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PMG Chapter 1401

Chapter 1401: The Eleventh Disciple

At that moment, the fifth prince looked horrified. He could sense Mu Feng's demonic intent improving.

Mu Feng was borrowing his force to level up.

"Roar!" dragons roared and a dragon emerged from his body. This time he turned into a real dragon.

"Lalala…" Mu Feng's blood boiled. The blood abstruse energy made his body boil like he was going to explode. If he didn't have such strong blood, the blood abstruse energy would have killed him on its own.

"Die!" shouted Mu Feng. Demonic energies pierced through the fifth prince's, and in his brain, the nine netherworlds song started resonating. A lake appeared inside Mu Feng's eyes, it was the pitch-black waters of the nine netherworlds. The fifth prince was slowly turning into a demonic slave.

"Submit! If you do, I won't kill you!" said a demonic voice in his head. He was being cursed. By looking at his eyes, it could be seen that he didn't want to submit, but his thoughts were leading him in a different direction.

At that moment, the fifth prince understood what the seventh prince had gone through. He could sense the demonic intent and he could hear the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.

"Celestial Dragon Destruction! Die!" shouted the fifth prince furiously. Lights emerged from his eyes and turned into dragons which moved towards Mu Feng.

"Destroy!" shouted Mu Feng raising his hand. He used his Deadly Demon Punch to destroy the lights. Mu Feng was fixedly staring at him so the fifth prince couldn't look elsewhere.

"Submit!" shouted Mu Feng furiously again. He condensed demonic Qi and attacked the air in the direction of the fifth prince. His attack was a lot more powerful than a few minutes before.

"Dragon Scale, die!" shouted the fifth prince. His gigantic dragon eyes were filled with flames as if his spirit was burning. He wanted to prevent Mu Feng from controlling him.

"Bzzz!" Demonic Qi surrounded the two fighters, preventing the crowd from seeing them.

What was Mu Feng going to do?

"Ah…" a horrible shriek sounded. Tian Long Divine Castle's people started panicking and their faces turned deathly pale.

"Little Five!" shouted Emperor Tian Long, gazing into the demonic Qi. He wanted to destroy the demon Qi and save Little Five.

"Emperor Tian Long, what are you doing?" asked Emperor Yu coldly. "If you violate the rules of the meeting, you'll have to bear the responsibilities."

Emperor Tian Long looked upset and stopped moving. The clouds of demonic Qi dispersed and gradually, Mu Feng reappeared. The fifth prince had disappeared somehow.

There wasn't even a corpse. n.o.body knew how Mu Feng had killed the fifth prince. The emperor's could have seen through it, but that would have been a violation of the rules. That's why Emperor Yu had prevented Emperor Tian Long from doing it.

"Brother!" shouted the fourth prince. His eyes were bloodshot and he was surrounded by b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

Emperor Tian Long looked at Mu Feng, but he no longer tried to control himself anymore. He was showing everyone how furious he was. The seventh prince was his adopted son, but the fifth prince was his biological son. He was dead, and before dying, he had served as a tool to help Mu Feng break through to the next cultivation layer.

Mu Feng looked at the fourth prince and said, "I'll wait for you to kill me then!"

"I will!" declared the fourth prince. Mu Feng turned around and went back to the group of people from Tiantai.

"I wouldn't have thought that Mu Feng would level up by borrowing the fifth prince's force. From now on, killing Mu Feng will be even more difficult. Maybe only Qi Qian Ren and the fourth prince can kill him." Emperor Qi had determined the rules so that cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer couldn't kill medium-level Zun cultivators. He had also hoped the three groups would be able to join hands to kill Mu Feng, but now Mu Feng was becoming stronger and had even leveled up during a battle.

"Let's see how the Qi Clan's Alliance will kill Mu Feng!" thought many people

Later, it was Tiantai's turn again, and they only had twelve heroic fighters left.

"Ruo Xie, you go. The Qi Clan has seven medium-level Zun cultivators left, so you can kill any of them." said Mu Chen indifferently. Everybody's muscles twitched. Mu Chen despised the Qi Clan and especially the last medium-level Zun cultivators they had. He acted as if they could kill them as they wished.

Tiantai had ten medium-level Zun cultivators left, while the Qi Clan only had seven. If Mu Chen talked that way, it meant that Tiantai's remaining cultivators could kill all of the Qi Clan's remaining cultivators easily. Was the Qi Clan that weak though?

Ruo Xie rose up in the air and pointed at a cultivator of the Qi Clan who had reached the very top of the fifth Zun Qi layer. That cultivator was strong, he could even kill ordinary cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. But against Ruo Xie, he didn't stand a chance.

Ruo Xie controlled decay abstruse energies and could make his opponent grow old, reducing their blood strength. He also used speed abstruse energies to make his opponents move slower. Finally, he could fuse decay and speed abstruse energies together perfectly. Ruo Xie was so strong that he was only playing with his opponent in that fight. Finally, Ruo Xie released sword energies and condensed speed abstruse energies to make it move faster. That sword pierced through his opponent's third eye and instantly killed him.

The Qi Clan only had twelve people left and they were not happy at all about it.

"Tiantai doesn't have that many cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer, but they can easily kill all of the Qi Clan's medium-level Zun cultivators, preventing them from moving on." thought the crowd. If Tiantai killed all the medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan, it would be tragic. Those people were also the rulers of their generation, they were the symbols of a generation.

Afterwards, it was the Qi Clan's turn again. This time Emperor Qi sent his biological son, Qi Qian Yun, a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer to challenge the cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer from Tiantai. It was a great battle. He managed to injure and eliminate the cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer from Tiantai, but Tiantai's people didn't seem to care much. With the strength of the eighth Zun Qi layer, he was maybe one of the strongest cultivators Tiantai had, but he was only a normal disciple.

How would they react if they knew that the eleven people who hadn't been eliminated were all direct disciples? How would they react if they knew that Mu Feng was Lin Feng?

PMG Chapter 1402

Chapter 1402: Ku Can, Xing Zhan

After the Qi Clan, it was the Si Kong Clan's turn. Emperor Si Kong glanced at people from Tiantai and said, "There are three people we still don't know anything about, so who wants to try them?"

"I'll go." said Si Kong Yu jumping forwards. He looked at the fighters from Tiantai who hadn't fought yet. One of them had a black robe, was extremely slim, and his Qi looked rather weak. Anyone would guess that he was sick just by looking at him.

There was another one who looked robust and he had an antenna protruding from his third eye.

The last one looked extremely calm, and he had absolutely no Qi. He simply looked like an ordinary person. Such people were often terrifying though.

"You, come and fight!" said Si Kong Yu to the one in the black clothes. Then the young man in black clothes jumped into the air.

"Bzzz!" Si Kong Yu's blood boiled.

"Desiccate!" said the young man in black clothes. The atmosphere suddenly became very dark and desolate. Everything began to fall apart in around them.

Si Kong Yu's facial expression changed drastically. That desiccation energy surrounded him, slowing his blood flow, and damaging his Qi. Even though he possessed a Celestial Vision, he couldn't see through that attack clearly.

"Dry abstruse energies!" the crowd was surprised to see such a strange abstruse energy. Tiantai's direct disciples all had different spells and powers, it was difficult to guess what the next person's abilities would be. His energies were similar to Ruo Xie's decay energy.

It reminded Mu Feng of an opponent he had at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu: the dead tree. But that Tiantai's cultivator's attacks were a lot more powerful than the Dead Tree's. His abstruse energy was level seven.

"If my cursing abstruse energies were level seven, I'd be that strong too." thought Lin Feng. He could also curse people's Qi and blood, which had similar effects to those caused by dry energies.

"Bzzz!" the cultivator from Tiantai released a tree above Si Kong Yu.

"What a strange spirit, Si Kong Yu is in danger!" thought the crowd. The leaves of the tree suddenly fell down and moved towards Si Kong Yu.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Si Kong Yu furiously. His hand turned into a sharp blade as he started attacking the leaves.

"Desiccating Fissures!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai furiously. The trunk and leaves of the tree started cracking as a myriad of pieces fell down on Si Kong Yu. He was petrified as he was surrounded by rotten leaves and pieces of trunk.

"Rotten Desolation Technique!" shouted the disciple from Tiantai. Si Kong Yu's body crackled and he gave horrible shrieks. His body was decaying and his flesh and bones were decomposing and drying up. His body was shrinking, as he soon became as small as a leaf. Then he disappeared, completely decomposed.

The rotten tree turned into a normal tree again and penetrated back into his body. The crowd was astonished, they now understood why his Qi was so weak and why he looked so sick. He was skinny and looked sick because of his rotting Qi.

"I'm Ku Can!" said the cultivator from Tiantai indifferently. Then, he went back behind Emperor Yu, leaving the crowd speechless.

"How come Emperor Yu and Emperor s.h.i.+'s direct disciples are so strong? Are the last two just as strong? Those people can probably kill cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer as well." thought the crowd.

Now it was the Wen Clan's turn. They sent a very, very strong medium-level Zun cultivator who then killed a weaker medium-level Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan.

The DevMara Palace also sent a medium-level Zun cultivator who killed a cultivator from the Qi Clan, leaving only four people left.

The Celestial Palace of the Immortals also sent a very strong medium-level Zun cultivator who eliminated the weakest of the medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan. The crowd wasn't that surprised. They understood that Jun Mo Xi had killed one of them, not only because he wanted to avenge Lin Feng's death, but also because the emperor of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals had reached the end of his life. Because the Celestial Palace of the Immortals was in the eastern part of Ba Huang like the Qi Clan, the Qi Clan had already started putting pressure on the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.

Now, the Qi Clan only had three medium-level Zun cultivators left.

"The Qi Clan wanted to play with Tiantai, but in the end, Tiantai had played with them." thought the crowd.

Then, it was Tian Long Divine Castle's turn again. The fourth prince instantly released ice-cold b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi.

"You're not going." said Emperor Tian Long, his eyes were closed. Then he whispered, "Qi Qian Ren will fight against Mu Feng. You should continue to watch the fights."

"Alright." said the fourth prince, clenching his fists. Emperor Tian Long sent a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer to challenge the cultivator from Tiantai who had a horn and looked both tall and st.u.r.dy.

It was an explosive battle. The cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle was extremely strong, but the direct disciple of Tiantai was stronger. The cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle had turned into a dragon and the cultivator from Tiantai turned into a beast. Then the cultivator from Tiantai crushed the dragon under his feet and killed him slowly.

"b.e.s.t.i.a.l part of Ba Huang, a fighting beast!" the crowd was surprised once again.

The crowd looked at the strong cultivator from Tian Long, he was lying on the stage and his Qi was extremely weak. The cultivator from Tiantai had pierced him with his horn and pieces of bleeding flesh were hanging from his chest.

"Roar!" The horned-beast roared and jumped onto the cultivator from Tian Long again.


"Boom, kacha!" the cultivator from Tian Long gave a horrible shriek.

"My name is Xing Zhan!" shouted Xing Zhan. Then he turned back into a human being again and went back to the group from Tiantai.

"Defeating the direct disciples of Tiantai is way too difficult." thought the crowd.

Then, it was Tiantai's turn again. The last one who hadn't fought yet came out and looked at the strongest of the three medium-level Zun cultivators left from the Qi Clan. He looked weak compared to him, but he pointed at him and said, "Come here!"

PMG Chapter 1403

Chapter 1403: Appointment

The eyes of the strong cultivator from the Qi Clan were filled with flames. The s.p.a.ce between them was almost distorted by his glare.

"Bzzz!" That strong cultivator suddenly disappeared. His Empty s.p.a.ce Agility Technique was incredible. The s.p.a.ce around the cultivator from Tiantai became distorted, making it difficult to see.

"Boom, kacha!" An ancient stone appeared and moved forwards, preventing the s.p.a.ce from becoming too distorted. That stone contained some strange lights.

"Bzzz!" The cultivator from the Qi Clan disappeared again and reappeared behind the cultivator from Tiantai. But he didn't look at him, instead he punched the air backwards, and another stone tablet appeared.

The crowd was amazed because each of his attacks contained holy marks, which then condensed quickly into those stone tablets.

"Boom, boom, boom!" the s.p.a.ce around the battle stage was completely distorted as several silhouettes appeared. The strong cultivator from the Qi Clan mastered the Empty s.p.a.ce Agility technique to a high degree, so he could move incredibly fast. The cultivator from Tiantai was terrifying too, though. He was surrounded by stone tablets, and he hadn't even moved yet.

"Cosmic Battle Rotation!" shouted the cultivator from the Qi Clan. The strength of the cultivator from the Qi Clan condensed and rotated around the cultivator.

"Omnipresent Seal!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai. He raised his two hands and many more ancient stones appeared around him. The s.p.a.ce wasn't as distorted anymore, it even calmed down a bit.

"Lalala!" the blood of the cultivator from the Qi Clan boiled. Then his empty s.p.a.ce turned into an empty s.p.a.ce picture scroll and descended from the sky. He wanted to envelop the cultivator from Tiantai inside it.

"Oppress!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai. A stone plate emerged from his body and collided against the picture scroll. The ancient plate became gigantic and sealed the s.p.a.ce, including the scroll.

"Boom boom!" the stage shook violently, but the picture scroll couldn't move. The cultivator from the Qi Clan couldn't manipulate his spirit anymore.

"Bury!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai furiously. He then took a step forwards and suddenly, the two fighters were buried under a mountain of ancient stones.

Suddenly, dazzling lights appeared on the ancient stones and pitch-black picture scrolls enveloped the stones.

"Go!" shouted the cultivator from Tiantai coldly. Then the ancient stones bombarded the strong cultivator from the Qi Clan directly.

"Break!" shouted the cultivator from the Qi Clan. He moved towards one ancient stone and release strength to prevent it from moving forwards, however, the other ancient stones continued moving towards him. The face of the cultivator from the Qi Clan turned deathly pale. He was in danger and he knew it.

He raised his head and saw a gigantic stone falling down on him. That was his opponent's spirit, not only did it oppress his spirit, but it also completely sealed the s.p.a.ce above him.

"Break, break, break!" shouted the cultivator from the Qi Clan. He started release terrifying strength at the stones, but they didn't budge.

"Bury!" Shouted the cultivator from Tiantai. All the stones got closer to the cultivator from the Qi Clan and oppressed him, then burying him. He used his hands to stop them, but then he gave horrible shrieks.

"Come back!" the strong cultivator from Tiantai suddenly put his hand on the ground and the stones instantly turned into a grave, burying his enemy inside. The crowd couldn't see him anymore. Then the cultivator from Tiantai recalled his spirit and the gigantic stone moved back into his body. His enemy's spirit had disappeared and he had died.

"My name is Mu Bei! (translator's note: Mu Bei means gravestone)" said the young man indifferently and calmly. Then he went back to his to the group of people from Tiantai.

The Qi Clan only had two medium-level Zun cultivators left.

It was the Qi Clan's turn again.

"Tiantai, Tiantai, they definitely have a secret." thought Emperor Qi, staring at Emperor Yu. They definitely had a secret, otherwise, how could all their direct disciples be that strong? They were all geniuses. Emperor Yu was also incredibly strong and had risen in a rather short time.

"Mu Chen, Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Wu Yong, Mo Qing Tian, Ban Ruo, Li Hen, Xing Zhan, Ku Can, eleven direct disciples. Mu Chen didn't partic.i.p.ate, but there's still Mu Feng. Who can we fight against?"

Emperor Qi was hesitating.

"Emperor Qi, if you're uncertain, you can give up this time and let someone get eliminated." said Emperor Yu calmly. Emperor Qi felt humiliated by that comment.

"I'm going!" said Qi Qian Ren in a cold way.

"No, next round!" said Emperor Qi putting his arm in front of Qi Qian Ren to prevent him from going.

"Alright, next round, I'll go and kill him!" said Qi Qian Ren to Emperor Qi using telepathy.

"No, don't take initiatives." said Emperor Qi coldly. Even he didn't know who was the weakest amongst the group of people from Tiantai.

"If I'm not mistaken, they'll make Mu Feng fight against you. Qi Ao, go and kill someone from the Wen Clan!" said Emperor Qi. Qi Ao nodded and jumped onto the stage. He chose a strong cultivator from the Wen Clan. In the previous round, the Wen Clan had killed a member of the Qi Clan, so this time, they'd avenge him. Qi Ao chose a member of the Wen Clan and used all his strength to kill him.

Then, it was the Si Kong Clan's turn. They also didn't choose a fighter from Tiantai, they instead chose someone from the Wen Clan.

The Si Kong Clan had killed a strong cultivator from the Wen Clan, but very quickly, the Wen Clan got their revenge. They didn't fight against the Qi Clan, instead leaving the two best medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan to Tiantai.

The DevMara Palace sent a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer to eliminate a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer of the Qi Clan. The Qi Clan only had seven people left.

If they didn't make it through the round, it'd be ridiculous. They were the organizers of the meeting of the emperors, so if they didn't qualify for the next round, everybody would make fun of them.

The Celestial Palace of the Immortals also sent a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer who eliminated a cultivator of the seventh Zun Qi layer from the Qi Clan.

Tian Long Divine Castle didn't attack Tiantai, they instead sent the eighth prince to eliminate a cultivator from the Wen Clan.

Later, it was Tiantai's turn again and everybody was looking at them. Who were they going to send?

"Tian Chi, give Qi Qian Ren to Mu Feng." said Mu Chen. Tian Chi understood, so he jumped in the air and sat down cross-legged. Then he looked at the members from the Qi Clan, in particular at Qi Lin. He was a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer and was quite strong.

"Tiantai sent Tian Chi and Qi Lin is extremely strong, but he'll get eliminated in the end. Tian Chi, Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin are the strongest direct disciples under the two emperors." thought the crowd. Tian Chi was famous while Qi Lin wasn't so much.

Tiantai had already chosen opponents for the two best fighters from the Qi Clan: Tian Chi vs. Qi Lin, Mu Feng vs. Qi Qian Ren!

PMG Chapter 1404

Chapter 1404: Throwing Stones At Somebody Who Has Fallen Down A Well!

Qi Lin jumped forwards and descended from Qi Tian Peak. In a flash, he landed on the battle stage and faced Tian Chi. He also knew how famous Tian Chi was, but he didn't know how strong Tian Chi had become since those rumors.

"Punishment, Sinner Killer!" said Tian Chi, putting his palms together and sitting cross-legged. He looked pure, innocent, and majestic. Golden lights were twinkling around him and his blood was boiling. A Buddha then appeared behind him.

"Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih…"

"Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih…" Tian Chi starting chanting the Mantra of Manjushri. Each syllable turned into a soundwave which contained terrifying energies.

"Is that the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra?" some people in the crowd thought they had recognized the mantra.

"No, it has eight syllables. This must be the Mantra of Manjushri."

The members of the Celestial Thunder Temple were in disbelief. Tiantai had two amazing Buddhist monks, Ban Ruo who knew the Sapta Atibuddha Karasaniya Dharani Mantra and Tian Chi who knew the Mantra of Manjushri.

A mantra which had eight syllables was undeniably more powerful than a mantra with only six syllables.

"Roar!" It was as if the Mantra of Manjushri had attracted the power of a lion. Golden lions appeared in the air and moved towards Qi Lin.

"Slash…" Qi Lin was surrounded by dazzling lights and a sword took shape in his hand.

"Boom!" the lions roared and destroyed the lights, then they continued moving forwards. Qi Lin raised his sword and slashed the air ahead of him. An infinite amount of golden strength pa.s.sed next to him, both on his left and right. Directly in front of him, his sword was slowly rising.

His empty s.p.a.ce sword even more powerful than a medium-level holy weapon, it matched the strength of a high-level holy weapon.

Tian Chi didn't seem to care too much about the sword. He continued chanting mantras in a clear, melodious, pure, deep, far-reaching Brahma voice. The Buddha behind Tian Chi raised his gigantic hand like the rising sun. Then, what looked like a fireball appeared. Actually, it was the energy of the sun which was turning into a sword.

"Vairocana?" thought Lin Feng.

"Vairocana Sword? How can he be so strong?" the members from the Celestial Thunder Temple were all chatting about it.

Qi Lin couldn't even open his eyes anymore because of the dazzling lights. He still attacked with his sword, but the Vairocana was descending towards him.

"Boom!" The empty s.p.a.ce sword landed on Tian Chi, but at that moment, he was surrounded by golden lights and his body was incredibly dense. A metallic ringing sound resounded from the blow.

The gigantic Vairocana neared Qi Lin, and explosions sounded. Then, Qi Lin disappeared, reappearing in front of Tian Chi while condensing another empty s.p.a.ce sword. He condensed it with the one he had just made. This time, he was aiming at Tian Chi's third eye.

"Roar… roar…" the lions appeared again and roared, making Qi Lin shake violently. His sword was incredible sharp, but he still couldn't manage to cut Tian Chi's body.

"Vairocana skills and techniques are just as incredible as the rumors." thought the strong cultivators from the Celestial Thunder Temple.

"Die, die, die!" shouted Qi Lin. His eyes were bloodshot now, his voice was hoa.r.s.e, but he continued attacking Tian Chi with his empty s.p.a.ce sword. He hit Tian Chi's head, neck, chest, all of them were strikes aimed to kill.

"He's insane if he thinks he can kill Tian Chi."

"Replacement!" said Tian Chi. In a flash, Qi Lin's next sword cut Tian Chi's body into two. The crowd was astonished, so much so that they could barely breathe. The Buddha behind Tian Chi opened his eyes and threw his gigantic hand towards Qi Lin.

"Tian Chi!" the crowd recognized those eyes. Tian Chi and the Buddha had exchanged bodies. The body Qi Lin cut in-two with his sword then turned into a million golden stars.

"Bzzz!" A terrifying strength rolled in waves. Qi Lin wanted to escape, but it was too late. The gigantic buddha hand grabbed him.

"No!" shouted Qi Lin furiously. The gigantic Buddha looked at the people at the top of Qi Tian Peak and said, "The Qi Clan only has five more people. There's only one more medium-level Zun cultivator!"

Right after he said that, a horrible shriek sounded as he crushed Qi Lin. Then, the gigantic Buddha broke apart and Tian Chi appeared from inside. Then, he went back to his friends from Tiantai.

"If Qi Qian Ren gets killed by Mu Feng, the Qi Clan won't have any more medium-level Zun cultivators left for the meeting of the emperors."

"In five years, ten years, or even twenty years, how strong will Tiantai be?" thought the crowd. But they didn't think too much about it. It was pretty obvious about what would happen if Tiantai's strength grew in the coming years.

Then, it was the Qi Clan's turn again. The Qi Clan sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight. Qi Qian Ren was still waiting for Mu Feng to challenge him. The cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer chose a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Wen Clan: a cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. The Qi Clan's cultivator eliminated the cultivator from the Wen Clan after a grand battle.

The Si Kong Clan sent a medium-level Zun cultivator who also chose a medium-level Zun cultivator from the Wen Clan and managed to eliminate him. Then, it was the Wen Clan's turn. They got their revenge and sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer who had eliminated one of them during the previous round. The battle was great and terrifying, but in the end, the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Wen Clan won. He had eliminated the cultivator of the Qi Clan, but didn't kill him.

"Qi Qian Yun is extremely strong, he's not any weaker than a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer. Not to mention Qi Yao's strength." thought the crowd. Then, it was the DevMara Palace's turn. They sent a demon cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to face a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer who had fought against Meng Qing before. The cultivator of the DevMara Palace won and had eliminated the cultivator from the Qi Clan, leaving the Qi Clan with only three people left.

It was the turn of the Abyss of Sufferings and they sent a cultivator of the ninth Zun Qi layer to fight Qi Yao.

Then, the strong cultivator from the Abyss of Sufferings eliminated Qi Yao!

It reminded everybody of a proverb: "to throw stones at somebody who fell down a well".

Many people thought of something, if Tiantai didn't have such incredible disciples, they would have probably been the ones at the bottom of the well!

PMG Chapter 1405

Chapter 1405: Qi Clan's Last Battle

There were two disciples left at the top of Qi Tian Peak, but the crowd held no compa.s.sion for them. They only looked at them in a cold and indifferent way. The Qi Clan had determined the rules, so they of all people had to respect the rules. The rules had played against them though.

Before, Emperor Qi looked calm and serene, but now he looked furious. He felt humiliated. He only had two cultivators left, and if Qi Qian Ren and Qi Qian Yun lost, it would be a complete loss for them. He'd have to continue managing the event, but his clan wouldn't even be partic.i.p.ating!

"Qi Qian Ren and Qi Qian Yun will probably fight against Hou Qing Lin and Mu Feng, so the others don't need to worry." thought the crowd. The Abyss of Sufferings had helped eliminated Qi Yao, so they had humiliated the Qi Clan too. Besides, even if Tiantai didn't manage to eliminate the last two, other people would probably manage.

Tian Long Divine Castle didn't continue attacking people from Tiantai, instead, they fought against people from the Wen Clan. They were waiting for the Qi Clan and Tiantai to battle each other.

Then, it was Tiantai's turn again. Mu Chen smiled and said, "Qing Lin, you fight against Qi Qian Yun, then Qi Qian Ren will fight the next one."

Mu Chen had faith in Hou Qing Lin. If Hou Qing Lin managed to eliminate Qi Qian Yun, the Qi Clan would only have Qi Qian Ren left. Qi Qian Ren would have no choice, but to fight too. Besides, he'd have to fight each time someone chose him. Even if Mu Feng didn't eliminate him, some others might choose him.

"Mu Chen seems to be helping Mu Feng." thought the crowd. Hou Qing Lin would eliminate Qi Qian Yun first, that way, Mu Feng would have the option to choose his enemy at the end. If Qi Qian Ren was eliminated before, then Mu Feng would be able to fight against other cultivators from the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle. Tian Long Divine Castle's most incredible geniuses were also slowly starting to emerge, but the princes didn't choose to fight against any of the cultivators from Tiantai anymore.

At that moment, Hou Qing Lin landed on the battle stage and looked at the members of the Qi Clan. He didn't need to say anything, he just looked at Qi Qian Yun who then descended from the peak and landed on the battle stage as well.

"Bzzz!" Hou Qing Lin disappeared in the blink of an eye. Surprisingly, he didn't use his sword right away.

"Boom!" Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and appeared in front of Qi Qian Yun, raising his two fists and condensing reincarnation intent in them. Six threads of reincarnation appeared.

Qi Qian Yun raised his hands and lights appeared in front of him. He wanted to envelope Hou Qing Lin's energies within his own. A sound which seemed to come from the past resonated as the lights attacked Hou Qing Lin's reincarnation intent.

Rumbling sounds continued to appear as Hou Qing Lin continuously condensed reincarnation energies in his fists and attacked the s.p.a.ce around Qi Qian Yun.

"Soul Stealing Reincarnation!" said Hou Qing Lin. Then a strong wind filled with reincarnation energies brushed against Qi Qian Yun's body. Qi Qian Yun could sense how terrifying those reincarnation energies were. They were draining his soul, thread by thread.

"Bzzz!" Qi Qian Yun was surrounded by empty s.p.a.ce energy, which turned into golden lights. At the same time, his blood boiled and his spirit appeared. It was an empty s.p.a.ce picture scroll which surrounded his body. He knew that he couldn't rely on his spirit to kill Hou Qing Lin, but he could still protect himself with it. Millions of golden-empty s.p.a.ce energy threads appeared and surrounded the battle stage.

"Qi Qian Yun wants to make the battle stage his own territory." thought the crowd.

Hou Qing Lin was fearless though. He continued bombarding the air in Qi Qian Yun's direction. Explosions sounded as holes started appearing in the s.p.a.ce around them.

"Qi Qian Yun and Hou Qing Lin are both comparable in terms of strength. Neither of them can kill the other it seems. They're both trying to create their own territory using the battle stage." thought the crowd. Very quickly, a strong wind swept over the battle stage, it contained reincarnation and empty s.p.a.ce energies.

"If I were inside that, I'd die instantly." thought many people. The golden threads of energies were terrifying and so were the reincarnation energies.

"What a terrifying battle. Maybe they'll die together?" thought the crowd. That would be a tragedy. Qi Qian Yun and Hou Qing Lin were both incredible talents.

Emperor Qi and Emperor Yu were fixedly staring at them. Which energy would win? Reincarnation or empty s.p.a.ce energies?

The wind lasted for a long time before finally stopping. Gradually, the crowd saw what was inside. Qi Qian Yun was surrounded by empty s.p.a.ce energies, but he was slowly losing his life. He was stretching his arm out, crying for help because he was falling into the abyss of reincarnation.

"Hou Qing Lin isn't there anymore. Did he die to kill Qi Qian Yun?" thought the crowd.

Emperor Qi was petrified, even if Hou Qing Lin had killed himself to kill Qi Qian Yun, if Qi Qian Yun, was dead, Emperor Qi would be crushed. After all, Qi Qian Yun was his son. Not to mention only Qi Qian Ren would be left.

"Look, Hou Qing Lin is there!" At that moment a reincarnation hole appeared and a silhouette descended from it.

"He's not dead!" thought the crowd, astonished. Hou Qing Lin was flying back to the stage now. n.o.body knew what had had happened between them in the wind, but without a doubt, it had been a terrifying battle.

"Good!" Tiantai's people were amazed while Emperor Qi was devastated: Qi Qian Yun was dead!

"There's only one more." said Hou Qing Lin, looking at Qi Qian Ren in a calm and serene way. He said it loudly enough for the entire Qi Clan to hear him.
After that, it was the Qi Clan's turn and they couldn't choose whom to send. They had to send Qi Qian Ren.

"Will he fight against Mu Feng?" thought the crowd. Then, Qi Qian Ren said, "I'll wait for you to challenge me. In the meanwhile, I'll kill other people!"

Qi Qian Ren then looked at a strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals and said, "Come and die!"

The strong cultivator was surprised. He jumped onto the stage and without any surprise, Qi Qian Ren killed that strong cultivator from the Celestial Palace of the Immortals.

"Qi Qian Ren is a coward. Instead of challenging Mu Feng, he is killing other people."

"Qi Qian Ren didn't challenge Mu Feng!" After that, n.o.body challenged the people from Tiantai or from the Qi Clan anymore. Everybody knew that Mu Feng would have no choice but to challenge him after that.

Just like they had expected, when it was Tiantai's turn, Mu Feng jumped onto the stage and looked at Qi Qian Ren. He didn't need to say anything, Qi Qian Ren knew Mu Feng was challenging him.

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