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Chapter 1438

Chapter 1438: One Year

More disciples continued to cross the portal after them. There were thirty-four groups in total, and a little more than seventy people came out. Eleven disciples from Tiantai had made it out, but most groups only saw one of their disciples come out. Some of them had even lost all their disciples inside.

“Not bad!” said the Messenger smiling and glancing at the crowd. “Much better than a hundred years ago: stronger people and more of you made it out this time. You must have obtained some fate seeds too. For those of you who want to go to the Holy City, tell your teachers, elders or whatever and they’ll bring you to me. At that moment, you can give me your fate seed and I’ll take you to the Holy City. Then you’ll see how vast and great that place is.”

Many people looked excited after hearing him. Their teachers had never really told them about the Holy City. Everybody in the Continent knew that place existed, but they didn’t know what it was or what it looked like.

“Your Highness The Messenger, my son Qi Yan will get married soon. If you wish, you can come to the empire and have some drinks with us.” said the East emperor, Emperor Dong, to the Messenger.

“Oh?” the Messenger looked at Qi Yan and smiled, “That’s Qi Yan, right?”

“Indeed.” said Emperor Dong nodding. He said to Qi Yan, “Greet the Messenger!”


Your Highness the Messenger!” said Qi Yan, bowing respectfully. He already knew that the Messenger was an incredible cultivator.

“Haha, not bad, you’re a real genius! Congratulations!” said the Messenger smiling. Lin Feng frowned, not only was Emperor Dong a medium-level emperor but he also seemed to be good friends with the Messenger. What was the Messenger’s social status in the Ba Huang Province and in Jiu You?
“Alright, I’ll close the door to the coffin. We’re done for now, so everybody can leave.” said the Messenger while closing the door.

“Let’s go!” said Emperor Yu. Then, they left.

Emperor Peng and Mo Peng left as well. Then Emperor Qi, Tian Long and all the others.

“Bzzz!” After Emperor Yu and his disciples reached the edge of the Huang Sea, a fissure appeared in the sky and they flew through it. There was a strong wind emanating from that crack and it was pitch-black inside.

A short time after, Emperor Yu broke the fissure and they reappeared above the northern part of Ba Huang.

“What a terrifying speed!” thought Lin Feng. They had teleported across an incredible distance. Besides, it was as if their teacher had been avoiding attacks. He had sensed that Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi had attacked them while they were teleporting. Emperor Yu didn’t say anything though. It seemed that even after the meeting of the emperors, the situation wasn’t any better in Ba Huang.

“After the meeting of the emperors, the

the situation is going to get really scary for everyone in Ba Huang. During the meeting of the emperors, there were rules to respect, but now n.o.body cares anymore.” thought Lin Feng. Emperors were probably going to start fighting too.

After a short time, they arrived in Tiantai. Everyone in Tiantai raised their heads to see who it was.

“They’re back!”

They had disappeared for three years, and finally, they were all back, safe and sound.

“Lin Feng!” two beautiful women threw themselves at Lin Feng. Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin were excited to finally see that their lover was back.

“Meng Qing, Yue Xin!” said Lin Feng, also running at them. He landed in front of them and took them in his arms. They didn’t need to talk, a hug was sufficed for now.

“Emperor Yu!” said someone else. Two silhouettes appeared from Tiantai’s sky at that moment. It was Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi!

“What are you doing here?” asked Emperor Yu indifferently.

“The eleven direct disciples of Tiantai are extraordinarily strong, not even one of them died during the meeting of the emperors. Now that the meeting of the emperors is over, how many of them can you protect?” asked Emperor Qi. He was blatantly threatening them.

“If they die, killed by other cultivators of similar levels because they took risks, I wouldn’t say anything. However, if you, Emperor Tian Long or Emperor Qi, attack them personally and kill them, Emperor s.h.i.+

Emperor s.h.i.+ and I will kill all of your disciples.” said Emperor Yu aggressively. He sounded calm, but his words were oppressive and sharp.

“We don’t need to attack a bunch of little boys like them personally.” said Emperor Qi while smiling in a cold way.

“I don’t trust you.” said Emperor Yu.

“Protect them well. We’re off now.” said Emperor Qi. Then he turned into an illusion and disappeared.

“Argh!” Emperor Tian Long shouted furiously and a dragon appeared in the sky. Oppressive energies fell onto everybody in Tianjing City.

The dragon roared again, rose up in the air, then he disappeared. The emperors just came back, and Tianjing City was already in shock.

After that, the news that the emperors and their disciples had come back spread everywhere in Ba Huang, but almost n.o.body knew where they had gone for those past three years.

People guessed that it had something to do with the meeting of the emperors, unfortunately, they would never know. Only the most dazzling cultivators could experience such things. They were wondering though, had they gone to practice cultivation somewhere? Had they killed people? Had they been somewhere mysterious? 

In the sky above the sky in Tiantai, Emperor Yu was acknowledging his twelve direct disciples. Emperor Yu looked at them and said, “You’ll have to be very careful from now on. Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi are insane, and the situation in the Ba Huang Province is chaotic now that the meeting of the meeting of the emperors ended.”

“Chaotic.” whispered Lin Feng.

“Indeed, very much so. Do you still remember the Imperial Union? Disciples who finish the meeting of the emperors alive all have the potential to become emperors, which means they’re precisely the Imperial Union’s targets.” explained Emperor Yu. 

And what about the Watchers? They were also very mysterious. Could they allow the province to be so chaotic?

“What if the Imperial Union wants our fate seeds?” thought Lin Feng. 

“A chaotic situation is sometimes necessary for stability in the end. Just be vigilant for now, that’s all. It’s not the end of the world.” said Mu Chen smiling. He was trying to cheer up his fellow disciples.

In times of chaos, things changed, for better or for worse.

“What about the Holy City?” whispered Lin Feng. His teacher hadn’t mentioned the Holy City yet. They had taken great efforts to get fate seeds in the Huang Sea to go to the Holy City after all.

Emperor Yu heard Lin Feng’s whisper. He remained silent for a few seconds before saying, “In one year, bring your fate seeds to me and I’ll take you to the Holy City!”

“In any case!” added Emperor Yu. The crowd looked at him in a strange way, it was as if Emperor Yu still worried about something.

“Only one year?” whispered Lin Feng. His heart was pounding. He was wondering if something incredible was going to happen within a year.

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