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Chapter 1445

Chapter 1445: Beautiful Times

For a long time afterwards, that room would still smell like Liu Fei and Lin Feng. Liu Fei was resting on the bed, she was exhausted, and she was in pain, but she was happy. She was covered with sweat and was breathing deeply. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s continued bobbing up and down.

“Fei Fei, you’re so beautiful!” said Lin Feng, watching her milky white b.r.e.a.s.t.s. 

Outside, Xin Ye and Xiao Ya had came back already. Their hearts were pounding when they saw n.o.body was there; were they…?

“Xiao Ya, let’s sit down here.” said Xin Ye recalling when she had been deflowered by Lin Feng. Xiao Ya sat down, her eyes were twinkling, and she nodded. She felt awkward, as if she was still innocent herself.

Xin Ye looked at Xiao Ya and smiled, “Xiao Ya, you’re beautiful too. You should also find a man.”

“Xin Ye, I don’t want to.” said Xiao Ya blus.h.i.+ng.

“Cough, cough!” Liu Fei and Lin Feng came out. Liu Fei’s hair was messy, and her face was red. She didn’t dare look at Xiao Ya and Xin Ye in the face.

Xin Ye smiled in a gentle way. Fei Fei had been waiting for that for such a long time.

“Liu Fei, are you alright? You’re so red!” said Xiao Ya while running to Liu Fei and grabbing her hand.

“Eh…” Liu Fei was speechless, she was still sweating intensely. She feared that she might even faint. 

“Fei Fei, sister, your dress is torn apart and all wrinkled!” said

Xiao Ya. Liu Fei’s heart felt like it was going to explode from embarra.s.sment.

“Cough, cough!” Lin Feng coughed. He was shy too.

“My little Xiao Ya, you’re so beautiful, you need a man.” said Lin Feng, pinching her cheeks. She pushed his hands away and put her hands on his neck saying, “I don’t want to. I want to stay with you and my sisters forever. You still have to take me to my grandfather!”

“Alright, in one year, I’m going to go to the Holy City. If it’s safe then, I’ll take you there.” said Lin Feng, still pinching her cheeks. Xiao Ya’s eyes twinkled, she smiled and said, “When you go, please be careful. There are many strong cultivators in the Holy City.”

“Thank you for warning me.” said Lin Feng. He knew he had to be careful if he went to the Holy City.

“Alright, I’m going to see Wu Shang and play with him some more.” said Xiao Ya smiling as she ran away. Xin Ye smiled wryly. Poor Wu Shang, Xiao Ya was going to tease him again.

“Lin Feng, go to the hot springs and take a bathe. You’re covered with sweat.” said Xin Ye smiling.

“Fei Fei, go with him!” said Xin Ye smiling at Liu Fei.

“Ah…” When Xin Ye said that, Lin Feng took Xin Ye in his arms and lifted her up. Then they started running towards the hot springs.

“Xin Ye, you’re going to bathe with us!” said Lin Feng smiling. Xin Ye blushed.

The three of them

them were then in the hot springs, laughing and talking. They were more open-minded now that Lin Feng and Liu Fei had made love.

“Xin Ye, Yi Xue and Yun Xi, why don’t you find men for them? The Chi Xie soldiers are outstanding men, you should check if some of them are a good match.” said Lin Feng as his hands roamed over her.

“They don’t want to and it’s your fault. Yun Xi is innocent, you took her back and saved her life after all. She’d never abandon you. Yi Xue is like a sister to me, she would never leave me either. She often talks about you, how you saved her from slavery.” said Xin Ye in a gentle voice. 

Lin Feng was surprised, but he understood though. Yun Xi was innocent, and Yi Xue was smart. When he was there, they were always silent. They always looked at him from far away and smiled. They also wanted to be close to him, but they respected him.

“Maybe if you take them out often, they’ll meet a man they like.” said Lin Feng smiling and hugging Xin Ye.

They changed their clothes and went to where Xiao Ya and Wu Shang were playing. Wu Shang looked at Lin Feng, stuck his tongue out and shouted, “Brother!”

“Haha!” Xin Ye and Liu Fei laughed at Wu Shang’s expression.

Lin Feng took Wu Shang in his arms. Too bad he was too small, Lin Feng couldn’t transmit any of his knowledge to him with his G.o.dly awareness. He had to break through to

through to the Tian Qi layer first and then Lin Feng would transmit imperial scriptures to him.

“Yi Xue, go and find my parents, Han Man and Po Jun. They must all be in the palace. We’ll have dinner together.” said Lin Feng to Yi Xue who was behind.

“Understood, Master.” said Yi Xue nodding. Then Yun Xi and Yi Xue ran away.

“No rus.h.!.+” said Lin Feng shaking his head and smiling.

“It’s alright!” shouted Yi Xue in the distance. After a short time, Lin Feng, his parents, Han Man and Po Jun were all together outside, chatting, drinking, and laughing.

Lin Feng took out some strong alcohol, which he shared with Han Man and Po Jun who he hadn’t seen for such a long time. They had to get drunk together. 

“Little Lin Feng, that one is for you, my son!” said Lin Hai raising his gla.s.s and cheering with his son. He smiled and shouted back, “Dad!”

“Little Lin Feng, you’ve been through a lot abroad. Even though I don’t understand everything, I’m happy we can be together today and enjoy ourselves. I wish you much more success, and I hope you’ll reign over the entire continent someday, but most importantly, take care of yourself!” said Lin Hai. Yue Meng He also raised a gla.s.s and said, “Little Lin Feng, you’re my little treasure!”

“I also wish you the best, take care of yourself!” said Wu Shang grabbing a gla.s.s on the table and raising it. Everybody then laughed together.

“I will!” replied Lin Feng. Life was so beautiful sometimes. 
center style="margin-top:25px"> so beautiful sometimes. 

They all drank, even Wu Shang drank a sip of the strong alcohol, but it burnt his throat and caused him to cry. His face turned all red and everybody laughed loudly. He was only two years old and was already drinking.

Lin Hai tapped Wu Shang’s head and smiled, “When Lin Feng was small, he wasn’t so lucky. He had a very difficult life because I wasn’t very strong. You can be happy and grateful to have such an incredible brother!”

“Wu Shang is lucky!” said Yue Meng He happily and gently. Everybody looked at Wu Shang. Indeed, he was lucky, not many people would dare offend him in the entire Xue Yu Region in the future.

Everybody laughed, drank, and ate for two more hours. After that, Lin Hai and Yue Meng He left with Wu Shang. Han Man and Po Jun also went back to the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng said to Yi Xue, “Yi Xue, go to Jian Ling Kong and Jian Ling Xiao, tell them to go to Black Feather and destroy the Tian Sha Sect. Then, give my sword to Jian Ling Xiao and tell him to go to the Gan Yu region. Tell him to take my sword to the Tian Chi Empire, to the top of the Tian Chi snowy peaks. Tell him to ask the current leader of the Tian Ji peak to organize the great sect meeting in Asoka Mountain.

“Roger, Master!” said Yi Xue, and then she left with Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword. Lin Feng smiled thinly.

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