but it’s beautiful 」

It’s bigger than Megu.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, is this your first time having a man see your b.r.e.a.s.t.s? 」

I asked.

「 W-When I was a child, I take a bath with Papa 」

「 Other than your childhood with your family, let’s see, how about in elementary school to high-school? 」

「 I-It’s the first time 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san replied with a blus.h.i.+ng face. She tries to look away.

「 No, look at Master’s face 」

Michi’s qi fixes it.

With that, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san stares at me.

「 What a beautiful and delicious looking b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Since it’s the first time seen, it should be the first time touched as well, right? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

She’s bound not to lie.

「 Oh, that’s so soft 」

I ma.s.saged it with my right hand.,

「 N-Nooo 」

Even so, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san looks at me.

She doesn’t look away from my face.

The softness of her chest is different too.

Oh, I see. This is how a girl who hasn’t trained her chest feels like.

「 Hos.h.i.+zaki-san, this is okay. I mean, This proportion is the best, but, I think you should train a bit more. If not, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s will sag in the future 」

「 That’s none of your business! 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san said.

「 No. Ychan, teach her how 」

I tell Nei.

「 I like the feeling of Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body right now, but 」

Yeah, Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body feels natural.

Though she’s not perfectly beautiful, she’s still pretty. It’s a miracle in a sense.

But, this miraculous balance feels like it’ll get out of shape even when she’s still 17.

「 Got it, I’ll train her to stay to this taste, right? 」

Nei observes Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body through the camera’s viewfinder.

「 Yeah, you’ll become more beautiful when you do what Nei tells you 」

I smile at Hos.h.i.+zaki-san.

「 Then, time to lick it 」

「 Lick? 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s surprised.

「 It’s also your first time having a man lick your b.r.e.a.s.t.s, right? 」

I begin licking from her right nipple.

「 Aaaaaaaah 」

Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s body trembles.

This isn’t just s.h.i.+ngetsu, Katsuko-nee’s aphrodisiac should be working as well.

「 I plan to take away all of Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s first times 」

I suck on her nipples.

Oh, they’re hard.

「 And I’ll make Hos.h.i.+zaki-san mine. I won’t let other men touch you 」

Her frightened eyes look at me.

「 Are you really that Breadboy? 」

She only knows my face in school.

「 You’ll know what kind of man I am soon 」

I continue to attack her nipples.

「 I will teach Hos.h.i.+zaki-san’s mind and body plenty 」

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