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Chapter 1270

Chapter 1270: Peerless Cultivator

“When you robbed tombs, the Netherworld Demon Emperor was still there, so you must have robbed Empress Xi’s tomb while not hiding your great emperor status?” asked Lin Feng to Qiong Qi using telepathy. What did he want to do? And why G.o.ddess?

“The empress has incredible treasures.” said Qiong Qi, his eyes were twinkling. Then he asked Lin Feng, “And don’t you want to know why I said that all this had something to do with you?”

“Do I need to ask?” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. He obviously understood from what Qiong Qi had said to the Netherworld Demon Emperor.

“You’re not as dumb as you seem then. So now you understand what I meant last time.” said Qiong Qi smiling. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. He meant he wanted Lin Feng to have a child?

“Look, it’s getting chaotic over there!” said Lin Feng. Rumbling sounds appeared as palaces rose.

The area turned into a fairyland.

“The emperors think they’re free because they broke the seal. They must still want to die!” said Qiong Qi disdainfully. The emperors from Ba Huang Province had the advantage in terms of number, but did they think they’d have the advantage over the sealed emperor?

“Xue Yue is going to be rich.” said Qiong Qi. Two small worlds had appeared in Xue Yue, so Xue Yue would certainly rise in the future.

Empress Xi’s small world was beautiful. It had a celestial Qi, waterfalls appeared and it was gigantic. From now on, Empress Xi’s palace had replaced the Yun Hai Mountain Range and the Black Wind Mountain.

At the same time, the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s small world rose up too, but it was even larger than Empress Xi’s. It had a circular form and had surrounded Empress Xi’s territory as if it were protecting it.

“Are those great emperors’ small worlds? How

How spectacular!” thought Lin Feng. He was inspecting all those buildings. The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s palaces were gigantic and lofty.

“Is that small world going to expand to Yangzhou City?” thought Lin Feng. If that small world was a few dozens of thousands kilometers wide, it would reach Yangzhou City..

“Lin Feng, come down!” shouted Yuan Fei. The emperors had already started fighting in the sky in order to not destroy the small worlds.

“How fast!” thought the crowd when they saw all those people moving towards the small worlds.

Pure Qi rolled in waves and it was an incredible energy. Lin Feng entered the small world and instantly felt great. 

“Everybody get out!” shouted someone. It was Emperor Peng.

Emperor Peng’s Qi contained some black threads and even his eyes had turned black.

“Did you see? That’s the strength of the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, one glance and people will become demons. Emperor Peng has already

has already started turning into a demon.” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using telepathy.

“Some of the emperors are falling!” thought the crowd.

“p.i.s.s off or I’ll kill everyone!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

“Bzzz…” at that moment, clouds rolled in the sky. Everybody raised their heads and saw the strong cultivators.

A face appeared, it looked aggressive, domineering and majestic. People had the feeling they were going to suffocate.

Finally, someone said.

“All the emperors get the h.e.l.l out of this country and never come back!” shouted an aggressive voice. 

“Who do you think you are!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously and aggressively.

The face looked at him and oppressive energies descended from the sky and surrounded him. The crowd saw a gigantic hand and many people emitted horrible shrieks. They closed their eyes, they didn’t dare look. Was it their judgement day?

When they opened their eyes, their faces turned deathly pale.

Emperor Peng />
Emperor Peng was in the gigantic hand, Qi was whistling, the s.p.a.ce was shaking. No matter how insane he had got, he couldn’t escape from that hand.

“How dare you talk that way, you’re really confident for a little bird! Even the dragon emperor and the phoenix don’t dare talk to me that way!” said that person in the sky aggressively. It was as if G.o.d had been talking.
“If you don’t want me to cripple your cultivation or kill you, p.i.s.s off!” said that strong cultivator in the sky. Then, Emperor Peng immediately disappeared.

“If you dare come back, I’ll destroy you!” said the voice to Emperor Peng as he ran away. “All the emperors, p.i.s.s off and leave this place. The same to you, if you dare come back I’ll kill you!”

No matter which emperor, they’d die if they came back to Xue Yue! Then, they all ran away with their tails between their legs.

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