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Chapter 1037

Chapter 1037: Portraits of Emperors

Xuan Yuan didn’t manage to surpa.s.s Lin Feng, once again. He ended up being propelled upwards by the energies leaving Lin Feng as the last one.

Lin Feng felt like he was going to suffocate, his body was shaking.

Finally, Lin Feng sensed that he was rising up and he disappeared.

“Bzzz!” It was as if he had been attacked. The lights propelled him high up in the sky. In a flash, he was in another world. Lin Feng glanced around to see what was new.

There were stones and walls all around him. There were drawings, carvings and paintings. All of them were portraits.

“They all look extraordinary.” thought Lin Feng glancing at those portraits. All those portraits contained an incredible energy too.

Lin Feng walked around and observed the paintings. His attention was drawn to a portrait of a man who looked extremely aggressive. He was holding an ax. He looked like he wanted to chop the whole world apart with that axe.

Lin Feng could sense an incredible Qi emanating from that portrait. It had to be an emperor!

Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched the painting. He immediately had the sensation that the man was attacking him with

his ax. As if he was trying to chop Lin Feng in two.

Lin Feng took back his hand and continued walking around, still shocked by the experience.

Lin Feng stopped in front of another portrait. It was a handsome and cold-looking man. He had the eyes of a beast. It was difficult to forget such eyes.

Lin Feng turned around quickly. He didn’t want to start at that portrait for too long. His G.o.dly awareness wasn’t strong enough.

“Maybe Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu drew those paintings.” thought Lin Feng. Apart from emperors, who could have produced such powerful paintings? They all contained an explosive power.

Besides, all those portraits probably depicted emperors. Otherwise, Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu wouldn’t have put such terrifying Qi into them.

But why put all the paintings there? There were hundreds of thousands of pieces in there. Each of them looked incredibly real. That must have meant that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had seen them personally.

How many emperors were there in Ba Huang Province?

Maybe there were emperors from Ba Huang Province, Jiu You and maybe even from the Holy City? Lin Feng was sure that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had seen those people personally.

Lin Feng

Feng continued walking around and stopped in front of each painting. 

Very quickly, Lin Feng found out that the paintings on one wall were different from the others. There were only a few paintings on that particular wall, but they were less distinct than the others. Maybe Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had painted them that way because they hadn’t seen them personally and had relied solely on their memories to paint them?

“Eh?” Lin Feng looked at them and suddenly had déjà-vu.

There was one portrait of a man wearing black clothes. He looked demonic and scary.

“The demon emperor!” Lin Feng had seen the demon emperor’s statue in the Jade Emperor’s palace.

On his side was a woman. She looked incredibly beautiful. Her face was covered with a veil so Lin Feng couldn’t see her facial traits clearly. It probably meant that Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu had never seen her face either. She looked emotionless and expressionless.

“Is that Empress Xi?” thought Lin Feng. In the Jade Emperor’s palace, the empress’ Qi wasn’t distinct. However, she was extremely beautiful, just like this one.

In the Jade Emperor’s palace, the statues had been created by the Jade Emperor himself. He had depicted the great emperors he admired. He

admired. He had also left a note which said the empress had died.

“The three lives great emperor!” Lin Feng noticed a painting with a very particular Qi. Lin Feng recognized the three-lives demon emperor, three bodies, three types of cultivation.

Apart from the three emperors and great emperors, there were a few other portraits of very strong and powerful people. Lin Feng would never forget those people. Maybe they were powerful emperors from the antiquity.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t know if the lives of emperors and great emperors had limits. As long as they didn’t die in battle, couldn’t they live for millions of years? Weren’t emperors and great emperors who were alive in the antiquity still alive?

Maybe they were immortal!

Lin Feng had seen something similar with the three-lives demon emperor.

“It seems like the demon emperor, Empress Xi and the three-lives emperor are very famous. The Jade Emperor wasn’t the only one who admired them. Even though Emperor Yu and Emperor s.h.i.+ have never seen them, they also admire them. They just relied on their memories to paint them.” thought Lin Feng looking at the paintings.

He could only guess. He didn’t know where he was and why those paintings were there. However, he enjoyed looking at those looking at those paintings.

In Ba Huang Province, Xuan level cultivators were considered extremely weak, Tian level cultivators were ordinary, and Zun cultivators were considered fairly strong. Cultivators had to be, at least, emperors to be admired. Then, they could have their own disciples, their own followers.

Lin Feng could only guess about emperors. He didn’t know enough about them.

When a cultivator reached such a high level, he probably only stayed with people at the same level, which meant other emperors. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine what it was like to be an emperor. He didn’t even know where they lived.

“I am the one who stayed the longest in the lights and now I’m surrounded by portraits of emperors with incredible energies. If I practice cultivation in here for a few days, it will probably help me a lot.” thought Lin Feng. Mu Chen was one of the emperors’ direct disciples. He seemed to think highly of Lin Feng, just like the Sadhu or Hou Qing Lin.

Lin Feng still didn’t understand what his relations.h.i.+p to these people was, were they friends, future fellow disciples, was it a teacher-disciple relations.h.i.+p?

Besides, Mu Chen had said that those places could be dangerous. But in that room, Lin Feng hadn’t seen any danger yet.

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