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PMG Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304: Familiar faces, old friends

Lin Feng still remembered when Mister Xiao had transmitted memories to him and disappeared because he didn't want to bring Xiao Ya with him to the Holy City.

Lin Feng was never happy to leave his friends and family behind, but he had to walk on his own path.

He was grateful to two people in particular for his newest treasures: Yan Di and the old man from the Sword Grave in Jiange. Without Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword and without Yan Di's help, he would have never obtained so many great things.

In the sky above Xue Yue, Lin Feng and Yan Di were riding a huge, whistling sword. Yan Di had turned back into Qiong Qi and now, they were leaving Xue Yue.

Lin Feng had already made the strong cultivators from Jiange go back to the Ba Huang Province. And he had made the two cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Jiange stay in the two small worlds to practice cultivation. Those two from Jiange were terribly excited to learn that Lin Feng, their Young master, had already conquered the two small worlds.

"Where are we going?" asked Yan Di to Lin Feng. It seemed like they were not on their way to the Ba Huang Province.

"We're going to Dragon Mountain, I have some things to do there." said Lin Feng. He had already sent people there to investigate Yun Fei Yang's whereabouts since he hadn't heard any news from him. Qing Meng Xin had told him that the Tang Clan in Dragon Mountain were quite agitated those days. Maybe, it had something to do with You You, so he needed to go and make sure.

"You're in the mood for some enjoyment, little boy!" said Yan Di, lying down on the huge sword. He seemed to be getting even fatter. He didn't even have the Qi of a ferocious ancient animal anymore.

Lin Feng ignored him. Xue Yue wasn't far from Dragon Mountain, so their detour wouldn't take long.

"Yan Di, let's go down and have some drinks!" said Lin Feng. His sword disappeared and they landed on the ground. There was a palace a little bit aways, it was a bar and restaurant: the Tang's clan restaurant and bar.

Lin Feng still remembered the first he met You You there. Lan Jiao had brought him there, then he had battled a bit and of course, he had drank a lot of fine liquor.

Lin Feng didn't know where the Tang Clan was, but that place belonged to them and he needed to start somewhere.

"Let's go!" Lin Feng and Yan Di entered the restaurant. It smelt like fine liquors and possessed a certain older charm.

"Even though this place seems a bit old, it seems pretty good!" said Yan Di. Everyone in the restaurant turned around and looked at them: a human being and a beast.

What a beast, but he didn't look that strong though. Was he a Tian level beast?

And what about that young man in white clothes?

"He's so young and has already broken through to the Tian Qi layer?" thought many people, astonished. That guy was probably stronger than the three strongest in their younger generation!

"How strong is he compared to Qing Meng Xin?" whispered someone. A few years before, Qing Meng Xin ranked amongst the three best younger cultivators of Dragon Mountain. The first two were Jun Mo Xi and Tang You You, but those two weren't staying in Dragon Mountain anymore.

"He can't be stronger than Qing Meng Xin, at most, he must be as strong as Tang Yi Yi." said someone else. But, Lin Feng and Yan Di ignored them and climbed the stairs. n.o.body prevented them from going up because even though the guards could see people's cultivation levels, they couldn't see Lin Feng's.

Lin Feng climbed up and up and arrived on the eighth floor, where there were a few tables.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards a table with someone he recognized.

"p.i.s.s off!" said a voice. That person didn't seem to like people that much.

Someone came when they heard the shout. "Who's that guy? Surprisingly, he dares offend Lan Jiao, Qing Meng Xin's fellow disciple!"

"Long time no see, do you not like me anymore?" said Lin Feng laughing. Lan Jiao was suddenly petrified. She slowly stood up and turned around to see a handsome young man in white clothes. He didn't look as impulsive as in the past, rather, calm.

Her mouth twitched, she even blushed. She wanted to say something, but the words didn't come out.

"I don't have any pure Qi stones, so would you mind inviting me to have a few drinks?" said Lin Feng smiling and sitting down. Lan Jiao smiled too and put some pure Qi stones in the holes on the table. Instantly, alcohol appeared on the table.

Lin Feng raised his gla.s.s and tapped against Lan Jiao's gla.s.s saying, "You lost so much weight and you haven't become any stronger, what's wrong with you?"

"It's all because of you." said Lan Jiao laughing. Then she downed her gla.s.s like Lin Feng.

"How pleasant!" said Lin Feng smiling. He hadn't drank the Tang Clan's alcohol in such a long time.

"Emperor, come, have a drink!" said Lin Feng giving a bottle to Yan Di. Yan Di raised his head and sucked all the alcohol out of the bottle in one sip.

"Dude, p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng. He only wanted to share the bottle, not give the entire thing to him.

"I always drink like that!" said Yan Di. Then he walked to the table and spat out some flames, "Give me more alcohol!"

"Eh…" Lin Feng was speechless, Yan Di apparently liked to drink.

Lan Jiao looked at Yan Di and smiled at Lin Feng, "How have you been all these years?"

"Don't I look good?" said Lin Feng, smiling and raising another bottle. Then, they continued drinking.

"We should go higher up, it seems we've run out of bottles to drink here. I don't want to wait for more bottles to arrive." said Lin Feng shrugging. Lan Jiao was speechless and then she burst into laughter, recalling the good old times.

That guy liked to take the initiative.

"Let's go!" said Lin Feng, standing up. He wanted to go to the top floor. Like last time, an old man was standing there and said, "Excuse me, Your Excellency, you can't go up yet."

"Sorry, I'll definitely go up." said Lin Feng smiling before he continued going up.

The guard became upset and released Qi at Lin Feng. He could sense that Lin Feng wasn't going to be easy to deal with.

"Let them go up!" said a voice. The old man was surprised and nodded, "Roger, Miss!"

Then, the old man let them pa.s.s. Like last time, quite a few people were already up there.

"Is something wrong, Your Excellency?" asked someone. Lin Feng looked at the beautiful lady and said, "You You!" when seeing that beautiful yet aggressive girl. He couldn't help but remember Tang You You.

"Your Excellency!" said Tang Yi Yi when she saw that Lin Feng was staring at her.

"Stop looking at her!" said a young man coldly while standing up. Lin Feng ignored him and smiled at Tang Yi Yi, "What's your name?"

PMG Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305: Interconnected plants

Everybody at the table was astonished. Surprisingly, that guy was flirting with Tang Yi Yi. He was fixedly staring at her and even dared ask her for her name. How insolent! She was one of three strongest young cultivators of Dragon Mountain and she had many suitors.

"Are you blind? Who are you to ask for Miss Tang's name?" a gigantic hand crashed onto Lin Feng's body and cracking sounds appeared.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the person. Lin Feng's eyes were pitch-black and demonic intent emerged from them. How ice-cold! That person's eyes were suddenly sore and he looked petrified.

"p.i.s.s off!" said Lin Feng in a gentle voice. Even though he said it gently, the young man felt like he had been hit with a stick on the head. His soul was shaking and he immediately fell down on his bottom, barely able to breathe.

"Pfew…" his heart was pounding, he couldn't stand a single glance.

"Who are you?" asked that person. He couldn't know who Lin Feng was, but it seemed like Lin Feng wasn't using a skill to hide his cultivation level and they still couldn't see through him.

Tang Yi Yi was surprised, the people who came to the ninth level were all strong, that guy was one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the empire. He was about as strong as her and surprisingly, he couldn't stand a single glance from Lin Feng.

"I mean you no harm. If I'm not mistaken, you must be You You's little sister." Lin Feng didn't take to heart what had just transpired. You You and Lin Feng had met because of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, so he didn't know the other people from the Tang Clan. They were a large clan in the capital city of Dragon Mountain, but since Tang Yi YI and You You looked so similar, he had guessed that she was You You's little sister.

Tang Yi Yi looked surprised and frowned. Lin Feng was right, she was You You's little sister. Tang You You was the eldest and she also had a little sister, Yi Yi, and a little brother: Tang Rui.

"Do you know my sister?" asked Tang Yi Yi.

"I do." said Lin Feng smiling and nodding. Then he asked, "Has your sister ever come back?"

Tang Yi Yi frowned at Lin Feng and asked, "Who are you?"

"My name is Lin Feng!"

"Lin Feng!" Tang Yi Yi was astonished.

"Lin Feng?" the crowd frowned, they also knew that name.

"Lin Feng from the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu!" thought many people. They finally remembered. He had ranked first, so it made sense that he was so strong.

"You're really Lin Feng?" asked Tang Yi Yi.

Lin Feng laughed and condensed his G.o.dly awareness, transmitting some memories to Tang Yi Yi.

Tang Yi Yi inspected the memories and didn't look as scared anymore. She just smiled in a resplendent way and said, "I'm taking you to the clan."

"Alright!" said Lin Feng skeptically, but nodded. Then, they left the restaurant.

Tang Yi Yi remained silent and Lin Feng followed her silently. Since she took him to the clan, it meant that she had a reason to.

The Tang Clan wasn't far from their restaurant. They soon entered a large courtyard and many people were surprised to see the strangers.

"Yi Yi, who's that?" asked a middle-aged man.

"Uncle Lin, they're my friends!" replied Tang Yi Yi. The middle-aged man didn't say anything, but many people quickly arrived in the courtyard.

"Sister, who is he?" asked a young man who was about eighteen and looked unhappy.

"Tang Rui, go and find our father." said Tang Yi Yi.

"If you want to see our father, then you must talk to me first." said Tang Rui looking at Lin Feng. He ran towards Lin Feng as quickly as he could. He had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, which in Dragon Mountain, wasn't so bad for a young man.

"Hand Strike" shouted Tang Rui furiously.

"You're causing trouble!" said Tang Yi Yi, but she didn't do anything to stop him.

Lin Feng didn't mind, since that Tang Rui was calling Tang Yi Yi sister, it meant he was Tang You You's little brother.

"Bzzz!" The hand reached Lin Feng, but didn't touch him.

"If you want to stay with my sister, you must ask my permission!" shouted Tang Rui furiously. He turned into two shadows and ran towards Lin Feng.

"Tang Rui, stop!" shouted Tang Yi Yi.

However, Lin Feng just slightly moved.

"Thousand Shadows!" shouted Tang Rui furiously. He turned into a thousand wind clones, which all threw themselves at Lin Feng at the same time. No matter what Tang Rui did though, he couldn't reach Lin Feng.

"Tang Rui, that's enough!" shouted an aggressive voice. Tang Rui immediately stopped and looked at Lin Feng furiously.

"Uncle!" said Lin Feng bowing in front of the middle-aged man.

"Dad, I still want to try." said Tang Rui when he saw what Lin Feng was doing. He probably wanted to ask for Tang Yi Yi's hand!

Tang Rui's father said coldly, "I'm the one who's going to try!" Then the man's silhouette flickered as he threw himself at Lin Feng. A myriad of wind clones were now closing in on Lin Feng.

"Boom, boom, boom…" a myriad of fists bombarded Lin Feng's body, however, he still looked calm, as if nothing had happened.

"Break!" shouted the man. The ground beneath them even cracked and the courtyard shook, but Lin Feng didn't even frown. Tang Rui was astonished, his father's attacks couldn't affect Lin Feng at all.

"How scary!" When the father saw that his attacks weren't affecting Lin Feng, he sighed and said, "Why are you not attacking?"

"I wouldn't want to fight against you, Uncle." said Lin Feng smiling wryly. How could he fight against You You's father?

"Hmph, did you feel guilty for You You?" asked Mister Tang.

"Pfew…" he couldn't help but smile wryly when he heard Mister Tang. The Tang Clan definitely had some news about You You, so he asked, "How is You You?"

"What's going on?" Tang Rui suddenly became anxious. He looked at Tang Yi Yi and Tang Yi Yi said, "He's Lin Feng!"

"Lin Feng!" whispered Tang Rui, he still looked furious. "The one who ranked first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. The one who defeated Di Ling, Duan Wu Dao and the other strong younger cultivators from years ago."

"You're well informed." said Tang Yi Yi. Then, her father left and said, "Come with me."

Lin Feng followed him with Tang Yi Yi trailing behind. They arrived in a courtyard where a girl seemed to live, "That's where You You lives."

Lin Feng nodded and glanced around: there were trees, a nice smell, overall it was a beautiful place.

"Those seeds were planted recently!" whispered Lin Feng. Mister Tang walked towards Lin Feng, looked at the seeds and said, "Indeed, they're interconnected too. You You planted them a short time ago and said that if you came, I should show them to you."

"You You planted them!" Lin Feng's eyes twinkled. You You was alive and those plants were interconnected with her, which meant they couldn't be separated.

Lin Feng didn't know what it meant. You You had always stayed with him, even when he turned into a demon she had taken risks to stay with him, but she never told him how she felt. Now, she had left these plants and a message for Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306: Ambush

"Uncle, where is You You?" asked Lin Feng, worried. Since You You was fine and alive, why didn't she go look for him?

"I don't know, You You gave me that message after she stayed for a few days, then she left. I'm her father and I don't even know when I'll see her again." said Mister Tang sighing.

"Something happened, right?" said Lin Feng looking at You You's dad. You You was alive, but she hadn't gone to Tiantai to find him.

"Hmph, why don't you ask her yourself? You didn't take care of her even though she went abroad with you. She's in love with you, so why didn't you keep her on your side!" asked Mister Tang. Lin Feng recalled that day on the Huang Sea, where he had had no choice but to force her onto the pirate's boat.

Lin Feng didn't try to explain anything though. He just said, "Uncle, I made a mistake, I hope you can tell me the truth about You You."

"I told you all I know, I also want to know more!" said the father sighing.

"Lin Feng, daddy didn't lie, my sister left without saying anything. She said she'd come back though." said Tang Yi Yi. It seemed like her father really didn't know what was happening. Lin Feng was wondering what happened to her though, what happened after the Huang Sea incident?

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds, nodded and said, "Uncle, if she comes back, tell her to go to Tiantai in the Ba Huang Province to find me."

"Ba Huang Province!" Tang Rui was incredulous. He walked over to Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, since your my sister's husband, can you take me to the Ba Huang Province?"

"Eh…" Lin Feng was surprised, sister's husband?

"Tang Rui!" said Tang Yi Yi speechless.

"You're so impolite!" said Tang Rui's father, but Tang Rui smiled and said, "Dad, You You said she liked him, she even planted those seeds for him. He's absolutely You You's future husband in any case!"

Tang Rui's father rolled his eyes.

"Dad, look, he's so young and yet, stronger than you. Let me go abroad with him." said Tang Rui, hiding behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng laughed, that little boy was decent at scheming.

"Come here!" shouted the father furiously.

Tang Rui didn't want to, he said instead, "You You said it, a man should travel, so why would I stay locked-up in Dragon Mountain?"

"Hmph! You You also told told Yi Yi to find a husband here in Dragon Mountain!"

"That's because of her personality, a man shouldn't do that. I should go abroad, become stronger, reach the clouds. I should become a hero. A woman is different, I'm not like Yi Yi!" argued Tang Rui angrily.

However, Lin Feng smiled wryly. Tang Rui was right and Lin Feng had similar beliefs, he thought he had to go abroad and become stronger, but he didn't want Liu Fei and Xin Ye to come with him because he wasn't strong enough yet.
"You're too weak! You can't go abroad yet! Anyone could kill you easily. Once you defeat me, then I'll let you go abroad!" said the father furiously. Young people were all the same. Even Mister Tang had traveled abroad, but the world was too big and too dangerous.

"Brother!" said Tang Rui looking at Lin Feng, seemingly asking for support. Lin Feng shrugged and took out a ring he had stolen from a Zun cultivator he killed and gave to Tang Rui, saying, "There are many things inside this ring. Practice cultivation, defeat your daddy, and then if you want to go abroad, come to Tiantai in the Ba Huang Province to find me!"

Tang Rui took the ring and nodded, he knew he couldn't go against his father's will anymore, "Alright!"

"What weapons do you like to use?" asked Lin Feng.

"Halberds and spears!" replied Tang Rui.

Lin Feng took out his halberd, causing Tang Rui to drop his jaw. Even Mister Tang was astonished. That was a legendary holy weapon!

"I broke the connection I have to it, so you can use it now!" said Lin Feng, handing over the halberd he had fixed in Fortune City to Tang Rui.

"Thank you so much, brother!" said Tang Rui, amazed.

Lin Feng walked to Tang Yi Yi and smiled, "You still haven't told me your name."

Tang Yi Yi looked at him and said, "Tang Yi Yi!"

"Yi Yi!" said Lin Feng smiling. He took out another ring he had stolen from a Zun cultivator and gave it to her.

"Sister, don't you want to become the best cultivator in Dragon Mountain? Take it!" said Tang Rui. Tang Yi Yi took the ring and said, "Thank you."

"Yi Yi, take this Taoist robe made of feathers too!" said Lin Feng, taking out another holy weapon.

Mister Tang was astonished. He couldn't even see Lin Feng's cultivation level and he couldn't even see how powerful the holy weapons were.

"Uncle, I won't be not disturbing you any longer, I'm off." said Lin Feng.

"Wait!" shouted Tang Yi Yi. She took out a ring and gave it to Lin Feng, "Take it, you will like it. I made a lot of them."

"Alright!" said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He already knew that it contained a lot of hot unit.

"Goodbye!" said Lin Feng, leaving with Yan Di and Lan Jiao. The Tang's looked at Lin Feng whith feelings which were hard to describe.

After Lin Feng left the Tang's, he didn't leave Dragon Mountain immediately. He went to the imperial palace of Dragon Mountain first. He wanted to soo Jun Mo Xi's father since he was in Dragon Mountain. Lin Feng offered some news about Jun Mo Xi to Jun Mo Xi's father, who was extremely happy to learn that Jun Mo Xi had become a Young master in the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. He was a bit sad though, because he had hoped Jun Mo Xi would take over after him.

Lin Feng didn't stay too long. He gave Jun Mo Xi's father some gifts and left Dragon Mountain. Then, he flew in the direction of the Ba Huang Province.

Lin Feng crossed Gan Yu, he didn't need to get his revenge so quickly. Even though he had become quite strong already, destroying a few influential groups in Gan Yu wouldn't be that easy. He would have to go back to Xue Yue later and then, he would take care of his enemies.

He had solved the problems in Xue Yue once again, found out that You You was still alive, so Lin Feng was already a bit relieved. He would see You You again, definitely. He just didn't have any news from Yun Fei Yang yet.

Lin Feng was flying on his gigantic sword, crossing over several countries. Eventually, he arrived in a familiar place again: the northern Ba Huang Province.

At that moment, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged on his sword. Yan Di was lying down nonchalantly. At that moment, explosion sounds spread in the air. It was as if the sword had arrived in a restricted area and stopped. Lin Feng jumped forwards.

"Kaboom!" A gigantic hand descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

"Someone is attacking me by surprise!" thought Lin Feng. He hadn't thought that someone would attack as soon as he came back.

"Die!" said Lin Feng. His sword streaked across the sky, towards the gigantic hand.

"Slas.h.!.+" the sword Qi was destroyed and the gigantic hand continued moving towards him.

"Boom boom!" demonic clouds invaded the skies and collided with the gigantic hand. Lin Feng shook violently, his blood seemed to be boiling. A wound even appeared on his chest.

There were three people hiding above the clouds, they looked quite sanguinary.

"Hand over your rings and weapons and we'll spare your life, you useless dog!" said the leader of the group in a cold way.

"And also, Lin Feng, take off all your clothes!" said another one of them. Lin Feng said coldly, "How do you know that my name is Lin Feng?" Those people had been waiting for him and they were extremely strong!

PMG Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307: Sanguinary Battle

"You're the first Tian level disciple of Tiantai, everybody knows you. Now, stop talking s.h.i.+t and hand over your rings, you worthless dog!" said that person ferociously.

Lin Feng was intrigued. Even though those people seemed strong, they didn't seem very well informed. Was he only the first Tian level disciple of Tiantai?

"Who sent you?" asked Lin Feng.

"Stop talking s.h.i.+t or we'll kill you!" the one who had called him "Lin Feng" then jumped towards him and a gigantic sanguinary hand descended from the sky.

"Come out!" Lin Feng released his Tian Ji Sword. They obviously didn't just want his rings and clothes, it was only an excuse.

"Lacerate!" Lin Feng used his Desolate Ksana attack and cut a large hole in the oncoming attack.

"You're not weak, little boy, but you dared attack three incredible from the northern part of Ba Huang, so you will die!" said that person. His blood abstruse energy was terrifying. He had managed to destroy the sword energies, he had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer, and he understood five different types of abstruse energies, just like Lin Feng.

Besides, the two cultivators next to him didn't seem that much weaker than the leader.

Yan Di didn't do anything, instead, e looked excited. In his opinion, Lin Feng was still learning and in order to become stronger, he had to fight people who were stronger than him.

"Nirvana Sunya Destruction!" said Lin Feng, condensing three different types of abstruse energies into his sword technique. His attack oppressed the gigantic sanguinary hand which already had a hole in it. At the same time, he tried flying away.

"You think you can escape? Roaring Blood Ocean!" shouted the person. In a flash, Lin Feng was surrounded by a torrential amount of blood Qi.

"Desolate Explosion!" Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword attacked the sanguinary Qi, making it falter. At the same time, he released some demonic Qi which dashed to the skies. With his demonic energies, Lin Feng didn't have the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer, but the second Zun Qi layer.

"Celestial demonic territory!" said Lin Feng. The sky turned black as demonic rained over the land and skies.

"Haha, you also practice demonic cultivation. Interesting, your demon skills are powerful, I'm going to be rich after defeating you." said the enemies, laughing loudly. Then, a sanguinary hand appeared in front of Lin Feng. To look that b.l.o.o.d.y and horrifying, the cultivator using it must have killed millions of people.

"I'll show you what a butcher really is!" said the enemy. Lin Feng's blood could barely flow, his pure Qi seemed petrified, the enemy's sanguine abstruse energies were starting to influence his blood.

"Blood Explosion!" shouted the enemy furiously. Lin Feng felt like a sausage on the fire, his face turned extremely red under the pressure.

Cultivators needed to level their abstruse energies to use them at their fullest potential.

"Get away!" shouted Lin Feng. Inside the Celestial demonic territory, empty s.p.a.ce energies appeared and Lin Feng suddenly disappeared.

"Come out!" shouted the enemy furiously bombarded the s.p.a.ce with sanguinary punches. He knew that Lin Feng was using a weapon to hide.

"Die!" Lin Feng shouted furiously as he released more demonic intent which contained sword Qi. Lin Feng reappeared with an infinite amount of sword Qi penetrating his enemy's body.

"Argh!" that person's face turned deathly pale as blood splashed, but while shouting in pain, he also released a sanguinary hand attack again.

"Blood curse!" shouted Lin Feng as he took out his cursing scepter. He quickly cursed the enemy's blood and the latter gave a horrible shriek. He disappeared again and reappeared ten meters away. He was using a peerless holy weapon to do that, the Ksana empty s.p.a.ce robe.

"Cough…" However, Lin Feng was injured, he even coughed up blood. But nevertheless, he still looked determined while facing down his enemy.

Terrifying cursing strength surrounded the s.p.a.ce. Using the peerless holy weapon, his enemy's blood was actually corroding.

"Help me!" shouted the cultivator furiously. He tried to get out of the demonic area, however, Lin Feng wouldn't let him go. He used his Xiao Yao agility technique and quickly caught up to him.

"Chaotic G.o.dly Curse!" He shook his scepter and the enemy's heart started corroding. He quickly lost his determination, his thoughts were a mess. The cursing energies were too powerful.

"Boom boom!" Someone was attacking the demonic area from above. They wanted to help their friend, however, Lin Feng wasn't about to give them any chances either. He jumped forwards and attacked with his Tian Ji Sword. His enemy was corroding twice as fast by the cursing energies already, so Lin Feng wasn't too concerned about him. The Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and his blood suddenly exploded outward. He was dead.

"Kaboom!" The demonic area was finally destroyed. Lin Feng was visible to his enemies again, however, one of them were already dead.

A cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer had been killed by a cultivator at the ninth Tian Qi layer?

"Is he really only the first cultivator from Tiantai?" wondered the leader, petrified. Those people had been stealing from people their entire life and they had always chosen weaker victims. A short time before, someone had asked them to kill Lin Feng. When they learnt that the victim had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer and was extremely rich, they hesitated. Was such a thing possible? But, when the one who had a.s.signed them the task had told them that it was Lin Feng, the first Tian level disciple from Tiantai, they had immediately understood why he'd be so rich. It was absolutely normal to look for mercenaries to kill such people because the politics behind doing it yourself.

Unfortunately, those mercenaries didn't know the outside world that well. They didn't know that Lin Feng had already killed Zun cultivators, otherwise, they wouldn't have agreed to do it.

"How'd he do it?" wondered the two other cultivators. Lin Feng had already hidden his cursing scepter because he couldn't show anyone else that he was also a black mage.

There was a mountain range in the distance where two silhouettes were standing. In front of them was a young man whose eyes were dazzling and his robe was fluttering in the wind majestically. It seemed like he could see through empty s.p.a.ces, empty s.p.a.ce eyes!

Behind him was an old man. Even though he was calmly standing there, he was an extraordinary cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"Useless piece of tras.h.!.+" said the young man.

"Young master, in the northern part of Ba Huang, we don't have that many people. At least, they can't be as strong as some cultivators from influential imperial groups. Luckily, there's a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer. If he attacks, then Lin Feng would be forced to use Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword." the old man also had the empty s.p.a.ce vision and could easily see what was going on.

"My goal is to make him use Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword!" said the young man. He looked at the old man and said, "I believe he can't use it as he wishes!"

The old man looked contemplated a bit before saying, "You mean that…"

"Everybody knows that Lin Feng has used Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword three times already, each time he uses it, he's in a critical situation. During other difficult situations, he often asks for the strong cultivators from Jiange to help. If he could use Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword as he wished, why would he use it as a last resort all of the time? Even if he didn't want to use it carelessly and wanted to use it only when he faced stronger cultivators, why would he still ask the strong cultivators from Jiange for help?" said that young man.

PMG Chapter 1308

Chapter 1308: Condensing Abstruse Energies

Lin Feng didn't know that those people were using their empty s.p.a.ce vision to observe him from afar. Influential imperial groups had various methods to handle things and empty s.p.a.ce vision wasn't something he was watching out for.

"You attack him head-on and I'll use my G.o.dly awareness to attack his G.o.dly awareness!" said the leader to the other one. They were mercenaries, so they were vigilant and strong, Lin Feng had already killed their friend, so they couldn't underestimate him.

"Alright!" the other one nodded, his blood started boiling. Very quickly, a hurricane emerged around his body and surrounded him.

"That's a wind spirit which turned into a blood spirit capable of becoming a hurricane filled with wind abstruse energy. That's the only the only explanation." Lin Feng figured.

"Slash, slash…" the terrifying hurricane moved towards Lin Feng, tearing apart everything in its path.

Lin Feng also released wind abstruse energies and used his agility technique . He released a few sword attacks to distract the wind, but the hurricane was too fast. It weakened the sword energies before finally destroying them.

"Die!" shouted the other strong cultivator. He released his G.o.dly awareness and attacked Lin Feng's own G.o.dly awareness.

"They're both strong alone, not to mention when they combine their attacks!" Lin Feng was being pushed back. He was right, one of them had broken through to the fourth Zun Qi layer and controlled three different types of strength to attack him. If it wasn't for him using two holy weapons, he couldn't have killed the other one before.

"G.o.dly awareness palace!" Lin Feng, quickly sealing their G.o.dly awareness with his G.o.dly awareness palace. The other G.o.dly awareness attacked his G.o.dly awareness palace and it seemed like it would break out at any moment. Lin Feng's soul was shaking violently.

At the same time, another hurricane was thrown at Lin Feng.. He again, was pushed backwards, sword Qi whistling.
"I'm going to die if they continue attacking me like this!" thought Lin Feng. He couldn't destroy the hurricane, and he couldn't run away. The hurricane attacks were too powerful, so he had to defend himself constantly. The G.o.dly awareness attacks were terrifying too. If he was too careless, he would instantly die from it.

"Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" thought Lin Feng.

"Eh?" at that moment, he sensed terrifying energies above him. A gigantic hand appeared in the clouds, the oppressive energies it emitted were suffocating Lin Feng. Cloud abstruse energies, intangible and destructive.

"Die!" Lin Feng used his sword to cut through the clouds, however, the intangible cloud hand continued descending from the sky, oppressing Lin Feng's body. Explosions sounded and Lin Feng coughed up blood, his face had turned deathly pale. That cultivator had broken through to the six Zun Qi layer and his cloud abstruse energy was level five. If it had been any stronger, Lin Feng would have died.

Lin Feng was propelled downward ten meters, but his blood was boiling furiously. He released vitality abstruse energies to recover.

"If I can't cut through the clouds with three types of abstruse energies, maybe I need to use four!" thought Lin Feng. He continued moving away while protecting himself with his G.o.dly awareness palace.

His enemies didn't want to give him any time to rest though. They were faster than Lin Feng, Lin Feng was lucky that he practiced the Xiao Yao agility technique and could fuse it together with the Empty s.p.a.ce Agility Technique and wind abstruse energies.

"My spirit is a dark type spirit, I am stronger in the darkness!" thought Lin Feng. His eyes became pitch-black and ice-cold. Lin Feng was concentrating on the wind, the s.p.a.ce around him seemed to calm down even though he was actually still in the middle of all those chaotic energies.

"Wind, apart from speed, is sharp, destructive and can envelop things." thought Lin Feng, studying the hurricane.

"No matter what sword technique I use, I can't cut through the wind because it absorbs my sword energies." thought Lin Feng.

"Kaboom!" The intangible cloud hand appeared in the sky again and attacked Lin Feng, making him cough up more blood. His body was propelled backwards again. He then released more vitality abstruse energies to recover. It is important to note that since he was constantly moving backwards, the attack couldn't do the most damage. Otherwise, he'd be a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp already.

Lin Feng's eyes looked sharp, ice-cold, terrifying. He was holding his Tian Ji Sword with both hands and it was emitting sharp, whistling sounds.

"Nirvana Sunya Destruction, thunder, empty s.p.a.ce and desolate abstruse energies, but I can include wind abstruse energies in it too!" The Tian Ji Sword was glowing with the infusion of four types of abstruse energies. The sword already had a few souls: wind, thunder, empty s.p.a.ce, and desolate energies. Therefore, condensing them together was a bit easier.

"Slash, slash…" a terrifying wind surrounded Lin Feng again, however, this time Lin Feng didn't escape. His pitch-black eyes made him look like a madman as he pointed his Tian Ji Sword towards the hurricane. The sword itself had turned into a hurricane as well.

"Kacha!" the hurricane tore Lin Feng's clothes apart and unveiled his armor. Lin Feng could stlil see everything with his pitch-black eyes, even while inside the hurricane.

"Pierce!" said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword turned into a beam of light as it pierced through the hurricane, leaving a hole in its wake.

"Ah…" a horrible shriek sounded. The wind was propelled far off into the distance and things quickly calmed down. Blood dripped from the sky and the cultivator's body reappeared. From head to foot, he was gravely wounded.

"Die!" shouted the cultivator furiously. Another cloud hand descended from the sky and tried to oppress Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn't block the attack so he disappeared from where he was and appeared in front of the other cultivator, the one who already gravely wounded. He used his sword and slashed shoulder to foot. Another cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer was killed!

"Pfew…" the cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer took a deep breath, but he still looked upset. He had just lost two of his friends.

Lin Feng turned around, his pitch-black eyes staring into the other cultivator's soul.

"Come back!" that cultivator had his G.o.dly awareness retreat from Lin Feng's third eye before saying, "We will meet again, someday." Then he disappeared into the clouds. A cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer was actually running away from a Tian-level cultivator!

"Bulls.h.i.+t!" said Yan Di as he landed next to Lin Feng. He hadn't used his full strength yet, he was just being overly cautious.

Lin Feng was happy that he had managed to protect himself. Besides, Lin Feng knew that the higher one's cultivation level reached, the more likely their limits would be reached and that they might not level up again. So, the next time they saw each other, that guy might still be at the sixth Zun Qi Layer.

PMG Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309: Chaos in Ba Huang

"Maybe someone had sent them. They didn't seem to hate me at all, therefore he felt like he didn't have to chance dying because of me." said Lin Feng. Even though the enemies knew his name was Lin Feng, they didn't seem to know much more.

"Your attacks combining several types of abstruse energies are not bad, but your fusions are not perfect. Otherwise, with four types of abstruse energies and your swordsmans.h.i.+p, you could destroy those guys easily. A fusion of four types of level two abstruse energies is more powerful than one level five wind abstruse energy!" explained Yan Di. "Besides, don't be too satisfied. At their level, those people were quite weak. There are real geniuses who have broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer and their abstruse energies are already level seven or eight. If you encounter such cultivators, they'll definitely kill you."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded. Yan Di always seized opportunities to criticize Lin Feng, but Lin Feng knew that he was right. Yan Di had seen enough geniuses in his life to give Lin Feng advice.

Lin Feng already knew that his abstruse energy fusions weren't perfect, but what he could he do apart from practicing? Having abstruse energies fuse together wasn't easy. Apart from learning special spells which required using abstruse energies, which he already didn't want to do because he had decided to walk his own path and rely on himself to understand swords, he couldn't do much.

"Let's go!" A gigantic sword again appeared under Lin Feng and Yan Di's feet before they streaked across the sky.

After they left, the young man at the top of the mountain looked furious.

"Those pieces of tras.h.!.+ They couldn't even manage to kill a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer." said Qi Tian Xu.
"Hehe, even if it didn't work this time, at the meeting of the emperors, you'll have the opportunity to kill him, Young Master." said a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer, smiling. Qi Tian Xu and Hou Qing Lin were the geniuses of their generation, they were stronger than most Zun cultivators. Unless he was facing a group of extremely strong cultivators, like those from Jiange, he wouldn't have to worry.

"We'll see, in any case, Lin Feng must die!" said Qi Tian Xu, murder filled his eyes. The Qi Clan hated Lin Feng for many reasons, amongst those were the three cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer who had died trying to kill him. Everybody already knew that the Qi Clan only had a dozen cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer left. Those three peak Zun Qi cultivators, two Sky Absorbing Picture Scrolls, one holy weapon, Qi Tian Sheng had died, Qi Jiao Jiao had been kidnapped.. They had to settle accounts with Lin Feng, no matter the cost.

"Let's go." said Qi Tian Xu to the other cultivator. They weren't going to follow Lin Feng.

The northern part of Ba Huang was Tiantai's territory, and it wasn't exactly a calm time. There were battles everywhere, even inside Tianjing City.

Finally, Lin Feng landed on the flight of stairs leading to Tiantai. Many people came to greet him as he arrived.

"You're back!" said Lin Ruo Tian smiling at Lin Feng. They were now on the eighth group of steps and it wasn't that difficult anymore.

"How come you're injured!" Lin Feng sensed that Lin Ruo Tian was hurt.

"Lin Feng, you probably still don't know what has changed since you left Ba Huang." said Lin Ruo Tian smiling. "Tian Long Divine Castle's people attacked me. Our fellow disciples and I were going out, but people from Tian Long Divine Castle were waiting for us."

"Hehe, but we killed a bunch of them." said Meng Ba, descending the flight of steps towards them.

"Tian Long Divine Castle!" Lin Feng's eyes were filled with cold lights.

"What has happened since I left?" asked Lin Feng.

"Many big things happened. The emperors started fighting after they came back from a smaller country, the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan joined hands to fight the Wen Clan. Many of their disciples died in those battles. In the brutal part of Ba Huang, the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, the Island of the Thunderbirds and Mang Niu Mountain attacked the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Imperial Palace. In the sanguinary part of Ba Huang, the mysterious Abyss of Sufferings and the DevMara Palace also started fighting, but their disciples fight all the time. In the celestial part of Ba Huang, the Celestial Thunder Temple is rising and it seems that n.o.body can stop them anymore. They might even annihilate the Heavens of Desire's Palace and the Church of Desire. And we're constantly fighting Tian Long Divine Castle and the Sunset Pavilion." explained Meng Ba. He looked excited, like he enjoyed the chaos.

"Of course, there's a reasonable explanation for all these things, the meeting of the emperors, which happens every one-hundred years, will influence the entire province. Tiantai hasn't existed for long, but more disciples will be recruited, just for the meeting of the emperors." said Lin Ruo Tian.

Lin Feng had heard Mu Chen talk about the meeting of the emperors before, but he didn't know what it was exactly.
"Do you know what the meeting of the emperors is?" asked Lin Feng to Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba.

"I don't know much. Apart from Ba Huang, Jiu You is also going to be involved. All in all, many different influential imperial groups and some smaller groups are going to attend. Some people are already starting to rise for the occasion. Even in Tiantai, some of our mysterious disciples are traveling around and doing great things." said Lin Ruo Tian.

Last time, they won against the strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle thanks to a fellow disciple who was actually a direct disciple. He had only broken through to the second Zun Qi layer, but he was strong enough to kill cultivators of the fourth and fifth Zun Qi layer.
"Surprisingly, Jiu You is also going to join in." thought Lin Feng. The meeting of the emperors was probably going to be more complex than he had previously imagined, especially considering everything that was already happening in Ba Huang.

"By the way, Lin Feng, Yang Zhan betrayed Tiantai and joined Tian Long Divine Castle with his sister Yang Zi Ye. The Yang Clan is going to move to the western part of Ba Huang soon. Our teachers and fellow disciples don't have time to pay attention to them, but we and some fellow disciples who are going to pay a visit to the Yang Clan and take care of them. Do you want to come?"

Lin Feng had Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword, so he could easily kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"They're moving, so it must be a trap." reasoned Lin Feng. The Yang Clan wasn't that stupid.

"Of course we know that. The Yang Clan moving there is a provocation, they're challenging us because they think they can easily kill us." said Lin Ruo Tian.

"Who's going?" asked Lin Feng. He couldn't tell them that he couldn't use Emperor Wu Tian Jian's sword whenever he wished, and that cultivators of the fifth Zun Qi layer or above were a bit too strong for him.

"Our second fellow disciple is practicing cultivation these days, so Ruo Xie is coming and two other direct disciples, as well as a few fellow disciples of the Zun Qi layer!" replied Lin Ruo Tian. Lin Feng figured that wasn't a bad group, but he was worried that Tian Long Divine Castle would send cultivators at the peak of the Zun Qi layer!

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