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Chapter 1074: Qiu Hao’s Difficult Times

Qiu Hao glanced at his father. He didn’t know why he was shouting at him. He then looked at Yuan Fei who smiled in a strange way. Even though Yuan Fei was incredibly talented and strong, he was younger than him. How could he act so disrespectful?

“I’ll show you! I can replace your grandfather easily if you wanted!” replied Qiu Hao coldly.

“Qiu Hao!” shouted his father furiously. Why was his father so upset?

“Hehe, old dude, did you hear that? My grandpa has a bad temper, if he knows what you just said, he wouldn’t be happy.” said Yuan Fei smiling fatuously.

The old man of the Qiu Clan asked, “Your Excellency, who is your grandfather?”

Yuan Fei was sounding more and more like that person.

Qiu Hao realized that his father had seemingly thought of someone. No wonder he was upset and didn’t want to offend Yuan Fei.

“His grandfather is an old friend of my teachers!” said Mu Chen smiling. The crowd was surprised. Mu Chen’s teachers… the emperors. An old friend of the emperors…

Everybody understood. 

The Qiu Clan’s old man remained silent. He was thinking of someone.

“His grandfather is the Great Ape Emperor. Uncle said he wanted to replace the Great Ape Emperor!” said Qiu Yue Xin indifferently. Qiu Hao’s heart started racing. It was Yuan Fei! The Great Ape Emperor’s grandson.

“The Great Ape Emperor!” The crowd was speechless. No wonder he had chased Xuan Yuan and scared him to death. Xuan Yuan was strong and arrogant because he had a little bit of imperial blood, but Yuan Fei’s grandfather was a real emperor. Besides, a powerful emperor at that.

“Should I call my grandfather so that you can tell him what you just said?” said Yuan Fei when he saw that Qiu Hao looked nervous. Qiu Hao was extremely embarra.s.sed.

In Ba Huang Province, n.o.body dared despise or humiliate any emperors. But, he had just made fun of Yuan Fei’s grandfather.

“Qiu Hao is insolent, please forgive him.” said Qiu Yue Xin’s grandfather to Yuan Fei smiling politely. He then stared at Qiu Hao and screamed, “Apologize now!”

Qiu Hao was clenching his fists.

“Do you want to be expelled from the Qiu Clan?” said the old man when he saw that Qiu Hao wasn’t reacting. Even though the Great Ape Emperor probably didn’t care about ordinary people talking about him, n.o.body could bully his grandson. If someone offended his grandson, he could simply shout and destroy the Qiu Clan in the blink of an eye.

Qiu Hao’s face turned deathly pale.”


“Qiu Hao, I admit I made a mistake, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you or your grandfather.” said Qiu Hao lowering his head.

Yuan Fei didn’t even look at him. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “I think Lin Feng, who’s like a brother to me, and that beautiful woman are a perfect match. You’re a b.a.s.t.a.r.d for criticizing my brother. We still have yet to see if Lin Feng wants to forgive you or not.”

“Lin Feng again!”

How can Lin Feng be so lucky? He is talented and beautiful women likes him. Qiu Yue Xin had actually attacked her family for him. Now, the Great Ape Emperor’s grandson considered him as a brother. No wonder Xuan Yuan had gone through so many hards.h.i.+ps because of him.”

Lin Feng shrugged. Yuan Fei was awesome, he even used his grandfather’s name to scare people.

“No need to pay attention to such people. His own daughter is

simply useless and weak. She’s just jealous.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn’t even look at Qiu Hao.

Qiu Hao was furious. Lin Feng even dared criticize his daughter to humiliate him.

“Hehe, you’re right. No need to pay attention to such people.” said Yuan Fei. He looked at Qiu Hao and said, “p.i.s.s off now, if you dare act insolent again, I’ll break all your teeth with my wooden stick!”

Qiu Hao lowered his head, he looked furious at that moment. They were both humiliating him, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Father!” said Qiu Mei at that moment. She wanted to cheer her father up.

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” shouted Qiu Hao furiously. “Two useless pieces of tras.h.!.+”

“Father, Lin Feng is too insolent, he even dares criticize the elders. He certainly can’t be with Yue Xin.” said Qiu Hao to his father.

“Qiu Hao, what are you talking about? You tried to kill him in the past so of course he doesn’t respect you. Besides, he’s not a bad guy, he’s the first imperial cultivation disciple and he’s friends with the Great Ape Emperor’s grandson. In the future, he will become very powerful. Yue Xin and Lin Feng are a perfect match. As her father, I’m not worried about Yue Xin being with him.” Qiu Yue Xin’s father smiled indifferently. 

Many people despised Lin Feng before the recruitment process. Many people said Lin Feng was incompetent and so on. But he proved how strong he was though. He climbed up nine groups of steps and he ranked first. He was not weaker than many young men from rich and prestigious families. He was the first imperial cultivation disciple so n.o.body could criticize him now.

The old man remained silent. Qiu Yue Xin was the most talented young person in the Qiu Clan. She deserved to be treated well and fairly. Most people in the clan attached a lot of importance to Qiu Yue Xin.

“Hmph! Even if he’s a bit talented, so what? He’s only broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer, three levels weaker than Yue Xin! We don’t even know if he will continue to become stronger.”

“What you mean is that we should find an old man of the Zun Qi layer for Yue Xin? Your daughter has broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, you should have her fight against Lin Feng and we’ll see who wins then?” said Qiu Yue Xin’s father mockingly. Lin Feng was an incredible fighter, he would probably become even stronger.

“Don’t talk about my daughter, take care of your own and that’ll be enough.”

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” shouted the old man. “Yue Xin is young. She can get married in two years or so, there’s no need to talk about it now.”

“That’s right actually.” said Qiu Hao smiling. n.o.body knew what would happen in the following years. The old man was thoughtful, they would see what Lin Feng became after two years.

At that moment, the other new imperial cultivation disciples left their families and clans. They had to practice cultivation in Tiantai. Some young people from rich and powerful families had obtained some presents from their families. They had managed to become imperial cultivation disciples so their families were proud of them. They had to show them how proud they were by offering them precious weapons and skills and techniques.

Very quickly, everybody left their families and Mu Chen waved and said, “Alright, go back to Tiantai.”

The new imperial cultivation disciples then went back to Tiantai, to their own palaces.

The crowd looked at them and sighed. Those people would become extremely strong in the future, but they had to leave them for now. Of course, people attached more importance to the imperial cultivation disciples of the first batch. They would become even stronger than those of the second batch.

The flight of stairs was always there now so Tiantai wouldn’t be isolated from the rest of the world anymore. It had become an authentic imperial group of influence.

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