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Outside of the academy, a certain number of people were walking towards its main gate.


Their leader was wearing blue clothes and magnificent mask. He was a middle aged man and a cold Qi emerged from his body. Amongst the people who were following him there were some Bai Clan members who had witnessed all the events at the Prisoner Arena.


Amongst the people of the Bai Clan was one certain young man. He was wearing a splendid golden mask. His hand was wrapped in bandages. The expression in his eyes looked like a demon coming straight from the underworld. His eyes under his golden mask looked unimaginably evil.


At that moment, two silhouettes jumped in front of them and blocked them the way. They then shouted: “Except for the students and the staff members of the Celestial Academy, n.o.body can enter the territory the Celestial Academy!”


The middle aged man in blue clothes took a few steps forward, his hair was fluttering in the wind.


“Get lost.” said the man in blue clothes. He then made a single movement and the two people who were obstructing the way were blown away in the blink of an eye. People who saw the scene were gasping with astonishment.


“Xuan Qi layer!” surprisingly, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer had come to the academy.


The group of people entered the academy. The two guards stood up and started walking.


That middle aged man of the Xuan Qi layer was surely here with ill intentions.


The man in blue clothes and the large group of Bai Clan members who were following him arrived in front of one of the palaces. This was the palace where the military students lived.




Suddenly a large group of people moved in front of the group of people.


The middle aged man in blue clothes frowned and said: “Get the h.e.l.l out of my way.”


“Who the h.e.l.l do you think you are? Do you not know the rules of the academy?” coldly said one of the men blocking the way.


The man in blue clothes glanced and at him and said: “Please bring out someone who knows how to speak.”


“What do you want? Why did you come to my academy?” coldly said a man in black robes at that moment. He was slowly walking towards the man in blue clothes.


“I want you to hand over some people to us.” said the man in blue clothes indifferently.


“Hand over some people?” said the man in black robes with a cold smile on his face and then added: “Not only did you break the rules of my academy, but you also dare come and ask me to hand over some of my students?”


The man in blue clothes smiled coldly. He raised his hand and at that moment, the palm of his hand started emitting a radiant light.


When the man in black robes saw the light within the middle aged man’s palm, his expression drastically changed.


“You say that outsiders cannot come into the territory of the Celestial Academy but then I would like to ask you something, how can you allow your members to visit my Prisoner Arena and then allow them to kill some of my staff members while kidnapping two of my slaves? Can you explain this to me?” said the man in blue clothes. His voice sounded extremely strict and it was clear how powerful he was from his tone. Force was constantly emerging from his body.


“If you don’t hand over those who caused the trouble as well as my two slaves, I will get very angry.”


The man in black robes looked terribly annoyed when he heard what the man had said. He was a teacher at the academy which was an extremely high status, but he knew that he couldn’t keep the man in blue clothes under control. Those who were with him would also be hard to defeat.


“Who caused the trouble?” asked the man wearing the black robes.


“Some of your military students, Lin Feng, Wen Ao Xue…”


“Wen Ao Xue?!” the man in black robes was stupefied. The man in blue clothes added: “The one mainly responsible for the whole thing is Lin Feng though. You don’t need to hand over Wen Ao Xue… but Lin Feng and my two slaves, you must hand them over to me this instant.” said the man in blue clothes in an extremely powerful voice while showing lenience towards Wen Ao Xue.


The middle aged man in blue clothes had a very high status and he knew that he couldn’t insist on punis.h.i.+ng Wen Ao Xue. The academy would never hand him over.


“Go inside, tell Lin Feng and the two slaves to come out here.” said the man in black robes to two other people who were standing at his side.


The man in blue clothes seemed satisfied. The one who was standing behind him wearing a golden mask had an incredibly evil light flash through his eyes.


Lin Feng was meditating in his room and suddenly, the door emitted a loud noise which made him open his eyes.


“Lin Feng, come out.” shouted a voice. Lin Feng was surprised. That person was so rude. The academy had rules, n.o.body was able to enter in the living quarters of a student without his permission.


But at that moment, somebody opened his door and told him to come out. Not only was that a violation of the rules but it was also a humiliation.


Lin Feng stood up and stretched. He felt better but he hadn’t entirely recovered from his injuries.


Lin Feng looked at the guy who had called him. He was also a student of the academy.


“So, you are Lin Feng?” said the one who had come inside with an indifferent tone.


“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng while frowning.


“What a moron. He thinks that he can act recklessly because he is Wen Ao Xue’s friend. He first provoked Hei Mo and then went to the Prisoner Arena and caused trouble.” Thought the students.


The first time when Lin Feng had provoked Hei Mo, Wen Ao Xue was with him… he had then caused trouble at the Prisoner Arena with Wen Ao Xue, so they thought that Lin Feng acted this way only because he thought that Wen Ao Xue could indefinitely protect him. They thought that he was like a dog using his master’s power to cause trouble.


“Now, bring the two slaves you kidnapped from the Prisoner Arena. Some people have come to see you.” said the student. When he finished talking, he turned around and started leaving.


“Wait, wait!” said Lin Feng. The student immediately stopped and asked: “What’s wrong?”


Lin Feng coldly said: “Didn’t you forget something?”


The student replied: “Forgot what?” He then shrugged and said: “No, I haven’t forgot anything.”


“You did.” said Lin Feng firmly.


The student seemed angry and said: “Are you playing around with me?”


“I don’t have time to joke. You rushed into my room and behaved in a rude way, you could at least make an apology.” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.


“Apologize?” said the student who smiled as if he found the situation funny. He then ignored Lin Feng, turned around and started leaving.


At that moment, a freezing-cold Qi crashed into his body and oppressed him. He was surprised and stopped moving.


He turned around and saw Lin Feng who was slowly walking towards him. Lin Feng’s body was releasing a piercingly cold Qi.


“What are you doing?”Said the student with a shocked expression.


“You’re only this strong and act with such disrespect. I don’t like that impolite behaviour.” said Lin Feng while continuing to walk forward. The Qi released from his body was getting more and more intense.


The student was stupefied and was getting more frightened. He couldn’t compete with Lin Feng in terms of strength.


“I came in the name of the teacher. Just come with me.” said the student.


“Of course I will come with you but you violated the rules of the academy and acted rude to me while inside my home. If that’s how you planned to convince me to come with you then you have failed. Do you think disrespecting me will make me obediently come with you? Wouldn’t all the others laugh at me for allowing you to act as you please in my home?” when saying these words, an even colder Qi was released from Lin Feng’s body. Everything around him had started freezing.


The student was frightened. He only saw Lin Feng raise his fist and saw a ball of frost appearing around it. He then punched towards the student.


“OHH!” shouted the student. He immediately raised his fist and punched towards Lin Feng. The Qi of his attack emitted a rumbling noise in the air as it crashed through the atmosphere. When his fist and Lin Feng’s fist collided, the student suddenly felt an acute pain within his hand.


“Get out now.” said Lin Feng while kicking him with incredible force. At that moment, the student was sent tumbling outside and his body was covered by a layer of ice.


“Piece of trash of the third Ling Qi layer… acting so arrogant when in my living quarters.” shouted Lin Feng. He then said: “wait for me patiently outside. If you enter my living quarters again then I’ll cripple your cultivation.”

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