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Chapter 1364

Chapter 1364: Eighteen Demon Generals

There were eleven people on the seventh floor. Demon Qi was rolling in waves in there and condensing into dark clouds.

“What a pure demonic Qi!” thought Lin Feng, walking forwards. Demon Qi continuously washed his body.

“Boom!” In front of Lin Feng, a pair of pitch-black eyes appeared.

Aggressive, sharp.

“That’s a real demon king!” the silhouette in front of Lin Feng became even more distinct. A demon king appeared. He was pitch-black, but didn’t seem alive, just like an illusion. The eyes seemed alive though, Lin Feng could sense how powerful they were.

“He doesn’t seem as strong as the Netherworld Demon Emperor in terms of consciousness, since the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s consciousness has existed for thousands of years. But, his determination seems a little bit stronger, more real.” thought Lin Feng. The Demon king in front of him was a demon emperor.

“Bzzz…” dazzling lights appeared, Lin Feng turned around and saw another pair of eyes filled with demon determination. He moved back, but his

eyes already felt sore. The demonic intent was piercing through his eyes, lingering even.

“Die!” Lin Feng released demonic Qi and his eyes became even darker. He used his own demonic intent to resist the intent coming from those eyes.

“Destroy, destroy…” said a voice which resonated. Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with h.e.l.lish flames as he slowly destroyed those demonic lights a.s.saulting him.

“Pfew…” Lin Feng took in a deep breath. He didn’t dare look at that demon again, it looked too real.

“Is that an emperor’s power? It seems like he can destroy me only by glancing at me.” thought Lin Feng. Cultivation emperors belonged to another world. Inside Ba Huang and Jiu You, they were considered to be the highest cla.s.s of beings. The Holy City was probably the only place where there were numerous emperors.

“There aren’t only two demon emperors, there are many more!” Lin Feng realized as he glanced around. There were eighteen demon emperor statues around him, and together, they looked like eighteen demon generals.

“The determination

determination of eighteen demon general, this is a great place to practice demon cultivation.” thought Lin Feng.

“And this is only the seventh floor. Maybe on the eighth floor, there will be demon kings and great demon emperors. And what about the ninth floor?” thought Lin Feng. He was curious.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and studied the demon general’s intent.

He raised his head and looked at the third statue, just like the previous ones, its eyes were pitch-black and penetrated deeply into Lin Feng’s eyes. It also flew throughout his body.

That general’s intent seems to be demon-fire intent. Those eyes contained black flames which could burn Lin Feng if he wasn’t careful. Even if a cultivator had managed to go to the seventh floor of the Demon Shrine, he could still die there. n.o.body would care.

Lin Feng didn’t try to understand the intent. After glancing at the third demon general’s intent, he glanced at the fourth one. The fourth one’s intent was ice-cold. Lin Feng seemed to understand something, all those types of

types of demon intent were different, they weren’t pure. There were different types: immortal intent, fire intent, ice intent.

Lin Feng came across a terrifying type of demonic intent, it was probably demon-death intent. It seemed like it could destroy people in the blink of an eye.

“I studied the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s intent, and it’s extremely powerful. I also have the demonic vision, but I don’t know how to condense strength in my eyes. Actually, I know several types of abstruse energies, if I could make them fuse together with my demonic intent, like those demon generals, my demon abstruse energies would become even stronger. I could kill people out-right.”

Lin Feng then started studying those eighteen demon generals’ intent. He was sitting cross-legged and looked like a demon general too, his eyes were pitch-black and filled with all kinds of demonic strength.

Besides, Lin Feng’s goal was to understand the intent of two statues in particular, the immortal demon intent and the death demon intent. He wanted his abstruse energies to fuse together with those types of those types of intent.

For the ten other cultivators, everything in that place seemed different, but the demon generals’ statues, which meant that they all had to study them.

“Kaboom!” at that moment, a sound spread in the air. Everybody was surprised and gazed into the distance. Cracks began to appear on the fire demon general’s statue. His eyes were burning and his entire body was crackling. Then explosions sounded as one statue exploded, leaving seventeen left.

Then, a pitch-black light illuminated the area, and then disappeared.

“What was that?” thought Lin Feng. That light looked like the one-paged demon scripture. Had the statue exploded because someone understood its intent? Was that why it had disappeared?

“I need to study faster.” Lin Feng was worried, so he continued studying the immortal demon intent. If someone else understood it before him, then that statue might explode as well. Maybe this was related to the envoy’s test.

However, it wasn’t that easy to understand immortal demon intent. It was even harder than understanding the other types of intent.

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